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Volume 5, Chapter 11: The mischievous loli Huiyin

Inside the wide reception room,

It’s Wang Zheng first time seeing Ye Zisu so nervous, and he can’t bear laughing.

"Why are you laughing so sinisterly, are you scheming something"

Wang Zheng innocently waved his hand and said "I’m not scheming anything, it’s just that it’s my first time seeing you so nervous."

"It’s because the song which I most loves is Huiyin ‘sound of nature’, and at night, it’s easier for me to fall asleep while listening to it."

"They aren’t bad, but I thought only her song ‘not afraid’ can be considered quite good, as for the others, they are only like lullabies, after all, she’s only a little girl and her ability is limited."Wang Zheng said with a smile, he also listened to many of Lin Huiyin songs, and her voice is truly attractive, but he didn’t like them because they isn’t any story behind them.

"You should be careful from her fans, them may castrate you if they heard you."

"It’s unlikely they will be this savage?" Wang Zheng pitifully stared at her.

"They may not be this savage, but I will surely remember what you said about me behind my back." a crisp sound sounded out from the door, which let Wang petrified in his place.

An adorable little girl appeared beside the door, she’s wearing casual clothes, with golden hair and naturally wavy hair, she seems like a delicate cute doll, her skin is sparkling like gems. and her eyes which are as clear as a limpid spring water will let anyone have a favorable impression of her.

After listening to what Wang Zheng said, Anglia frowned her eyebrows, this kid doesn’t know what good for him, if this what another place she will surely teach him a lesson, he unexpectedly dared to say unpleasant remarks about Lin Huiyin.

Wang Zheng doesn’t care about her opinion of him, because he looks forward to Lin Huiyin driving him away. But unfortunately, this little girl didn’t mention this matter anymore

"Miss Lin, what are you interested in?, we are responsible for leading you sight-seeing." Ye Zisu said, Huiyin is more lovely and cute than she seems on TV. and she truly wants to hug her

Lin Huiyin sweetly smiled and said "Sister Zisu, you can simply call me Huiyin, I’m interested in everything, and I want to play to what you are playing at usually"

Being addressed as sister by Huiyin almost made Zisu faint, she pulled Huiyin hand and started happily chatting with her.

Wang Zheng silently stared at them, in his impression, Ye Zisu is a very calm and steady person. he hasn’t expected she has such side of her. and that she was conquered by simply being called sister.

The female bodyguard is hostilely gazing at him, and Wang Zheng didn’t go to greet her, and simply peacefully waited, why will such a girl look for him?, after recalling the dormitory beasts ‘threat’, Wang Zheng forced himself to persevere on.

The two female chatted while laughing, and once for a while glanced at Wang Zheng, he doesn’t know what Ye Zisu is saying to her which made Lin Huiyin unceasingly laugh. It’s too difficult to resist such cute little girl charm, let alone Lin Huiyin is Ye Zisu idol, so Wang Zheng can guess that Ye Zisu probably sold him out.

"Anglia, I must go out with Sister Zisu, don’t follow us."

"Young lady, it’s my duty to ensure your safety." while saying this she looked at Wang Zheng with a hostile gaze.

It seems like this woman is small-minded and still bear a grudge against him

"You can feel relieved, I prepared well." while saying this, Huiyin quickly tied her hair and wore big sunglasses which covered half her face and after wearing a hat. it will be improbable she will be recognized

Anglia stubbornly shook her head and said "I will follow you from afar."

Lin Huiyin helplessly complied, and the three people slip out from the back door, because there is a big group of reporters waiting before the front door.

Going out made Lin Huiyin extremely happy, because although she’s extremely renowned, but in Earth, she still can relax, unlike in Aslan where they are people staring at her regardless where she went, and it’s even difficult for her to freely took a breath of fresh air.

"Wang Zheng, are my songs that bad?" Lin Huiyin earnestly asked.

Wang Zheng blanked for a while, this lovely Little girl truly took his remark to heart "They aren’t bad, but I prefer songs that narrate a story, something like NOT AFRAID which you have sung.

"Huiyin, don’t care about him, Wang Zheng is only a fight madman, and he doesn’t understand anything about music, so what are you interested in ?"

"Many things, I want to know what Earth university students are playing at usually, I heard that you also love playing basketball and baseball" Lin Huiyin curiously said.

Wang Zheng and Ye Zisu looked at each other, how can you ask if we also love them, those sport were spread out from Earth.

"Can I go take a look"

"If you want it" Ye Zisu will naturally comply with all her requests, moreover no matter how you look at Huiyinn, she’s only a cute and innocent young girl, and her temperament isn’t like those arrogant successful and important peoples.

Wang Zheng and Ye Zisu are unable to bring her to the college because she’s too conspicuous, and the closest university from Ares College is Shangjing university, and it’s one of the Earth best universities, and naturally, it isn’t a military university.

Shangjing university is five times bigger than Ares Military College and its overall strength is quite formidable, Ye Zisu familiarly led them to it because she’s often visiting it, which made Wang Zheng blush with shame because he doesn’t even know there was such university in Shangjing.

The three people took the city's public transportation instead of a taxi under Huiyin request, which shattered Wang Zheng hope of taking a free ride.

He thought that Ye Zisu won’t know how to use it, and didn’t expect that her Skylink also has the transportation sign card.

Wang Zheng dumbstruck looked at all of all of this, and Ye Zisu faintly smiled and said "Why are looking at me like that, don’t tell me it forbidden for me to take public transportation"

Wang Zheng awkwardly said "Cough cough, I thought peoples of your status wouldn’t ride it."

"You mean Yue Jing and me, you shouldn’t judge people based on their appearance" Ye Zisu meaningfully said.

At this moment, Lin Huiyin suddenly held Ye Zisu hand and asked "Sister Zisu, this building is quite big and majestic, is it producing Mecha?"

There is OMG written in a massive banner in the building top.

Zisu faintly smiled and said "It is, Huiyin, are you also interested in Mecha?"

"I wasn’t interested in the past, but recently I saw a video of a strange Skeleton fighting, and found it quite interesting." Huiyin said.

Wang Zheng rubbed his nose and thought, how I’m strange? where can you find a person more decent than me?

"Skeleton is very popular on Earth, and many people are watching his fight in live streaming, and it is said that it has almost 2 million VIP watching it" Ye Zisu also likes watching his battles, and Almost in every match, all of the female students in the Dormitory will gather together in her house to watch it, after all, her family runs a business of producing and repairing Mecha.

Lin Huiyin strangely smiled and looked at Wang Zheng, which made Wang Zheng shiver because her gaze is truly strange.


Beside Shangjing university,

Shangjing university gate was quite aesthetically chosen and it can be described as high-end and imposing, and it went through many rebuilding because it represents the university, and it should shock every outsider who looks at it.

The population of this university is quite great. Moreover, the girl accounts for 70% of this university students. and It is rumored that they are many beautiful women in it, and one of the Ares College Seniors famous words, is to attend Ares College. and pick Shangjing university girls. Ares College students are very fond of this university beauties. they are many grudges and disputes between the two schools, and it’s rumored that Shangjing university established a guard group for protecting the university pretty girls, and they are often strolling around Ares college to deter them, and they are protesting against Ares College students immoral behavior of picking girls from other universities, although such protestation didn’t yield any effect.

"In the past, I almost entered this university." said Ye Zisu, she prefers more Shangjing university over Ares College which has a military ambiance, Moreover, for the business aspect prospect, it’s more appropriate for her to attend Shangjing university.

"Then why you didn’t attend it, did Sister Zisu went to Ares College to pursue her beloved?" Lin Huiyin suddenly said.

Ye Zisu can’t help but blush, because Huiyin words laid bare what in her heart, "It isn’t at all something like that, I attended it because I love Mecha."

Lin Huiyin is younger than them by several years, and short by half a head, so looking from outside, they seem like two sibling leading their younger sister to visit the university.

In the way, Ye Zisu often turned her head to look all around, Ye Zisu in casual clothes can be considered outstanding even in this Shangjing university where there are many beautiful women, let alone today she prepared and dressed well because she mustn’t be disrespectful toward Lin Huiyin.

In Ares College, they are many training fields all over which isn’t the case for Shangjing university, and as it’s currently the season of love, they are many couples all over. This university populated degree is something Ares college can rival it in, and the campus inside is considered quite good and proper, although it isn’t as exaggerated as the university gate.

In the sports field, many males with excess hormones are wiping their sweat under the girls cheering

There are many students facing the pitching machine and waving their club to hit the balls, and the one who caught the most limelight is a handsome man who just scored a home-run.

This man waved his hands toward the girls which caused their cheers to become more louder and resounding, this man gaze suddenly looked toward them and come over.

Wang Zheng forced a smile, why did he meet an acquaintance here?

Zhao Ling Feng, in Daybreak school, he was always in the limelight, and was more well-off than the current Wang Zheng in Ares College, at that time, Yan Xiaosu said to him many times how much he hoped to become like Zhao Ling Feng

With a height of 1m89 and a weight around 80kg, he’s a student quite proficient in all subjects, with impressive achievement, if we don’t count the military major aspect, then he will undoubtedly take the title of the best student in Shangjing City,

Judging from his current situation, he’s still in the limelight even in such university brimming with talented people.

"Zisu, I didn’t see you for a long time, you finally recalled you old schoolmate." Zhao Ling Feng said with a smile, and revealed his neat and tidy sparkling tooth which Yan Xiaosu dreamed of getting several of them.

Let’s not talk about Xiaosu past and return to the present.

Ye Zisu hasn’t excepted that such coincidence will occur "Ling Feng, you are as graceful as before, it seems like you bewitched many of Shangjing university girls."

Zhao Ling Feng faintly smiled and said:"They cannot compare with you at all, this is?"

Zhao Ling Feng looked at Wang Zheng blankly.

"Weren’t you attending the same school?" Lin Huiyin suddenly said.

Zhao Ling Feng then paid attention to Lin Huiyin, this little girl cap is covering her, and he can only see half of her face, but she still seems extremely cute.

"He’s Wang Zheng, although we aren’t in the same class, but we are in the same grade at Ares College." Ye Zisu said, then looked at Wang Zheng, he was almost like an invisible man in Daybreak school.

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