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Volume 5, Chapter 10: For Aslan (part2)

"It seems like Moon and Mars aren’t that good, they come back every year without any good achievement, so they might as well let us go." Zhang Shan smiled and said, it’s truly more interesting than studying physics, he can’t help but feel existed when he thought about being able to compete with so many experts,

Meng Tian shook her head and said: "They once had a historic achievement and entered in the top 20."

When he heard her, Zhang Shan almost burst out laughing "Even top 20 can be considered a historic achievement?"

"It’s already quite good, we once set a record of being classified beyond hundred"

"Haha, this time, they have us, so we can definitely enter the top 10!" Zhang Shan laughed and said.

Meng Tian helplessly shrugged her shoulder, how can this fellow be this optimistic?

"Can we participate in the competition as long as we pass Sol selection? "Wang Zheng asked.

"Of course no, after Sol selection, we must pass various solar systems elimination competition, and at that time, one can face imaginable opponents and competing ways, and it’s rumored that those officers responsible for setting the competition theme are taking pleasure in oppressing the future elites, and they do it also for face, because if they can’t obstruct even us, they will lose all face.

"When it’s time to sign up, notify me." Wang Zheng said, he will definitely grasp this opportunity.

"You can feel relieved, I won’t forget you." Meng Tian nodded "Zhang Shan, you must prepare well, the school hasn’t expected our performance to be this good, so I can only apply myself for a Mecha training, Zhuo Mu will continue to be in charge of us and although the Mecha condition isn’t that good, but it’s quite good to be able to at least be familiar with a Mecha."

"F*ck, this truly too awesome."

"Don’t be too excited, what we will be using is only an inferior Mecha, and in the competition, what we may be using is a high grade combat Mecha, so I recommend that on one hand, we train actual control ability with it, and on another hand, use CT to be familiar with all kinds of Mecha skills." Meng Tian said.

Zhang Shan was stunned, "Is this alright?"

"CT simulation mode is quite excellent."

"Simulation mode? why I didn’t hear there was such a mode?"

"Sol doesn’t have it, but it’s in other places, and as long as we apply for it, we can log in it."

Fighting against people from other solar systems?

"Doesn’t this mean we can bully other region rookies" Zhang Shan eyes brightened.

"Hehe, you must have enough strength for that, it’s fine as long as you aren’t bullied, in that side, the more wins you accumulate, the more difficult it will be to continue on"

Meng Tian looked at Wang Zheng and found him unexpectedly quite calm.

Currently, Wang Zheng is thinking about how he can reject Lin Huiyin assignment, he didn’t have any interest in squandering time by accompanying such big star.

Thinking about it seems quite easy,, but it’s truly difficult to reject her, and Xiao Fei already refused him, because such opportunities of becoming famous are quite rare, let alone she specially choose him, he’s well-known because of the theory of spatial manipulation, and can be considered as Ares College representative.

Everything about Wang Zheng is good except the fact that he hates to be in the limelight, how can youngster be this mature?

Life must be spent magnificently and one must test and experience everything.

After they learned what he’s worried about, Meng Tian and Zhang Shan looked at him as if they are looking at some sort of strange monster

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"What the f*ck, do you want to reject such priceless opportunity, My god, I truly can’t understand how you think"

Zhang Shan become quite speechless, how can a sane man miss an opportunity of being close with Lin Huiyin.

Contrary to Zhang Shan, Meng Tian actually quite appreciates Wang Zheng handling.

"I’m afraid of trouble, and since there is no way to avoid it, I can only hope that young miss wouldn’t be too meddlesome."

Zhang Shan helplessly shrugged his shoulder "You are thinking too much, her actions are only a gesture of goodwill"

"Haha, I was really afraid that she will love me."

Meng Tian can’t help but roll her eyes and Wang Zhen loudly laughed at him.


Lin Huiyin is staying over at Shangri-La grand hotel, it’s a first-rate hotel that even Aslan has a share of it, and all of its aspects and services are considered quite good.

Her room security and protection is even more exaggerated than Aina’s, but it’s normal, because a princess can’t be too excessive and exaggerated, contrary to Huiyin which is in the entertainment industry.

As a matter of fact, her true status truly needs her to be under strict protection.

The concert is already being prepared, and as for her dressing aspect, she’s familiar with such things, and she can decide it out a day before the concert start, she comes this earlier because she has an important matter to settle.

"Anglia, are Ares College matters arranged?" Lin Huiyin was already slightly impatient.

Who is the person who made her cousin who has such high eyesight think constantly about him, and waste her precious adulthood wish for him, only to be caught and dragged back.

"They were already arranged, it’s their honor to accompany your highness, moreover, It seems like Headmaster Gu Te wants to pay a visit to you." Anglia nodded and said

Lin Huiyin true status isn’t any secret to peoples in high position, but they tacitly didn’t reveal it out.

"Politely refuse him, I’m only a singer, moreover let those two people which you arranged to came see me tomorrow."

Lin Huiyin gracefully turned around in circles, she’s quite curious about every matter which Aina is interested in.

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