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Volume 5: Chapter 1 – God is a Benevolent Lord

Ever since he'd been young Yan Xiaosu had always believed that Wang Zheng would achieve great things in the future. Perhaps it was because of how good Wang Zheng was at doing homework. However, as time passed, the truth could not be more cruel. They had suffered huge blows to their confidence when they received their gene scores. Even though it was not inferior to the extent of being a degenerate, it was enough to shatter both of their dreams.

However, God had always been a benevolent lord. At the point that Wang Zheng was at his lowest, Aina appeared. It was from then that Yan Xiaosu felt that some enigmatic strength had returned to him, though he hadn't been sure until he'd begun his military training and his excellence. Perhaps it had just been just luck.

However, all this did not exist. Wang Zheng's true self was shocking and a game could not hope to measure his worth properly. Only in the real world could he properly display his strength.

Perhaps the fantasy would really become a reality.

Aina's departure was very abrupt and quiet but Wang Zheng had not been too shocked about it. In actual fact, he had not been heartbroken at all during these last few days. Instead, he had been full of gratitude. In their relationship, the one who had given the most and had carried the greatest burden was Aina.

As a man, giving up and pitying himself was not Wang Zheng's style. Regardless if they would have a future, he would give his best and let no one belittle him nor ridicule Aina for choosing him .

Yan Xiaosu opened his eyes wide. His eyes had never been so big and round before.

When Skeleton's ID appeared, Yan Xiaosu sealed his own mouth. At this moment, Tyrant Su started to remember that, during the first time when he got Wang Zheng to make up the numbers in his team, the name that Wang Zheng had registered was Skeleton.

At that time, he had thought that their astonishing victory had only been a coincidence. Who knew that coincidences in this world were not actually coincidences but immutable outcomes?

Wang Zheng smiled lightly, "If something this small shocks you, how are you going to achieve great things in the future?"

"Great things?" Yan Xiaosu was dumbfounded.

"Some things only happen one percent of the time; others even less. When you try it, however, you'll get some kind of a result one hundred percent of the time."

Wang Zheng smiled as he said this. Actually, he was powerful. Even if the world was more powerful than him, he would show no fear!

Yan Xiaosu scratched his head, "About that, Boss, can you say it in a simpler and more straightforward manner?"

"In the beginning, CT was only a pastime for me. Now, it seems like it can become a source of income for us. Scheming is your specialty so go think one up."

"Fuck, how did I not think of that? Have I turned into a pig-brain?" Yan Xiaosu slapped his head suddenly. Once it was a matter pertaining to money, his brain would immediately spin rapidly.

That was definitely a big source of income!

It only required Wang Zheng to keep on winning!

It seemed like the issue concerning Aina wasreally bothering Wang Zheng. It was just the way that each of them approached it that was different.

"I only have one condition, which is that it must remain a secret. I do not wish for this to affect our lives in school." Wang Zheng said.

Yan Xiaosu zipped his mouth with his fingers. "Rest assured, Boss's decision is wise. Since you are  a big star in CT, it may not be the greatest idea to let the whole school know."

On the military department's board there were quite a large portion of people that opposed this activity as it caused people to neglect their work. On the surface, they would be supportive. However, as the people's ability increased, the higher they would climb the CT ranks and the more it would cause them to neglect their work.

✫        ✫        ✫

Skeleton Corps Committee

A new member had caused quite a commotion in Skeleton Corps. That person was Hunter of Darkness, Johnson Douma, from Skeleton's previous battle. Everyone's respect for him had grown especially when they'd learned of his past.

Nobody had expected Johnson to join Skeleton Corps. Ever since Cai Hong had joined, everyone seemed to have an interesting past which made the members of Skeleton Corps elated.

This was the first time that Johnson appeared after joining. Naturally, he joined because of Skeleton. Due to Skeleton's absence, however, he was immediately surrounded by countless members that fanatically worshiped him.

Even though he had lost, Johnson had earned a great deal of respect from the way that he performed during the battle. This was considering the fact that he had problems with his vision.

Cai Hong had also appeared. With regards to Johnson's background, Cai Hong couldn't be more informed. He had specifically investigated him on a prior occasion. Johnson was indeed an expert in the Special Forces. Due to an accident that happened during a mission, he had suffered permanent injury and had to serve as the rear guard.

Of course, Cai Hong did not believe that he couldn't be fully treated. It was probably too expensive for the inflexible bureaucrats. The important thing was that no matter what happened, Johnson's strong will did not falter.

This caused Cai Hong, a military man through and through, to have great respect for Johnson.

This world was unfair and only the weak would complain about and fear it.

"Johnson, please share with everyone how you felt during the battle. You are the closest one among us to victory." Cai Hong said.

Several people immediately shared Cai Hong's battle to Johnson.

A slight smile tugged at Johnson's lips. Compared to him, Cai Hong was the representative of the new generation.

"When that battle ended, I spent a whole night thinking about those times when I had a winning chance. I would have won had I grabbed any of those." Johnson said.

Everyone started discussing amongst themselves. In that battle, Johnson was indeed pressuring Skeleton the whole time and was in an advantageous situation.

"However, the next day, my mind became clear. In reality, there weren't any opportunities to win from the very start." smiled Jameson.

The Skeleton Corps already possessed a strength of over 50,000 members. The atmosphere did not feel like a battle guild but more like a chit-chatting group. This was fine as Chen Xiu and the other founders had no goal when they created the guild.

Johnson's words caused the audience to become awfully quiet. That was because, during the fight, Johnson had been heavily pressuring his opponent. The Wargod No.1 was already breaking down towards the end. If not for the usage of the terrain, Skeleton would have lost.

Looking at everyone's bewildered faces, Johnson smiled, "Cai Hong, I believe you understand what I am trying to say."

This was the difference between their levels. Cai Hong nodded his head, "I can understand but I still can't believe it. My apologies, I had investigated your background prior. In the darkness, CT is able to unleash 90% of your strength. I do not believe that someone that can utterly crush you exists."

Johnson smiled. "I can't believe it either, so that's why I am here."

"Sister Cai Hong, come on, say something that we understand!" Yao Ailun lamented.

"Yes, don't use such profound words, we don't understand!"

"What really happened? What are you guys saying about something that exists or did not exist?"

Cai Hong forced a smile, "His integration with the darkness is obtained only after harsh training. I noticed some strange things when I replayed the battle. At the start, Wargod No.1's movements were unnatural, meaning that Skeleton was not used to operating a mech in the darkness. It might have been his first time or one of first times in darkness. However, he became used to it very quickly. Either he's gone through similar training or he has unbelievable talent."

Johnson shook his head, "He is someone who has gone through training. Even geniuses need some time before they are able to adapt so well in the darkness. When the eyes are blinded, the heart becomes much brighter. Actually, in the darkness, I can utilize one-hundred-ten percent of my strength. Depending on my eyes will result in a greater handicap."

More and more people gathered, attracted by this high-level discussion.

"So what conclusion did you come to?" Chen Xiu asked.

Cai Hong forced a smile, "We are discussing it because we were unable to come to a conclusion. The people who are able to fit the bill are soldiers who stand at the top of this world and would not be bored enough to play CT in the beginner arena."

"You can count such people on Earth with one hand, and it cannot be one of them." Johnson added.

"No, it cannot be the people that you are referring to. Does everyone remember Little Mo's interview question previously? His mannerism when answering were not like that of a middle-aged person." Yao Ailun suddenly said. He was quite confident of such details and his belief was firm.

That kind of cold humor seemed to belong to someone who was young and eccentric of character.

"I agree more with this view. During the battle, I noticed that he had strong basics and was superb at adapting to changes on the battlefield. However, he does not have much battle experience. He appeared to be new to battle and was gathering experience." Johnson said.

Cai Hong suddenly clapped his hands, "That's how I felt too and that's the scariest thing!"

"However, his method for improving is also somewhat extreme. Wargod No.1 has many flaws and limitations. Some of them are unavoidable no matter how skillful he is. He is brave to put himself into those kinds of desperate situations despite the difficulty."

Johnson showed a complicated expression on his face. "He definitely has potential. At the same time, it also hints that he could be on a path to become a god. However, it can also…"

Yao Ailun said, "However, even until today, I continue to wait!"

"Me too!"

"Me, too! Fuck, even if I am blind, I will still believe that he can do it somehow!"

"Me too, let that stupid Fawn go and see ghosts!"

"Either live like a coward or live eternally on the battlefield!"

As the world became bigger, humans' hearts became smaller and yearned for more miracles.

Why did humans look forward to risk? They knew that the uncharted territories in the galaxy were filled with death but many people still continued to take the risk to go out to explore. This was because everyone believed in miracles and desired miracles.

At the brother's internet cafe, Yan Xiaosu was looking at the conversation but he did not say anything. He only kept on shaking his fist.

"Boss, you should take a look at this."

Wang Zheng smiled, "You are enough."

Wang Zheng was not in a rush to find an opponent. Actually CT had a large scope and had several specific training grounds like target practice, movement and places to adapt to various environments. Wang Zheng did not care about such things in the past, but he was not suitable for battle today. In Instructor Bonehead's words, his heart was not peaceful.

Yan Xiaosu had already joined the conversation. He had found something even more fun than battling—that was to accompany the others in theorycrafting and imagining.

The more advanced the mech, the more add-on systems it would have that specifically targeted different kinds of situations.

For example, the magnetic storm field that Wang Zheng encountered previously was very problematic as it could shift attacks. This was only one of the many environments that included the magnetic storm, lightning, and so on so forth. The greater the ability of the add-on system to deal with an environment, the more complicated it was. When factoring in different battle styles and attack moves, more coordination was required.

From the words of an expert, the beginner arena was simply crude and brainless. However, when entering the high-level arenas, one must be equipped with the state of the art equipment in order to become the best. Furthermore, the different kinds of weapons, equipment, and synchronization with battle tactics must be well understood.

In a one on one fight, an even greater understanding about mecha and weapons was required.

…Wang Zheng did not think much about this. When he had encountered the magnetic storm field previously, he had a strange idea.

The phenomena of lasers shifting due to the magnetic field could cause it to increase in speed and strength, potentially resulting in amazing results.

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