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Volume 4: Chapter 9 – A Soldier’s Dedication

Within the Internet cafe of this small town, the boss was their god. He was the most famous expert there. He was held in even higher esteem because of his skills despite his disabled eyes.

He was a figure akin to god, a true war god.

Never would they have dreamt that Johnson would actually lose in this kind of battleground.

The Wargod No.1 stood quietly in the darkness. It was simply a terrifying devil in this battleground.

"Teac…Teacher…This isn't possible…"

Earl was completely dumbfounded. He thought, how could there be a person in this world that could possibly use Wargod No.1 to defeat his teacher? Furthermore in the world of darkness?

Johnson slowly removed the tactile feedback unit and slightly opened his eyes. Looking at the blurry world in front of him, he took out a cigarette and lighted it.

A faint smile slowly appeared at the corner of his mouth. He thought, there are times when happiness comes from losing.

Looking at the Hunter of Darkness that was spewing sparks in all directions, Wargod No.1 gave a military salute using its remaining arm.

Wang Zhong was confident that the opponent he met was a soldier. Only soldiers that had experienced hundreds of battles would possess such a fighting spirit.

That was something worthy of respect. Being able to compare notes with such a person was an honor for Wang Zhong.

If Johnson was the King of Darkness, Skeleton would be the God of Darkness!

Wargod No.1 was not a god. Even if someone possesses godlike control there would be a limit within such an environment. Possessing godlike control was not the sole reason for his victory.

Within the battlefield, one's mental state and surroundings could determine one's victory or defeat.

All of his actions were just a preparation for the final strike.

This was the reason for the suffocating silence.

What kind of mental state does one need to possess to remain calm and collected in such circumstances.

A chorus of roars started to resound.

The various animalistic shouts came from the Skeleton Army corps. Till the last moment, they had not dared to believe that he could actually make a comeback.

This was a match that shocked them to their core. The opponent was too fucking ferocious. Furthermore, his superiority in this environment was too violent. However, a god sure was a god! Skeleton God still won!

Resounding across the entire viewing gallery, countless voices were singing and chanting the combat song of the Skeleton Army Corps.

Another part of the audience who were slightly more rational couldn't help but sigh since they did not understand how this happened.

If the mech's movement was restricted, it would mean that Skeleton's ability to perceive the general situation and the fine details was seriously heaven-defying.

Fawn's mouth had dried up. His state of mind had been thoroughly affected by these turn of events, that changed like a rollercoaster. Recently, he had always felt that he could not experience an orgasm. What kind of tragedy was this.

"Old uncle Deer, when one lives, one has to believe in miracles!"

Little Suds revealed a brilliant smile as she poked lightly at the wounded heart of her comrade Old Fawn.

Within the live broadcast, Old Fawn felt his head getting dizzy before collapsing to the ground.

This immediately caused the entire broadcasting room to panic and turn flustered.

The number of VIPs had broken eight hundred thousand, with the VVIPs reached five hundred thousand.

This was a heaven-defying number.

After a short while the officials published the video for the post-match analysis:

"Salute to the immortal battle soul of –Johnson!"

That was right, it was Johnson.

This person was once a member of the Special Warfare Corps and had achieved many illustrious military exploits. Although he had left the army, there were many people who had not forgotten the meritorious service he had done.

His current body was unable to fit in within the army. However, he needed another method to carry on living, to keep his mind moving.

Now people finally understood why Johnson could achieve a hundred percent victory rate in Lakato. He was the true King of Darkness.

However…who was Skeleton?

He could actually defeat a true soldier using a Wargod No.1. Was there anyone else who could perform such a heaven-defying act in this world???

Like the previous match, Skeleton made the play of a god.

This was a salute between soldiers!

There was no roar nor was there any yelling. There was only a calm showdown between two soldiers. This was a match between experience, a match between the accuracy of one's judgement.

Their acute sense of observation was enough to scare a large portion of people. There were too many people who would immediately crumble, after losing their bearings, in this kind of environment.

Furthermore, they were able to perceive their environment in such detail without even relying on any equipment. This made their opponents fall into endless despair.

Because of this match, people realized that one can only achieve victory by relying on their own strength. One's identity or status didn't matter. All that mattered was the person themselves.

"Let us follow Skeleton God and exceed the gods!"

This was the title of the analysis video posted by Super Xiu, the chief of staff of the Skeleton Army Corps.

The girls within many universities were currently gossiping about topics such as which guys were handsome, who had nice muscles, who had a one night stand and so on. Just when they were in the middle of their gossiping, wailing noises akin to those made by wolves suddenly started resounding out from the male dormitories across them.

They were literally wailing as there was no other way for them to express the fervor in their hearts.

This was what it means to be an expert! Anyone who relies on equipment was weak!

Ye Zisu and the other two looked at each other in dismay. Although the girls did not have the same expressions as the guys, the three of them were dazed for quite a while.

"Is this still considered human? How could he still have the energy to care about other things at such a moment?" asked Du Qingqing with a dark expression. Although she was not very knowledgeable, even the audience did not have the mind of paying attention to other things during this explosive battle.

"Being able to control the overall situation is an essential quality that a commander must possess," Ye Zisu sighed.

Saying this was easy, however achieving this was too hard. Within the history of mankind, only those great existences could achieve such a feat.

True strength lies in being able to control the most fatal moment within the overall situation, as such moments would most likely be the easiest to overlook.

"This is a general's talent." said An Mei sighing deep in her heart. Clicking her tongue, she added, "Even I am interested in him."

"Ha ha, you have to be careful. If you don't, Tyrant Su will teach you a lesson!"

"As if he has the guts!" replied An Mei with a smile. After being in a relationship, An Mei had recently become more radiant and beautiful.

It was not wrong to say that a girl in love was the most beautiful.

"Even I feel curious about the real identity of Skeleton. Johnson is absolutely an expert within the army. Although he was affected by his body, within CT, the influence should be at 10 to 20%  max," said Ye Zisu with a sigh. The other two had also nodded their heads in agreement.

One had to know that Skeleton had used Wargod No.1. This was a mech that would be almost useless in Lakato.

Without experiencing harsh training in darkness, one would be unable to adapt to the darkness.

For Wang Zheng this kind of darkness was akin to child’s play. Compared to the deathly stillness and despair space of bonehead that would turn people frantic and flustered, this kind of darkness was comparatively happy.


At a point when one feels that even death was a luxurious thing, assimilation would not be considered a big thing anymore.

For Wang Zheng, being able to meet such an opponent was a blessing for him. This made him feel that all the hard work he had put in was worth it. This was not just a battle of mecha, this was also a battle of will power.

He could feel the hard work and resilience of his opponent. This had also made him feel that his hard work and resilience was all worth it.

He was not lonely!

This salute signified his respect for his opponent.

There were no losers in here.

After personally experiencing such a battle, it had already left Little Sud's girlish heart so touched that her eyes were brimming with tears. The background music was still "NOT AFRAID" by Lin Huiyin. Indeed, within this world, as long as one had courage, there was nothing to be afraid of.

Within the small town, there were many people online who became aware of Johnson's background for the first time. Everyone had assumed that he was a half blind brat that loved to play games. Although he had lost, the applause for him had resounded across the sky. Johnson, was a hero!

Little Suds forcefully restrained her emotions. After forgetting to do something last time, she could not forget to conduct an interview once again.

"Player Skeleton, representing everyone, I would like to ask a question that everyone has been dying to know… do you have a girlfriend?" Little Suds asked with a red face. "Ahem, that's not it. That was my personal question. Everyone's question was, why did you choose Wargod No.1?"

The number of VIPs had already risen and was approaching eight hundred thousand, and it was continuing to rise.

Lin Huiyin was currently lying on her bed continuously writing something. At this time, unexpectedly, there were tears on her face.

She felt that she had become more and more sentimental. This was true combat. Within it, there was willpower and dedication. This was a melody of perseverance. She had never imagined that this could give her inspiration!

The brief three seconds of interlude seemed like three days. Everyone was quietly waiting for the answer.

However within the focus of the hundreds and thousands of viewers, two words appeared on the screen-free forever.

This… was this the reply of the super god of the legends!

Solon had nearly fallen off from his chair. He had conjured many potential reasons, the most reasonable being that Wargod No.1 was the best at displaying one's combat prowess… in the end…

It was only natural that everyone would not treat this as real. Although there were a few girls who had become frantic, which were discovered by Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun. Was it due to the two words that caused the number of female players to skyrocket?

What was this situation?

Within the eyes of girls, a grim and callous hero was only suitable to observe in the distance. However, it was a hero that possessed a humourous heart that was considered to be the perfect lover.

The innocent student Wang was currently reflecting on the match. This match was quite satisfying since the oppression by his opponent forced him to keep his focus on his surroundings. Everyone assumed that the environment was unfavorable for the Wargod No.1. This way of thinking was an extremely strong weapon. From this perspective, it could be considered as an advantage.

As for his reply,… that was a genuine truth.

Being free was a firm reason.

Within the Shangri-la hotel, Aina was currently reporting on the condition of her life. The commitment of being a princess was opposite of being free. With regards to her "strange" wish, the royal family was actually very against it. Only due to their rules and principles did they finally accept. However, they wished for Aina to maintain her original standing as a princess.

Although her identity was a secret, being a princess, her status should be maintained.

Naturally, due to Aina being the role model of all the princesses within the royal families of  Milky Way Federation, nobody was worried. They treated it as a desire to experience the circumstances of the common people. Since Earth was the place of origin of mankind, it provided a more genuine exposure to human culture.

After dilly-dallying for one hour, Aina finally could end her mission for this weekend. As she thought about the future, she felt that she was going to get a headache. She knew she was playing with fire, like a moth that flies into a flame. However, she was incapable of controlling herself.

At this moment she really envied Huiyin. Both being princesses, Huiyin could do the things she wanted and was able to pursue her singing dream as much as she liked.

However, who made her the first in the line of successors for the King?

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