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Volume 4: Chapter 18 – I Am Skeleton

"Where could I find a manager at this time? This elder brother has to use the bathroom now! I can't hold it in any longer!" Zhang Shan glared at Yao Ailun.

The inside of the dormitory room was in a state of confusion. As last night's evening attire definitely couldn't be worn again, Wang Zheng hurriedly found a set of gym wear for Aina to put on.

"Stop yelling so early in the morning, I was just sleeping a while ago!" Wang Zheng raised his voice to yell.

"Hurry up then, I have to go now!"

"Coming, why shout so much? I still need to put my clothes on properly."

Wang Zheng opened the door, and Zhang Shan dashed into the bathroom while Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun fell into bed embracing each other.

"I'll never drink so much again. Is it just me or is the floor on the ceiling?" Chen Xiu shook his head, "Elder Brother Ailun, you're crushing me."

Wang Zheng hurriedly blocked the two of them from noticing as Aina speedily ran out, both of them sticking their thumbs out to signal a successful operation.

Closing the door behind him, Wang Zheng escorted Aina out of the male dormitory. All the while, Aina had a deep blush on her face.

They'd definitely drunk too much yesterday. Why else would they be so courageous?

Although nothing really happened, last night was definitely an advancement in their relationship. Most importantly, however, was that Aina was now clear that Wang Zheng was the one she'd been waiting for all her life.

Without saying anything more, Aina took the initiative to give Wang Zheng an early morning kiss.

Gazing at Aina's departing figure, Wang Zheng humorlessly smiled to himself. Even if he tried, he definitely wouldn't be able to sleep, so why not do some training first. Though in future, he really shouldn't continue on with such an unregimented lifestyle!

After Wang Zheng ran one lap around the dormitory's perimeter, it was already 6 o'clock, and he planned to shower first before training a bit more.

Opening the door to the dormitory room, Wang Zheng had a shock, as three people were waiting behind the door in ambush.

He was detained by Zhang Shan the moment he entered the room, "Sit!"

In the centre of the room was a small stool.

Touching his glasses, Yao Ailun, whose face didn't show any signs of being drunk, lectured, "We have always practised and upheld democratic values. Confess in detail for leniency, resist and risk severe punishment. Student Wang, do you agree?"

"You three must still be drunk. Say what you have to say, I'm going to to go train." Wang Zheng took the opportunity to check the wardrobe where Aina's evening gown was stowed away. Looks like no one saw it.

"Big brother Zheng, we couldn't be any soberer." Chen Xiu said.

"Little Xiu, save your words. Let us try instead." Zhang Shan persuaded, "Wang Zheng, uh, as a comrade in arms, we have to share our breakthroughs. Confess in detail about what you did last night."

Wang Zheng played dumb, "I slept the whole night."

At this point, not feigning ignorance would be true foolishness.

"Tch, you still want to deceive us? This room has a female fragrance. Don't tell me it's yours."

"Cough, cough, it's possible that I got some on me when I was dancing last night."

"I just knew you wouldn't come clean. How would such a small amount of fragrance linger around for so long? And how will you explain this away? Such an attractive earring, who could it possibly belong to?"

Yao Ailun held a teardrop shaped earring in his hands.

Damn, Aina must have been accidently dropped it .

Wang Zheng took it, "Oh, maybe it accidentally got caught on me last night."

"Brat, you really are stubbornly argumentative. It's not like you would drop dead even if you just humoured us three brothers. Its Wang Shishi, right? Don't deny it, I've never seen a more beautiful girl than her. I wonder how she took a liking to you!"

Zhang Shan cuffed Wang Zheng by the neck, excitedly speaking.

"Yes, that Big Sister Shishi is too mystical. She doesn't live on campus, and we don't usually see her." Chen Xiu said.

"Not only that, did you guys see that earring? I just checked, that's a limited edition piece in the produced in the Milky Way Federation, and only three pieces were made. It's made out of ice crystals drilled out from the Terracotta Star, and each piece costs 13 million!"

Yao Ailun said excitedly. He was basically a walking encyclopedia; no wonder he would be nicknamed the All-Knowing, All-Capable God Ailun!

Zhang Shan and Chen Xiu sucked in a cold breath of air, "What? Something that small is that valuable?"

"Don't be so uncultured, this is something only the rich can get!" Yao Ailun rolled his eyes.

Wang Zheng turned the earring over in his hands, "How could this little accessory be so valuable? Maybe it's an imitation. Ha ha, you brats got so flustered over such a small matter."

"Student Wang Zheng, if I could trouble you to blow on this earring." Yao AIlun said, "Really, blow harder."

Wang Zheng was also rather curious so he blew on the earring. Unexpectedly, a rainbow appeared around the earring.

"Well done, I didn't expect it to actually be genuine. I had only vaguely heard before that real ice crystals will form a rainbow when water vapor is blown over it.

Yao Ailun stared dumbly.

"Big brother, you're my idol, don't tell me that last night you really…?"

The three stared dumbfoundedly at Wang Zheng. Feeling that remaining longer would just destroy any skeleton of innocence he had in their eyes, he grabbed his bag, saying, "I have to go, you three continue talking among yourselves. Don't over think things, nothing happened!"

"Ai, what you're doing now is wrong!"

"It’s unscientific!"

"Why didn't I grow up sooner!"

Strange whines issued from within dormitory 007, almost resembling the ravenous howls of unsatisfied wolves.

Wang Zheng made his way to the MMA Club's fitness center, only to discover that some people had actually arrived before him.

Meng Tian was just completing a chain of kicks when she happened to notice Wang Zheng arriving, and stopped to wipe off her sweat.

"Did you not sleep last night?" Wang Zheng asked.

Meng Tian looked at Wang Zheng, "I went to sleep on time. I began my morning workout on time too. I think the one who didn't sleep last night should be you. No wonder its said that when a beauty calls, men indulge in pleasure and forget their discipline."

"Cough, cough, sorry about not being able to be of help to you last night, I…"

"No problem, you've actually assisted me quite a bit. I spoke to Lear and told him that I liked you. Finally, he stopped pestering me. It's a shame for you though, since your days are going to be tough from here on out."

Meng Tian cunningly winked.

A bead of sweat rolled down Wang Zheng's forehead.

"Be careful, ok? Lear is very strong, and even now there hasn't been anyone he couldn’t defeat.

Wang Zheng smirked, "I love a good challenge. Though, if he can't win against me, wouldn't he just go off and disturb you?"

Meng Tian was dumbfounded. This person really is…

"Say that once you win. You came at the right time. Practice with me for a while."


Wang Zheng put on the protective gear. Bonehead often said, "True experts are able to take hits!"

✫        ✫        ✫

In contrast, it was a completely different situation for Aina who had just returned to the Shangri La Hotel.

A large group of bodyguards stood guard as Prime Minister Kashaven Lin Aslan appeared on a screen.

"Aina, since you violated the rules on going out, your vacation will end here."

The surrounding bodyguards lowered their heads in shame. They did not have any choice in the matter since the princess's actions needed to be reported. Especially since she had removed her Skylink last night, the situation had really escalated into a huge matter.

As Aslan's noblest symbol, Princess Aina had to remain perfectly chaste and flawless.

"But Aunt, Huiyin will be arriving on Earth shortly. Can't I just return with her?"

Aina acted like a spoilt brat in front of her aunt. Though she had anticipated that a day like this would come eventually, she hadn't expected the day to come so soon.

Kashaven sighed, "Aina, the current situation in the Empire is extremely delicate, and you, as the princess, are needed here. This was decided by the royal family. I've already done my best to cover for you, and you should know that if information on what happened last night spread out, other people would take more drastic measures, and even I would be unable to help cover for you."

Aina pondered, and silently nodded, "Prime Minister Kashaven, I understand."

"Princess, your highness, you… have to shoulder the glory of the Aslan Empire!"

Kashven exhorted Aina. As a woman, and as the Iron Fist Prime Minister, she understood Aina's sentiments, as a similar situation had happened with her before. Time would have to wash away everything. That was the cruel reality for a princess."

"I just wish I was born a normal person!"

"Aina, ignoring your responsibilities and pushing them onto others is wrong. If you want to be the master of your destiny, become stronger. Grasp the Empire in your hands!"

Kashaven encouraged Aina. She didn't know how capable Aina would be in the future, but since she wished to resist her fate, why not show her the correct path? Then again, no one had ever succeeded on that road.

✫        ✫        ✫

Wang Zheng sat quietly in the classroom. It had been an entire day since Aina stopped attending lessons.

Even Aina herself had once said, when she left, it would be quietly and discreetly.

He looked out of the window. Even though everything had been progressing smoothly before, should he feel discouraged?

"Discouraged" wasn't a word in Wang Zheng's dictionary.

Was becoming a super soldier truly his ultimate goal?

In the past, becoming a Super Soldier was in and of itself, his motivation and goal. Yet now, he had a real target!

For the first few days after Aina left, Wang Zheng immersed himself only in attending class and training himself. He needed time to adapt to all the changes around him.

Yan Xiaosu seemed to have realized a peculiarity about Wang Zheng's current state of mind. Sometimes, situations like these would appear in life. As a brother, Yan Xiaosu believed that it was best to end things earlier, since one would eventually have to awaken from the dream, and waiting longer would just bring about more pain.

Thus, he accompanied Wang Zheng every day. When Wang Zheng attended classes, he too slipped into the physics department lessons. Of course, he couldn't understand anything.

When Wang Zheng trained, he carried a towel and water bottle, squatting to the side.

Yan Xiaosu didn't need words to understand Wang Zheng's feelings, and didn't need to waste time talking.

"Yan Xiaosu, what have you been doing these past two days? Come over to me quickly!"

An Mei was a little annoyed, suddenly vanishing for three days wasn't something she could get used to.

"Mei Mei, I have stuff to finish here, give me some more time."

Yan Xiaosu said. Wang Zheng's matter definitely couldn't be spread around on the outside. While he liked to gossip, it wasn't as if Yan Xiaosu was incapable of controlling his mouth.

"Tyrant Su, you're really daring, eh? Either you roll over here for me, or you give this Aunt here a good explanation. Otherwise, we're breaking up!"

An Mei was enraged. This bastard used to be so timid and obedient, yet now he seemed to have gained some skill since he dared to talk to her in that manner.

"Don't be so long-winded, I'm hanging up, this tyrant loves you!"

After ending the call and turning off his Skylink, Wang Zheng had already finished training.

Wang Zheng chuckled, "I'm just training by myself. Why fight with Mei Mei because of me? You should go and make up with her."

"Damn, didn't I say it before? Women are like clothes, but good brothers are worthy of spending a lifetime together!"

Yan Xiaosu patted his chest. Although Tyrant Su was typically an amiable person, when his bottom line was touched he became more decisive than anyone else.

Back in the girls dormitory, An Mei was dumbfounded. Never in her dreams would she have thought that Yan Xiaosu would dare hang up on her Skylink.

Only, Ye Zisu seemed to have guessed something, "Mei Mei, you've wronged Yan Xiaosu. He was definitely together with Wang Zheng."

"Even so, what can't be said?!"

"Sometimes, girls cannot be too clingy. After all, men have their own dignity and bottom lines, too. Yan Xiaosu's personality can already be considered as pretty good."

Ye Zisu advised. She was very clear on the two's relationship, and keeping Yan Xiaosu from staying with Wang Zheng at such a time was simply impossible to accomplish.

Exiting the training room, Yan Xiaosu looked to the sky and said, "You should do something this evening, don't go back to study. Your three roommates  are also such boring people. Let's all go drinking!"

Wang Zheng shook his head, "I feel like moving around more often, maybe even fight a few rounds."

Yan Xiaosu stared at Wang Zheng, and teased, "…ah, how strange, you seem to have become addicted to CT recently. With your level, could it be that you've become used to getting oppressed?"

Wang Zheng helplessly laughed, "Actually…"

Yan Xiaosu patted Wang Zheng on the back a few times, and consoled, "I understand, alright. This brother here will lead you tonight. Even if I fall from the bronze tier, I'll accept it. Your Grandma's leg! Tall Rich Handsome is going to go crazy today!"

"I'm Skeleton!"

"You're a skeleton? Why bring this kind of skeleton nonsense up late at night… What did you just say?"

Looking at Wang Zheng, Yan Xiaosu's eyes almost shot out, …Skeleton… Skeleton…

"You're… that Skeleton?!" Yan Xiaosu immediately shot up almost half a meter from the ground.

GOD! No one could be more surprised!

Late at night, a sudden howl startled a pair of mandarin ducks in a little grove…

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