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Volume 4: Chapter 13 – God’s Rhythm

Operating a mech caused a very comfortable feeling of pressure on the muscles, a feeling difficult to experience in CT. To a soldier, experiencing this pressure was actually an enjoyment of sorts.

A little perverted, but such was the pleasure of a soldier.

At that moment, the audience let out a collective sigh as they started discussing amongst themselves. What the fuck was this? Did the Ares College not have any other students to have ended up choosing this guy?

Wang Zheng casually stretched his limbs. From the sidelines, he had a funny appearance, almost like a puppet.

"Seems like Student Wang Zheng is currently warming up his body. He will be the final pilot; so would you all please give him a round of applause and encouragement," the commentator said. They were, indeed, part of the same team.

I hope this guy doesn't have stage fright.

Thunderous applause resounded throughout the stadium.

Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu had already closed their eyes. "Fuck, this guy had better not act like a hero. The reputation of room 007 is at stake here."

"Tyrant Su, what's Wang Zheng trying to do? Does he even know what he's getting into? Didn't you say he's very capable?" An Mei angrily asked.

"Eh… Boss loves mecha, but he has yet to practice using a real one. Maybe he'll create a miracle…" Yan Xiaosu timidly said, his voice getting softer as he spoke. He clearly did not have much confidence in his own words.

"Miracle your head! We're going to be on the headlines tomorrow!"

Ma Xiao and the others sent blank looks of dismay among themselves. Perhaps falling to the depths of the valley was a good things for the Ares College; and suffering from such a defeat would grant them the spirit to rise and fight again.

"Student Wang Zheng, are you ready?" the commentator asked. He could tell that the entire stadium was starting to get impatient.

Wang Zheng replied with an OK sign.


With this gunshot, the last round of competition began!

The engine of the mech roared, slightly shocking Campana and the rest. Such an explosive start… this guy was indeed courageous. Wasn't he afraid of falling?

However, as the gunshot went off, the WE rushed forward.

The noisy stadium suddenly quietened down. Who the fuck is this person?

The mech advanced in a straight line towards the target and totally ignored all the different obstacles.

Frequency conversion movement!


This was pressured frequency movement!

It wasn't a passive frequency change of his own, but a proactive interference of the attacker's frequency, causing their attacks to miss.

The roaring WE flew suddenly flew into the air like a rocket; it was impossible to block. A crucial point was that Wang Zheng did not make any big movements. Only this way could one reach their highest speed!

But what about the attack?

Time was running out!

Bang… Bang…

Why had there only been two shots? What happened to the last one? Regardless of one's accuracy, at least three shots had to be taken! But if they were to take all three shots, not enough time would be left.


A cold light simultaneously hit the target.


The mech rotated on the spot at high speed four times before finally stabilizing to a stop.

The silence in the stadium continued for a moment before it broke into a resounding roar of cheers.

1 minute 29 seconds!


Everyone was going crazy. Through this final outcome, Zeus College had been eliminated.

Ares College entered the finals!

In order to save that final second during the attack, the titanium alloy knife had been thrown towards the target as the lasers were being fired, accurately hitting it from a distance of over 30 meters.

All these actions had been executed in great harmony. Such coolness!

Everyone was stupefied. Jamal and Adonis looked at each other. What happened?

"Keke. Old friend, to have saved such an exceptional student until the last moment… you're simply too much," Jamal said with a smile, and eyes filled with envy. This fucker is also from Earth. He's indeed a treasure!

At the thought of the Zeus College’s glory being snatched away at the very last moment, anger, despair, and a trace of confusion clouded Adonis' heart, leaving him the greatest wretch of them all.

The squad members had thoughts of eating the fatty at this moment.

The fatty grabbed his head and was sitting helplessly on the chair. What's happening? He had merely wanted to put on a show, yet he managed to completely screw himself over it.

An Mei and the other beauties jumped up, "Good job, Wang Zheng!"

"An Mei, An Mei, An Mei, An Mei, you're pulling my ear. Please be more gentle," Yan Xiaosu helplessly said. Soon afterward, An Mei hugged and kissed him, causing this Tyrant Su to grin from ear to ear.

"Not bad, the two of you are quite dependable!"

Ma Xiao and the rest burst into joy, jumping up and bumping their fists in the air. In that moment, something inside them seemed to have caught fire.

Nobody would willingly wish to be looked down upon.

The biggest issue the Ares College faced was their lack of a leader—someone with the charisma and ability of a leader!

Ma Xiao did not cut it. He was too easy-going and he lacked ambition. Masasi was not a good fit either, as he didn't belong to the Earth so the success of Ares College did not mean much to him.

The whole stadium was currently overflowing with cheers and shouts. Yet the celebration was only temporary, as the competition had not yet ended. The most important event was coming up next. During this final event, the two winning teams would send out a representative to engage in a mech battle.

Apollo would definitely choose Campana. He was currently the only one to maintain a win streak during the previous Inter College games, as well as the Earth Federation.

What about Ares College? While Apollo had no need for discussion, as Campana was their overall winner, it was a little more problematic in the case of Ares College.

During the special training, Ma Xiao and Masasi had performed the best in mech combat. Ma Xiao had many years of training and battle experience while Masasi displayed great strength. However, Wang Zheng had suddenly turned up.

Those eye-opening movements he had displayed earlier. Could they be used in battle?

"Maybe a safer option would be to choose Masasi!"

"I support Masasi. Ma Xiao will not do, he will definitely lose to Campana."

"Why not give Wang Zheng a try? He was the one who turned the tide just now!"

"Eh. Being able to run fast doesn't necessarily also mean being able to fight well. Masasi remains a safer option."

As the students discussed among themselves, the stadium unknowingly became packed.

Not even in their dreams did the students expect Ares College to reach the finals; upon hearing about it,  many of them had rushed over.

Many of them were playing CT before they came. Only through CT could they find a reason to keep living after having their confidence shaken.

Zhuo Mu was also struggling. "Wang Zheng, have you battled before?"

"No. I have only practiced movement during previous training sessions."

Actually, during OMG's training, he had only walked a few steps with the mech.

Masasi suddenly stood up, saying, "Instructor, I think we should let Wang Zheng participate in the final battle. He was the one to turn the tides at the last moment using his insane movements."

Masasi's voluntary withdrawal helped everyone decide. As for Wang Zheng, he didn't mind either way.

Actually, this had also been Zhuo Mu's intention. Although Masasi had excellent ability, whether he won or lost this battle didn't matter much to him.

"It'll be Wang Zheng then. Wang Zheng, you must be confident during this final battle. It doesn't matter if you win or lose, as long as you uphold the prestige of the Ares College." Zhuo Mo firmly slapped Wang Zheng's shoulder, showing his excitement.

Campana had long since finished preparing. He hoped he'd face the strange kid who could run well. Unexpectedly, such a player had been a reserve.

As Wang Zheng stepped forth, the stadium once again erupted in cheers. In truth, nobody held very high hopes for him, yet they had to encourage him so that he could feel some hope.

They didn't fear to see failure. What they feared, though, was cowardice.

Those of Zeus College sat indignantly at the side, with the fatty being the public target of criticism. Lear had however already recovered his calm and was looking forward to the upcoming battle.

Upon entering the cockpit, Wang Zheng lightly touched the windows at the side. He could clearly see everything outside. It was this feeling of being able to touch things on the outside of the mech which allowed Mankind to fulfill their potential using them.

He was finally going to battle.

"Don't panic, Wang Zheng. Campana's right hand might be formidable, bu you must also take note of his left. He is left-handed and has a very aggressive style of combat," said Zhuo Mu.

He had to fulfill his role as an instructor to the fullest at this last moment, even though he wasn't sure how much it would help.

To Wang Zheng, however, none of that mattered anymore. The outside world had already disappeared from his sight. At this moment, the only he knew was that he could finally live as a mech warrior on the battlefield.

Under the resounding cheers, the competition started.

As soon as the titanium alloy knives were unsheathed, an aura of battle filled the stadium, instantly exciting the audience.

This strange existence known as 'mankind' actually had the taste for battle buried deep inside their genes.

The two mecha roared and rushed towards each other. Bang…

A fierce vibration was released when the two mech collided. This was totally different from CT where the body wouldn't feel any vibrations. In real life, muscles would obviously contract and any clash would have some sort of effect on the body.

The moment they exchanged blows, Campana was able to clearly feel that his opponent was not used to experiencing this kind of pressure on the body. The way he dispersed the force was also very unskilled.

The titanium alloy knife dazzled under the sunlight, sending continuous strikes towards Wang Zheng. Campana was known for his great situational awareness and attention to detail. These skills allowed him to understand his opponent status through a single exchange and also to fully display his own strength.

This was a chance to let the whole world see how he would walk the path towards becoming a future military officer.

Campana's WE jumped about the whole stadium. He had already fully comprehended all of the different attack patterns of a mech. On the other side, Wang Zheng only seemed capable of defending himself and looked rather pathetic. At least he hadn't yet been defeated.

The cheers from the audience were unceasing. Aina sat quietly with both hands supporting her chin as she watched Wang Zheng in battle. She was aware of Wang Zheng's strength in CT, but how would he fare in reality?

Some people could become gods of the virtual world, but were then unable to translate that strength into the real world.

Having already saved her once, Aina did not believe Wang Zheng to be one of those people.

Even though the situation seemed dire, the students of Ares College did not lose their vigor. They kept cheering Wang Zheng on, trying to give him strength. This was, after all, the only thing they could do.

Zhang Shan was also hurling his fist into the air and ignoring the disadvantage that Wang Zheng was experiencing. "Wang Zheng, control the engine and hang in there! He will be useless if you can get through this!"

The attack might be fierce at first, but its fierceness would only wane over time.

Although Campana's attacks were powerful, Whang Zheng's staggering defense was also not half-bad. Of course, part of it had to do with Campana treating this fight as a performance. To him, victory would not be hard to achieve, the important thing instead being able to fully showcase his abilities to the audience.

However, what he did not know was that Wang Zheng's muscles were familiarizing and memorizing the various strengths in the battle.


The staggering WE suddenly regained its footing, as the titanium alloy knife forcefully blocked Campana's strike.

With this, the crowd went wild. Wang Zheng knew that it was time to retaliate.

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