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Volume 3: Chapter 18 – Winning While Lying Down?! (Explode!)


Fawn wasn’t angry at Tiny Sud’s idealism. He gave a wry smile and said, “Courage is sometimes just an ordinary man acting bravely.”

The forum was in complete confusion as everyone was in shock, even in private communications. What was over was over. The result should have been broadcasted live. Although it was infuriating, nothing could be done as no one expected such a situation.

There were many people who often skirted the line between what was right and what wasn’t. If anything, a person could only blame their bad luck for the current situation.

One’s teammate was heavily dependent upon luck.

The blizzard’s occurrence caused the mech’s speed to decrease while severely obscuring vision. Such a blizzard, however, wouldn’t last long, and better quality mecha would not be as affected by the environmental conditions.

Many people could no longer watch the show. Although there were still people tuning into the livestream, it couldn’t compare to the number of viewers leaving. There were only half the number of viewers as before.

It was clear that many were unwilling to see the result.

Solon was flabbergasted. This was the first time his grand plan was being rolled out.

And on the Moon, McLaren was also watching intently, a cup grasped tightly in his hand.

Luck was necessary for success sometimes.

✫        ✫        ✫

“Make sure he can’t escape. Give me the finishing blow! If I get the kill on him, I will increase the reward by 30,000 coins!”

Natural King was very excited—as though he was fucking climaxing! Being able to kill Skeleton in front of so many people felt absolutely amazing.

This was why he enjoyed playing CT. He enjoyed crushing his enemies with the help of his wealth, dominating them until they screamed for their parents.

Suddenly, the radar started beeping; Wargod No. 1 entered their attack range.

The blizzard was slowly receding. Although it had a slight impact on the situation, the effect was mostly negated.

The mecha on both teams accelerated toward each other. Blue team maintained their formation.  The wealthy Natural King was protected in the centre while the other four players surrounded him closely. In such a situation, the power of an individual mech was even more obvious. So what if it was Skeleton? So what if it was a Wargod No. 1? Miracles were meant to be ruined.

Wargod No. 1’s speed increased more and more. It flew over the rugged, icy terrain with great speed and was completely different from its originally slow speed.

Exceptional speed might not necessarily be a good thing. One had to know that braking was even harder in such terrain.

Laser fire blanketed the snowy plains, coating it with a resplendent array of lights. Wang Zheng held his laser rifle in his left hand while his right hand clutched an alloy knife as he calmly advanced.

He was in their firing range now.


It was a competition of one’s accuracy!

“Fuck, the damned snow is affecting my vision!”

“No need to aim, just spray and pray. With so many of us here, we’re bound to destroy him!”

“Fuck, if you actually destroy him, then we lose 30,000 coins!”

After Natural King spoke up, the other four players reduced their firing rate. Wang Zheng’s speed didn’t decrease, however, and his laser rifle constantly fired.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

“Fuck! That bastard hit us!”

“I’ve been hit!”

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