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Stellar War Storm – 1.06 – GODLIKE

The Wild Beast was originally slow, and Yan Xiaosu was further excited, and basically unable to keep up with Fanatic and the others’ tempo. He suddenly discovered that he had charged ahead alone.

There was a flash of flame ahead, fuck!

Fanatic Soldier didn’t retreat, retreating now really would be hopeless. Using Yan Xiaosu as bait, the three swiftly launched their attack, combined staking their lives to get rid of the opponents’ Demon Wolf.

The Wild Beast Type 3’s energy shield held up under enemy fire for a few seconds, then turned into a blaze in the the blink of an eye.

Tall Rich Handsome OVER!


Yan Xiaosu fiercely flung out an arm. The other side immediately retreated after finishing Yan Xiaosu. Fanatic Soldier’s movements were clearly unusually powerful, beating the Demon Wolf mech armor to the point of crisis. But the other side still held the numerical advantage, and under fire suppression, allowed the Demon Wolf to escape the battlefield.

This one wave was a major deficit, turning into 5v3. Fanatic Soldier was also angry. As a bronze expert, he was actually pleasing noobs. He also had a temper.

“Tall Rich Handsome, there’s nothing we can do at this point, and that one isn’t a bit helpful. This match is hopeless.”

Fanatic Soldier said.

Yan Xiaosu’s chubby face held a trace of anger, his tone changing slightly, “Guru, don’t do this. Before you were boasting to hide the sky, then letting me down at the key moment, and also blaming my brother. You won’t have a cent. But if you can win, I’ll pay double!”

Never one with a good temper, Yan Xiaosu couldn’t stand this group always talking crap about Wang Zheng. It seemed this time was finished. Such a good chance, he didn’t know how long he’d have to wait for the next one.

The power of money was great. The three substitutes blinked at each other. Creating trouble could increase income, who could have thought this Yan Xiaosu was so generous? They nodded. With generous compensation, they too would play for real.

Beating To Death Without Speaking grinned, “Since brother Tall is so generous, not showing a couple of moves would be too ungenerous. Old rules, kill them.”

Fanatic Soldier and Loves Beating Noobs nodded. Suddenly, Beating To Death became the captain.

Even though Fanatic Soldier had the highest rank among the three, Beating To Death Without Speaking had the highest skill level, he just didn’t have enough wins. The trio’s movements clearly went up a level, and Yan Xiaosu now became aware that he was taken in. This was a seller’s market.

Beating To Death Without Speaking went up the left side alone, drawing attention, such brazenness was clearly the result of complete confidence in his own skill. Meanwhile Fanatic and Loves Beating Nobs followed up on the flank.

The fierce battle left the watching Yan Xiaosu as if drunk and stupefied, and Wang Zheng on the side, enjoying the pleasure of piloting the mech, also observed the battle. A kind of intense thirst for acting flowed through him, his hands twitching.

It had to be said, this was serious!

People most feared seriousness, because as CT experts, once they became serious they forgot about everything else. The three displayed their level, and even though they were at a numerical disadvantage, they pulled it back bit by bit. The other side’s Demon Wolf was already broken, ultimately it was still destroyed even if it wasn’t an instant kill.

That one shot was exceptionally beautiful, and Yan Xiaosu couldn’t help applauding.

Gurus were gurus!

But Beating To Death Without Speaking’s position was also exposed. Ten minutes later, both sides were in a surging battle.

Fanatic Soldier exploded, Loves Beating Noobs also exploded. Beating To Death Without Speaking took down three opponents, but it was still hopeless for him. At this moment, the enemy Wild Beast Type 3 charged over.

A sniper mech being cornered by a tank in close quarters, that was a miserable spectacle.

The bloodlust was high on both sides. The Wild Beast Type 3 grabbed the Hunter,boom……

The Hunter was torn into pieces by the Wild Beast’s head blade. The other side cheered, and the Wild Beast roared.

On Yan Xiaosu’s side were sighs. If they’d fought casually, then a loss was just a loss, but having been serious for so long, yet failed by just a hair at the last effort, Fanatic Soldier and the others also fiercely hit their consoles.

The Wild Beast mech armor charged towards the target fort like a hot knife through butter, incomparably relaxed. To his surprise, he suddenly discovered a target not far away.

The Wild Beast player jumped with fright, first thinking it was a trap. The result was…… a Wargod No 1. Damn, no wonder it never came out, some idiot had picked the wrong mech armor.

Wang Zheng had left the fort at some point, and Beating To Death Without Speaking couldn’t help roaring, “Use your laser rifle, there’s still a chance, blast him, blast him to death!”

Yan Xiaosu was also urgent, “Boss, open fire, aim and shoot, shoot!”

Wang Zheng also wanted to shoot, the problem was……

“Rifle? Where?”

Have you ever seen an unarmed soldier on the battlefield?

Yan Xiaosu also knocked his head against the wall…… Top quality.

The opposite Wild Beast mech armor was quite cheerful. In all the time he’d been playing, this was the first time he’d seen such a noob. He directly opened the public channel, “Little kid, this big brother will leave you with a deep memory of your first time, haha!”

The Wild Beast mech suddenly accelerated, charging towards Wang Zheng with rock-breaking, heaven-startling momentum.

Yan Xiaosu sighed towards the sky. The other three were silent, not even in the mood for cursing. This wasn’t a pit, it was simply an abyss!

They just thought they’d grabbed a life saving straw, but discovered it was an illusion.

The Wargod No 1 also seemed to know his fate, standing there stupidly.

Brittleskin vs heavy armor demon beast!

Death, was the only result.

Crash bang…… rumble…… sparks!

In a suffocating silence, the extremely emotional computer referee’s voice:

Ironheart Berserker, OVER!

Team annihilated!

Red side WIN!

The other side started to celebrate, but the next moment everyone were struck dumb.

Hang on, red side won????

A fucking error!

System fuckup!

However, the only one left standing on the battlefield was Wargod No 1. The Wild Beast Type 3…… exploded!

Wang Zheng closed his eyes, experiencing the feeling of that attack. When he opened his eyes again, they radiated light, a bit impassioned.


The last kill replayed in slow motion.

The Wild Beast battlemech charged over. Wang Zheng’s hands that had been trembling from excitement were suddenly cool as ice, the Wargod mech leaned forward at a forty five degree angle, and was instantly pushed out four or five meters from the violent impact. But he unexpectedly withstood it, and the next scene was even more miraculous. Taking advantage of the remaining inertia, the giant Wild Beast Type 3 was actually thrown into the air, falling headfirst!

The Wild Beast’s head slammed into a giant boulder, buckled in on itself, then exploded.

A defenseless Wargod No 1

“Damn damn damn, did you see, this is an expert, you’re all pits, your whole families are all pits!”

The five on the other side quickly logged off, not wanting to stay even a second longer. A fully equipped Wild Beast was dealt with by some unarmed brittleskin, this was practically throwing your face in the Pacific Ocean.

The other three bronze level players didn’t show themselves any better, going offline without even saying goodbye.

Leaving Brothers Net Café, Yan Xiaosu still couldn’t hold back his excitement, he was even happier than over passing his rank promotion.

“Boss, your luck is filled to bursting, I say, reversing the wheel of fortune, a comeback from the bottom!” Yan Xiaosu wasn’t any rookie, if a brittleskin blocking a Wild Beast charge wasn’t luck, then what was!

Wang Zheng smiled slightly. Inwardly he completely wasn’t as calm as on the outside. In that split second Wang Zheng had felt alive, as if a door had swung open.

So this was battle!

Suddenly, Wang Zheng started to long for the day he returned to the Rubik’s Cube. If this was just the first stage, then what marvels lay ahead?

Originally Yan Xiaosu was planning on inviting Wang Zheng to a grand meal, but in the end he was called home by his old man’s irascible skylink call…… This guy had actually used his tuition to recruit players, no matter how open-minded old Yan was, he still exploded with anger.

Returning home, Wang Zheng took off his clothes, carefully sizing up the Rubik’s Cube imprint on his stomach. Because the instant the battle ended, the Rubik’s Cube had actually flashed with scalding heat. He remembered, Bonehead had once said that battle energy was battle comprehension. Technique was rigid, fusing it with the body required real combat, ultimately creating a combat system compatible with oneself. This was the Rubik’s Cube’s battle energy.

Each super solider was unique and unmatched.

Wang Zheng carefully observed the Rubik’s Cube tattoo. At the bottom inside the faint white outline was a small red dot, this was his battle energy mark!

No need to think about military battle, and he couldn’t go street fighting in the underworld, but CT was practically made for him.

There was no need for humane obliteration. Wang Zheng couldn’t help whistling a tune.

When we get to the mountain, there will be a way through!

Dawnbreak senior high.

In the last time before graduation, the only ones still busy were those who were nervously preparing for the Wargod College entrance exam. The majority were enjoying the their last high school life.

Wang Zheng was famous for the gene score results, but Yan Xiaosu on the other hand was busy calling out and greeting people the whole way.

“Boss, am I especially handsome today? How come so many girls are eyeing me?”

Yan Xiaosu didn’t have the slightest amount of awareness. Wang Zheng smiled wryly, it was basically this kid who caused trouble, and he wiped his ass.

Two girls straight ahead walked towards them, as if they had been waiting for them. It was the idols of Dawnbreak, Yue Jing and Ye Zisu. The two women were meticulously dressed, their spotless white skin naturally needed no makeup, but delicate ornaments and custom made uniforms set off their figures to its fullest. The surrounding men were already gaping.

“Student Wang, my birthday is this Sunday, would you have the time to attend?”

Yue Jing exposed a sweet smile, like a hundred flowers blooming. Yan Xiaosu to the side had already gone stupid, he’d never seen Yue Jing speak so tenderly.

“I don…….” Wang Zheng didn’t feel his path would ever intersect with someone like this, but Yan Xiaosu next to him couldn’t wait.

“We do, of course we do, to participate in miss Yue’s birthday party is our honor!”

Xiaosu immediately invited himself.

“Haha, you must be Yan Xiaosu, truly very adorable.” Ye Zisu said from the side.

Yan Xiaosu felt like he was about to ascend to immortality, straightening his chest, making himself as tall as possible, for the first time he felt he was very manly.

The surrounding students were all stupefied. What was this? The goddess’ birthday party wasn’t something just anyone qualified for.

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