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A+ A- Chapter 96

"Alright! Can't you be more gentle? My old bones can't take your brute force!"

Alan Tucker chuckled, patting Wang Zheng on the shoulder. "You've done well. Better than what I had expected."

Wang Zheng ordered the no. 5, the extra large Pancake with extra toppings. He had always had a big appetite.

During this period, Wang Zheng had actually guessed that there was only one scientist who had such vast knowledge -- Alan Tucker!

He looked up Alan Tucker's information online. Tucker disappeared ten years ago, and that was also about the time he showed up here.

"Old Merchant, just what happened? I have a stomach full of questions. Just what is this dastardly Rubik's Cube?"

Old Merchant smiled. "The Rubik's Cube is the Rubik's Cube. The Rubik's Cube chose you!"

What Old Merchant said made Wang Zheng's jaw drop.

After Old Merchant escaped from the Galileo Stars, he had planned to return to his hometown, Norton Star. However, he was met with an interstellar storm. There was too much turbulence in the time and space around Galileo, and even space fleets had to be wary, let alone a small ship that flew all over the place. He thought that he wouldn't make it through this time, but that was when the Rubik's Cube, which had the properties of scrap metal after so many years of study, finally activated. It made an incredible long-ranged teleport.

When Earth appeared in front of Old Merchant, he got a huge shock.

With directions from the magic cube, Old Merchant found Wang Zheng. Wang Zheng was still a mischievous young child back then.

That was Old Merchant's destiny: receiving guidance and help when he needed them.

Old Merchant was a stranger to Earth. But very soon, he fell in love with it. As a top scientist, he had an entirely different understanding of the universe. Yet during his time on Earth, he felt a force he had never felt before and saw something which scientists could only see after making it through their bottlenecks.

Many early scientists believed in materialism. But as their studies went further in-depth, a number of them began to study "destiny." Their research was of a different type. The universe was ruled by laws of nature, but did these laws have some form of awareness?

The type of awareness was not mankind's narrow form of awareness, but awareness on a large scale. That was to say, God, or destiny.

After so many years of research, Alan Tucker had entered some kind of insane, stubborn research. To study the cube, not only did he make a breakthrough in the laws of physics, but also in many other areas. He could well live up to the title of one of the greatest men who ever existed, with the ability to change the world's history. Yet he had no explanation for the cube.

Alan Tucker spent a long time pondering after arriving on Earth. Just what was his destiny?

Was it to become the greatest scientist in

all of history?

He could do it if he wanted to. However, that could not be called destiny.

As he pondered, Wang Zheng appeared, and the Rubik's Cube reacted. Looking at this playful boy, Alan Tucker suddenly understood.

Men were the origin of everything.

The cube appeared where something special existed. This child's presence, him coming from the faraway Galileo Stars, none of it could possibly be a mere coincidence.

Wang Zheng's parents were odd people. They were a clan determined to carry on their ancient traditions. While they were called a clan, their status had been drowned out and they were just an ordinary family. But Wang Zheng's parents were still very proud. They believed that their family carried the blood of the once glorious Wang clan. Wang Zheng was the 81st generation. Of course, that was just what they liked to talk about. Wang was one of the main surnames. There were too many people with the last name Wang.

Wang Zheng knew that his father had always talked about such nonsense to others. But what one says may not mean what the listener hears. The walls opened in Alan Tucker's heart. He saw his path.

Wang Zheng listened as Old Merchant spoke. If not for the existence of the Rubik's Cube, he would have thought that the man in front of him was nothing more than a convincing conman who was great at spouting nonsense.

Was he someone who could change the destiny of the world?

The world was in a pretty good state. What did it have to do with him? Moreover, what age were they living in? The times where individual heroes could make a change had long gone. The vast, interstellar community ruled by the great Milky Way Alliance. It was completely, absolutely different from when there was just Earth, the Moon, and Mars.

Other things aside, the Zerg still existed, and this being was as indestructible as cockroaches. But have you heard of roaches destroying humans?

The Zerg tribe was now merely part of humans' goals to exterminate. The only limits for mankind was the universe.

This was not merely Wang Zheng's views, but everybody else's as well.

Alan Tucker understood Wang Zheng's doubts, but it was impossible to understand the meaning of life without having lived to his age and without going through what he went through.

"Kid, you've got pretty good taste, huh? That girl, Aina, she's not bad at all. Compatible with you."

"Damn, old man. Have you been peeping? Didn't you go on a vacation?"

Wang Zheng asked.

Old Merchant laughed. "I had to do my work, but I had to keep an eye on you too. You do your thing, I do mine. No need to talk about stuff, but if you want to marry the princess of Aslan, you've got to work hard."

Wang Zheng scratched his head. "Old Merchant, do you think I'm being ridiculous? But I really believe that I can do it if I work hard enough."

Old Merchant wagged his finger. "You're wrong. You're the most special form of existence in the world. No matter who you like, nothing is ridiculous."

Words like that would come off as arrogant if someone else said it. But he was Alan Tucker. His existence was once the peak of the world.

"To be honest, only you know what your future brings. The purpose of my existence is to help you, to share my experiences with you. The stuff you've been doing with Xiao Fei is very good."

Wang Zheng giggled. "It was because of this that I guessed your identity and made some money, Old Merchant!"

"Aha! That's enough. You don't have to worry about such things, I will do them for you. You only have to do what you want to."

Old Merchant took out a data drive as he spoke. "This contains the post-work formula. Take them out step by step."

Wang Zheng got worried. "This.. actually, with your current situation, if you published these theories, the world would see you in a new light."

Old Merchant chuckled. "At this age, I don't care about prestige anymore. Moreover, what happened ten years ago made me understand the rules of this game. I haven't just been idling and running a bookshop on the verge of closing down all these years!"

A genius with S class genetics; it was a frightening thing to see once the Old Merchant was enlightened. Moreover, he had plenty of resources in the Milky Way Alliance.

But Old Merchant had his own questions too. When Wang Zheng told him how the cube had changed before and after, Old Merchant was stumped. Student Wang was rather pleased that he had managed to stun the world-renowned super scientist.

What could this be if this was not destiny?

To him, success and failure no longer mattered. It was enough that he could witness the coming of a new age.

"Don't tell anybody about this."

"Don't worry. I'm not dumb. By the way, where will you stay now that the house has been sold?" Wang Zheng asked.

"I still have much work to do. Just in case anything happens, I will reach out to you."

Wang Zheng could do whatever he liked, but Old Merchant had to keep a lookout on him.

An all-rounded genius warrior would be highly sought-after. But if people were to find out he was behind this, it would be a completely different narrative.

Old Merchant came and left hurriedly. He left after telling Wang Zheng what to look out for. Wang Zheng was kept in a good mood for half the day and finished every single bit of the pancakes. At his age, he desired a family. Having been through a period of loss and disorientation, he was clearer of his goals and had a lot more confidence.

But Old Merchant's habit of teasing others had not gone away. He was already at the door when he suddenly turned around and said, "That girl, Ye Zisu, she's not bad either."

Student Wang had no comment for this old gossip monger.

As Wang Zheng and Old Merchant discussed their plans, Lin Huiyin's concert peaked. Every single one of her songs were familiar to young people. They used to attract more girls, but her one song, "Not Afraid," had attracted countless male fans.

When the soothing voice suddenly stopped, a Wargod No. 1 appeared on the big screens. The whole stadium fell silent. Everyone knew what was going to happen. A retro storytelling sing-song session coupled with dance steps. This was also the first time Lin Huiyin was going to fly.

Sparks flying, an enormous Wargod No. 1 descended from the skies. The whole stadium erupted and went wild. The hatch opened, and Lin Huiyin slid down. Wearing a military uniform, she looked brave.

In the video, the Wargod No. 1's strength was unparalleled.

I'm not afraid, to take a stand

Everybody, come take my hand

As soon as Lin Huiyin opened her mouth, the audience began singing along. It was full of stubbornness and rebellion. It was full of young dreams and young passions. It spoke to the hearts of hundreds of thousands of young people. Everyone waved their hands wildly in the air.

Everybody, come take my hand

Rain or shine, we will finish this together

No matter harsh winter or summer

Yan Xiaosu and Anmei were standing in the audience. Anmei was dressed extremely sexily, emitting youthful energy from head to toe. They jumped up and down, holding hands. Beside them were Ye Zisu, Meng Tian, Du Qingqing, and the wolves of 007. They were acting unlike their usual, elite behaviour, dancing as they liked.

The usually high class elite, Yao Ailun, on the other hand, wore a cheeky, casual outfit. He danced like a snake, full of groove. Student Ailun was known to be good at everything.

The tickets were not from Tyrant Su. Such things naturally came from the generous, beautiful Ye Zisu. It was a pity that Wang Zheng didn't join them.

"Not Afraid" brought the whole concert to its peak. But this also meant that the show was coming to an end. The fans could not bear to for it end, as no one knew when would be the next time Lin Huiyin would come back to Earth.

When the song ended, everything fell silent. The lights were dimmed. This didn't seem like an ending, but...

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