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The Norton Star had defeated the Dragon Star's Cameron Republic with a score of three-to-zero. Norton Star warriors were known to have the strongest bodies and be extremely resilient. They were known to be the shield of the Milky Way Alliance. With five times gravity and mech creators with a long history and culture, they were one of the strongest planets around.

Although they had never been champions, they made it to the actual combat rounds almost all the time.

Compared with Locke's Star, the Norton Star was not as well-rounded, but their stability was considered unparalleled. No matter who the opponent was, they fought fiercely and sturdily.

Coincidentally, Yuan Long of the Norton Star team was also an impressively skilled spearmaster, equivalent to Zhang Runan of the Solar System team.

It was still not easy for the Solar System team to beat the Norton Star team.

Although the match was still taking place at the same venue, the crowd obviously grew bigger. Compared to just two or three military reporters taking coverage, the number now grew to over ten.

There were also more Aslanian students. There was also definitely the possibility that they were just here to see beautiful girls - Si Jiali, Ye Zisu, Bi Yuyan, and Meng Tian were quite the view.

This could not be helped. Most guys judged the appearance of a girl first before they looked at their capabilities. Meng Tian's last victory did attract quite a few guys' attention.

Wang Zheng led the team to the match. On the opposing side, the captain, Pan Su, led his team's entrance. They did things differently from the Locke's Star team and did not have the bad habit of despising their opponents. They always gave everyone their due respect, no matter how strong or how weak the opponents were.

"Captain Wang Zheng, I hope this will be a wonderful exchange." Pan Su extended his hand. They might not have been very tall, but they were strong in build, and were absolutely confident.

The most reliable team of the Milky Way Alliance was the Norton Star team, because they would never betray or abandon you.

"We hope for the same!" Wang Zheng extended his hand too. It was an ordinary handshake, nothing judgmental.

Pan Su looked older than average. After saluting the audience, the competition officially started.

The first person to fight for the Norton Star team was Yuan Long, who was also their ferocious vanguard.

Wang Zheng had an impression of Yuan Long. They had a battle before in CT, and he was a very solid opponent. Yuan Long had used the Wargod No. 1 and displayed an admirable performance. This time, however, he would be given a strong mech and he would certainly exhibit his full potential.

Ability X was not very useful to the Norton Star warriors. They may not specialise in using unique Ability Xs, like warping and elemental powers, but they still possessed good endurance and had experience countering them. For them, Ability X was considered just another attack, and they would be fine as long as they were resilient in their defense. Also, Ability X resulted in a recovery period after it had been released, thus, the Norton Star people were not as interested in it as other planets.

Wang Zheng eyes swept across the team. Raston and others looked a little eager to try, but

Wang Zheng's gaze landed on the wretched fatty. At this time, Luo Fei was actually busy checking out girls. Aslan was a great place filled with beautiful girls, and it would be unbelievable if he were able to get one.

"Luo Fei, you take the first battle."

Luo Fei looked surprised. "No way, Captain. You want to hand the most important first battle to me?"

Luo Fei looked at Lear for help, but Lear just looked back coldly. Luo Fei shuddered. "Understood, I'm on!"

Whispers diffused through the crowd. What was happening with the Solar System team? They were using substitutes again. Normally, substitutes were only used as a backup plan, but they were using substitutes so freely. It was not going to be the three from the previous battle. Ability X users needed time to recharge. The stronger the ability, the longer the recovery time needed. Under normal circumstances, it would take a day.

However, wasn't now the time to dispatch the main players? The fatty was not too confident with his skills. He shook hands with Yuan Long and said, "Brother, please go easy on me."

Yuan Long was stunned and said seriously, "This is an important battle. I will not be merciless." The fatty looked aggrieved, pitiful to the point you wanted to pinch his cheeks. Both parties entered the cockpit, and the battle begun.

"Fatty, if you lose, we will finish all your snacks!" Zhang Shan shouted from below. Luo Fei's tearful face looked even more upset.

Pan Su was very calm. "Yuan Long, don't be affected by them. This Fatty is probably quite capable."

Yuan Long looked taken aback, but nodded. This fatty might've been putting up a show. After all, the Solar System team did defeat the Locke's Star team.

Yuan Long entered the waiting room and chose the Scarlet Dragon before connecting with the G-material.

The mech's performance was not bad. Aslan's mecha were well maintained. The Scarlet Dragon mech was produced by the Norton Star for human warriors. The weapon it used was the silver spear. It was a heavy tank type mech. Ordinary people may find it's operations to be awkward and inflexible, but it was a different story for Norton Star warriors.

Luo Fei chose Aslan's Zero Degree VIII. It was a scout type model. As soon as the battle began, Yuan Long immediately went on the defensive against the Zero Degree, keeping a distance, not allowing his opponent to strike him with laser attacks.

However, Luo Fei was indeed awkward, and as the battlefield did not have much room for movement, he was trying best to avoid direct confrontation with Yuan Long.

However, Yuan Long's techniques were quite steady. He moved carefully with each step, gradually approaching the Zero Degree with his shields up. Approaching Luo Fei, he struck out with his spear. Luo Fei retreated seven or eight steps to gain a firm footing. Yuan Long did not waste any time; he immediately used his signature spear technique. If he hit directly, the opponent's energy shield might not even activate in time.


The silver spear struck, and Luo Fei immediately dodged sideways, making a close escape. It was as though he had eaten a performance pill. With a swift movement, his left hand caught hold of the Scarlet Dragon's silver spear.

Yuan Long laughed coldly, dragging his spear back while quickly attempting to dodge any follow up attacks. If he could immediately make a counter attack, he could end the fight here and now.

However, something unexpected happened. His attempt to drag his spear back stopped midway, and he stood motionless.

The close combat knife of the Zero Degree had been unsheathed and the mech had already rushed over. Yuan Long's natural instinct was to activate his energy shield. Although his response was fast, his reaction speed was delayed. It was as though he was held temporarily paralyzed.

Sh*t, it was Ability X!

By the time Yuan Long responded, his mech had already been pierced through

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

After several consecutive strikes, the wretched Luo Fei immediately landed a critical strike.

Solar System team WIN!

The delegation of the Solar System was not as expressive as the first round of battle. Although happy, they did not view this moment as worthy of celebration.

There was not much applause going around. This win was too baffling and sudden. Yuan Long, who came out of the cockpit, was still weak. Although he had been met with direct impact, he was not hurt. On the other hand, he felt so depressed that he wanted to die. The battle gave him no room to showcase his abilities; he was completely incapacitated.

He wanted to swear. He had originally planned to duke it out and have a satisfying battle, but this happened. Reluctantly, he agreed that his opponent had won with true strength.

Pan Su's expression was heavy. Yet another special Ability X user. How did Earth recruit so many talents? Looking at the situation just now, it was either a weakness type or paralysis type. Although it was only used for slight moment, it was the determining factor.

Although he had calculated the possibility of the opponent using an Ability X, it was different this time. It was simply impossible to guard against this. Although Yuan Long was considered to be rich in fighting experience and was careful, he couldn't avoid this. The opponent was also too ruthless, putting on such an act before the battle. What kind of people were the Solar System team?

Huang Shi was caught up in writing. He could only use one word to describe this team - "mature!"

The team was very strong, yet they remained so low-profile and calm. This was an important prerequisite to go far in the IG, especially to reach the actual combat phase.

However, the Norton Star people would never give up.

They would definitely not give up so easily.

Pan Su went straight to the stage when the second round commenced. If he lost, it would be a replay of Locke's Star's plight.

The Solar System team was itching to fight. Taros and the rest felt that it was a good chance for them to battle. The longer the battle lasted, the tougher it would get. If they did not get a chance to fight now, things may get unfavorable towards the later battles.

Achilles squatted and was all ready to stand up when Taros suddenly stood up. "Let me go!"

Even Zhang Shan and the others had their chance, so it was unreasonable that he would not have his chance. It would definitely be one's individual honor to defeat the captain of the Norton Star. He did not want to return home empty-handed.

Wang Zheng was reluctant to give an immediate answer, and he quietly studied Pan Su. Pan Su looked very calm. Although they had lost their first battle, their team looked reassured once Pan Su stepped up himself.

Wang Zheng shook his head. "Let me do it."

Taros looked frustrated. "Wang Zheng, what is the meaning of this? Do you think I can't beat him? Or do you only send those from Earth? We are the Solar System team, not the team from Earth."

Lear looked calm as always. Achilles smiled faintly and spoke. "Taros, calm down. We can't be certain you'll even be his match. In fact, your speed ability will not have an edge over Pan Su."

"Pan Su was ranked 28th at the last IG competition. He has also gone through two sessions of IG. Although this ranking did not enter the top ten, he is still considered a master with the special ability to control pressure. Taros, do you still think you can win?" Lie Xin laughed. Ever since Taros had gotten close to Lear, Lie Xin was not extremely fond of him.

Taros' expression grew colder. He did not expect the Norton Star captain to be so famous.

"Taros, since the captain has spoken, it is to secure our victory. We should follow orders," Lear said lightly.

Taros smiled and stopped speaking, sitting down as if nothing had happened.

Pan Su. The IG had ranked him 28th. Although this rank alone did not determine victory or loss, it reflected the past and future potential of a soldier.

When Wang Zheng walked up to the stage and looked at Pan Su, he could feel how calm, stable, resilient, and confident Pan Su was.

This was exactly the kind of opponent he liked to fight against.

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