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Real men spoke with blades!


The Overlord did not even have time to react before it exploded into a pile of scrap.

Conquering with a single blow!

Zhang Shan had won! This was the Solar System team's first win in close to ten years.

In the past, most teams admitted defeat and returned home.

The moment the opponent's mech burst into flames, even Gu Te jumped up and waved his fists. From the beginning, they were too nervous to cheer until the explosion at the very end.

Zhang Shan was still baffled by his win. It was an understatement saying that he was not nervous, but he believed that since he was here, he did not want to regret any of his actions. From his point of view, he did not want to drag out the fight and thus decided to go for an instant kill with his Ability X.

This was also a victory that the Solar System desperately needed.

This was both a mental and physical victory.

Lear and Achilles were not surprised; they were extremely calm as it was the outcome that they had expected.

In the stands, Si Jiali and Bi Yuyan both covered their mouths in shock. Their surprised expressions were not just a pretense, but the outcome was not at all what they had expected.

Was that the ability to warp??

Did his Ability X allow him to move through space instantly?!

"Did the Solar System possess such a high level of ability?"

"I looked at the data... this guy seems to be Zhang Shan, from Ares College? Seems like it is the same college as Wang Zheng. When did Earth start to possess such talents?" Bi Yuyan blinked.

Si Jiali looked at Bi Yuyan and said, "What's the matter? Did he touch your heart? I can ask Wang Zheng to introduce him to you! Yuyan, I now know why you often talk about relationships… You are looking for a guy, aren't you?"

Biyuyan smiled. "Can't I have such thoughts? Weren't you the one who said you would not get a boyfriend in college…"

"I totally forgot I had said that too. Well, if you are able to get together with him, it can be said that you are attracting talent for our nation too!" Si Jiali quipped.

"You are really getting more and more outrageous."

"You started this first... But to use Ability X to move through space instantaneously is really rare. After this match, nine in ten will tell the immigration office that they are able to warp."

Bi Yuyan did not joke again. Aslan had always been talented and eager for talent.

"But then again, is this Zhang Shan really just a substitute?"

In the Locke's Star preparation area, Jackman's face turned ugly. Originally, he thought that the Solar System was merely pulling some tricks by sending a substitute. He did not expect Lovran to be defeated so easily.

"We can't blame Lovran. The opponent used an extremely rare Ability X. The humans really like to use tricks. Seems like he may not really be a substitute, but was put in that position to demoralize the opponent."

The deputy captain of Locke's Star said gloomily, "Let me go next."

Jackman nodded. "We must teach the Solar System's team a real lesson."

The same trick could only be used once. The deputy captain of Locke's Star, Warrent, was the most stable and cool-minded individual in the team. His defensive and offensive skills were all top notch. No matter what tricks the Solar System played, they would be nothing but clouds in front of Warrent.

For example, if he were to encounter the warping Ability X again, they would definitely not let the opponent win so easily, as they would be better prepared. In any case, if another member of their team could fall for such a gimmick again, their team might as well eat an entire mech!

Meanwhile, amongst the media reporters, there was complete chaos!

Seven or eight military reporters were jumping around excitedly.

"Are you sure he warped? I didn't see clearly. I am doing a live broadcast and not many saw it."

"D*mn, did you record that… Brother, send me a photo."

"F*ck no."

"I will treat you later, just give me the pic!"

"You need to treat me to meals for three days."


Huang Shi widened his eyes. He was sent to check out the battle. It was not the battle of his choice, but the hotter battles to cover were snatched away. It was likely that he would get completely marginalized or even dismissed after the competition…

To cover small and meaningless news would mean that he would never be able to rise to prominence! As a journalist, his job was meaningless without any interviews.

"Cousin, I told you so. There would definitely be a pleasant surprise!" said Muye. He knew that Wang Zheng was no easy pushover. Even though he seemed so obedient during normal times, he could be quite the character if he wanted to be. He had a feeling the Solar System could really achieve some results this time.

Huang Shi nodded. "The Ability X to move through space. Although he did not seem to be able to control it perfectly, it is definitely rare. This is truly a breath of fresh air!"

He had originally wanted to give up and go home. He was not putting his utmost effort into reporting what was going on. His broadcast was normally only viewed about two or three hundred times, which did not mean much. He was unable to compete with the tens of thousands of broadcasters out there. The fact that a warping Ability X would appear in the match he was covering was completely incomprehensible to him!

How many years had it been since someone with a warp type Ability X had last appeared in the IG? Was the last time ten years ago?

When Chi Muye found him, he still didn't believe it. It was just beginning to get interesting.

"You said that Wang Zheng is stronger than him?"

"Just kidding, this kid is absolutely amazing!"

Huang Shi felt his blood boiling. The Military Times was a place that emphasized good reporting. To take cold, hard facts and write an outstanding report. Previously, he did not believe he would be able to get a position in the news outlet as the matches he had to cover were too boring.

The rise of the Solar System Federation? A dark horse?

No, no, these headlines were too common. It did not sound impressive enough..

The next battle would dictate the headline of his report! Everything depended on the situation of the next match.

Could it be that the previous victory was due to luck? These were the thoughts running through Huang Shi's mind.

"If it's true, I will buy you a big meal!"

"Oh, I can't escape anymore!" Chi Muye's small eyes blinked continuously. As a person who specialized in gathering intel, he had a skill others did not possess - a good intuition.

At first he felt indifferent too, but after that incident, he could tell Wang Zheng was different… Wang Zheng was exactly like the untouchable warriors he read about in legends.

Fortunately, Huang Shi did not know of his background, or he would definitely vomit on him. Huang Shi's voice and text in the military channel resounded with passion. In contrast, it made some of Locke's Star's fans uncomfortable…. Why was this guy so optimistic about the Solar System team?

Warp type Ability X was indeed quite shocking…. When had the Solar System team become so strong?

"The protection of the Solar System has played an effective role. For a long time, it was not because the Solar System was not strong. In fact, there were a large number of outstanding talents in each generation. However, because of various reasons, the effect of a brain drain was very strong. Any achievements would immediately be swept away by other major powers due to the leaked talent. However, in recent decades, the Solar System has begun to attach importance to protecting their talents..."

Huang Shi openly advocated for the Solar System Federation. He wondered what kind of news would be the most valuable, which one would make him famous!

He was super unpopular! Yet he was the only reporter providing coverage here!

He was going to fight for his chance. He would no longer be marginalized. It would not hurt if the Solar System team won, as he was not at a loss. Perhaps the only thing worse would be to be hated by the stronger teams for not covering them sufficiently. He had nothing much to lose either way. On the other hand, if the Solar System team did manage to break through the qualifying rounds…

"Next battle, who will the Solar System team send? Jackman is sending his deputy captain, Warrent! The calm and composed defender and yet an aggressive attacker at the same time; two contrary yet quickly interchangeable modes depending on his judgment of the current situation! "

Near Huang Shi, the same passionate voice explained the situation.

Huang Shi clenched his teeth.

Warrent. He had done his homework. The deputy captain's reputation was by no means undeserved.

He had an impressive record. How many geniuses had fallen to his feet? Countless!

Who would be sent from the Solar System team? Lear or Achilles? In a recent briefing, he learned that these two individuals were the strongest people in the Solar System.

In the Solar System preparation zone, an outburst of manly violence rang out. After the victory, Raston and the rest rushed towards Zhang Shan and lifted him up!

Zhang Shan was caught off guard and was thrown into the air by the crowd. "I am warning you guys, don't drop me on the floor!"


Nobody caught him! His ass directly landed onto the ground!

"Is this how you treat a hero?"

Raston shrugged. "You snatched our opportunity to show off."

"Zhang Shan, we gave you such a good opportunity. Time to treat us!"

Zhang Shan retaliated with a middle finger. Despite everyone's excitement, you could tell everyone admired him. No one could guarantee that they would win with a single strike. He had exhibited his Ability X skill, his trump card and won easily.

At the same moment, Locke's Star had sent out their opponent. Warrent stared coldly at his opponent, nonchalant about who the Solar System team was going to send.

On the Solar System side, substitute player Zhang Shan had made a good start. The other players looked eagerly at Wang Zheng. Only Wang Zheng could determine who would be up next. "Meng Tian, you are up next!"

Serious and unrelenting, this was Meng Tian's personality.

Meng Tian was taken aback, but she restored composure quickly. Amongst the team, she was also well known for her calm composure. In this regard, she was quite similar to Meng Ao, her father.

Wang Zheng looked at Meng Tian and nodded. "Take him out in one strike!"

Warrent's eyes narrowed. He had assumed that the Solar System team was going to seek a quick victory and press their advantage. If the score went to 2-0, it would put overwhelming pressure on the last match, something he wanted to avoid.

In that case, it would not be a surprise if the captain himself was dispatched. Although, it was shocking to him that the captain of the Solar System team was not Achilles. It seemed that the Solar System Team was pulling another trick. These petty tricks might seem cool, but in fact, they could easily be ripped to shreds in front of true power, or even worse, lead to their downfall.

Yet that Wang Zheng guy was not moving, nor Achilles. Instead, they were sending out a petite woman!

Did they think that he would be seduced by her beauty?

This lass looked as pure as water. He was definitely going to enjoy this!

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