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Si Jiali was very angry when she heard things concerning Wang Zheng. She knew that Wang Zheng had started training because the IG was approaching, but she thought it ridiculous that he was skipping almost every lesson. She did not understood these guys who were so passionate about battles. Wasn't it more attractive to understand the esoteric meaning of the universe than engage in superficial battles?

What's more, she had learned that the level of the Solar System Federation was entirely focused on just participation.

However, she felt that Wang Zheng's physics achievements would definitely propel him to greater heights in the future. He could even bring glory to Earth.

In fact, Wang Zheng did not think the same way. He believed that what Earth lacked now was not technology, but bloodshed!

If they did not break out of the silence, they would perish in it. Earth had been silent for a long time. In fact, deep down, Wang Zheng was greatly affected by it. He was waiting for redemption, which came in the form of the IG competition.

That was his breakthrough moment, the moment to show himself and the strength he possessed to the world.

Si Jiali couldn't help but laugh. She could not stand this anymore, not just towards Wang Zheng, but to many other Aslanians who felt that Atlantis' mecha were cooler as they were not suitable for human operation.

Si Jiali was about to leave when a ray of light cut through the space. The headlights of a mech had activated

Wang Zheng had finally found it! What was most important was not the sound, but the linkage!

This kind of link was derived from the communication between spiritual power and runes. It was no wonder Bonehead could immediately summon and control a mech from far away. As long as the strength of the mind was sufficient, even if they were thousands of miles apart, the same could be done.

Atlantis was careful to hide this knowledge. The cockpit shrouded Wang Zheng, the runes activated, and Wang Zheng was absorbed into the mech.

Si Jiali covered her mouth.... How was this possible!?

The same wonderful feeling came about from the Phantom King. The G-material of human-created mecha could give the pilot a sense of feeling as though they were in their mother's womb. This might be an exaggeration, but in a mechanical sense, this was still true. The degree of integration with an Atlantean mech was even higher than that of using G-material, but the difficulty of piloting an Atlantean mech….

Like a living creature, a rune expressed, narrated, and moved within a fixed pattern. Wang Zheng's spiritual power completely pervaded this rune. It felt miraculous. This was a material unknown to mankind and required a special way to activate it. However, it could produce magical strength when achieved.

This was an ability that was probably unique to the Atlantis civilization.

Were they a spiritual civilization?

Based on Wang Zheng's current knowledge, he could not tell exactly what the Atlanteans were, but at the very least he could understand how they piloted their mecha.

Using the runes, the powerful spiritual power of an Atlantean could be exerted, and it would directly reflect one's speed, strength, and control onto the mech.

It was simple and straightforward.

Si Jiali carefully studied the dangling Phantom King. Obviously, Wang Zheng had entered the virtual battlefield, but she could not tell what was going on.

This Wang Zheng could actually pilot the Phantom King....

What was his true background? Everyone who was here had undergone a stringent background check. Was he truly just an Earthling?

It was rumored that the percentage of humans that could operate an Atlantean mech was staggeringly low. Even if operated, the combat effectiveness was never as strong as that of an Atlantean. She had always thought that this was a legend, but the truth stood in front of her eyes.

The IG Captain of the Solar System!

Si Jiali's eyes flashed with fierce sparks. It seemed that many people had been ignoring Wang Zheng's existence. A person with a smart mind and a strong body would never be a simple person, but Wang Zheng was too low-profile and calm.

This kind of person either lacked motivation or desire, or they intended to hide their abilities as part of a bigger plot.

Since the possibility of the former was almost zero, then...

Si Jiali left the training room and walked away. She thought of another had he even entered this area!?

He did not have such authority!

Si Jiali's jaw dropped, and the various scenes and memories related to Wang Zheng flashed through her mind...

Wang Zheng successfully entered virtual training. To his surprise, the Atlantean mech was easier to grasp than the Golden Wheel. Of course, the Phantom King did not have any design problems.

With enough spiritual power, one could control the mech. However, Wang Zheng needed more practice to get a deeper understanding of mech.

As a pilot, merely moving the mech and utilizing fancy movements could not be called "understanding."

Understanding related to knowing the bottomline of the mech, whether it had to do with offense or defense. It was related to the adaptability of the mech and the overall performance in the face of collisions, and responsiveness under different circumstances.

Each pilot was different, and the eventual understanding of a mech was based on statistical probabilities and individual judgement. Understanding a mech was when this was fully comprehended.

Wang Zheng quickly immersed himself in the world of mecha. Although he wanted to know more, he had limited energy. The Wind God, the Golden Wheel, and the Phantom King were going to be his main mecha during this short period of time.

As time went by day by day, the IG was approaching. Naturally, Mengtalis became more lively as this was a tournament not meant to be just for the ordinary people. Military politicians of various countries and the monopolistic giants in the industry would pay considerable attention to it. Of course, military schools eligible for participation in various countries were also part of the equation.

Every country with participating teams would have a military school delegation, which also acted as a support group. This year, Wang Zheng of Ares College was the captain, and Gu Te was the representative team leader. Delegations and teams of various countries naturally had their own embassy backing them. Of course, many chose to go directly to the Aslan Royal College and live nearby.

Everyone who arrived was an elite amongst elites. They also wanted to see if the legendary Aslanians were as powerful as they imagined.

On Earth, Yan Xiaosu naturally sought an opportunity to go to Aslan. He had to witness Wang Zheng's grand battle and find out what was so special about Aslan. Naturally, he hurriedly slipped over, regardless of the money he had to spend.

"Xiaosu, close your mouth." Wang Zheng could not control this guy. It was quite exaggerated how he was salivating at the sights.

"Boss, this place is simply heaven. So many beautiful women, I am bubbling inside!" Yan Xiaosu wiped his saliva. Now that he was a single man, he was like an old cow that fell onto a fertile plain, unsure of which plain to conquer.

Ye Zisu also felt that he was being too overbearing. "You better control yourself and not scare the ladies away."

"Yes, Zisu, you must know quite a lot of these Aslanian beauties. You know anyone interested in an Earthling? Introduce me!" Yan Xiaosu said excitedly.

"Yeah, but they are more interested in Wang Zheng. What should I do?"

"Tell them that I am like half a Wang Zheng but just as powerful!"

The three laughed. "Boss, have you met Xie Yuxin? Is that guy still a pansy?"

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