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Si Jiali meant well for Wang Zheng. Even though he was capable, Aslan was a sleeping tiger. He could easily offend others, and that would not be good for him.

Things ran deep here. "Thank you." Wang Zheng smiled. He knew that Si Jiali was kind. An ordinary student could not afford to offend anyone here. However, for Wang Zheng, this one sentence meant that everyone had become even more jealous of him!

Everyone bowed upon Aina's appearance; only Wang Zheng stood as still as ever. Their eyes met and Aina's face immediately broke into a radiant smile.

She was fighting hard to suppress her emotions.

"Your Highness, welcome. We are holding a welcome meeting," said Oz. The unruly Sword Magician was as polite as ever before the Princess.

Aina smiled and said, "Oh, yes, introduce your newcomer to me." Wang Zheng could clearly feel the change in atmosphere of the entire venue. Even the most casual guys became extremely restrained.

"Wang Zheng, an exchange student from Earth. He's in the Physics Department and has made outstanding contributions to space physics," said Si Jiali.

"Oh, it's him."

"Her Royal Highness, do you know him?"

"His best contribution award was awarded by me. Classmate Wang Zheng, we meet again."

The two's eye contact never separated.

Si Jiali suddenly realized that they should know each other.

"Your Royal Highness, it is a pleasure to meet you again." Wang Zheng laughed.

Wang Zheng was not an Aslanian and did not behave like the rest. In his eyes, Aina was just a girl; he couldn't care less about the rules.

"Si Jiali, how is he? I did not award the wrong person, right?" Aina teased.

"Your Royal Highness, Wang Zheng's physics experience is very comprehensive, and it is not just limited to space physics. I hope he can stay in Aslan for a longer time," Si Jiali said. Wang Zheng was indeed a talented individual; she was only telling the truth.

Aina laughed even more happily, her eyelashes fluttering.

"I like Earth very much. It is a beautiful place. Wang Zheng, would you care to share more with me?"

Aina invited Wang Zheng along.

All eyes were full of envy. Everyone knew that the two Princesses had a good impression of the Solar System, especially Earth.

Of course, this was also related to Aslan's recent strategy to strengthen the military alliance with Atlantis and their political alliance with Earth.

While the Solar System's military standards were falling constantly, their political influence did not fade as quickly. On the contrary, it seemed to be rising. 

Wang Zheng smiled. "Yes, of course."

Although Aina was in a hurry, she had to put up an act. She chatted with Oz, Si Jiali, and other key members of Sword Shield Rose for a while to learn more about the current situation.

Because of her special identity, Sword Shield Rose spoke less about their recent struggles and more about the development of the college and talents.

From the perspective of Aina, the Royal College should aim to cultivate talents and retain talent as much as possible. In fact, foreign talents deserved even greater attention.

After a full delay of more than half an hour, Aina was able to withdraw from the crowd to find Wang Zheng. There were too many people staring at him, and although she was nearby, she had to act nonchalant.

In the end, Aina took the initiative to invite Wang Zheng out for a walk. Oz and the others thought that Aina was being accompanied by her guards and thus did not follow.

When the two walked side by side, they could feel each other's heartbeats. When they turned out of the hall, Wang Zheng hugged Aina. Aina was startled. She bit her lips hard before letting out a sigh of ecstacy.

Leaning against the wall, Aina looked so stunning. Their fingers were tightly intertwined. At the beginning, Aina was still alert, but the feeling of self-consciousness disappeared upon being in Wang Zheng's embrace.

Wang Zheng was still a bit awkward. After all, this was Aslan, so it was best to be careful.

At the corner was a small conference room. Wang Zheng slipped through the door, and Aina swiftly followed after.

In fact, there was also a hint of adrenaline. What would happen if they were discovered by others? After enjoying their sweet moment for a while, Wang Zheng's big hand wandered comfortably into the Princess's clothes, while Aina let out sighs of submission.

Suddenly, Wang Zheng stopped. Aina opened her eyes to see Wang Zheng admiring her. Her face flushed and was too shy to lift her head.

Wang Zheng did not want to miss the view in front of him, so he slowly lifted Aina's frail face. "Sometimes, I feel that all this is an illusion. Are you Aslan's princess or my princess?"

Aina stroked Wang Zheng's face. "This is not an illusion. I am the Princess of Aslan. But the moment we found each other, I knew that I could never escape your hands. "

Wang Zheng smiled. "I think I should develop my talent in this field further... I think I have some hope in picking up princesses."

"Hey, don't show off your abilities. Others aren't supposed to know." Aina's mouth narrowed, and her brows furrowed.

Wang Zheng was surprised and smiled. "It's not easy. My little Shishi gets jealous too. Only you will be fond of me as I am."

"Si Jiali is the famous ice queen in the Royal College. I haven't seen her so friendly with a boy. Did you use your splendor to seduce others again?"

Wang Zheng wanted to laugh. "What do you mean by "again"??? How dare you doubt me. I am going to spank you!"

He lightly tapped Aina's butt. He would never bear to spank her, and Aina was unusually sensitive today. The pair of lovers had experienced many things. The greater the pressure of the outside world, the stronger the attraction the pair felt for each other. Aina was prepared to do whatever it took for Wang Zheng, and she was unafraid of the consequences.

This led Wang Zheng to have a growing sense of responsibility. However, his current determination seemed to have diminished from when he had first set out to be worthy of Aina after seeing the challenges ahead of him.

As the two faced each other, the deep feelings of nostalgia were enough to melt Wang Zheng.

Suddenly, the door knob moved.

"Oh, the conference room is locked." Landry's voice came from outside the door.

"Forget it, let's change locations. That Wang Zheng kid is not back yet."

"Do you think the Princess invited him for dinner?"

"In your dreams. Her Highness is now definitely back at the palace. Wang Zheng is really lucky; I want to be an Earthling too."

"You can just read more about Earth and show off a little in front of Her Highness next time."

The sound of laughter faded away. Wang Zheng and Aina breathed a sigh of relief. When they looked at each other, they couldn't help but laugh.

Unconsciously, both of their palms turned sweaty. Whether it was Wang Zheng or Aina, they were not new to chaos. As Aslan's Princess, Aina had experienced all sorts of big scenes. Meanwhile, Wang Zheng was a super warrior who had crawled out of hell. Even so, their love life was still a tightrope walk.

Perhaps it was for fear of chaos, both wanted to love freely, but not become the center of attention of the world.

There were still too many people in the disciplinary team meeting. The two did not dare to stay for long. Although there was reluctance, their current circumstances meant much more opportunities to meet compared to before.

Wang Zheng suddenly thought of an excellent idea. Didn't Lin Huiyin allow him to record songs in the palace? This was an excellent excuse to meet her.

After mentioning the idea to Aina, she could not help but roll her eyes. "You're so bad. You're taking advantage of kids!"

"Huiyin, that brat, is much smarter than us. Rest assured, I will be a better brother-in-law to her in the future. We can both help her if she needs cover."

Wang Zheng laughed. As a man, it was good to be shameless sometimes.

After sending Aina back, Wang Zheng hummed a happy tune. He could not feel more comfortable. He had recharged himself mentally and was even more ready to work hard. His next conquest: the IG!

He still had time, but instead of wasting it, he could do well practicing. He felt satisfied with the Golden Wheel, and he was confident that he would fully grasp the use of the mech soon.

Since he was already on Aslan, he could not waste such good training conditions. Wang Zheng was especially keen to try the less popular mecha, or those that were more difficult to handle.

Wang Zheng trained for more than an hour on the Golden Wheel and gradually learned some techniques. This mech might've been considered simple in design, but it ironically required strong judgment, a good sense of the battle, and strong wrist reflex to deliver a lethal punch.

This had a situation similar to the Wind God. Although it was amazing in CT, Wang Zheng knew its performance would be similar to that of the Golden Wheel in actual battle. This was the problem Ye Zisu had come to Aslan to solve. Any mech that could not perform in battles was useless.

To Wang Zheng, it was quite the contrary. He was confident in performing his best with these mecha.

A tyrannical body with sufficient reserves of energy was a necessary condition for driving this mech.

On the bright side, he was bursting with energy. Yet he was unable to use the mech perfectly.

This probing question was driving him crazy, yet he could not get in touch with Bonehead.

After practicing the Golden Wheel, Wang Zheng came to the door and saw a familiar figure, Indigo.

Indigo clearly looked frustrated. His training had clearly ended.

He looked up to see Indigo looking straight at him. At first he froze, not knowing what to do, and then forced a smile.

"Brother, we meet again. Thank you for last time."

Wang Zheng smiled. "You're welcome Just doing what I ought to. What happened to you?"

Indigo looked up at the ceiling and sighed deeply. "Hey, do you have time?"

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