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Aslan's Physics Department had done a great job in integrating space theory and materials in order to speed up the conversion process. However, after listening to some lessons, Wang Zheng quickly discovered that Aslan seemed more interested in the microscopic spaces, which was somewhat inconsistent with the current mainstream focus on macro-physics.

Someone else would have found this focus inconsistent and irrelevant, but not Wang Zheng. When he was learning under Old Marchant, Old Merchant also spoke highly about micro-physics .

Then Old Merchant would sigh and mention how development trends would be determined more by the needs of the military, more so than that of the common civilians. The history of human science and technology was actually a transformation from military technology to civil technology. Although most scientists may have had their original intentions designed for civilian use, they almost definitely have to start their research with a military intent in practice.

It was just that Wang Zheng was very curious about Aslan's direction of research. Jamal Cocker, an expert in this field, discussed the topic in great detail today. The students were very excited because in the past, teachers rarely had expertise in this field.

"Wang Zheng, I'm a bit curious today. Why is it that you look in my direction so often? Is it because I am too handsome?" Chi Muye actually went to take a look at the mirror.

"As we all know, the Atlantis Republic possesses unique technology. After over a hundred years of research, we still could not deduce how they have developed it. However, this is about to change. Our Aslanian scientists have come up with a new approach: to delve into technology from a microscopic perspective."

Cocker laughed and looked at the audience. "What do you think about this proposal? Si Jiali, what do you think?"

Si Jiali stood up. "Teacher, I personally think that our civil technology has its own characteristics and excellent techniques which we can learn from instead of forgoing our uniqueness. Atlantis' technology is too focused and is not suitable for widespread adoption by humans."

Cocker nodded. "Si Jiali's ideas are good. We really shouldn't imitate others, but the reality is that, in some areas, Atlantis' unique technology is too ahead of ours. This is not an imitation. We must achieve the same level of advancement as Atlantis and, ultimately, try to surpass it."

Si Jiali did not answer that question. She felt that human beings should develop in their own way to go above and beyond.

Although it was only the tip of the iceberg, Wang Zheng, from his connections with Xie Yuxin, had already understood that the Aslanian people had already started their research.

The microscopic space, Atlantis Runes, Ability X, and solitude, Wang Zheng suddenly had a thought. Could it be that the Aslanian people wanted to use the microscopic method to bring their Ability X on par to that of Atlantis' runic technology? Or would it be even more powerful?

The idea was ingenious, but how could one implement the technology and obtain the right materials? Interesting!

With a teacher like Old Merchant, Wang Zheng had an over-arching perspective of the situation. Things were really something else this time around. Aslan really deserved their reputation.

Cocker also called out several other people, only to get unsatisfactory and shallow replies. After a pause, Cocker's eyes once again fell on Wang Zheng. "Wang Zheng, do you have any questions?" Cocker suddenly laughed.

Students who were sharp would realise the sudden change in attitude.

Wang Zheng stood up. "Although marvelous, the idea is theoretically difficult to realize. What material are we going to use? Can the spiritual seal of Atlantis' runes be replaced by mechanical engravings...."

Suddenly, Wang Zheng himself found the answer. The entire classroom exploded and Cocker was paralyzed.

How could this be possible... Aslan's scientists had discussed in countless circles before creating this solution, yet this man had actually seen through it instantly?

Did someone tell him in advance? But looking at Wang Zheng now, was this notion really inferred by him?

"Wang Zheng, you have an unrealistic idea. If mechanical engravings can replace spiritual carvings, we would have already done it!"

Si Jiali had a different opinion. The sexy, nonchalant-looking Aslanian woman looked glisteningly at Wang Zheng.

Wang Zheng was not hesitating. "Anything impossible can be made possible. There is also a way to mimic runic engravings in microphysics. Normally, mechanical engravings cannot produce spiritual fluctuations. However, the focus should be on producing the right material, which can allow for this possibility. The engravings can also be supported by artificial substances, such as man-made minerals that would greatly enhance the likelihood of success. This would allow mankind to replicate the effect of Atlantis' runic engravings without spiritual force."

Wang Zheng was more and more convinced that this was possible!

Cocker was completely shocked. He had never seen the vice-president of the Academy of Sciences, Alvan, admire a young man so much. He expressed suspicion, especially since Wang Zheng was just a student, even though he was a student of Xiao Fei.

Alvan's admiration was not directed at Xiao Fei, but for this young man who had crazy insights into physics. It was as though he could predict the future.

The whispers in the classroom were all shocked by Wang Zheng's bold conjecture. "Wang Zheng, have you considered staying in Aslan? I can apply for you on your behalf."

Cocker was also a physics lover, and he discussed the issue openly in class. Most scientists did not care about these details and focused more on one's competence.

A strange flicker sparked in Si Jiali's eyes. Cocker supported Wang Zheng's statement. She was very familiar with Cocker, who was in charge of important research in Aslan's Science Academy.

Based on her deductions, Aslan was doing just what Wang Zheng said.

Wang Zheng smiled helplessly. "Thank you for the offer. I haven't thought about it yet."

"Haha, if you are willing to stay, I think many people will be very happy."

Cocker knew this kid's reputation on campus, and many top scientists knew about Wang Zheng. He had previously ignored stories that he had heard earlier and thought that it was just the elders taking care of the newcomers. Now that he'd seen things for himself, he realized that he had underestimated the guy.

Chi Muye's mouth was agape and was looking at Wang Zheng as though he was a wild creature. What kind of strange international issue was this turning into?

He had actually refused the teacher's invitation. What the heck was with this kid? Was he really just a simple disciple?

One should know that even if Xiao Fei was in front of a character like Cocker, she would not have much influence.

In this community, besides having achievements, it took time to accumulate necessary experience. Every scientist had to earn an achievement to establish his or her historical status today. Xiao Fei was still too early for that.

Wang Zheng was also feeling that the Earth was really lagging behind. If you looked at the scientists of the Aslan Royal College they were way ahead in terms of strength and ambition.

Even more so, he could understand Xiao Fei's mentality. Earth needed them!

As the birthplace of human civilization, Earth needed to rise, and it certainly would!

Si Jiali was obviously in deep thought. It seemed that her recommendation was even more sensible than what she initially thought.

"Muye, what is with your expression?"

" are glowing." Muye licked his lips and hoped that the beauty would give him a response, but Si Jiali had left.

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