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Even if a mistake was made in school, it would only be dealt with with a demerit, or if it was more severe, suspension. This usually happened only if an Aslanian law was broken. It was evident that Klimton was not that stupid. It could only be said that he had met someone even more ruthless than he was, causing him not to just get expelled, but also banished from Aslan over a small matter.

Just who was it, who had such great powers? This move was equivalent to offending an important Arbiter family.

Even though Klimton was not a prominent figure, you should always look at the owner before beating up a dog.

No matter what, when everyone saw Klimton in this state, they felt pretty good.

Klimton plunged into a chair. ".... that's not possible.... why is this happening..."

When Eliya received word, she was rather shocked too. It was just a small matter, how did things turn out this way?

Could it be Xiao Fei's influence?

Just because of her?

She may be a renowned scientist, but was this even something she could do?

"Raphael, go investigate what happened!" said Eliya. Klimton was in the wrong, but now that things had turned out this way, it was a challenge to the reputation of the Thistle Flower Union of Autonomy led by her.

Was it Oz?

Klimton was stupid, but not so stupid as to offend someone he couldn't deal with.

There must be something going on behind this.

"Granduncle, you're the best! Bullies like that must be dealt with severely, or people would despise our Aslan."

On the Skylink, Huiyin was incredibly happy.

"You little lass, giving me trouble all the time." Lin Hong chuckled affectionately. "How did you know about Klimton?"

Lin Hong didn't think much of it at first either. But after finding out what happened, he was rather shocked too. It was not just this one incident. That lad had a stinking reputation in school. There were pros and cons of students managing issues autonomously, and this was one of the cons.

"Hehe. Professor Xiao Fei and I are good friends. Her disciple was mistreated. I have put in a lot of effort in inviting her here, so don't embarrass me, OK?"

"You imp. If you can make Xiao Fei stay on Aslan, not only grandpa, even the King would reward you generously." Lin Hong smiled.

Research of space has always been a main topic. Xiao Fei was outstanding in the past, but she did not have any groundbreaking achievements. Things were different now. Looking at the current trend, it was very likely that Xiao Fei would take the lead in the next 50 years of scientific thinking. Aslan had to consider that indeed.

This time round, they had put in a lot of resources. On one hand, it was Huiyin's request. On another, they were showing Xiao Fei goodwill. In terms of attracting talents, Aslan had always given their best.

This Wang Zheng was an eccentric lad. He was Xiao Fei's disciple and the team ;eader of the Solar System's team in IG. It seemed like it'd be possible for the rumors to be true. Wang Zheng's achievements most likely originated from Xiao Fei.

There was nothing special about saying something surprising in class from time to time.

With regards to Lin Huiyin, Lin Hong did not read much into it. That kid had always had a sense of justice. It'd be fine if she didn't know, but once she had found out, she would never let things slide.

Fishes could not survive in perfectly clean water. Lin Hong had always been too lazy to deal with nobodies like that. But since this happened, it was a perfect opportunity to take action and put the school back in order.

"Huiyin, how is it? Are things settled?" Ye Zisu asked, panicky.

"Don't worry. Small issue. With me around, thugs like that have no room to survive!"

Ye Zisu heaved a sigh of relief. When she heard that Wang Zheng had been taken away by the police, she was shocked. Seemed like the situation in Aslan Royal College was rather complicated, or ..... the status of the Solar System Federation was really poor. Otherwise, given their cowardice, they wouldn't dare do a thing.

Only when they were out did they understand how important it was for their country to be powerful.

"Sister Zisu, it was an accident. Those baddies have been severely punished. I promise such problems will never arise again."

Ye Zisu smiled faintly. "Why, I still have to thank you. Oh, how is the song coming along?"

"I've made a few recordings, but the results are not great. The one we did with Wang Zheng had the best result. I'm trying to figure out if we should use a different approach," Lin Huiyin said, blinking.

Ye Zisu smiled. Of course it'd be different. This song was written for Wang Zheng to begin with. Who would it suit if not him?

"My cousin's too much. What meeting? It'd be settled if she just pushed it off. Sister Zisu, do you want me to introduce some new friends to you? So that you won't be so lonely and bored."

Ye Zisu smiled. Every position was different. Aina would not be able to do whatever she liked like Lin Huiyin. At least for now, there was nothing to be envious about being a princess.

"Nah, I made friends too. Aslan is a great place. I've learned many things."

Ye Zisu was like a fish being placed in the sea for the past couple of days. It has to be said that the Royal College's basic conditions were way better than OMG's. In terms of their storage, OMG was no match. In the past, Ye Zisu thought that her company's research laboratories were outstanding. But now, it seemed like they had been living in their own world.

Such differences could not be made up for in one or two days. But as the new generation of Earthlings, Ye Zisu suddenly felt a strong sense of desire.

Someday, she would make a contribution to the Earth's rise to power, and she would not let others belittle Earth!

It was the origin of mankind!

Lin Huiyin would never be able to understand such a sentiment. A wonderful idea came to her mind. Great! Her heart started pounding. She wanted to try it out right away.

Wang Zheng was released. He didn't think of it as anything much, but for others, a student that was treated this way was likely to be mentally affected for a long time. But for Wang Zheng.... it really was a small issue.

Even Lin Hong and Xiao Fei found it odd. He was not putting up a front. A person's attitude could not be masked. Plus, Lin Hong didn't have a very good impression of Wang Zheng. After all, he was one of the perpetrators in this incident.

But an attitude like that and such breadth of mind did surprise Lin Hong.

Xiao Fei had to take care of some things in the aftermath. Wang Zheng had caused a lot of trouble in a police station after all. But as his teacher, she didn't want to let her disciple be over exposed, or to go through unnecessary procedures. This entire thing was Aslan's responsibility to begin with. Xiao Fei had minored in international law back in university.

Wang Zheng was getting ready to head back when he met someone he did not expect. He was pacing up and down outside.

It was Chi Muye.

Wang Zheng felt warm inside. Brothers from a different part of the world.

"Hey, Muye, what are you pacing up and down for?"

Chi Muye turned around the moment he heard the voice. He jumped upon seeing Wang Zheng. "You've really been released! That's great! Here, something for you!"

When he finished speaking, something black and sticky was smeared across Wang Zheng's face. Student Wang was stunned. Then Chi Muye gave Wang Zheng a hug. "Congrats on getting out. I specially went online to check on Earth customs. It's said that you use curdy things to get rid of bad luck when getting out of such places. I went to great lengths to dig up this mud. It's considered curdy."

Wang Zheng stared blankly. This was probably the most unlucky thing that happened to him all day. Fortunately, Chi Muye had prepared a towel for him to clean up…

Wang Zheng spat as he wiped. "What fake site did you read that on? Even though we do have that custom, it's beancurd!"

"Beancurd... what is beancurd? Something similar will do...." Chi Muye looked at him innocently.

Wang Zheng felt defeated. He did not want to dwell on this anymore. "Next time, just follow the customs of Aslan. Don't do these things anymore."

"Hehe. Wang Zheng, how did you do that?" Chi Muye asked curiously.

"What how did I do that?"

"Klimton! Don't you know, that guy has been expelled and even banished! There are so many people who are happy and excited about this. It's great!"

"It was probably Professor Xiao Fei. That guy is lucky. Otherwise, I would've definitely taught him a good lesson on how to behave!"

Wang Zheng chuckled. He was not actually angry. He had felt pretty good about the fight. It felt terrible not having the opportunity to train for some time.

Chi Muye half believed and half doubted it, but he didn't want to have any more trouble. It could only be said that Klimton had done too many evil deeds. This was what you'd get for always bullying honest men.

Wang Zheng's Skylink rang. It was a message from Xiao Fei. Thank Huiyin properly. You better not get into trouble all the time. This is Aslan, not Earth. Don't think I can get you out of trouble anywhere.

While it was a little cheeky, the message was clear. The incident had gotten quite out of hand. Xiao Fei defended him, but as a disciple, he should try to give her less problems.

Damn. Why did he always meet lousy people like that? Well, it's just that other people could probably put up with such things, but he simply couldn't.

However, seeing how happy Chi Muye was, perhaps someone had to do something about such things.

Maybe someone else, or maybe him.

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