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Past the entrance and into the building, there were many people walking in and about. They were students from all over the Milky Way that were studying abroad here at Aslan.

In the conference room, Klimton sat still. Even a hot-tempered person like him breathed without a sound here...

The main door was pushed open and Eliya walked in.

Klimton stood up almost immediately. "Chairman Eliya, you have asked me here. What instructions do you have for me...."

Eliya made a small gesture with her hand, signaling him to sit down and talk.

Klimton sat down obediently. Nobody could order him around, only Eliya. He truly admired her, and he was willing to be a pebble under her feet as long as he could be with her.

"You're a smart person, Klimton. You should know why I have called for you."

Klimton bowed his head. "Chairman, I... that lad was way too cocky, embarrassing me in public. I just wanted to scare him.... Don't worry, I will get back at him and teach him a lesson!"

"Scare? Do you have any idea who beat you up?"

Klimton shook his head. He knew that Eliya was definitely not asking for a name, but the identity, status, and capability that name represented. He had no interest in finding out about Wang Zheng, and he didn't think he'd be disadvantaged. A stupid nobody from the Solar System. He had already gotten people to help get revenge. This was not over yet.

"Wang Zheng, Solar System Federation's IG team leader, Xiao Fei's disciple, and a co-founder of the Space Navigation theory."

A document was thrown into Klimton's hands.

Klimton took a quick glance and gave a look of disdain. "Chairman, I don't think this is an issue. IG team leader of the Solar System? In Arbiter, anyone, even the candidates who were disqualified, has the capability of becoming their team leader. As for that Space Navigation theory, it has to have been done by Xiao Fei. A lad like him is nobody."

"You may be right, but do you know why the autonomy union exists in Aslan Royal College?" Eliya asked a seemingly unrelated question suddenly.

"This... isn't this an autonomous managing organization run by us students?"

"If it's simply autonomous management, just the Student Union and the Aslan Discipline Committee would be more than enough." Just then, a boy stood out from the shadows silently. It was Raphael, the person who conducted the investigation on Wang Zheng earlier. He had a cold voice. A cold voice that did not have any other qualities.

"You think I'm wasting my time being the chairperson here just so I could be a babysitter?" Eliya said coolly.

"Of.. of course not, but..." Klimton scratched his head. He knew that Eliya was genuinely angry. It was not as if he hadn't created trouble in the past. He had even fought Aslanians a few times, but there was never a problem. Why would there be a problem this time?

"Stupid sh*t!" Raphael said icily. Klimton looked up and wanted to curse back, but seeing the look in Raphael's eyes, he chickened out.

"Aslan's aim is to become the strongest leading country in the Milky Way Alliance. Recently, they are trying to win every country over to spread their Aslanian ideologies. When they've made Aslan's standards the standards of all of mankind in the Milky Way, where in this world would not be 'Aslan'? Opening up the Royal College is one of the most important steps."

A just cause finds much support, an unjust one finds little. The Milky Way today was no longer a place where any country could conquer using brute force.

Eliya sighed gently. At this stage, Aslanians were ahead of Arbiter, and the Royal College was simply a microcosm of that. The entire Milky Way favoured Aslan. The best students were directly recruited to study abroad in Aslan. And there were also the exchange students. Plus, the college deliberately created an atmosphere for people to do their best and strive to stay in Aslan.... even if they didn't stay, they'd have a good impression in their hearts.

To put it simply, this was an insidious robbery!

It was scarier than robbery in the bright daylight!

They were robbing other countries of their talents and luck!

"Klimton, you fought an Earthling. If you won, you'd be a bully, and you'd only attract negative reactions. If you lose, it's even more embarrassing. Where would us Arbiters stand? Even though Aslan is a step ahead of us, those who build the stage may not be the ones standing in the spotlight. We Arbiters want to stand in the spotlight right here in the Royal College. Use your brain before you do anything in the future!"

Eliya's tone became very serious and strict all of a sudden.

It was okay if Klimton had provoked the Aslanians. Whether he won or lost, would only show people how tough Arbiters were. But Klimton seemed to be getting dumber and dumber.

"Since the Aslanians are trying to win over the Solar System Federation, why don't we join in the game? Since this guy is the IG team leader, there should be a limit to how bad he can be," said Raphael.

"You are thinking of..." Eliya fell silent for a while.

"Yes, I want to let this person join in the union of autonomy. He would make a very decent chess piece."

"No way. Even that kind of trash can join? Wouldn't it lower the standards of our union? Plus.... he may not be able to join." Klimton's voice grew softer.

Eliya glared. "What have you done?"

Wang Zheng felt bewildered when he was brought away.... the cops wanted to seek his assistance in an investigation?

They said that it involved diplomatic matters.

Seeing the looks on their faces, Wang Zheng knew it was probably another of Klimton's stunts.

"Show me your IDs." Wang Zheng looked coldly at the two police officers.

The two cops had thought that this guy was just a kid from the Solar System Federation who just needed a bit of scaring. They didn't expect him to be so calm and composed.

One of the officers opened up his Skylink. "This is my badge number. Wang Zheng, please come with us."

Seeing that Wang Zheng was so composed and had an attitude, they couldn't ignore the situation even though they knew very clearly what this was about.

The magnetic car drove at top speed all the way. Wang Zheng had some basic knowledge of the law. He had two options now. One was to contact the embassy of the Solar System Federation right away to deal with the situation. But Wang Zheng didn't think it was necessary. Since he was here, he would take it in his stride. He was curious anyway.

The other was that the police could only detain him for 24 hours, and if there was nothing wrong, he would be released. It was most likely a scheme thought up by Klimton to get back at him. It seemed that he was indeed quite influential.

The two cops looked at each other. If this guy was really a student of the Royal College, they wouldn't dare to get involved no matter what. But he was merely an exchange student, and from the Solar System Federation. Arbiter had pressured them, so they had to deal with it somehow. Moreover, the instructions had come from the brass.

Many things could be accomplished in 24 hours.

Under normal circumstances, Wang Zheng should be placed in a single-person detainment cell, but these men had no intentions of interrogating him. They threw Wang Zheng into a 30-odd men detainment cell straight away.

"Stay here until somebody comes to get you." The cop smiled and walked away.

The moment Wang Zheng turned around, the 30-odd people stood up. Every single one of them looked fierce and was five or six times larger than Wang Zheng. There were also non-human aliens. The looks in their eyes only reflected violence.

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