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Klimton's pose... was way too amateur. Klimton had not reached Wang Zheng, but perhaps because he had used too much force, he tripped and fell on his own, head down onto the ground, right in front of Wang Zheng.

Wang Zheng squatted down and said, grinning, "Student Klimton, seems like you already know you're in the wrong. Actually, you just have to apologize. Why the big gesture?"

"F*ck @#&*%..." Klimton cursed and scolded. Even though Wang Zheng couldn't really understand, he guessed that it was probably an Arbiter dialect.

"Looks like you haven't learned your lesson." After speaking, Wang Zheng pressed Klimton's head right onto the ground.

Chi Muye, who was standing by the side, quickly stopped Wang Zheng. "Forget it, let's go."

After a while, Wang Zheng pulled Klimton's head up and dusted it lightly. "Next time you come looking for me, remember to bring more men with you. But you won't be so lucky next time."

Klimton had wanted to say something else, but seeing the look in Wang Zheng's eyes, he swallowed his words.

Were the Arbiters ferocious?

Perhaps. But a rash dummy like that didn't mean much.

Wang Zheng didn't want to argue either, but if he didn't teach the guy a lesson now, there would only be more trouble. Dumb kid trying to act like a gang leader. Wang Zheng's impression of Arbiter became poorer and poorer.

When he was done, Wang Zheng dusted his sleeves and looked at Chi Muye, who stared blankly. "We can go now."

Chi Muye nodded subconsciously and followed Wang Zheng. A few seconds later, he jumped and exclaimed, "My God! You really dared to touch him! Do you know who he is?"

"I know. Klimton. I remember Professor Xu calling him that." Wang Zheng chuckled.

"Not his name, his surname! Its Wolfe! Oh, my God, are all Earthlings like you?" Chi Muye really didn't know what to say. This Klimton was no master, but still, nobody wanted to get into trouble with him because of who he was.

"He's famous? Never heard of it." Wang Zheng thought for a second. He knew some things about the Arbiter Empire, that it didn't have a real monarch, and that the Empire was run by five key administrators taking turns.

"The Wolfe Family, a prestigious aristocratic family on Arbiter! They are just right below the five administrators. They are a core power amongst the administrators!"

"I feel hungry. What about you?" Wang Zheng shrugged. These things were distant to him. Even if they were really that great, Klimton was merely using his powerful connections to intimidate others. If they were on Arbiter, it might have been troublesome, but there was no real need to be afraid of him here.

Chi Muye looked like a coward. Seemed like his nickname of "Maca Tiger" was most likely an antonym.

"A little... wait, you're not worried at all? I think it's best to explain it to the union. Even though the chairman, Eliya, is also from Arbiter, she's reasonable!" Speaking of Eliya, Chi Muye clearly drooled a little. Old habits die hard.

"Hehe. We'll talk about it later. I'm famished. Food is more important."

Chi Muye touched his forehead. Were all Earthlings so obtuse?

He looked suspiciously at Wang Zheng. "Are you really Wang Zheng? Xiao Fei's disciple?"

Wang Zheng chuckled. "I'm as real as it can get. But I am more interested in mecha. Oh, do you know where you can purchase IDs of mecha students? The type that lets you use the Mech Department's training grounds and equipment freely...."

"Yo. I didn't think you'd be interested in such things. You've asked the right person. There's a supply where there's demand. You're surely not the only one who wants to play with mecha. But as much as we're friends, even real brothers have to settle their debts." Chi Muye grinned.

"No problem!" said Wang Zheng. He was a slightly rich man now. A bit of money was no trouble.

At that very same moment, on a faraway tower, a girl who gave out a charming air from head to toe put down a pair of binoculars. Beside her were two students, a boy and a girl, standing there very politely. They looked at the girl with a deep admiration.

"Your report came in very timely."

The girl smiled. Her long, thin, and tender fingers pressed something on the binoculars and instantly, a hologram screen appeared in the air. The screen showed the scene of Wang Zheng and Klimton's conflict.

"Raphael, get me information on this person."

"Yes, Chairman Eliya. I will proceed. Please excuse me."

The boy turned around in a soldier-like fashion, standing straight and tall, and walked quickly away. Eliya wore a weird expression on her face.

Dining hall....

Chi Muye was once again stumped. He had never met someone with such a big appetite. The amount of food Wang Zheng consumed in a single meal was enough to feed him for one... no, enough to feed him for two days!

"Oh, right, the ID from the Mech Department will be ready for you tomorrow. Consider yourself lucky that someone wanted to get a refund, or you'd have to wait another week. The level of access this ID gives is very low, but I think it's enough for you," said Chi Muye. Everything was separated by class and level on Aslan so that quality resources were put to good use and so that standards are maintained. But for a student from the Physics Department, any standard or level would do.


"It's okay. It's good as long as it can be used." Wang Zheng was not bothered by it at all. The sooner he got the ID, the better. "Oh, yeah, the union you talked about just now, what's that?"

Speaking of the union, Chi Muye's eyes lit up. It was clear he got enthusiastic about it. "Aslan Royal College may sound like a college set up by the royal family, but it's actually not. It is a highly autonomous and comprehensive college, and it represents the highest standards of Aslan while displaying the Aslan Empire's political attitude!"

Chi Muye found a sense of purpose hanging out with Wang Zheng. Especially those humble and earnest eyes. It made Chi Muye feel very comfortable.

"Political attitude.... is it really so complex?" Wang Zheng said, poking his fork into a piece of meat.

"Sigh. Elites have to understand politics. Aslan wants to become the most important form of existence in the Milky Way, and so they have to have an open attitude. Since the Royal College makes up a significant part of their goals, there are particularly many foreign students. Which then causes a lot of problems. That's why the college employed an autonomous managing strategy, for students to take charge of themselves. The school will not interfere easily. Basically, the operations of the school are decided by the students themselves.... There are three main organizations. The highest level is the Student Union, which manages all clubs and societies, followed by two committees. One, the Aslan Discipline Committee, and the other, Thistle Flower Union of Autonomy, which manages non-Aslanian students. The chairmen of the two sub committees are also the vice-chairmen of the Student Union. Further down, the main clubs and societies' chairmen are also members of the Student Union's board. They decide the fate of this college," Chi Muye said. His eyes were filled with fascination and longing.

Wang Zheng smiled. "That sounds pretty awesome."

"What do you mean 'sounds pretty awesome?' It's truly very awesome, okay? They are extremely powerful. And what's important is the network. Only the board members of the Student Union gets the opportunity to be near the goddess!"


"Are you dumb? Of course it's the beautiful and intelligent Princess Aina. You're really slow." Chi Muye was not pleased. Who else in this world was deserving of the title of "goddess" other than Princess Aina?

Wang Zheng smiled bitterly. When Aina was on Earth, he didn't really feel a huge difference. It was just the title at most. But coming to Aslan, he now understood that identity and status did really exist. The people here couldn't even be called by their names alone. They had to be addressed by their titles. He had really found himself an impressive girlfriend.

"Aurora is the chairperson of the Student Union. He was born in an aristocratic family that has been around for a very long time. One of the core royal families. His nickname is the Sword Saint, and he's a pearl at the top of the Aslan Royal College pyramid. He doesn't actually spend much time in school. He has already become the Princess, Her Royal Highness', staff. He will definitely hold real power in Aslan in the future, and his phone number is more useful than the principal's in school," Chi Muye said admiringly.

"Oh, is that so?" Wang Zheng took a sip of water. Sword Saint. That nickname sounded very arrogant.

"The chairman of Aslan Discipline Committee is Sword Magician Oz. He is a true blue Aslanian commoner with not much backing. But becoming the leading Discipline Committee's chairperson with such status, you can imagine how capable he is. It's said that he's the number one master in the Aslan Royal College, the Deputy Team Leader of IG. He is definitely not one to mess with!"

Chi Muye emphasised, "Another thing I have already mentioned. The Thistle Flower Union of Autonomy's chairperson, Eliya, is from Arbiter. You know the competing nature of the relationship between Aslan and Arbiter. Eliya is another influential figure. It's just very complicated. Don't get into their struggles and fights. It's a whirlpool. Small characters like us would turn into mush in an instant if we get involved."

"Hearing what you've said, the main goal of these people is not to learn, but to fight."

"Learning and fighting are the same thing after all. But even though the Arbiters are arrogant, their existence keeps the Aslanians in check, and they can also give us some form of protection. If anything happens, you mustn't put up with it. Eliya will settle it justly," said Chi Muye. They got lucky this time. "Don't think that just because you know a trick or two you can behave rashly. This time around, it was all just newbies. Those two do the menial tasks in the Kendo Club."

"A tit for a tat. I couldn't possibly sit there and let myself get beaten up." Wang Zheng waved his hand.

"Find some time and join a society, won't you. That way you'll at least be in an organization, and if you get into trouble, there'll be people who will look after you. Otherwise, there'll be many inconveniences. Like me, I'm in the Eight Whales Business Society."

"Eight Whales Business Society? What is that?"

"Serving the community! We provide all sorts of intel to resolve the needs of our vast community of compatriots. For example, the card from the Mech Department, hehe," said Chi Muye.

"Forget about societies. I don't like being restricted."

Wang Zheng could sense that the system of societies here had a strict hierarchy. Being so-called protected would definitely mean being a lot more restricted.

"Bro, give and take. Unless you are capable enough to get into the autonomy union. But only people with Ability X can get into the union. Oh. You know what Ability X is?" Chi Muye treated Wang Zheng as though he had just arrived from the countryside.

"I know." Wang Zheng nodded. Aslan was indeed different. Back in the Solar System, only a few people knew about Ability X.

"The cases that go through the Discipline Committee mostly deal with incidents caused by those with Ability X. It is prohibited to fight using Ability X in school, but any issue can be brought up and request for an open duel."

"That complicated?"

"What complicated? It's called rules. Rules determine everything. And this is the Aslan Royal College!" Chi Muye spoke as if he was a citizen of Aslan.

The enormous Aslan palace-styled buildings covered a huge plot of land. There were three main clusters of buildings taking up the large space, but they were not the teaching blocks, but the Aslan Royal College's autonomous Student Union. The whole stretch of buildings was the Student Union.

On one of the clusters, an eye-catching plaque hung on the main entrance. The Thistle Flower Union of Autonomy. Underneath was a blood red coat of arms in the design of thistle flowers.

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