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Just as Chi Muye was about to say something else, the professor walked in. The classroom fell silent immediately.

The middle-aged professor very quickly went into the main topics of the lesson. No jokes, no interesting delivery. His voice was deep and attractive, and it could somehow make people easily absorb what he said and even internalize it in their heads. He possessed a unique form of charisma.

Wang Zheng listened attentively. How could he put it? The standards were still alright.... it was not that crazy.

To his side, Chi Muye softly made introductions to Wang Zheng, full of admiration. "Professor Xu is the one who came up with the theory of similarity in nodes of multiple dimensions. His name is in our textbooks!"

Wang Zheng smiled, but he was somehow unfazed. Maybe Old Merchant had tortured him so much that this was nothing to him.

Chi Muye paid close attention in class. So did Wang Zheng. The standards here were pretty good, but in some areas, things were not taught as well as Xiao Fei did.

Then he heard Professor Xu clap his hands and say, "We'll stop here for today's class. I hope you can all go back and digest what you learned today. Now, time for questions."

Everyone quietened down, and the looks in their eyes changed. There were some who wished they'd be called out so they could show what they could do, and there were also those who didn't understand and hoped Professor Xu didn't notice them...

"Bro, don't look down. If Professor Xu looks here, don't be afraid to make eye contact. Professor Xu loves those who are afraid to make eye contact with him," Chi Muye said softly, guiding Wang Zheng. "If you have anything you don't understand, just ask. This is a good opportunity for you to leave a good impression. If you can make the professor like you, becoming a foreign student here is pretty much settled."

"Thanks," said Wang Zheng, blinking.

"You're welcome. I'm considered a senior. Just follow me around in the future. I'll make sure you have a happy time on Aslan."

Chi Muye finally experienced being admired. What a great feeling.

"Chi Muye, you answer this. What is your understanding of the narrow sense theory of subspace matter?"

Being too cocky usually ended with one falling head first. This dude was too ostentatious.

Chi Muye stared blankly. Wang Zheng couldn't help but smile to say it was none of his business.

"The subspace matter is different from space matter, but they have a few core similarities. Their dimensions are affected differently by the laws of the universe, and the popular theories argue that...."

Well, this Chi Muye was rather impressive. Ever since mankind entered subspace, they wanted to understand more about its nature. But using the term 'matter' when it came to describing subspace was no longer suitable.

"Opinions of your own, good." Professor Xu nodded coldly.

This reaction meant that Professor Xu was not entirely pleased, but it was still considered a pass.

Chi Muye quickly sat down and heaved a huge sigh of relief.

"What do you think, Klimton?"

"Professor, I have a different opinion. Heh. The minds of Maca people are full of typical, textbook-like ideas. I have a few thoughts about the subspace matter theory. First of all, we have to find the core nature of the main space, any matter..."

Chi Muye gritted his teeth, but daren't say anything. This Klimton was the leader of the Arbiter foreign students, and he had a temper that was earth-shattering. Forget getting into a conflict with him, even looking at him on a normal day risked him getting beat up.

The barbaric Arbiter style. Even though this was Aslan Royal College, the Arbiter people were tyrannical.

"Very good. Some very good opinions of your own. But just what form does that matter take in subspace? There are no prominent theories yet. For instance, when a drop of water enters subspace, is it still water? If it is, would there be any change to the structure of the matter?"

Upon hearing this, Wang Zheng couldn't help but smile. This was actually a classic question. He and Old Merchant used to discuss this frequently...

"Please forgive me so saying so much, Professor Xu. What you have described is my area of research. I am sure that there are changes in the structure, and so when we enter subspace, we have to activate the protective shield to counter the effects of structural change in the subspace. We did a classic experiment where we placed a lab rat into subspace without a protective shield, and when we retrieved it, the rat mutated. Our tests showed that the basic atoms that made up the rat underwent changes. Similarly, we put out wood, stone, metals, and so on... of course, I have already patented these findings in the Milky Way."

Klimton talked about his recent achievements with immense pride. He was the direct heir to a prominent aristocratic family on Arbiter. Unlike the institutions of Aslan, Arbiter had a very strict social class system. The aristocrats would always be aristocrats, and the commoners would always be commoners. There were even slaves - while the aristocrats could not kill the slaves as they wished, slaves were indeed part of their assets. In other words, they had the rights to use them as long as they lived.

"Shameless." Chi Muye was very well aware of that. He chided in a voice that only he could hear, barely moving his lips.

Professor Xu did not comment. He merely smiled and nodded. When it came to research, the more arguments and the more opinions, the better. Only then could they find the correct path.

Wang Zheng couldn't hold his laughter back and let out small chuckle. That guy spoke with way too much frankness and confidence. He felt that the professor definitely had a view on it, but it was strange that he didn't discuss it further in the classroom.

In a quiet classroom, the chuckle might've been soft, but it was very abrupt. Everybody thought it was odd. Just who was it that dared to mock Klimton?

Klimton shot a fiery glance at Wang Zheng and said, articulately, "That classmate over there, do you disagree?"

Wang Zheng smiled. "I have no opinion."

"No opinion? Then why are you laughing so heartily?!" Klimton stared fiercely at Wang Zheng. Even though this was a classroom, he was extremely cocky.

Wang Zheng was not the sort who liked to stir up trouble. He may not know who that other guy was, but if someone came looking for trouble… well, Wang Zheng would play along till the end.

"What I want to say is that everything you said was nonsense." Wang Zheng shrugged helplessly.

The whole class went wild in that instant. Where did this person come from? Challenging Klimton so publicly. He didn't understand the Arbiters at all.

Even Professor Xu laughed. What an interesting student.

But Klimton did not act up right away. Perhaps he was so angry that he found it amusing. "Alright. Then let me hear your great opinion!"

Chi Muye quickly held Wang Zheng back. The ignorant were fearless. This Klimton was not a good egg. It would not be too bad if he was Aslanian, as Klimton wouldn't be that arrogant and cocky. But Wang Zheng was an Earthling...

"Firstly, using the term 'matter' to talk about subspace is a little backward. It is equivalent to using universal gravitation in the age of interstellar travels..." said Wang Zheng.

Chi Muye continued to tug at him. He had asked Wang Zheng to stand up and give the professor a good impression, but it had to be at the right time.

But soon, even Chi Muye was stumped. Everybody had gone from slighting to being serious as this person was clearly talking about something that was built upon a higher level of definition.

"Actually, I think that subspace is just accelerated space. You just have to look at it from a different angle. There is no need to mystify subspace. Whatever you said was fundamentally wrong."

At his core, Wang Zheng was an earnest, factual person. If you didn't argue facts, Wang Zheng wouldn't argue it with you. But if you got serious, then Wang Zheng would really have to get into real business.

Klimton was enraged. "Bullsh*t!"

Xu Congyun frowned. "Klimton, this is a classroom. Mind your language and sit down!"

Klimton took in a deep breath and forced himself to sit down. As arrogant as he may be, he dared not go against the professor. The Royal College gave him a chance given the political climate, but there were limits to what they could accept.

Looking at Wang Zheng, Xu Congyun smiled. "You must be Wang Zheng."


"Seems like knowing you by name is nothing compared to meeting you in person. I welcome you to attend my class more often. That's it for now. Class dismissed."

Klimton turned bright red, as though as he had been poked in the butt. Just who was this person? How did the professor even know his name? It was as though he was very well known.

On the campus roads, Chi Muye was particularly excited. No wonder the name "Wang Zheng" sounded familiar, but he just couldn't recall who. So it was the winner of this year's Highest Contribution by a College Student Award. No wonder he was so great. Klimton had behaved arrogantly at the wrong place.

"But Wang Zheng, you still have to be careful. The Arbiters are dangerous. Especially since you're not Aslanian, it's better not to..."

Chi Muye froze. Damn. Speak of the devil.

Three Arbiters had appeared on both their sides, blocking their way.

Should he run? Or should he run faster? Or should he run for his life?

Chi Muye felt his heart rate increase, but in the end, he didn't run away. "Ahem. Klimton, we are all classmates, it's normal to have a little debate. If there's anything wrong, let me apologize on his behalf...."

"Scram, Stinky Maca rat. How dare you!" Klimton spat.

Klimton waved and said, "Kansta, Scar, don't stand on courtesy. Teach this newcomer a good lesson!"

Chi Muye shivered. These two names were thunderous to him.

"If you dare to lay a finger on him, I will report it to the student union!"

"You won't think so in just a moment!"

Kansta and Scar took out wooden sticks and waved them at Wang Zheng and Chi Muye.

Bam bam...

Klimton's expressions changed. What was going on?

Kansta and Scar were surprised too. This guy had actually caught their wooden swords with his bare hands.

This was simply humiliating to the Kendo Society!

The two of them applied force abruptly, trying to get away. But it was as if the wooden swords were rooted in the ground and could not be moved at all.

"Did you two not have lunch? What are you doing? Beat that kid up!" Klimton roared.

Kansta and Scar turned red. They used all their might, but the wooden swords wouldn't budge. Wang Zheng suddenly pulled forcefully, both hands moving up along the wooden swords and grabbing the two men by their necks before knocking the two men like ragdolls into each other.


Kansta and Scar fell. Dusting off his hands, Wang Zheng looked at Klimton smilingly. "Classmate, seems like we need to look into how to use academic methods to resolve academic disagreements."

"You kid, you think I'm afraid of you? Die!" Yelling, Klimton dashed up ferociously.

Wang Zheng froze. This movement was completely different from the two before him. It was rather shocking...

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