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Although he really felt like skipping class, Wang Zheng was still representing the Solar System Federation. Others may not care, but he couldn't just ignore it. Anything that had to do with the Solar System was an important affair, no matter how small it may seem. Moreover, Wang Zheng also wanted to know if the standards of physics at the proclaimed leader, Aslan, were as great as they were known to be.

The Physics Department was esteemed at the Royal College. They represented the frontier of technology, and in fact, was more esteemed than the Mech Department. It was just that the Mech Department was more well known.

Wang Zheng found the room his class was being held in. It was a huge space, and it was decorated in the naturalist style of Aslan's New Renaissance. The round lecture theater had an open plan, and the wallpapers were retro and full of runes and symbols. It was somewhat different from the exaggerated high-tech style Wang Zheng had imagined. It seemed like no matter where, colleges centered around an academic atmosphere and not grandiose. In fact, any planet, so long there were human beings, would have traces of Earth's civilization. Of course, it's just that the others would not admit it these days.

At the very least, this place did not make Wang Zheng feel very unfamiliar.

"Student, is there anyone sitting here?" Wang Zheng was considerably late, and there were only seats left in the back rows. Let it be said that coming to Aslan allowed him to experience what it was like to be a stranger once again. At Ares College, he was undoubtedly a celebrity, and he received attention wherever he went. Being a professor at the Physics Department and the team leader of IG gave him unparalleled glory. But coming here, truly nobody paid him any attention.

It was only by being on Aslan that he understood the people here truly merely only knew Earth as a noun.

The student looked curiously at Wang Zheng, smiled, and said, "Nobody. Have a seat. Given the way you look, you're not an Aslanian, are you? Studying abroad? I've never seen you before."

Wang Zheng smiled. "Wang Zheng, exchange student."

"There are exchange students in the Physics Department? That's rare. My name is Chi Muye. 'Chi' as in I'm never late, 'Mu' as in admiration, and 'Ye' as in wild. I'm from the Republic of Maacah, studying abroad here. Where are you from? You don't look like you're from Arbiter either."

There was a saying that there were two powers in the world of Physics. Other than Aslan, there was also the Arbiter Empire. In terms of physics; they were both leading all of humankind. They just had different styles. Aslan enjoyed perfection and technology for civilian-use and military-use developed hand in hand. Arbiter, however, was rather extreme. It was as if anything that went into their hands would be turned into a weapon. Even academic theories. War was always their priority.

"Solar System Federation, Earth." Wang Zheng was very proud as to where he was from.

Chi Muye was very excited. "Oh, heavens! From Earth? That must have been difficult. I heard that Earth still uses cars that run on tires. Is that true?"

Wang Zheng stared blankly for a moment and couldn't help but laugh bitterly. This... there's no need for such exaggeration, is there? Earth was lagging far behind, but could people on the outside be less ill-informed?

"It's actually not so different from other places," said Wang Zheng.

Chi Muye smiled embarrassedly. "It's my first time meeting someone from Earth. I thought your country was still very primitive."

"You should visit Earth sometime." This was really not something that could be explained. No explanation could make it clear either. It was clear that Chi Muye still did not believe him.

Chi Muye smiled. He looked around and whispered, "Seems like your time on Aslan is short. The two of us are fated, so let me tell you a secret. Make good use of your time here. Do your best to perform well, then you could go from exchange student to foreign student and even get a chance to stay on Aslan!"

"The Republic of Maacah isn't too bad either. Do you like Aslan that much?" Wang Zheng asked curiously.

The Republic of Maacah where Chi Muye was from was also one of the ten permanent members of the Milky Way Alliance's council. However, a militarily strong country was still far from a big nation.

"There are plenty of pretty girls here." Chi Muye giggled, shifting his tiny, wretched eyes. "Don't you think so? Look to your left and look below. Sigh. Beauty is art, and art can inspire. This is very useful for scientific research!"

Chi Muye said seriously. Indeed, this angle was very good for enjoying the "scenery".

Wang Zheng was stumped. There were geniuses everywhere. Fancy him being able to link ogling at pretty girls to research work. What a weirdo.

Perhaps Wang Zheng was a somewhat silly, giving Chi Muye the feeling of having discovered something new. "Wang Zheng, since you're here, you must learn to discover. Look 35 degrees to the bottom left."

Wang Zheng glanced in that direction,....


Chi Muye looked as if he was resentful towards Wang Zheng for failing to meet his expectations. "A pretty girl! The one with red hair. The number one beauty in the Physics Department "

Wang Zheng thought it was something important.

Chi Muye's personality was probably the type who warmed up to people on his own accord. Seeing that Wang Zheng had listened to him seriously, he immediately opened up and started talking non-stop.

Wang Zheng, however, was speechless. But.... it was pretty girls after all. Men loved looking at them. He felt somewhat interested in talking about this topic anyhow.

The girls at the Royal College had pretty good features and profiles. The one Chi Muye had pointed to was rather beautiful too. But the girl seemed to have sensed something and turned around suddenly. Chi Muye immediately looked down at his books, while Wang Zheng ended up making eye contact with her.

The girl stared fiercely at Wang Zheng, clearly disgusted.

"Si Jiali, top babe in physics. Her idol is Xiao Fei. Oh, right, Xiao Fei is from the Solar System, isn't she?"

Wang Zheng rubbed his nose. Gosh dammit. Why did it always seem like Earthlings came from a world of savages?

Xiao Fei seemed like an exception of the Earth people. Forget about those who knew she was from the Solar System Federation, many people thought she was an Aslanian.

"Do you have a bad track record? I feel like sitting with you makes me an enemy of the pretty girls," said Wang Zheng.

Chi Muye smiled with pride. "You know, at Aslan Royal College, every great person has a nickname. My nickname is the Maacah Tiger of Physics!" Seeing that Wang Zheng had been subdued, Chi Muye swallowed his saliva and said, "Don't belittle Si Jiali, she's the fencing club's leader. She also possesses Ability X. You haven't seen how cool she looks when she's fencing. Simply beautiful."

"Hey, bro, you're drooling, drooooooling..."

It just so happened that the pretty girl turned around right at that moment. Seeing the two of them look at her that way, she felt even more disgusted.

"Oh, right, is Aina a belle of the school?" Wang Zheng asked suddenly. He was very curious what Aina was like in the eyes of the people here.

"Shh! Are you courting death?" Fortunately, no one was paying the two of them any attention. The way Chi Muye looked at Wang Zheng was really as if he was a savage alien.

Wang Zheng felt very innocent. "Why?"

Chi Muye was truly speechless now. "Bro, this is Aslan. Her Royal Highness is the First Princess of Aslan, the future Queen! How could you use such an outlandish term like 'belle' to describe Her Royal Highness? She is a goddess. It's a pity she doesn't spend much time in school. Even when she's here, only the most elite group can get close to her. Remember, when mentioning the Princess in front of Aslanians in the future, you must convey feelings of respect. It's basic etiquette. Otherwise, they'll think you're trying to cause trouble."

His ignorance had almost done him in. Being the big brother here, Chi Muye had to help Wang Zheng out a bit.

Wang Zheng didn't think that the rules in Aslan were so important. "Alright."

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