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A large middle-aged man had just walked in from the main doors. He had an appearance that was full of charisma and had sprightful eyes. Having heard Yan Xiaosu's speech, he smiled and walked up the stage. "Ha. I've just arrived and haven't even had the chance to get a sip of water and I have to talk? Alright, then let me use this event to announce that for the first project FLC Group will be taking on in the Solar System Federation, FLC will be collaborating with KING Universal Space Tech closely. The scale of the project involves 100 billion dollars of investment to develop KING Corp's related space technology. The first 50 billion have already gone through. FLC voluntarily surrenders executive rights permanently."

When he finished, Alsace held up the wine glass in his hand and nodded at Heaton and Elise, seemingly smiling.

The whole venue fell silent immediately...

What? FLC? 100 billion collaboration? The first 50 billion already went through?

This was definitely throwing out a plant-sized nuclear warhead. FLC was an investment company that rampaged the Milky Way's technological industries and had a profound background. It was said that they were on very good terms with a few of the larger empires. If they were to be harsher, FLC would definitely be a lot more ferocious than Margate and the rest. But why would FLC..... invest such a huge amount, and more importantly, give up on executive rights?

A full moment of shock and silence later, the entire business summit burst into enthusiastic applause and chatter. This meant that KING's biggest problem had been resolved, and they also had the backing and influence of FLC in the Milky Way. Their research would enter the expressway, and the fact that FLC dared to accept that meant that they recognised this project. FLC was prominent in the area of technological investments.

And didn't that mean that KING was going to become a mountain of gold?

The honest-looking young man that stood before them had tricked two all-powerful veterans?

Yan Xiaosu remained very calm from start to end. Especially when he heard Mother An's sarcastic remarks. Those remarks, to him, were his motivation. He had to succeed!

Mother An's mouth drooped to a side and simply couldn't close...

"Aunty, you....." Zuo Zongyun was shocked too. His face looked grey.

Mother An's cheeks twitched. Her jaws cramped, and closing it felt as painful as a dislocation.

50 billion, 100 billion.... Her whole mind was filled with these two figures.

She recalled the outlandish looks of the Yan family's father and son. If An Mei had married him, the company would've been hers.

At that moment, Yan Xiaosu walked to the side and addressed the whole hall. "Another thing I'd like to make clear. Earlier on, due to the VAM, Margate and CT Group left our collaboration. KING Corp will purchase all shares at 80 percent of market price."

"Oh, that's good news!"

Alsace emptied the wine in the glass and smiled.

After a brief moment of silence, the entire summit exploded in an instant...

KING Corporation had once again made a beautiful comeback, winning an almost impossible victory. And this was thanks to the calm and composed Yan Xiaosu who was standing on stage.

All of a sudden, he was a light bulb that lit up the entire room.

Ye Bingwen and Old Yan looked at each other. There was only one thing in their hearts - the young surpassed the old!

Meanwhile on Aslan…

Wang Zheng had thought that Aina would appear very soon, but the news he heard was that the Princess was out on a visit. At first, Wang Zheng couldn't help but feel disappointed. But then again, he thought that, as a Princess, Aina surely couldn't live like an ordinary woman. And so he let it go.

Aina didn't appear, but an unexpected person did.

When Xie Yuxin appeared before Wang Zheng and Ye Zisu, Wang Zheng was indeed rather shocked.

"Why are you so surprised? Haven't I grown more handsome?" Xie Yuxin said, smiling.

Wang Zheng couldn't help but scream and punch Xie Yuxin hard. "Good lad, showing up out of the blue. Why didn't you tell us!"

"Not so hard! I could die from your blows! Zisu, long time no see. You've grown prettier," Xie Yuxin said.

"We haven't seen each other in a year and Student Xie has become such a sweet talker. Looks like you have tricked plenty of pretty Aslanian girls," said Ye Zisu.

Xie Yuxin was different from Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu. He was already quite a character back in high school, and he was specially recruited by Aslan in university. He had caused quite a stir back then.

He could be said to be a truly great person, but Xie Yuxin hung out with Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu all the time. At that time, many people didn't understand it. But now it seemed like birds of a feather flocked together.

"Let's find a place to sit down, don't stand in the middle of the road."

Even in Aslan, Xie Yuxin gave out a royal-like air of elegance. This had come naturally from him, and it was even more evident in Aslan.

"How did you know I was in Aslan?" Wang Zheng asked curiously.

"It's not like it's any secret. When I heard that the Royal College was recruiting exchange students from the Solar System, I guessed you'd be here."

Even after so long, Xie Yuxin still had an air of calmness and comfort.

It was an air that made anyone who hung out with him feel relaxed and at ease.

"You're in the Royal College too?" Wang Zheng chuckled. "The thing you gave me last time was a great help. What a great friend!"

Xie Yuxin laughed. "What's there to stand on courtesy for? But I'm not from the Royal College. I'm at someplace else. I can't tell you yet. However, I came to you because there's indeed something that can only be said clearly face to face."

"Oh, have you made some new discovery???"

Wang Zheng's eyes opened widely. He did have quite a few questions about Ability X, but Bonehead couldn't help him. Moreover, he and Charcoal were in hibernation, so Wang Zheng had no one to exchange his ideas with.

After the IG selection, he really felt that his use of Ability X was problematic. It was used crudely, and Lear and Achilles definitely had an advantage over him. It was only that they didn't have a chance to showcase their flexibility. Wang Zheng could not continue to live in his own bubble. He had to improve himself

Xie Yuxin took a look at Ye Zisu. Wang Zheng chuckled. "Zisu is our best friend, it's okay!"

Xie Yuxin shook his head, smiling. "I know, I'm just curious how the two of you ended up together."

For someone with Xie Yuxin's abilities, seeing through Ye Zisu's emotions was nothing difficult.

But sometimes it was precisely being able to see things too clearly that made life a lot less interesting. That was also why Xie Yuxin was seldom able to make friends. He could see through hypocrites.

"Is it really weird?" Ye Zisu asked him in return.

Xie Yuxin looked at Ye Zisu and suddenly smiled. "Right. Wang Zheng, Zisu, the things I'm about to say have to be kept a secret."

It was rare for Xie Yuxin to be so serious. The two of them opened their eyes and ears wide.

Xie Yuxin chatted with the two of them for a long time and left hurriedly. By the looks of it, his situation on Aslan was considerably unique.

Xie Yuxin was in a special place. It was something between a college and a laboratory full of uniquely talentedly people who put their everything into researching Ability X.

At first, Xie Yuxin thought that they were simply after his predictive Ability X, but as his ability got better, and he got in touch with higher levels, he discovered something shocking.

Frankly speaking, this knowledge was way, way beyond the Solar System's current standards. It was no exaggeration that Aslan and the Solar System were a few decades apart in terms of knowledge and research.

When the Solar System was still having troubles with super mecha, the Aslan Empire was secretly researching the most powerful mech type - one that could change the fate of mankind.

Rune technology mech warriors!

The Atlantean mecha's super powers was something that humans had always wanted but could not achieve. It came from the Atlantean people's unique and strong brain powers. Some countries secretly did all sorts of tests on special warriors, but their results were no good. Moreover, such alterations to the human body were prohibited by the Milky Way Alliance so as to prevent any destructive events that could go out of control. No matter what, disasters that were caused by altering human genetics did happen in history.

They never had any technological breakthrough. Now that Aslan had achieved progress, they changed their strategy and created rune technological weapons instead. These were based off mimicking Atlantean mecha's rune engravings with the human's Ability X as the basis, and they were some huge improvements.

The fighting prowess of mecha had a huge leap in quality, creating a breakthrough in the weakness of Ability X being dependent on G materials.

And once this rune engraving technology was formed, it would be epoch-marking. It was a perfect combination of the strength of the human body and the advancement of technology. Plus, there were no side effects.

Not even Atlantis had thought of this. Of course, they knew about the research going on, but not the specifics. Every country was researching this. It was just that the runes on Atlantean mecha were engraved by the spirits of their pilots. This was something that humankind could never achieve.

But humans always had the ability to find another way.

The place Xie Yuxin was placed at did not only do research and development. It also allowed for legitimate learning, training, and other things.

What Xie Yuxin wanted to tell Wang Zheng and Ye Zisu was the direction they should head towards and the areas they should pay more attention to. There were already people using this power in Aslan Royal College, and it was going to become the main trend, be it for Wang Zheng's trainings or Ye Zisu's mecha designs.

Who knows, they might have to fight side by side one day.

It has to be said that Xie Yuxin's words had opened up a whole new perspective for the two of them.

Aslan Royal College had the most comprehensive database and best training facilities in the Milky Way. Even though they were just exchange students, what Xie Yuxin meant was that they should make good use of this opportunity and not let it pass by.

They would surely yield some surprising results.

Aslan Royal College was also an important pillar of support to where Xie Yuxin was positioned, in terms of basic theories and research.

But Wang Zheng faced a huge problem. This was Aslan Royal College, and not Ares College. A student from Earth was no different from a grain of sand, and nobody would even entertain his request to transfer to another department.

He couldn't use the facilities of the Mech Department even if he wanted.

However, Xie Yuxin's reply stumped Wang Zheng. "Just purchase a Mech Department card number." Wherever you were, there was always a supply to one's demand.

It was the same for Aslan. Wang Zheng surely wasn't the only non-Mech Department student who enjoyed playing with mecha.

More importantly, Aslan was an open country, and it did not stop students, particularly those from other countries, from doing many things. Wang Zheng had hoped to understand more of the cutting-edge technological concepts of the Aslan Empire. Of course, he would never be able to see the most core concepts, but just the things that were in front of him were already amazing.

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