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"Angela, wait outside. Don't let anyone else disturb us."

"You Highness... I should...."

"Hurry up!" Lin Huiyin had no time to chitchat. "There's a song that needs a male voice. You sing it for us."

Wang Zheng's face turned dark upon hearing that. "Ahem. I can't sing!"


"The moment I sing, you'll all have to be admitted to the hospital." Wang Zheng shrugged helplessly, looking at Angela. He really wish Angela would take him away right this instant.

But for some reason, Angela felt really good seeing Wang Zheng that way.

"Your Highness, please take your time. I will stand guard outside," Angela said, smiling.

Even his last hope had left him! Wang Zheng was full of regrets. He had delivered himself to the chopping block!

"I have to make a disclaimer. I really can't sing. If you don't believe me, ask Zisu."

Ye Zisu smiled, not saying a word.

"Coward. It's just singing a song. What's there to be afraid of? I'll sing it for you. It was composed by Sister Zisu. I think a male voice would do better. You have to cooperate."

Wang Zheng waved dismissively. "I've already said it. Don't come to me if you feel traumatized."

Ye Zisu couldn't hold her laughter. Wang Zheng seldom sang indeed, but it wasn't that bad.

Huiyin began singing.

I've wondered if I was walking in a desert...

There was never an ending, whatever dream I was trapped in...

I'd just spread my wings when the winds stopped blowing...

I'm used to scarring, could that be my only harvest...

But thankfully, I haven't once looked back...

At first, Wang Zheng didn't have much of a reaction. But as he listened, he couldn't help but think of all the things he'd been through. He had indeed doubted himself countless times; whether he could really become a mech warrior, if he should change industries and not enroll himself into military school, but instead get a job and live a quiet life.

But he didn't. Living his dream was something he was addicted to, and giving up on it was like giving up on life.

And I finally found an oasis...

Every drop of perspiration dignified my being...

Walking out of sorrow, I saw a whole new world before me...

Boundless seas and skies lie before my bravery...

Break the lock on fate... the cold and indifferent

Thank you for having belittled me...

I stand tall and live life fully...

Wang Zheng couldn't help but become deeply engrossed in the lyrics. It was as if it was talking about him. There was a certain type of singing that could awaken the soul.

"How is it? Give it a shot?" Lin Huiyin performed it perfectly.

Wang Zheng was clearly still savoring it. He was not sensitive to music, but when a song touched his heart, it was a completely different story.

"Let me listen to it a few more times." Wang Zheng put on the headphones and quietly listened to Ye Zisu's version.

The voice was not as nice as Huiyin's, but the message was stronger. It was as if the song was about him.

I've wondered if I was walking in a desert...

The moment Wang Zheng opened his mouth, his deep voice changed the feeling of the entire song.

Every perspiration dignified my being...

Walking out of sorrow, I saw a whole new world before me...

Boundless seas and skies lie before my bravery...

Break the lock on fate...

Lin Huiyin and Ye Zisu were stumped. They finally understood what the problem was. Given their experiences, they would never be able to bring out that feeling. Only Wang Zheng knew what all of this was about.



Piercing through all resistance!

Wang Zheng's singing voice seemed to be describing himself and telling himself that all of it was right!

It was dawn outside the windows. After a whole night of insomnia

I see the sun peek up from amidst the clouds

The sunset lies low, the sunrise stands out

It will be bright as long as there is light

Boundless seas and skies lie beyond the thunderstorm...

Ye Zisu cried. She was the only one who knew how tough the person who had run so wildly in the storm was, achieving what he had today step by step.

I turn around to smile at the old sorrows

The person who knows me best

Thank you for silently accompanying me on the journey

Giving me a good story to tell

Seeing the future arriving a step at a time

Wang Zheng turned around and looked at Ye Zisu quietly. As well as Yan Xiaosu and Xie Yuxin on the faraway Earth. Thank you for silently accompanying me.

Lin Huiyin's eyes were red. So this is the way it should be.

This was the soul and the power that they wanted to convey.

"Liar!" Lin Huiyin said, looking at Wang Zheng. "Big, fat liar!"

Wang Zheng stared blankly and scratched his head. "Ah, it's not my problem if I didn't sing it well. You forced me to."

"Are you dumb, Big Brother? Huiyin is saying that you sang very well."

Lin Huiyin shrugged helplessly. Dumb goose. She really didn't understand what her cousin saw in him.

"What's the title of this song?" asked Lin Huiyin.

Ye Zisu smiled, "Why don't you name it, Big Brother?"

Naming things was not Wang Zheng's forte, but this one came easy. "What about Boundless Seas and Skies?"

"That's it!" Huiyin Her Royal Highness could feel it. She was the little devil of the world of music!

As Wang Zheng and Ye Zisu were making their way to Aslan, Yan Xiaosu did not idle around. He was working hard in looking for a new girlfriend. He did get to know quite a few girls, some he found on his own and some introduced by others. They were all very pretty, and some were witty. But all of them were missing that magical spark.

It was better to have nothing than to settle for less. Yan Xiaosu realised that he had matured a little. Not every pretty girl could "agitate" him. It was just like the old saying. Going through a failed relationship was the shortcut to men growing up.

Now Yan Xiaosu put most of his energy into KING Universal Space Tech Corporation. Wang Zheng had let him take complete charge. In Wang Zheng's original words, so what if the results come out bad? Will you die? Since you won't, at the very most, start all over again. We can still afford to make losses in this little thing.

The competition from Margate and CT was getting tighter these days. Not only did they pressurise KING Corporation, they had launched attacks on Little Fortune Star and OMG.

Because of all the positive comments on the Wind God, the rise of OMG in the Solar System was a fixed outcome. But the Wind God was currently still in its experimental stages. Positive comments were one thing. They couldn't be directly converted into a practical and steady source of income. Under such circumstances, and under the influence of the two financial giants, Magate and CT, many companies that wanted to order mecha from OMG had paused their collaboration plans.

And for Little Fortune Star, the problem they faced was more direct. Margate had directly pumped in money to support many of Little Fortune Star's business rivals, investing in large numbers of advertisements and using large numbers of free events, snatching Little Fortune Star's customers away. But as long as it was competition, regardless of whether it was legitimate or not, the Yan Family would never back down. Little Fortune Star was able to expand because it had been through many storms. In this industry, pumping in money was just one aspect. The key to Little Fortune Star's success was the importance they placed on the customer service experience. You want to battle? Bring it on. But that being the case, their funds and energy were all put into it, and the level of support they had for the KING project grew smaller and smaller. Eventually, OMG felt that it was difficult to support the project on its own.

Yan Xiaosu had managed to get unconditioned funding from the FLC Group, and it was temporarily kept under wraps because Yan Xiaosu himself was not a hundred percent confident of it. The other party came to his company themselves, and even proactively looked for him. This had made him feel ridiculous, and at one point, he suspected they were scammers. But the other party had provided evidence to prove their identity.

However, before the money from FLC Group entered their accounts, everything was just empty talks. The contracts were signed, but it was just an indication of their intention to collaborate.

That's why the cooperation with FLC Group was still kept confidential up till now, and Yan Xiaosu had yet to give up on plans to look for new partners. Student Rich Man Su, who dreamed of becoming the number one richest man in the universe, believed that the more money he had, the merrier.

The annual Solar System Business Association Summit would be taking place on Earth's Beijing this time around.

This was an extremely important trade meeting, and the government of the Solar System Federation would also be taking part and providing strategic support. The orders made through the trading summit would receive a certain amount of tax exemption from the Solar System Federation. Although the percentage did not seem high, if the amount was huge, it would still be an extremely bountiful profit. Tens of thousands of businesses from the Milky Way would be attending the summit, and they would either purchase goods from the Solar System Federation or put up their own displays to attract buyers from the Solar System.

"Xiaosu, have you really made up your mind?" Ye Bingwen sized Yan Xiaosu up. The younger generation would surpass the old, and this act took plenty of courage. He had actually taken the initiative to ask to be in charge of the business negotiations.

"Uncle Ye, don't worry, I don't fight in battles I'm not confident in." Yan Xiaosu was very sure of himself.

Ye Bingwen smiled. Having courage was enough to fight in battles one was confident in. However, the business world was unpredictable. Who dared say they had a hundred percent chance of winning?

But when it came to Yan Xiaosu, Ye Bingwen trusted him very much. It was not just because of his daughter's influence. During the financial crisis that almost risked the Wind God from being taken off the market, Ye Bingwen saw and remembered Yan Xiaosu and Little Fortune Star Company's support for OMG, even though he did not talk about it. Moreover, it would be good to let young people accumulate new experiences.

Old Yan was stunned. He saw his son grow and mature before his eyes, and he felt pleased inside. But he did not think that Ye Bingwen would let Yan Xiaosu take charge of such a huge project.

"Old Yan, this is your son, you should give him a vote of confidence." Ye Bingwen chuckled.

Old Yan shook his head. "I'm worried that it wouldn't be good if you got nervous at such a huge setting."

Yan Xiaosu smiled. "Uncle Ye, Pops, don't worry. I am pretty confident in this aspect."

Yan Xiaosu had erased the word "nervous" from his dictionary long ago. Boss Wang Zheng had become IG team leader and was not far from his dreams. He could not fall behind so much. He had to march towards his dreams as well.

Old Yan smiled and didn't oppose him any further. This was also a good thing for Yan Xiaosu. Representing KING Corporation was a pretty great experience for Yan Xiaosu to have.

The preparations for the Solar System Business Summit had begun six months ago. The requirements for this summit were not stringent. Any company that had been registered in the Milky Way Alliance and had funds of a billion Milky Way dollars could sign up and participate.

Businessmen from some faraway areas in the Milky Way had set out on their journeys to the Solar System some three months ago. Of course, they did not make a direct trip, but meandered along the way, making interstellar trades.

A large number of cargo ships had gathered in the Solar System. A prosperous scene like that had not been seen in the Solar System for a very, very long time now. Only now did people feel that the Solar System had indeed risen high and above economically.

"Energy Crystals from the Moyun Star. Effectively raises the conductivity of quality alloy superconductors, priced at ten thousand....."

"Super hard wood from Ruishi Star, priced at a 150,000 dollars...."

Unique goods from everywhere had started a wave of advertising on Earth.

The summit would take place over three consecutive days. During these three days, all major businesses could display their products at their stands, or look for partnership opportunities at other stands.

Of course, foreign displays only made up a small part. The key players of this business summit were still the major businesses of the Solar System.

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