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"Jialan, what's wrong? You seem distracted," Jialan's buddy, Han Yu, said, chuckling on their way back. Han Yu was from the School of Commanding, and both of them were low-profile Aslanians, buddies who grew up together.

"Don't talk about it. I met a freak today who passed all my basic training A tests using the Metal Guard."

"Basic Training A? That isn't easy." Han Yu didn't know how to respond. While it was difficult, passing it was no big deal. Jialan was making a fuss out of it.

Jialan didn't say anything else. His mind was filled with the scenes of the mech moving. It looked as if there was some sort of pattern, and yet he couldn't find any. It was so weird.

It was not that Jialan couldn't get past basic training A, but the education system of the Aslan Empire was not about passing for the sake of passing, but for individuals to find their own way and obtain a perfect method they were confident in to pass the test repeatedly. Completing it solely for the sake of it was playing a game and not training.


It was clearly messy, and yet it felt methodological. Was he hallucinating?

If Wang Zheng knew how Jialan thought, he would certainly give him his compliments. This was the Plum Blossom Steps exercise that could only be mastered with monstrous amounts of training. Once mastered, it was simply a combination of thousands of methods into one. Thinking back, Wang Zheng was truly grateful for Bonehead's torture during that period of time. To be frank, if not for such training, he would never be able to compare to the opponents out there.

Of course, Wang Zheng had to have the determination and the ability to comprehend it as well. Not just anybody could persevere and pull through that sort of training.

Ye Zisu had already met up with Huiyin. This grouping had surprised Wang Zheng. Then again, he couldn't possibly know. Girls always had their own little secrets.

Huiyin and Ye Zisu did not actually have any sort of conflict between each other. On the contrary, they cherished each other. Huiyin felt that Ye Zisu could understand her music, and not because of her identity or whatever.

"Sister Zisu, how's Aslan so far?" Huiyin smiled. Even though people knew Huiyin's identity, they were polite and behaved in an orderly fashion at the Royal College; they would not crowd around to watch and would give the royal family freedom. Surely it was also because they had gotten used to it. This was their honor and glory.

"This is a beautiful and powerful country. Everyone here is full of confidence, but not arrogant," Ye Zisu said, sipping her fruit juice.

Ye Zisu's comments were honest and fair. This was a very powerful country, but you would not feel its overbearingness. It was also due the policies of the country. This is an elite empire, but they welcomed elites of all countries to join them. It was a multiethnic society.

"There are many fun places to go to on Aslan. We have all the time in the world to enjoy. My sister will be back soon, I'll get her to treat you when she's back." Huiyin blinked. "How are things between you and Wang Zheng?"

Huiyin knew what was going on, and she had even tried to matchmake the two. But now, she had changed her mind. Even if the others weren't on Aina's side, she would still help her cousin. If she didn't show her support, she was afraid there would be no one to support her. Moreover, Wang Zheng was a pretty decent person. He seemed like a responsible man.

Ye Zisu did not feel awkward. She smiled and said, "Wang Zheng, Yan Xiaosu, and I have become sworn siblings. Wang Zheng is the eldest brother, and I am the youngest sister. That's that. In terms of stands, I support that."

Lin Huiyin was stunned for a moment. She put her hand out. "I'd like you thank you on behalf of my sister."

Ye Zisu shook her head. "We can only be supportive, but how it turns out in future still depends on their own hard work."

"Don't worry, the thin stream flows endlessly. My cousin is very resourceful." Lin Huiyin blinked craftily. "Enough about them. It's not as if there's nothing else to talk about other than the two of them. Aslan has no lack of handsome men. Let me introduce you to one sometime."

Ye Zisu was between laughter and tears. She sized Huiyin from head to toe. "I couldn't tell that Your Highness enjoys gossiping this much. Don't tell me you plan to start a matchmaking agency in the future."

What a little imp.

Lin Huiyin giggled. "It does seem fun. Oh, let me show you my recording room."

"Oh, it just so happens that I have gotten new inspiration."

"Really? That's great!" When it came to music, Huiyin went back to being a happy, lively little princess and stopped acting like an adult.

She held Zisu's hands, and the two beauties, one tall and one small, hurriedly left the café.

After the two of them were gone, everybody couldn't help but discuss who that girl was. How was she so close to the Princess Her Royal Highness?

Huiyin's recording studio was gorgeous. She introduced all sorts of classic brands to Ye Zisu, but to an outsider, it didn't have much of a meaning. For a professional singer though, equipment like that was stunning. Just the studio itself had an astronomical cost. It had begun as Huiyin's little hobby. She was suddenly inspired to sing only later.

Compared to those complicated affairs in politics, music was Huiyin's peaceful harbor.

"Sister Zisu, what new ideas do you have?" Lin Huiyin could not wait.

Ye Zisu took out the scores she had roughly written. She had sung without any background music.

Huiyin excitedly took it over and inserted the device into the equipment. She wanted to know what sort of new ideas Ye Zisu had.

Ye Zisu felt a little embarrassed. "I sang it on a whim."

Just by the sound quality alone, it was clear that Ye Zisu's ability to sing was nowhere near Huiyin's, but what was more important was the content. What Huiyin liked most was Ye Zisu's ability to express emotions. And for a girl who liked art, this was the greatest form of expression!

This was also the reason why Huiyin got close to Ye Zisu.

Ye Zisu's voice came out of the stereo. Huiyin listened quietly. She didn't say a word even after the entire song finished playing.

"How is it?" Ye Zisu asked.

Huiyin frowned a little. "This is a motivational song. The lyrics and the melodies are great, but I feel that it's missing something. Let me try."

Huiyin had astonishing abilities. She had only heard it once, but she could actually grasp the lyrics and the melody. As for the parts in high keys, Huiyin sang them naturally and with ease.

"How is it?"

"Very nice, much nicer than me. But it's like it's short of something."

"Do you feel that it lacks emotion?" Ye Zisu asked suddenly.

"This song has strong motivational strengths, but we didn't grasp it well." Lin Huiyin nodded.

The voice was good, but sometimes, a scenario was required to wake up something soulful in the voice.

Although Ye Zisu's voice was not professionally trained, she had performed that little love song very well. The key was putting her emotions into it.

But this was not written for herself. It was for Wang Zheng.

"I have an idea. Get Big Brother here, let him give it a go!" Ye Zisu suddenly said.

Lin Huiyin cocked her tiny head. "Him? Can he even sing?"

Student Wang was transported here out of the blue. The way Angela looked at him was never proper. It was as if he would lead the Princess astray any time.

Upon seeing Wang Zheng, Huiyin skipped and bounced over, holding his hand. "Come quickly, I've got something for you to do."

Angela looked coldly at them. The Princess Her Royal Highness was behaving too openly. Ye Zisu was fine, but no matter what, Wang Zheng was still a man.

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