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Although it was just a basic mech, he felt comfortable and compatible the moment he sat in it. Every pilot had a certain feeling with mecha, and while it can't be said that it would affect their performance, these details could indeed show in their techniques. It was seeking excellence as it is.

But basic mecha were simply made to have such qualities, and one could only accept that.

It was a pity that Wang Zheng couldn't remember the feeling of operating the Atlantis Phantom King back then. Or rather, that was not within his capabilities. But at least it proved that he could pilot a mech as long as he used the right methods.

"Would you like to resume training?"

A pop-up screen entered Wang Zheng's line of vision. Wang Zheng selected "Yes".

Training in a heavy mech should be quite interesting. He badly wanted to understand what the training system was like in Aslan. Sigh, there were just so many bothersome things. He was from the Physics Department, and he wanted to think of a way to switch departments.

What an headache. It was also rather upsetting that his identity of the Solar System's IG team leader was not as useful as his achievements in physics.

What a fraud!

Jialan, presumably the name of the person who had just ran out, had been going through mech movement training.

At Aslan, fundamentals and techniques were the most esteemed and were treated with the greatest significance. Even though they had the best mecha in the Milky Way, Aslan had always carried on the creeds of nurturing outstanding pilots. Only a good pilot could unleash the potential of a good mech. Blindly going after mech technology was putting the cart before the horse. Regardless, men were the main body.

Wang Zheng watched the training demo with a glimmer of excitement in his eyes. Even a heavy mech had to undergo movement training of such difficulty?

Among the different types of mecha, heavy mech were mainly used to suppress the enemy using firepower and unyielding attacks. Things like movement were not important. What was most important was being unafraid of death. But at Aslan, this was not the case.

The training of movement in different terrains and training to dodge attacks were split into many levels according to its difficulty. Furthermore, the training was rather well targeted, even analyzing the opponent's status. Looking at the long list of training types, the quality of the warrior nurtured would be truly great if the entire set was mastered.

This goes to show that it wasn't just the hardware that was great, their software was even better. Their strength and power did not occur by chance. It was accumulated bit by bit.

The rise of the Solar System could not be rushed. Good preparation was the key to success.

But again, taking their time wouldn't work either. Perhaps they'd need something exciting to heat up the atmosphere of change.

It was not Wang Zheng's place to worry about these things. He was very quickly attracted by the training.

The operation of the Metal Guard was easy. Most of the basic mecha types had simple systems of operations, but it was difficult to use them well.

While it was a virtual battle simulation, the mech was real. The level of difficulty in operation would reflect entirely on the pilot. But to Wang Zheng, it was just a matter of taking a bit more time to adjust the muscle memory on strength.

Even though it was a heavy mech, it was very flexible in that there was large room for movement, giving the pilot more than enough room to display his qualities.

This was the unique characteristic of Aslanian mecha. The functions of a mech would not limit a pilot's display of skills. Even the basic models did that so well. Student Wang was indeed a little envious and jealous about all of that, but when he thought about it, this was Aina's country, and so he let it slide.

It was evident that sometimes, even men couldn't be trusted when it came to time. The proclaimed ten minutes had long passed, and Wang Zheng had completed two training sessions.

It was truly quite difficult. After two training sessions, he had broke out in sweat. Given Wang Zheng's current physical strength and status, it was rather rare.

"Training Complete. Congratulations, Student Jialan."

Wang Zheng stared blankly. The screen had turned dark...

Damn, the guy had only asked him to stay here and keep watch, why did he do other people's work? Now the screen had turned off automatically. He looked at the time, and half an hour had gone by. F*ck...

His bad habit had recurred. He couldn't help himself whenever he saw mech.

If all else failed, run!

Wang Zheng saw that there was nobody outside and disappeared in an instant. Phew.

Jialan also ran for his life. It was just a pity he couldn't fly. When girls got mad, it was quite a headache. They were completely unreasonable. He was in class! This was just testing the limits. He hoped that Old Ghost had not returned. If Old Ghost found out that he had left his post during training, the consequences would be dire.

God bless him!

Jialan burst through the main gate and dashed towards his training room. He made a turn and froze.

Damn, what international affair was that!?

A group of people was crowding outside his training room, ..... with Old Ghost.

This was definitely the time to run away. That's right, turn back and find a wall to run into and then say he had gone to the medical center.

He was just about to leave when someone tapped him on the shoulder. "Ah, Jialan, what are you doing here? The teacher is looking for you, go quickly!"

Jialan smiled. He looked horrible. Even though Old Ghost treated him quite well, this was something serious. What Old Ghost hated most was people leaving their posts.

At the Royal College, it was a must to respect your teachers and elders. It was not just a tradition. The teachers held the immense powers of recommendation. That was, anybody who wanted to join the Royal Guard and military had to be recommended by a teacher. Only the cream of the crop could join.

"Jialan, you're doomed. Old Ghost has been in there for ten minutes and he's still not out yet."

One of his friends teased.

"Lannykins, not erupting in the silence means that you have been destroyed in silence. Congratulations to you, you're finally destroyed."

The crowd laughed. Everybody had skipped classes before, but most teachers and instructors were not so rigid, and Old Ghost was definitely an exception. He was super rigid and old-fashioned. Results were important, but he also had particularly high expectations in discipline. For that reason, everybody was especially careful when in Old Ghost's class. Even if he wasn't around, nobody dared to leave their posts.

Jialan was definitely testing Old Ghost's limits.

Jialan felt like a completely deflated ball. Why was he in such a pitiful plight? This was basically putting a gun in his own mouth.

Sigh, women were nothing but trouble.

Bam bam bam...

No response from the inside. Seemed like Old Ghost was angrier than he imagined. He's doomed for.

Mustering up his courage, Jialan knocked again.

The door burst open. The bystanders all took a step back, distancing themselves from Jialan.

A fire in the city gates should not bring calamity upon the fish in moats.

Old Ghost looked very serious. The atmosphere was suppressed to a certain point, and Jialan clenched his teeth and said,

"Professor, I've done wrong... I..."

Resisting would definitely be dealt with strictly, and being honest was the only way to get out of here alive.

Old Ghost interrupted Jialan, sizing Jialan up with an odd expression on his face. "Was it you or not?"

Everybody was confused by Old Ghost's bewilderment. Old Ghost had always been swift and decisive. What was wrong with him today?

"Professor, I've done wrong. I should not have slipped out during training," said Jialan.

Old Ghost waved his hand. "I'm not asking you about that. Did you complete basic training A?"

The students broke out into discussion. The level of difficulty of basic training A was extremely high. It involved all types of movement tests, and it was difficult even if they used a more agile mech, let alone the Metal Guard. Everybody knew that Jialan was trying to break through this level, but they were not optimistic about it.

Jialan stared blankly, scratched his head, and said, "I've got two more important levels, very tricky, can't finish them at all."

"So who completed them for you?" Old Ghost asked, pointing to the darkened screen.

This was what happened when training was completed.

Jialan's jaw dropped lower and lower. What the heck happened? He dashed up immediately.

Oh, heck, it was really complete. He had been trying for a month now and had never succeeded once. What the heck was going on?

Numb nuts.

Old Ghost was stunned too. "It really wasn't you?"

"Not me. My girlfriend wanted to break up with me, so I had no choice but to go out... Oh, there was someone here just now, so I got him to stay in for me for a short while. About half an hour...."

Jialan was stupefied. "Could it be..."

"Impossible. Completing the two most difficult levels in half an hour? Could it be Oz or Aurora stirring trouble?"

Jialan mumbled. It was possible for them to complete it, but they were not heavy mech pilots, and they shouldn't be interested in this.

"They have are accompanying the Princess Her Royal Highness out on a visit and have not returned!" Old Ghost shook his head. "What did he look like?"

Jialan was stumped. He scratched his head and said, "I can't remember.. I think.. very ordinary. Not Aslanian."

Old Ghost stared. There were plenty of students who were not from the Aslan Empire at the Royal College. Where were they going to find him!

"The next time you see him, you'd better ask about it!"

Jialan wiped his sweat. He didn't expect for things to end just like that. He thought that he'd be skinned even if he didn't die.

"You take a good look at the training replay!" Old Ghost tossed a sentence at him.

Jialan and friends rushed in right away. He scanned his Skylink and reactivated the replay.

And the whole house fell completely silent.... What the hell was going on...

Student Wang was already strolling worry-free on the roads of Aslan. It was comfortable having worked out a little. It seemed like he had better find a way to get into the Mech Department quickly. The atmosphere at Aslan was really great. It'd be even better if he could exchange a few pointers with others.

Jialan crawled into the cockpit and watched the replay. Who was that, really? Who was so powerful? It was very difficult to move using a Metal Guard. Could it really have been... that nerdy-looking guy?

Jialan really couldn't remember what the other person looked like. He only felt that he had a comforting smile, or how would you put it, very trustworthy.

The replay began.

The Metal Guard was rather stiff at first, and it was clear that the person inside was familiarizing with the operations of this type of mech. Jialan was a pilot specializing in heavy mech, and his understanding of heavy mech was one of the best in the Royal College. Otherwise, Old Ghost wouldn't value him so highly.

By the looks of the operations, this person was not a heavy mech pilot.

But soon, Jialan's jaw dropped. On the screen, the Metal Guard was making dodging movements as if he was chasing after butterflies. It was hard to imagine what sort of pilot was sitting in there.

Dodging the thunderstorm district, making judgments and impressive pre-judgements. For heavy mech, avoiding and dodging required one to pre-judge the situation, and on top of that, eyes, hands, and muscle responses had to be quick.

This person was way too fast!

The guy's pre-judgement timing was one full second faster than his!

This was simply impossible. At this level, making a judgement one second faster was against the laws of nature.

No wonder Old Ghost was so shocked. Damn. This person must have had some sort of special technique. He would be even better if he could master this technique!

Jialan felt his heart burn. What a pity. He had missed such a great opportunity because of his girlfriend. He really didn't understand women sometimes. Men liked mecha and not other girls, what was there to be jealous of?

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