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Of course, there were also plenty of handsome men. The ever superior gene pool of Aslan made other places in the Milky Way speechless. It also a guarantee of Aslan's strengths.

And the Royal College was at the top of the pyramid of Aslan.

When one arrived at the Royal College, there was only one feeling: this was the world of elites. People who lacked confidence would never be able to survive this place.

Wang Zheng sent Ye Zisu to her dorm room and slowly strolled back to his own.

He passed by a clear, beautiful lake. Clear Water Lake. It had a magical story behind it. It was said that the lake was linked to the palace, and a few hundred years ago, during a rebellion that took place in the Aslanian palace, the rebels sealed the palace. In the most crucial moment, a princess laid a floating lotus lantern that contained the records of the rebellion into the stream in the royal palace. The lantern floated downstream, and when it came to Clear Water Lake, a student retrieved it. The news got of the rebellion got out, and an army loyal to the royal family quickly went to their rescue, taking out the rebels. The princess was Fio Aslan, the most renowned, unrivalled queen in the history of Aslan. The rise of the Aslan Empire began with her.

Even though scholars later proved that the water sources in the palace were not at all linked to Clear Water Lake, the people chose to believe in this legend.

Looking at the soft, crystalline ripples in the lake, Wang Zheng wondered if Aina had ever set a lotus lantern off in the palace.

He took in a deep breath. Aina breathed the air here too. This was Aina's hometown. He really felt close to her now. Uncontrollably, Wang Zheng's heart pumped faster and faster.

At the dormitory, he swiped and unlocked the electronic lock and entered the room. The room was huge. It was clearly a special arrangement. The fridge was filled with food. A little note was stuck in the center.

"I made the heart-shaped biscuits. Remember to eat them. The other cake was made by Huiyin!"

It was not signed off, but he was very familiar with the light fragrance.

Looking at the note, an image of the adorable and gentle Aina immediately came to Wang Zheng's mind. He really wanted to embrace her.

He smiled and took out the food from the refrigerator, and starting wolfing it down. How aromatic!

The next day, his Skylink received a notification from the Physics Department. The classes for the exchange program would only officially begin the day after the next. These two days were for them to roam about the Royal College freely for familiarization. They could also attend any class they liked to get a feel of the atmosphere. All of a sudden, nobody bothered Wang Zheng.

Lunchtime. Wang Zheng had walked around the whole morning and was roughly familiar with the Royal College. He called Ye Zisu on the Skylink. "Wanna have lunch together?"

On screen, Ye Zisu smiled. "I'm at the Royal College's School of Mech Design. I think I'll have to grab a bento here for lunch. Your little sister Xiao Shi has yet to appear?"

The Royal College's School of Mech Design had always been interested in the Wind God mech. Upon hearing that Ye Zisu had arrived at the Royal College, they couldn't wait to get in contact with her to have all sorts of discussions. It has to be said the experts knew it when they saw it. Over here, Ye Zisu could indeed receive a lot of help.

"Ahem. Not yet. Her status makes it inconvenient. You go get busy, I'll go eat first," said Wang Zheng. He could tell that Ye Zisu has already gotten into it.

"Well, cheer up!" Ye Zisu's laughter came from the other end.

He hung up on the Skylink and had a ravaging meal. The environment here was truly elegant and comfortable. But overall, it still had the air of a school campus and was not too different. Wang Zheng looked at the enormous grounds and decided to go to the training fields to have a sense of Aslan's training arenas.

Following the guidance of the campus map, he came to a building with a domineering air. It was in the shape of a sword, and a humongous model of a mech stood at the main doors. It was Aslan's most well-known primitive mech, Pioneer Generation 1.

This was Aslan Royal College's mech training grounds. The training grounds were split into two types: a virtual battlefield and a real training field.

The Royal College was purportedly one of the top three colleges in the Milky Way, so they naturally had no shortage of real mecha. But using real mecha was not very convenient, and the authority required to activate one was too high-levelled. Most students used the virtual battlefields for training.

Unlike other places, even though it was known as a virtual battlefield, they still used real mecha for training. It was just the environment that was virtual. From the training windows, he could see individual cubicles of training rooms, and the booming sounds of mecha did not stop. The door on every training room was equipped with all-rounded data analytics. The facilities were rather complete.

The training rooms were also divided according to levels. There were many categories. Low-end mecha, high-end mecha, Aslanian mecha, and mecha from other systems. They could only enter the rooms based on their level of authorisation. The levels of access that seniors and outstanding students had were different.

This ranking of authority was also part of the Aslan Empire's elitist policy.

Wang Zheng was an exchange student, and he didn't have results yet. He had the lowest level of access. But since he wasn't a student from the Mech Department, he couldn't use the training rooms here, just as mech students were not allowed to use the Physics Department's laboratories as they wished.

Everyone in the training fields was training. It seemed like the Mech Department was having classes. He came at a wrong time.

It might have been a free training period. There were no instructors around.

Wang Zheng shrugged helplessly. He recalled the condition of Ares College and really wanted to take a few of these mecha back with him. Although they also had mock trainings like that, their conditions were extremely bad compared to this.

They didn't have a choice. The Earth district's military had gradually gone from a dominant role to a supporting role.

He was just about to leave when a training room's doors opened and a head popped out. The person smiled widely upon seeing Wang Zheng.

"Hi, friend, could you do me a favor?" the other person said in a fluent Milky Way lingua franca, which was pleasing to the ears. There was a slight Aslanian accent in it.

Wang Zheng looked around and pointed to himself. "Me?"

"Yea, there's just the two of us here." The other guy looked around and waved at him frantically.

Wang Zheng walked over. That guy seemed anxious. "Brother, please help me. Something urgent cropped up and I need to leave. Could you stay here for me? I will be back in 10 minutes. I will thank you well!"

He looked roughly the same age as Wang Zheng and had very strong arms. His anxiousness did not seem like a pretense.

"I just have to stay here?" asked Wang Zheng.

"Yes, yes. My girlfriend is very mad, I have to go deal with her. Damn it!"

He ran off quickly as he finished his sentence, Skylink ringing away non-stop.

Wang Zheng couldn't help but shake his head. Was it that tough to skip classes in Aslan?

There was an Aslan Empire heavy mech in the cockpit. It was a basic tank type, but still one of those rarer-to-find heavy mecha.

The four main basic mecha of the Aslan Empire had essentially been replaced by the military. The country was powerful, and the military was well funded. Only a few countries could afford to replace them. But these four mecha types were classic and were still frequently used for regular training.

Aslan's four basic mecha types were: Metal Guard (tank), Elite Guard (warrior), Assassin Guard (assassin), Agile Guard (sniper).

The one before Wang Zheng's eyes was a Metal Guard. As main tank assault type mecha were mostly beast types, the Aslanian Metal Guard was considered special.

The mech was bulky and heavy and had a lower center of gravity. It was ferocious and vigorous, indeed possessing all sorts key elements of a heavy tank mecha.

Wang Zheng was excited by the sight of the mech. He was waiting idly anyway. After touching it, he couldn't help but enter the cockpit.

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