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Song Naina blinked her huge eyes and smiled, behaving even more intimately with Dale. Dale had pretty good qualities. He stood out from the countless geniuses in the Solar System and became an exchange student at Aslan. This was enough to prove his excellence and show that he didn't merely hail from a prestigious family. She wouldn't lose anything to have a deeper relationship with him. Women from Europa were good at taking the initiative. Moreover, she had been looking for an opportunity like this to jump through the ranks.

Yet for the most part, Dale kept his eyes on Ye Zisu. All three ladies were great, but Ye Zisu was clearly one of a kind and had a unique charm. If he had to distinguish the three of their differences, Ye Zisu's beauty was the most natural. She did not put on any pretense. Just one look and he could tell that she came from a good family. But for Song Naina and Su Sa, they were nurtured and groomed. They were beautiful, no doubt, but lacked a certain feeling. There were plenty of ordinary women like that.

It was a pity Ye Zisu and Wang Zheng were way too close. Dale sized up his own arms and thighs, and even a hundred and one of him wouldn't be Wang Zheng's match. But Wang Zheng looked extremely unsophisticated and had very poor tastes. That gave Dale an advantage.

"Su Sa, Wang Zheng, Ye Zisu, and Gilbert, my Aslanian servant has arrived. Let's go to my mansion in Aslan to have a couple of days' fun before we report."

Dale was all smiley when he invited everybody. The capital of Aslan, Mengtalis, was top three in terms of property value per area in the whole of Milky Way. Owning a mansion and a true-blooded Aslan servant here definitely was the style of royalty.

Gilbert looked at him admiringly. How awesome!

Wang Zheng smiled. "Zisu and I have something going on, we'll go straight to school."

Ye Zisu nodded, indicating that Wang Zheng spoke for her.

"What's the rush for school? Wang Zheng alone can make the arrangements for us. Miss Zisu, Miss Su Sa, you have to come, you'll definitely be surprised!" Dale smiled as if he was an expert on Aslan.

Su Sa blinked and nodded to show deference. "Alright. I'm curious to see the environment of your home in Aslan too."

It was undeniable that Dale's greatness had attracted her. Su Sa came from a wealthy family, but it was still unable to get to Aslan. If this Dale really had such capabilities, it would be okay to interact with him a bit more. She had actually intended to get an Aslanian boyfriend, and later, migrate to Aslan.

"I'm not trying to brag, but in the entire Solar System Federation, there's just a dozen or so men who can compete with me," Dale said, nose in the air.

He was clearly bragging. The number of wealthy people Wang Zheng alone knew was way more than that, but Dale's family should be pretty good too. If he were to refute Dale at this point, he would appear petty instead.

Here at the capital of Aslan, saying that every inch of land cost ten thousand gold would not be wrong. Especially for the people of Aslan, just the stamp duty of buying a house in Aslan could get them a three-story detached villa on Mars in an area where wealthy people lived.

Ye Zisu looked at Wang Zheng. She liked his faint smile and his mature behavior. Dale was simply too childish. He couldn't wait to brag and show off. Girls didn't like boys like him. Even though he was capable, he shouldn't do that, but...

Capable and mature boys like Wang Zheng were rare gems.

It was too bad that only Ye Zisu thought that way. When Su Sa and the rest heard about Wang Zheng's background, they had lost all interest in him.

A top student from the Physics Department, team leader of IG? What's the use of that? Could that be used to buy pretty things, or to provide them with food?

"Dear passengers, we have arrived at the destination of this interstellar journey, Okimia Space Harbor. Please prepare to leave the spacecraft, and please do not leave behind your personal belongings."

Finally, the news of arrival aired in the spacecraft's public announcement system.

Dale smiled. "Dear schoolmates, just follow me when we leave the spacecraft later. I've been to Okimia Space Harbor a few times myself. I am very familiar with it."

Very soon, there were service crew members to lead them out of the spacecraft through a special tunnel. When they passed through the ramp that linked Newcomen and the space boulevard, they could see the outside through the windows. It was a futuristic space harbor. It was full of people, but they were separated in an orderly manner, as if they were queueing. There was not a single sign of mess.

From the ramp down the elevator and entering the space harbor itself, everybody stopped in their tracks. They didn't feel it when they saw it from above, but when they were inside, they could see and feel how big the harbor was. The dome ceiling was a transparent gold alloy glass, separating them from space, and when lifted their heads, they could see hundreds of spaceships entering or leaving the port. One by one, the ramps connected with the spaceships, transporting goods and passengers.

In front of them was a road lit up by smart signs. Every road was separated by color according to its use. Washroom, resting room, waiting room, elevators, information counter.... to get to these places, you'd just have to use your Skylink to connect to the service signals, and the lights would guide you to wherever you need to go.

It was extremely convenient, and at the same time, it cleverly controlled the human traffic.

This was Aslan.

"Everybody, follow me. This way."

Dale took on the role of chaperone. All through the way, he did not stop talking and bragging, passing his judgment on everything. All the other boys in this group had become spiritless, while the girls were all subdued.

Dale used the Skylink to connect to the space harbor's servers while explaining, "The person who's going to pick us up is already outside. The space harbour does not allow people to come in for pick ups."

"Are you sure? I've seen on Aslan news that you can even drive into the space harbor to pick people up," Song Naina said, blinking her huge eyes quickly.

Dale chuckled. "Heh. Those who can get on news are bigshots. That is done for safety reasons. You can't possibly expect other countries' leaders or important businessmen to walk out like ordinary men, right?"

Dale had barely finished his sentence when three black magnetic cars drove towards them from afar.


The soft, buzzing engine sounds made the whole space harbor turn silent. On the front of the grills was the crest of the royal family, indicating the identity of the car.

Dale's jaw dropped. He opened up his Skylink and made a quick search. "A royal car? Which bigshot are they picking up? That's not right, there's no news of it on the political news site."

Song Naina watched with curiosity. "Could they be picking up an important figure from the business world? Check the business news."

"The probability of bumping into some bigshots here is simply too high. Get ready to take pictures!" Dale said excitedly. "Send it to the Skylink chat group later on and share it with everyone else."

An opportunity to put on a false pretense must never be missed.

The cars pulled up in front of them.

The windows of the frontmost car rolled down. Wang Zheng smiled. He saw very clearly the person sitting by the window. It was Angela, the one who followed Huiyin around everywhere she went. Huiyin had already sent him a message on Skylink. Now that he was in Aslan, she had to play host no matter what.

Dale caught sight of Wang Zheng walking towards the car and jumped. Panicked, he tugged at Wang Zheng. "Wang Zheng, don't embarrass yourself. That's the VIP car of the Aslanian royal family."

Wang Zheng smiled. "Oh, I know that."

Dale blinked. Damn it. Keeping quiet the whole time and choosing to act like a bigshot at this time, was he brainless? Dale infuriatedly said, "Don't embarrass the Solar System. The royal family only sends a car when there are important political figures and aristocrats..."

"It's not that, I..."

"I know you want to chase after a celebrity, but can you not be so crass? Keep it in your pants!" Dale despised Wang Zheng more and more.

Angela got out of the vehicle. She was wearing a formal suit, a silver-striped white blouse with a black skirt that covered up to her knees. A typical outfit of the royal family's service crew. Very imposing. "Mr. Wang Zheng, Miss. Ye Zisu, please come on board."

Dale's mouth opened widely.. this....

Wang Zheng smiled. "Zisu and I have something to do. We'll see you in school."

The two of them got on the car, leaving behind a group of people staring dumbly. In the car, Ye Zisu couldn't help but giggle. "Big Brother, you've become corrupted by Xiaosu I see."

Wang Zheng was between laughter and tears. "I really didn't do that on purpose. That brother over there chose to pick on me. What can I do?"

He couldn't possibly stop others from being cocky.

Angela sent Wang Zheng and Ye Zisu directly to the Royal College's office of foreign affairs. Given her influence, Wang Zheng and Ye Zisu completed all related paperwork within the shortest possible time. They implanted Royal College IDs in their Skylinks. These IDs allowed them to make all types of transactions in Aslan.

As they walked out of the office, Angela bowed and said, "Your luggage has been delivered to the dormitories. I have other tasks at hand. I shall not disturb you."

After finishing her line, Angela turned around sharply to leave the Royal College. But Angela's mind was not as sharp as her movements. The two princesses were simply playing with fire. Princess Aina was not her master, and she had no rights to be worried, but she had sworn her life to protect Her Royal Highness Huiyin. This gave her a headache.

The dormitories were prepared beforehand. Their locations and the electronic keys had also been implanted into their Skylinks earlier on.

They opened up the campus map on Skylink, and a hologram screen extended in the air...

Ye Zisu blinked. Looking at the indications on the campus map, the locations of her dormitory and Wang Zheng's.... one in the south and one in the north. If they travelled by legs, even if they ran, it would take at least 15 minutes.

Even though it was very well concealed, Ye Zisu could sense that it was deliberately arranged, and she couldn't help but smile. Thinking about it now, when she had just gotten to know Lin Huiyin, Lin Huiyin meant to matchmake her and Wang Zheng. Now it felt like the opposite.

"The scenery at the Royal College is pretty good." Ye Zisu blinked. Reminiscing those days was rather... delightful. There was a feeling that he belonged solely to her.

"The environment's not bad." Wang Zheng nodded. It was full of unique but foreign sights. There were some very odd, enormous plants. Some looked magical, with moving petals in the plants. When someone went near them, they would eject a colorful, fragrant pollen. It was beautiful. The overall architectural styles were also different from Earth and from the main style of buildings in the Solar System. They were mostly spiral, very aesthetically pleasing.

The pretty girls here were as lush as the plants. All sorts of beautiful sights flooded their eyes, and there were too many things to look at. If Yan Xiaosu were here, he would be howling about how Aslan was paradise.

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