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Yao Ailun pushed his glasses up his nose. He was unperturbed. He had been doing very well in his commentator career recently and had begun commenting at some key events in huge league matches. There were a dozen female fans who sent him pictures every day, and they were all sorts of hot, tempting, personal types of pictures.

"Chen Xiu, if you have time to think about such things, why don't you check the formula again from just now? I keep feeling that there's a problem..."

Commenting was just a hobby. Nowadays, Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu spent most of their time at OMG's Wind God Experimental labs researching. The Wind God had embarked on research on version 3.0, and their considerations were how to add space navigation equipment into the Wind God. This was one of the steps to realizing space theories, and Xiao Fei was a part of it. This technology could be used in the military, and it could also be used for rescue missions in deep space, making interstellar adventures safer.

But of course, these were just preliminary ideas. Not even the Wind God 3.0 or 4.0 could use this technology. The goal was to conduct the first experiments in three years.

Wang Zheng had seen the design done by the two of them. It was clever, but it also had many problems that had to be resolved.

Chen Xiu shook his head. "That formula has an illogical flaw. We're better off without it. Moreover, it's the club's get-together day!"

Speaking of the club, Student Chen's eyes beamed, and he forgot about all those unhappy things from before. Out with the old, in with the new. Student Chen Xiu's most tightly held motto was: knowing when to let things go.

Yao Ailun patted Chen Xiu on the shoulder: "My dear Xiu, I promised your elder sister to look after you. You're still young, still going through puberty."

"Brother Ailun.... forget it. I should have gone into biomed back then..."

Chen Xiu looked at Yao Ailun. Deep inside, he knew that Ailun's three elder sisters had completely brainwashed this good friend of his.

Biomed. He could perhaps research medical compounds that could boost the growth of the human body.

Precisely because of his young age, he had gone through a lot of hardship, and thinking about it made him tear up. But he would make up for it sooner or later.

Nightfall. At the club gathering, the other party was made up of Du Qingqing and her friends from the Art Society. Surprisingly, Zhang Runan was one of them.

Zhang Shan was completely stunned.

"Why? I can't be here?" Zhang Runan glared sideways at Zhang Shan.

"Of course you can. Brother Nan, the one wearing spectacles, the little girl who looks gentle and refined, what is her name? What does she study?"

Zhang Shan's eyes lit up very quickly. After training in IG for so long, being back and seeing these types of girls who were gentle to the core made his heart turn soft.

"Bai Meng. She studies communications. Man up if you want to know her."

What's there to introduce? This was already a get-together. Very soon, Zhang Runan gave all her attention to all the different types of food.

Wang Zheng's purpose was also to eat. He glanced at Zhang Runan. "Eh? You're kind of different now."

Zhang Runan glared. "What? What's different?"

"Nothing." Wang Zheng shook his head. He may have been seeing things, or it might've been because he had spent too much time with Brother Nan, but somehow, he felt that Brother Nan's face was much softer than when they first met.

Zhang Runan ate and said, "My ability seems to have had some sort of breakthrough recently.... Plus, I feel that training my Ability X with you around is much more effective than when I train on my own. I think, if it's possible, we should train together during this period."

Wang Zheng nodded. It was a good idea. There was still some time before the actual IG matches would begin, and they could not truly let their guards down and relax.

Not too far from them, Zhang Shan had failed to hit on girls. Student Chen Xiu, on the other hand, was surrounded by a few girls, and was flirting and teasing.

"Which elder sister here would like to be my girlfriend?"

When Chen Xiu said that, the girls giggled and put out their hands to pinch poor Chen Xiu on the face. "Little Xiuxiu, you want your elder sisters here to wait another three to four years for you?"

Damn. He was actually very brave, but why must these people judge a book by its cover? Chen Xiu sighed. He was utterly disappointed with the session.

Calling it a get-together was an overstatement. It was pretty much just having a meal and getting to know one another. The freshmen from the Art Society were very interested in Wang Zheng. They heard about him from the seniors that Wang Zheng had previously modelled exclusively for some time ago.

"Senior Wang Zheng, when are you coming back to model for us? We've never had the chance to draw you before."

"Yea, that's right, Senior. We're all huge fans of you!"

Wang Zheng smiled. "Well, if I have time to spare."

What exclusive modelling? He had obviously been cheated that time.

Having had their fills, the next step was to go to a KTV to sing Karaoke. Ye Zisu and Meng Tian were going to join them.

"This one's on me."

Wang Zheng put up his hand to summon the waiter.

"Good evening, Sir. Your bill has been paid for by the few gentlemen over there."

The waiter smiled and hinted for Wang Zheng to look at a table of guests not too far away.

There were men and women, but Wang Zheng knew none of them.

"Awesome, man! Earthlings are the best! To you!"

The few men raised their glasses and drank it all. The ladies had a small sip. They too had looks of admiration in their eyes.

Wang Zheng smiled, raised the bottle of beer in his hands, and emptied it in one gulp. "Thank you."

They had no intentions of chasing a celebrity. It was more of admiration, and Wang Zheng enjoyed this type of acknowledgement.

On the faraway capital star of Aslan.

In the Royal College, Aina was sitting in the President's office, discussing matters regarding the quota for the upcoming exchange program with him.

The most discussed topic about Aslan's rise to power in the Milky Way was its super elite education. In Aslan, no one was ever considered weak. They used every single individual's talents and exhausted the research of every object. Education was never about grades, and learning was tailored to each individual's needs. Every individual could find their place in the empire with dignity and honor. Thus, every Aslan citizen could proudly shout "glory to Aslan."

The glory of Aslan belonged to each and every one of its citizens.

All the other countries in the Milky Way agreed that Aslan was strong not just because of the superior blood they were born with. It was more of their outstanding education. Every year, many countries and districts would send in their applications for exchange students. While they could never replicate Aslan's education system, they could learn a great deal.

Not every country could get a place in Aslan's exchange program. Since it was an exchange, it wasn't just about choosing the best and most outstanding students to go to Aslan. Students from Aslan would go to these different countries as well.

Countries that were not recognized by Aslan would never get a place, no matter how many applications had been sent in. Reason being, no students from Aslan were willing to go there.

"For the exchange program this time around, you could consider approving the Solar System's application."

The President of the Royal College was stunned. "Your Highness, given the Solar System's qualifications, they still cannot be considered for exchange."

Exchange was naturally not just about letting other countries come and learn from their own experience. It was also about learning from other country's best practices, and improving themselves by applying the good of others. This was the one Aslan fixed education policy. Never cling to the old, always innovate and break new grounds. Only then could Aslan's vitality stay undefeated for a long time.

"President Zetus Saarinen, sometimes we have to take into consideration political factors. Moreover, the Solar System is the cradle of mankind, and it is going through recovery now. They may still be far behind in terms of military, but there are now many things that are worth our learning from in terms of economy and culture. We should all understand that history can never be erased," Aina said, smiling.

"I will make further considerations." Zetus Saarinen bowed. Although this was brought up by the First Princess Her Royal Highness, only he could make the final decision.

Aina smiled. He may have said he would consider, but he had, in fact, agreed. It was just that some things could not be said directly. "If that is the case, I shall make a move."

When Aina left the President's office, she saw Lin Huiyin and Angela waiting for her outside. Seeing her come out of the room, Lin Huiyin immediately bounced up. "Hey, did the old man agree?"

For her, the only motive of giving the Solar System a place for an exchange student was for Wang Zheng to come to Aslan earlier.

Aina smiled and nodded. "He didn't directly agree, but I think it should be settled."

"So when can Wang Zheng come?" Lin Huiyin calculated the time it would take for Wang Zheng to arrive. If he took the larger interstellar passenger ships, he would probably make it to Aslan in a week.

"If everything goes well, in about a month or so."

"So long?"

Aina rubbed Lin Huiyin's head. "Why? You want to see him too?"

"No way, I'm just concerned for you," Lin Huiyin said, pouting.

"Let's go take a walk," Aina said lovingly.

Aslan's Royal College had the scenery of a landscape garden. Aina and Lin Huiyin took a stroll along the cherry blossom road. This path had the best views in the college. Especially at a time like this, where the flowers bloomed and the fragrant was in the air.

A few people were headed in their direction. The person walking right in front was a child of eight or nine years old.

"Your Royal Highness Hao Lin."

Aina smiled and stopped in her tracks, greeting him.

The child was not just anybody, but the Prince of Atlantis, Hao Lin.

"Your Royal Highness Aina, and Your Royal Highness Huiyin."

Hao Lin blinked. The cooperation between Atlantis and Aslan had entered an important phase at this time, and as he was starting to take over matters between Atlantis and human beings, he was stationed at the capital of Aslan.

After greeting one another, Hao Lin immediately put his serious look away and smiled cheerfully. "The cherry blossoms are beautiful indeed. They look just like pink-colored clouds. But the moment sisters Aina and Huiyin arrived, the cloud-like flowers lost their colors."

Huiyin blinked and smiled brightly. "You're so young but such a sweet talker! You will definitely grow up to become a handsome man whom girls love and hate."

Hao Lin shook his head. "Why would they hate me? Only love. Oh, Sister Huiyin, the last time you went to Solar System, did you see Wang Zheng too? How is he doing?"

"Wang Zheng? He's doing fine. You know him too?"

Aina gave a faint smile. "Why did you suddenly ask about him?"

Hao Lin nodded and smilingly said, "He's one of the few human beings whom I feel close to. I've been wonder if we could meet again. I heard he took part in IG too. Wonder if he can make it to Aslan."

"He has already made it through the Solar System's IG selection."

"That's great! Is he that good?"

"Of course."

When talking about Wang Zheng, Lin Huiyin's eyes gleamed brightly.

Aina gently swept her fringe aside, smiling faintly as she looked at Hao Lin, deep in thought.

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