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Wang Zheng smiled. The way Xiao Lu put it was not too bad.

"We'll drink a little, but I still have to drive later, so not too much." Wang Zheng shook his head. Even though alcohol had no impact on his body whatsoever, he would not drink and drive. That was the law. Student Wang had always been a law-abiding patriot.

"Tsk, Wang Zheng. You ride a bike, what sort of excuse to not drink is that?"

Just then, a student in simple, casual outfit walked over. He had a slightly big build, mainly a large tummy. It was Pang Xie, one of Wang Zheng's classmates of three years in highschool. Their relationship was fairly average, but it wasn't bad. It was the type where they could have a short conversation when meeting.

"Crabby! Long time no see. I heard you got into New North Technological University. How does it feel to be in a top university?" Wang Zheng laughed, calling him by his nickname.

TL Note: Pang Xie is a homophone for crab in Chinese. Hence the nickname Crabby.

"You're asking me how I feel? Very bad! Pretty bad! The male to female ratio is 50 to 1, 50 wolves and only 1 babe! Sigh. What's worse is New North's system is entirely closed. You're only allowed to take three days off every month...."

"That's not too bad. You specialise in tech, and it has much to do with up and coming high-tech stuff. It'd be hard for you to achieve anything academically if it's not a closed campus." Xiao Lu chuckled.

"My foot! You should stay there for a year and see for yourself. You know what's the most pathetic thing? It's not just a 50 to 1 ratio! The 1 may not necessarily even be a babe. But yet at New North, a sow can also be a goddess!"

Pang Xie shook his head and showed his college's belle list in his Skylink . The top ten were not too bad, but from the eleventh onwards...

"Damn! What's wrong with spectacled girl number 15? She looks sinister and creepy. Number 16.... she has dead fish eyes! How did they even make it up here?"

"Bros, say no more. Girlfriend. Quick, introduce to me a girlfriend."

"Scram! Your pain is only temporary. Just wait till you graduate. All you have to do is say that you're a top student from New North. What sort of beauties will you not have? All of them will come running to you, and your only worry will be which to pick."

"You scram! Me worry which to pick? Why can't I take them all?"

They made quite a bit of commotion.

"Drink up!" Xiao Lu had always had quite a high tolerance for liquor; he could be considered a hero in the nation of alcohol. Naturally, he was able to drink up.

Wang Zheng shook his head. "Enjoying ourselves is one thing, but I really have to drive, so I can't drink."

"My ass. You pretentious prick. Why are you worried about drunk driving when you ride a bicycle?"

"Not a bicycle," Wang Zheng said, shaking his head.

"So it's a motorcycle? Not too bad, eh. Leveled up." Pang Xie was not a bad person, but he just enjoyed playing the fool. His hobby was exposing others' weaknesses. An eccentric side to having high IQ, perhaps.

"Not that either. It's a floating car."

"Huh? You have a floating car now? Did you win a prize?"

"Sort of." Wang Zheng smiled.

"Damn, I've been buying lottery tickets my whole life, and I've only won once. Ten bucks. Tell me, what car? What brand is it? Oh, right, Wang Zheng, what school did you get into?" Pang Xie was the sort who lived in his own world and was seldom in touch with news that were unrelated to him. It was precisely this nature of his that allowed him to get into a top college.

Xiao Lu was amused. "You don't know? Wang Zheng got into the same college as goddess Zisu, Ares College!"

Just then, a group of people came towards them. It was Yi Xisi and his gang. They'd come down from level 3.

It was just seven of them, but the moment they showed up, the warm atmosphere immediately turned cold. Those who were talking loudly started whispering softly.

Just a year and half ago, they were all classmates who were on the same level.

But now, they'd been separated into levels of heaven and earth. Even though it was a "class gathering", it was hard for them to see one another as equals.

Yi Xisi smiled coldly, turned around, and softly scoffed. "That's why I said that the few of us should just stay on level 3. Why must we come down here and ruin their atmosphere? This type of atmosphere is not something you and I can blend into."

A light scoff came from beside him.

"Well, it's just too bad you don't have what it takes to invite Beauty Ye, so we have to come together," someone said coolly, looking directly at Ye Zisu. It was Sun Wenli. He was not from Wang Zheng's graduating class, he had graduated one year before. He was a key character back at Dawn High School. The Sun family he was born into was comparable to OMG. But compared to Ye Zisu, he had three elder brothers, two elder sisters, two younger brothers, and a younger sister.

On another side, Wang Zheng smiled and told Pang Xie and Xiao Lu, "it's not a great car. It's a Pulley floating car."

He was answering Pang Xie's question. Wang Zheng did not speak loudly, but because everybody kept to their lowest volumes, he sounded particularly loud.

Yi Xisi frowned and then chuckled. "Heh. It's not that I don't have what it takes. It's just that Beauty Ye is way too special. She came in this Student Wang Zheng's Pulley floating car. Oh, right, if everybody has seen the news, you should know that this Student Wang Zheng is the team leader of IG Solar System."


What sort of trashy brand was that?

The few success stories smiled graciously, while Sun Wenli directly targeted Wang Zheng and said, "Does that mean you're very good? Team leader of IG Solar System. You represent the Solar System, eh? How good are you? Wanna try it out with my bodyguard?"

Wang Zheng smiled and replied, "Not too bad, I suppose. We can try."

"Don't worry, I'll ask him not to take it too hard on you." Sun Wenli was obviously picking on Wang Zheng. Sun Wenli had tried wooing Ye Zisu, but Ye Zisu had never once answered to his invitations. Now, having heard from Yi Xisi that Ye Zisu came in Wang Zheng's car, it was basically saying that he was not as good as Wang Zheng is. What IG team leader? Did it matter? He was just a dumb soldier.

Xiao Lu and Pang Xie were stunned. Pang Xie had a much slower reaction. He tugged at Xiao Lu and softly asked, "Goddess Zisu came in Wang Zheng's car? This... what's their relationship?"

"How would I know? I'd like to know too! Don't tell me he got her because they're in the same school and get to spend more time together? That's against the heavens' rules!" Xiao Lu shook Pang Xie off. That's not what was important right now. Senior Sun was going to beat up Wang Zheng!

He had heard that Sun Wenli's bodyguard was a retired ace Special Forces soldier. Previously, at Sun Wenli's birthday party, he had performed a stunt of killing a genetically modified fighting bull with a single punch. He was terrifyingly strong.

Sun Wenli was kind of unforgiving. He had really sent his bodyguard. Over two meters tall and giving out a formidable air from head to toe, this was definitely someone great.

"Sun Wenli, don't create any more trouble. This is a class gathering."

"Heh. Hype things up a bit, eh? Don't tell me our IG leader doesn't even have the courage for this." Sun Wenli rolled his eyes.

The bodyguard behind him looked at Wang Zheng, giving a look of bewilderment. He wanted to say something but did not.

"Big Ghoul, this is my schoolmate. Some kind of IG team leader. Either way, I'm not too sure what's up. Don't hurt him too bad. It's just for fun," Sun Wenli said coldly.

The bodyguard could not bear it any longer. He went up and saluted. "Team leader! Greetings from Ex- 8825 Special Forces platoon 18 Corporal Carlosa! You are the pride of all Earth people!"

The entire hall fell completely silent....

Wang Zheng stood up and gave a standard military salute, "At ease, Corporal. This is a class gathering, no need to be so formal."

"Yes, Sir!"

Carlosa turned around and looked sternly at Sun Wenli. "Mr. Sun, even if there were ten of me, I still would not be team leader's match. I will report today's incident to your father. My apologies."

He looked apologetically at Wang Zheng, saluted, and left.

Xiao Lu grabbed tightly onto Pang Xie. "Damn! Daaamn! What the f*ck! How awesome was that!? Is IG that good?"

IG held a high status amongst the military. While high standards couldn't be guaranteed for the world outside, on Earth, or even in the Solar System, any team leader had absolute capabilities. There was no doubt that eight or ten men could never be Wang Zheng's match.

"Sorry, something cropped up, I'm late. Did I miss something?" Yan Xiaosu walked in, smiling widely.

Little Fortune Star Company was doing pretty well these days, but Yi Xisi, Sun Wenli, and gang still slighted him, thinking he was just some lucky guy who struck it rich.

But capabilities were capabilities. Yi Xisi forced a smile and said, "Xiaosu, you're here. We're ready for you on level 3."

Yan Xiaosu ignored Yi Xisi. Laughing, he said, "When I came in, I heard a joke and couldn't stop laughing. I have a friend who is deeply troubled. His girlfriend said she wanted a Silver Moon floating car and a 10,000 square feet apartment with a city view on the 20th story, or they can forget about getting married."

"Damn. Dump her then. Why would you want anyone like that anyway?" Xiao Lu said. Any apartment in the city would cost a bomb. Yi Xisi and gang had no idea what Yan Xiaosu was trying to say, but it seemed that it was nothing good. They knew that Yan Xiaosu and Wang Zheng were close, but were they still close after graduating?

Yan Xiaosu shook his head and continued, "My friend was helpless. He went back to discuss the problem with his family. His father sighed and said that selling the family's ship would allow them to get a few thousand floating cars, but his family's 300 odd story skyscraper couldn't possibly be torn down from the 20th floor and above!"

The crowd was stumped for a second and then burst out laughing. But they still did not know where Yan Xiaosu was going with this.

Yan Xiaosu straightforwardly looked at Yi Xisi. "I can understand how you guys want to try to pretend you're great. But you've got to look at who you're dealing with. This person standing right in front of you is the person Ye Zisu and I are working for. The largest shareholder of KING Corporation, understand?"

Silence fell all around once more. This time around, there wasn't even a whisper.

What did Yan Xiaosu just say?

Did we hear him wrongly?

Or were we going crazy?

Wang Zheng was the largest shareholder of KING???

The number one tech company on Earth??? The largest shareholder???

Yi Xisi and Sun Wenli turned deathly pale instantly. Yan Xiaosu was not kidding, and he was being extremely forthright. Be a good person and stay down to earth. They were all still classmates, what's there to act and pretend about?

Sorry, but there was a world outside of your own that taught one how to behave decently.

"We were just joking to liven up the atmosphere earlier on. Student Wang Zheng, we apologise if we've offended you."

The look on Yi Xisi's face changed again and again. With Yan Xiaosu looking at him mockingly, he bit his teeth and bowed down to Wang Zheng.

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