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Pi Xiaoxiu made a passing remark. "Well, it isn't too bad. Since Lear didn't get chosen as the leader, I'm fine with it. Do you think our boss will make a big fuss out of this issue?"

Lear had caused trouble for those from the Moon several times. Hence, no matter who would become the leader, they could not let Lear succeed, and that was the consensus of those from the Moon.

As for Achilles, he had a faint smile on his face. While he had initially thought the position of leader would definitely be his, losing it did not cause much of an impact to him. In fact, he was the first to congratulate Wang Zheng, the newly appointed leader.

Lie Xin stood out and said, "Regardless of the outcome, it is fate that we got to know one another. It's my treat today! Since you came all the way to Mars, how could you all possible leave without having a taste of Mars' passion and openness? Let the past go and let's look into the future. Let's celebrate! We don't know when we will all meet up like this again."

Lie Xin opened the invitation to everyone. After all, Mars was her home ground. This was what she should have done as the hostess, regardless of a successful or unsuccessful outcome.

Upon seeing Lie Xin's actions, the members who failed to make the cut became enthusiastic. In any case, they had gained a lot from the IG training camp. It did not matter if they would not take part in the IG match. Their futures were bound to be extremely brilliant because of the training they had gone through. Like Lie Xin had said, they had to let go of the past and look towards the future.

Luo Fei went up to Lie Xin's side, smiling. "Sister Xin, last time, you mentioned that the ladies on Mars are very open. Is this true? Can you introduce me to some? But first, you can forget about introducing those with impure qualities.

"He he, no problem. You'll just have to go and look for Lie Guang."

Luo Fei blinked his eyes and ran over to find Lie Guang and attempted to become closer with him by leaning on his shoulder. "Lie Guang, I came on behalf of everyone…."

"Shoo, don't lean so close to me... I have already communicated with them on Skylink. The ladies will come soon. What happens after that will depend on your abilities. Our ladies admire men with skills and abilities." Lie Guang smirked.

The scent of a beauty could always soothe the wounds of men.

Achilles looked at the people from the Moon. Other than Masasi, the rest of them did not make the cut. After all that strategizing, it was all in vain.

"It was only a moment of success or failure. Never has there been a smooth ride. Everyone who experiences storms will witness rainbows at the end of it. Tonight, everyone will relax. We cannot let the beauties of Mars think that the men from the Moon are all blockheads."

Milo blinked her eyes. "Boss, what about me? Are you going to find me a handsome guy?"

"If you want me to, I will definitely do so."

"How about me?" Dong Xiaosa jumped with his star-shaped eyes.

"Go and play over there."

For Lie Xin's banquet, it had a strong Martian style. The wine was brewed specially by the Lie family and the ladies were top beauties picked individually by Lie Guang from respectable Mars colleges via Skylink. After all, based on the Mars ladies' character, such gatherings were opportunities to showcase themselves, and it was a trend. From another perspective, Lie Guang had not spent these years mingling for nothing.

"Hey, Fatty, I heard that you're quite good. How about performing for us?"

Luo Fei laughed. "Sure."

After a few minutes had passed, a the beauties suddenly thought of something. "Hey, where did the fatty go? He said he was going to perform..."

Luo Fei suddenly emerged from the ground. "How's this!? Amazing, isn't it!"

Concealment Ability! It was indeed formidable!


"Umm, ha ha, it was great, to the extent that it could not be seen... Who do you think is more handsome over at the Moon? Pi Xiaoxiu or Masasi?"

"What? You think Masasi is handsome?"

"Don't you think he is very manly?"

The beauties neglected the fatty who knew how to turn invisible and started chatting amongst themselves.

Wang Zheng was also abandoned by the beauties from Mars as Lie Xin and Meng Tian had sat by his side. With the two ladies who had the temperament of ice and fire, there was no reason for other ladies to come over and end up feeling awkward.

"Hey, can you two go and play by yourselves over there?"

Wang Zheng had wanted to feel the passion of the beauties from Mars, but with these two by his side, he would definitely not have the chance.

"Isn't it enough with me around?" Lie Xin smiled. She had developed an interest in Wang Zheng, the eccentric one who could control the Atlantis mech, and he looked rather robust.

"Forget it, pretend that I never said anything" Wang Zheng shrugged his shoulders. Actually, he had only wanted to experience the atmosphere. If anything were to happen, he would definitely be the one to escape.

On the other hand, Zhang Shan was enjoying himself. He was accompanied by two Martian beauties by his side and was having a great time. Wang Zheng looked on, speechless. The extent of openness of the people from Mars was a little too much for him to handle…...

Luo Fei sat at the sofa in the corner, feeling disappointed. He had wanted to drink, but he looked at Lear. It would be fine if it was just wine with low alcoholic content, but this was the strong wine from Mars that was capable of causing him to blackout, hence it was better to resist and abstain from it. While Lear did not prohibit Luo Fei from drinking, neither did he give him the go-ahead to drink.

At one side of the banquet, Edison's eyes were moving quickly as he was concentrating on a unique version of Skylink. It was the most advanced Skylink from within the Solar System Federation, given to him by Lear. Its operating abilities were comparable to a small-sized brain, and with his abilities, it was as though he was the god of the Internet.

"It's a pity our boss didn't get to be the leader. Honestly speaking, although Wang Zheng isn't too bad, I still cannot accept this outcome." Edison had high regard and respect for Lear. Although Wang Zheng had chosen him to be in his IG list, it was obvious that he was more willing to follow Lear.

Luo Fei glanced at Edison and walked over. He patted Edison's shoulder. "Hmm, you think it was by accident that Wang Zheng was chosen as the leader?"

Edison was stunned, and his eyes were filled with doubts. Could it be...

Fatty nodded his head and said in a low voice, "What's so great about the IG selection? The overall arrangements have been done and it's all within the control of our boss. You should do whatever you should be doing. Don't act on your own. If our boss has anything in mind, he will definitely talk to you. Before that happens, please give your best in what you can do."

Fatty's words were like a warning. In Lear's world, there was no such thing as an unexpected situation. Every step had been perfectly planned by Lear, and every variable had already been accounted for as well.

Was it really not possible to become the leader? So what if one did not become the leader? Being the leader would perhaps appear more glorious in front of others, but Lear had long discarded such a childish mentality of boasting.

The real deal worth watching was the actual performance during the IG match. Furthermore, some things could be seen more clearly behind the scenes, and yet others were unable to see through him.

Somewhere on faraway Earth, a group of lab workers were busy in their experiment lab.

"The last batch of gene samples have been delivered."

"Order received."

"What Young Master meant was generate the results quickly."

"Currently, the most important biotechnology topic is the influence of gene structure on Ability X. We cannot rush the experiment process."

"I'm only conveying Young Master's words. You know how his temper is like."

The person in charge of the experiment lab stood still and slightly nodded his head. If it was someone looked closely, they would discover that he was the former Nobel Prize biology winner that had gone missing for ages, an expert in gene technology, Jeffers.

For a certain group of scientists, in order to research taboo technology, they were willing to sacrifice many things. They were willing to pursue their aims relentlessly.

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