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In a moment of fury, Zhang Shan jumped up. He had shaken off the effect of the drugs with his willpower.

"F**k, I'm going to fight with you!"

Lie Xin nodded his head. "Those who can still stand up, follow me!"

The trainees stood up one by one. Lear and Achilles were stunned by this sight. Honestly speaking, Wang Zheng wasn't someone they wanted to get to know better. He was very different compared to them and special. However, he was undoubtedly a good opponent. At least for so many years, they had never met someone like that. At this point, the two of them made a decision.

"Lear, looks like we have to continue our battle in our next life!" Achilles said. He could have chosen to surrender, but at this moment, he just didn't want to.

Lear sneered. "Why wait till our next life? How about now? It's possible for us to at least bring down one of their battleships."

"Great, it's my first time hearing such pleasing words from you!"

Achilles and Lear stood alongside each other. This was the first time they had joined forces after so many years of fighting.

Laser beams raged as flames raged in every direction. The two of them forcefully broke through the blockade.

At this point, it was already pointless to only defend. It was necessary to attack till the end.

Using a mech to block a battleship's laser cannon was pure folly.

Far away in Atlantis, Aina had already settled her tasks, for she knew she would be able to see Wang Zheng not too long after. She was extremely happy at the thought of it. Even the maids were whispering amongst themselves, that the Princess was glowing like she was in love.

Suddenly, Aina felt her heart turn cold, as though something bad had happened.

Wang Zheng lay amongst the debris. His mech was crippled and basically destroyed. If not for him dodging at the last moment, he would have been turned into ashes as well.

At this moment, the cube at Wang Zheng's chest began to emit a dim glow, covering his entire body.

Assessing structure…... no major damages…...

Assessing mental state… 30% damaged…...

Assessing surroundings...… 200% danger…...

Emergency rescue activated, releasing battle energy.

Instructor Bonehead's shadow activated

Selection criteria: Super warrior

Target selection: Destroy the enemy


Wang Zheng's eyes flashed with red light and his arms reached out to the sky. Activate!

In the warehouse, Lie Xin and the others had already activated the mecha. Whilst getting ready to move off, they realized that one of the crates deep inside the warehouse started moving by itself.

That… was an Atlantis mech, but it was not meant to be used. No one knew why it was placed inside here either.

As it turned out, it was Lie Wuqing's unintentional doing. After witnessing what had happened, he made an quick decision to put the mech inside.

This was Atlantis's Phantom King.


The Phantom King punched away the crates, walking out with big steps, covered with shining runes.

Lie Xin and the others were shocked. There was… no one inside!


The mech flew out of the hanger and landed right by Wang Zheng's side. A ray of light shot out and Wang Zheng was sucked into the mech.
The moment Wang Zheng got sucked in, the mech's eyes turned red. The runes also turned crimson, as though blood was flowing through it!


The Phantom King flew towards the sky. At this point, Achilles and Lear were already heavily surrounded. These bastards who came out later were obviously more skilled.

This bunch of people were experienced pirates, some of which were once mercenaries. They knew exactly what their opponents were up to.

But right at this moment, a mech with blinking red lights appeared, shocking everyone.

Wasn't that an Atlantis mech?

How would anyone in the Solar System know how to operate an Atlantis mech?

Rumble rumble...

Wherever the Phantom King passed by, only destruction would be left in its wake.

"Kill this bastard!" Eric shouted.

On the other side, a pirate named Mu Sen had already left his post.

"How much longer do you need?"

"Boss, I need another five minutes!"

"Quick! Those outside can't hold on anymore."

Qiangsen's face was stern and serious. He knew that those outside were the elites of the Solar System, and they could not afford to die here. However, he could not attack first but had to resist, in fear of losing everything as a result of his haste.

Rumble rumble...

The Atlantis mech was like a ghost in space. It was surrounded by tens of mecha. Although it seemed to have rushed out of the encirclement, an afterimage was left behind at its initial spot.

Yet at this moment, both the afterimage and the mech struck out at the same time!

Laser beams rumbled in space as the Phantom King and its image attacked, resulting in several pirate mecha turning into heaps of smouldering flames. The pirates weren't dumb and they retaliated against the Atlantis mech. However, only the afterimage was hit. The afterimage only exploded into mere shadows which faded in the darkness, while the actual mech flew away.

F**k, it was a genuine Atlantis mech.

The Phantom King's unlimited energy avatar!

Holy sh*t, there were few Atlantis pilots who could pull off this move with such skill!

Brutal Kill!

All the pirates were distracted by this Phantom King. There was definitely a monster piloting it. It was impossible to differentiate between the phantom and the real body. Furthermore, the two mecha were horrifyingly vicious and dealt lethal blows whenever they struck out.

Eric's mouth gaped in shock. Why had Atlantis' trump card appear here? F***king Solar System Federation, why did they invite these people over just to deal with a bunch of pirates?

Did the people of Atlantis have no principles or integrity? Did they not participate in the internal strife between humans?

The screams of the pirates echoed endlessly. Afterimages appeared in front of their eyes, dealing crippling blows wherever they appeared. They resisted to the best of their abilities, but even when they hit, they realized that their attacks had only hit the energy avatar, which caused their hearts to sink into despair.

The capabilities of the Atlantis mech were of a completely different level. It moved through the darkness, flitting in and out of sight occasionally, causing the pirates to freak out.

Was this even a human?

This wasn't a mech warrior, this was a monster!

The crimson runes looked as though they were engraved from blood.

To maintain such operation for an extended period was beyond man's abilities. At this time, Wang Zheng was merely circulating the Primordial Regression Technique. He was clear-headed, yet at the same time, it seemed as though he was living in a dream, watching a person who resembled himself in battle.

In fact, it was Bonehead who was operating the mech.

Wang Zheng didn't know if he was a robot or if he was once a warrior. Neither did he know why he was in the cube. However, he could feel the immense glory of being a true super soldier.

In the eyes of a warrior, battle was a form of belief, a form of existence!

Charcoal did not make any noise. It was as though he was providing some form of energy or power to maintain this current ethereal state.

It was obvious that these two were not opponents.

Wang Zheng could feel himself becoming more and more entwined with the current state Bonehead was in. He did not know he had such great potential in him. Neither did he know that the Primordial Regression Technique could be used in such a way. He had been doing it all wrong the entire time!

All this while, Wang Zheng had thought that his battle strategy was right, including the method of using his powers. However, it seemed like he had yet to unleash even 10% of his powers.

He liked a kid who owned a treasure chest but concentrated on just one gold ingot.

Rumble rumble...

Lie Xin and the others were stunned and were standing still. The prowess of the mech was a familiar sight. She had seen the capabilities of the mech in the video clips collected by the Lie family. This was Class A data on Atlantis.

Explosive Afterimage Kill!

It was dreamlike and extraordinary, as though the grim reaper had come to take lives.

The pirates collapsed and began to escape in all directions, unable to resist anymore.

This was crushing suppression!

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