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The mech did not budge, as though it was mocking Wang Zheng's childishness.

The three generals were also amused... this chap still had such a childish side to him.

Wang Zheng was a little embarrassed. Luckily, no one had seen him. After all, everyone wanted to act cool at least once.

It was a little dumb, yet exhilarating. From elementary school to high school, he was fond of Atlantis mecha. During his elementary school days, he did the same thing with an Atlantis mech toy model and even played the mecha games with Yan Xiaosu in the past.

Such fond memories.

Growl —— His stomach was protesting.

Crap, he had forgotten to eat, dinner ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Zhang Shan did not call for him, most probably because the nurses who were massaging him were too hot …...

Rumble. The huge doors of the mech warehouse closed, and the entire warehouse plunged into darkness.

"Meng Ao, I didn't expect your kids from Earth to be so childlike..." Lie Wuqing joked.

Suddenly, a fluorescent light appeared in the mech warehouse. The runes of the Atlantis mech had started to shine and a ray of light shone from the mech's eyes.

The three generals in the observation room were stunned......

Today's training was indeed tiring and difficult for everyone, as it was both physically and mentally draining. They still had to look through various combat data and video clips during their breaks, and there were professional analysts explaining to them the merits of the mech.

All these things were merely technical analysis. The master taught the trade, but the apprentice's skills were self-made. How much one could apply what they learned and how they absorbed information was also based on the individual. Although the concepts being taught were relatively basic, they were still insightful. At least Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan were somewhat interested and were continuously absorbing information just like sponges.

It was clear that those from the Moon were a little absent-minded, or rather disdained such education. With regards to such things where they had self-acclaimed to have mastered, they felt that this kind of teaching was a bit of a drag.

The phrase 'practice makes perfect' was evidently not applicable to those from the Moon. Their ability to absorb and understand was very strong. Once they understood something, they believed that they fully understood it and were not willing to waste more time and energy on it. To them, it was reducing their efficiency.

The competition was rather intense, the scores of the teams were very close, and Lie Xin was currently in the lead. Of course, everyone knew that they did adaptation training during the summer break. It was targeted training to give them an advantage.

But Lie Guang was a bit of a show-off. During one of the training sessions, the mech had hit a stone wall underwater and had some mechanical problems after it came out.

Currently, it was a close race between Wang Zheng, Lie Xin, Achilles, and Lear, while Lie Guang seemed to be falling behind.

Lie Xin was anxious, but she could not show that she was losing her calm. They only had an hour of lunch break and she still had to eat. After all, she was from the Lie Family, and this was her home ground. Duncan immediately called for a service technician, but for this type of mech, ordinary service technicians would not be able to solve the issue. They could only deploy another mech from another base to replace his. However, it was evident that it could not arrive in an hour's time, and this would mean that Lie Guang would be getting a zero for his score this afternoon.

The reason behind Wang Zheng's defeat on the Moon was due to time delays. The battle in the Mars region was the most intense as everyone was neck and neck, and not performing to standards at this crucial time was a fatal mistake.

Lear was gloating a little and Achilles had heaved a sigh of relief secretly. This battle was too critical for him.

"Why not let me try? You all can go and have your meals," Wang Zheng said.

Duncan was stunned. "Wang Zheng, don't mess around with this, let the others do what they should do. I won't let you all off so easily for this afternoon's training."

"Wang Zheng, you're really an all-rounder. Don't tell me you're thinking of swapping mecha with Lie Guang." Taros laughed.

With one word, he tried to provoke the people from Mars. Wang Zheng's scores were excellent, and if Lie Xin's rank went down, it would mean that Wang Zheng would have risen in the rankings.

Zheng Yu, the service technician at the base, also laughed as the tone of this young chap seemed almost arrogant.

"Could it be that the system that regulates the internal balance of the mech was shaken up? If so, you could try changing it to the Lanpur system. It shouldn't affect the mech's piloting significantly as there isn't much of a difference from the conventional mech's system."

Wang Zheng said, and Zheng Yu could not laugh anymore. How could a pilot know about the terminologies that only the technicians would understand?

"I don't think so, it is shock resistant," Zheng Yu said as he frowned.

"From my analysis, it could be that Lie Guang executed a forceful maneuver after the impact and charged right at the wall yet again."

Everyone immediately looked towards Lie Guang. Lie Guang shrugged his shoulders, feeling helpless. "You know, I hate things that are blocking my way, so I just went for it …... Who would have known that this mech was so useless and that Aslan had produced such a defective product."

Lie Xin rolled her eyes. This b*stard was still doing such an absurd thing at this crucial moment.

"The design of water combat mecha and land combat mecha is different. How can you do such a thing?" Zheng Yu was speechless. "But honestly speaking, I cannot repair this."

"Let me try." Wang Zheng had already taken over the tools and started to open the mech's cover skillfully.

No one went to have their meals, as it was an enjoyment watching Wang Zheng's movements. They were very skillful, and he was rather precise in finding the areas where the mech's internal systems were located. This was not unfamiliar to him.

Half an hour later, the mech was restored to its initial state ...

The audience gave a resounding round of applause, and Zhang Shan shouted at the top of his lungs. This was insane, so he just had to shout out!

Taros and Lear looked at each other. Never in their dreams would they have thought that Wang Zheng had such capabilities. It was as though he had done Lie Xin a big favor, especially when Lie Xin had looked at them with unfriendly eyes. It was evident that everyone was rather disgusted by such an act of provocation.

One week of underwater training had ended successfully.

All the participating trainees had passed the inspection. And from the results, there were a few notable ones, like Stoker from Lear's team. His underwater abilities were indeed outstanding, but what left him speechless was that he did not come in first place in the underwater combat training which he was extremely confident in.

First place went to Wang Zheng. His natural movement in the water and his grasp of underwater special combat skills were swift and violent. In second place was Stoker and in third place was Achilles. The Sun God's performance was perfect as always. He was outstanding in every aspect, it was just that his scores were just a little behind Wang Zheng's.

In fourth place was Lear, in fifth place was Lie Xin, and in the sixth place was Luo Fei.

Although it was a home ground battle, Lie Xin did not get the home ground advantage. With regards to the underwater mech training, they had already trained hard for it during the summer break, but other than getting a little advantage initially, they were overtaken very quickly.

Especially by Wang Zheng. He did not give off the feel of a genius and did not look like one. But he was like a monster when in control of a mech.

The results of the simulated battle were also unbelievable. The key was to gain an advantage in the use of water resistance, buoyancy, and to also have a higher level of understanding with regards to the mech.

Wang Zheng was not only a pilot, but also a service technician. He could analyze the ways to use the mech from different perspectives, and during the training process, he even provided feedback to others.

Repairing Lie Guang's mech had let everyone see that this was Wang Zheng's personality and not because he had other motives. He was the reserve leader, and it was possible that he would end up becoming the actual leader. Everyone wanted to be a leader, but only Wang Zheng exuded the natural charisma of one.

Everyone could feel it as well. Unwittingly, everyone had accepted Wang Zheng. Wang Zheng could not give them any direct benefits, but it just felt appropriate for him to be the one. He was worthy of their trust.

Towards the end, whoever had faced difficulties in the operation of the mech or even had some glitches would look for Wang Zheng directly. It would be more convenient and direct than looking for a technician.

Such recognition was gradual, and unwittingly, everyone had established trust in Wang Zheng.

Compared to the arrogance of those from the Moon and Lear's gloominess, Wang Zheng was a little better. Although Lie Xin was not bad, it felt like she was still lacking something.

Based on the trend, everyone had suddenly realized that Wang Zheng had a very high chance of becoming the leader.

Duncan gathered everyone to set up the arrangements for the next mission.

The star chart opened up. "Look here. This comet belt is located at the border of the Solar System and it is not within a fixed route. However, once you pass through this comet belt, there is a group of interplanetary pirates who have been entrenched and are constantly fleeing around. For many years, they have committed many crimes, but these guys are sly and cunning. The Interplanetary Inspection Team have tried multiple times to encircle and suppress them, but they failed. But this time, our undercover agents have managed to infiltrate them successfully, and now is the time for us to destroy them."

Duncan looked at everyone, and everyone seemed extremely eager and excited about it.

Having such a feeling was not good, because this kind of excitement would mean that they were underestimating their enemies.

"First and foremost, this is not a drill. If you fail, only death awaits," Duncan said indifferently.

"These pirates are nicknamed and known as the Routers. Raston, Taros, this should be familiar to the two of you."

For those from the central planets, they would not pay much attention to these hooligans, but for the Space City or the planets at the borders of the Solar System, it was different.

The two of them nodded. "These guys have committed several crimes. The Federation has offered high rewards, but no one has come forward to take on the mission."

Everyone was on alert. The pirates would flee when a big troop came, and if it was a small troop, they would just kill them off. If they were up against the special forces, they would also flee and run off before coming back again. Indeed, they were difficult to deal with. Besides, the leader of the Router pirate group was always on his toes, so it was quite difficult to infiltrate them. No one knew how this was done.

"This time, all of you are going to disguise as students from the Montgomery Finance College and head towards the Immortal Fairy Galaxy to attend a networking event."

"Ahh, that affluent second generation college. They could probably rob a huge fortune out of it." Lie Guang laughed.

Actually, he was also considered part of the affluent second generation class. To be exact, he was the most senior when it came to the affluent second generation.

Montgomery Finance College was located on the Moon. It provided a holistic finance education for the children from rich families. It was indeed formidable, and the students were mostly sons and daughters from the new generation of wealthy families. In the college, all the students had similar backgrounds and could form new friendship circles and relationships at the same time. The selling point was clear, and hence it had been very popular over the past few years.

If these precious children were out on a trip, and it would be normal for them to be targeted.

"You all will be replacing them. A merchant ship will be provided. Once surrounded, the ship's leader will choose to surrender. What you all have to do is, when docking with the pirates' command ship, seize overall control quickly. Then you'll have to work together, both inside and outside, and hold on until the Federation's Inspection Team arrives."

Duncan instructed the team.

This was their first time executing such a mission, and it was a clash with pirates. Some of them were excited, and some were worried …...

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