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The Hundred Refined Blade slashed towards the sky, and in an instant, the magnetic source was destroyed. Numbnut. How could he possibly let this thing hit him?

Titus took a few steps back and neutralised the force from the leaning landslide. It was a powerful strike, but the impact wasn't too bad in a CT backseat. This was a truly astounding mech that could share much of the pilot's burden.

Arc Slide Step!

Given the mech's powers, this move was faster than the usual slide steps. The mech charged right at the Wind God.

In a short distance like that, the magnetic source could only be used for an escape, and even then, it may not succeed. Once such a move was made, the opponent would surely follow up and give chase endlessly.

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

The the blades danced and waved in the air as the two clashed. Neither of them used a shield, and one strike was all it would take for it to be over.

Titus grew more and more excited as things went on. This guy had some great moves! A pro, it seemed. It wasn't easy to shun from his attacks, but his opponent was managing to maintain a fine control of the distance between them.

He had surely heard of this one part of the world that was proficient in skills thought to be lost forever, something known as "martial arts", but either way, he couldn't be bothered with such nonsense. Mecha were king. Speed, accuracy, and ruthlessness made the king invincible.

In terms of moves, the mech's capabilities would allow one to come up with sequential moves and tactics. This "martial arts thingy" was simply a joke.

Legend had it that this thing originated from Earth, and he didn't expect to face off against a weirdo like that towards the end of the event.

The Hundred Refined Blade spun quicker and quicker, making a whirring sound as it cut through the air. Everybody watched as the Wind God dodged the knife from left to right, with a few close shaves.

That wouldn't do. Dancing on the edge of the knife was too risky. He may get taken out any time!

However, a dozen strikes later, the Wind God remained unhurt, and everybody's hopes began to grow. Wild attacks were normally followed by retaliation.

Mentuo and friends were pleased. "We're in luck today, Mechanic is taking this seriously now."

"Tsk tsk. A rare occurrence that happens once or twice a year. To think it could happen here."


The Hundred Refined Blade swept right across, forcing the Wind God to retreat and pulling their distance apart. It seemed like Mechanic's energy was spent and it was time to blow the horns for a retaliation, when a bright ray of light erupted from the Blade Demon mech.

"No! Quick, hide!" Yao Ailun jumped straight up in the broadcasting studio.

Not many people were able make use of the Blade Demon's additional functions. It carried the same effects as the Wind God's emergency energy shields that activated at the very last moment. Under non-stop high speed build up, the Blade Demon's energy shield could be adjusted to a minimum, releasing the excess energy in the form of a typhoon!


A mini typhoon that was visible to the naked eye went spiraling towards the Wind God.

An energy attack.

The Blade Demon cackled and followed. I'll give you a taste of a show!

This could never be dodged.

The Wind God was swept up into the skies in just a flash. The Blade Demon caught up, launching him into the air.

There was no chance of shunning in the air!

The Imperial Dragon's Soaring Attack!

Shiver in fear, idiotic Earth people! You will never be able to achieve such great heights!

The Hundred Refined Blade came chopping wildly at the Wind God. The mech's engines ran at its highest speed as it charged at the Wind God like a bull and burst all out in one go. All those attacks before this were actually just accumulating force!

As the brightest pearl among the Manalasuo Kings, Titus' abilities were clear and true to his name.

Nobody could block such an intense attack. Even masters from Aslan had been slain by him.

Techniques like that only existed in legends. Only a world like CT could make it come alive.

This was an art. This was perfection!

Zoom zoom zoom... Sword light arched out.

Stuck mid-air, Wang Zheng did not expect to face such an attack. A surprise energy typhoon was indeed unavoidable, and others would surely panic if swept up like that; they would be unable to move or find an entry point for force.

But... nobody had ever said being swept up in the air would definitely mean getting beaten up.

Up in the air, the Wind God waited for its opponent to strike. Its titanium claws sprang out. Regardless of the speed of the blades, they were merely attacks. But if they couldn't be blocked, he'd be dead.

One strike, two strikes, three strikes…

Thirteen violent blows, every blow blocked flawlessly. This time around, the Blade Demon was truly spent.

It was time to take control. The Blade Demon plummeted, while the Wind God made use of the opponent's force to stay in the air. Just then, a magnetic source fired out.

It was an old trick, and the Blade Demon could only attempt to block it. The magnetic source trapped the Hundred Refined Blade, and the Wind God descended from above.


A violent clash aimed directly at the Blade Demon. The mech retreated quickly, but the Wind God gave chase like the wind, kicking it on the side.

The tumbling Blade Demon lost its balance and fell on its back. Titus tried to take control, but he had used up too much energy in his earlier moves. Even after using all his might, he was unable to act as he wished.

The Wind God's magnetic source flew out again. Bang!

The mech fell right down. Boom!

The Blade Demon was floored. He quickly lashed around him with the Hundred Refined Blade sweeping around. Titus was stunned at what had just happened. Yet right at this moment, the Wind God leapt, tossing a magnetic source to the left and another to the right.

Left or right?

Titus clenched his teeth. Watching his opponent's moves, he violently struck down on the left. However, he hit empty air. The Wind God had gone to his right. Its claws came down, and the Hundred Refined Blade was knocked flying into the walls.

The Wind God landed right on the Blade Demon and retracted its claws. A breathtaking pause.

Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom ...

Boxing time!

The Wind God struck left and right, raining blow after blow on the Blade Demon.

Truth be told, that wasn't any technique. Just primitive, violent punches.

Titus tried pushing the Wind God away, but every time he lifted his head, he would be punched back into the ground. The Blade Demon lifted its legs in an attempt to flip the Wind God off, only to realise that it was stuck waist down. Flailing its legs like a roach was of no use.

"Damn. That's harsh! Our international friend won't dare to come back again."

Hammer couldn't help but giggle. Even Prince chuckled. He knew that Skeleton was avenging him.

When it came to respectable opponents, Skeleton would definitely show respect. However, this type of opponent was simply asking for it.

Titus had a hatred of being violently attacked and struggled with all his might. He used all sorts of methods and tactics, only to be easily blocked, locked, swept, and swiped away by the Wind God.

Every time he fought back, he received a violent beating on his face.

Empty-handed and full of energy, his mech should;ve had an advantage and shouldn't have been suppressed by the opponent this way. However, every move it made was blocked and followed by a round of harsh blows.

After struggling a dozen times, Titus was finally beat in. He still had strength left in him, but he had already lost all hope. His opponent was hanging him up for a beating.

With unimaginable techniques that were way beyond his comprehension.

On Earth, martial arts were found in many forms, such as wrestling, and were practiced by many pilots, including CT players, on top of their gym routines. This was prominent in the Solar System. However, the understanding of the anatomy and the actual control of the mech were two separate issues that were pretty much of no use in battles. Yet the Wind God had managed to show, for once, martial arts in the mech world.

It was untrue that martial arts were useless. It was just that physically wrestling was different from wrestling in mecha. The concept itself was not the same, and required a different understanding. But when you got around to it, the tables would turn.

An agile mech like the Wind God, when maneuvered by a pilot like that, was simply invincible.

Wang Zheng could feel his opponent's desperation and hopelessness. He deployed magnetic sources, and the Wind God leapt right onto them to remove the Hundred Refined Blade from the wall.

The Blade Demon laid quietly on the floor the whole time. It did not struggle. Sometimes, struggling would only bring more suffering.

Wang Zheng walked over slowly, the Hundred Refined Blade held high above his head, reflecting a cold ray of light.

A public execution!

The suppressed viewers on Earth went completely wild. Who'd asked this guy to behave in such a cocky way? There's a price to pay for acting like that!

Skeleton was the spiritual warrior of the people!

An attack made in silence. Both opponents and teammates were deeply astounded by this scene. A scene that would forever be etched in their minds.

Manalasuo can pack up and go home!

Cheers erupted from every corner. Old Deer couldn't contain his joy any longer. He won! It felt weird, but for once, he didn't have to eat another milk carton.

It wouldn't matter if Mechanic ate the milk cartons. Eating would mean he was a credible man. Not eating would only go to show that he was weaker than newbs.

But it was clear that not everybody was as credible as Old Deer. Following their defeat, Titus and gang went offline right away, without giving any opportunities for an interview.

"Our counterparts from Manalasuo are beyond unprofessional! Where are the milk cartons they've promised!?" Yao Ailun couldn't help but feel enraged. That was a key part of the show that many were waiting to see.

Old Deer was between laughter and tears. Yao Ailun looked embarrassed, but regardless, he would never eat the boxes on others' behalf.

You could do anything for others, but not this.

A glamorous, glorious victory. Yet it was hardly a challenge for Wang Zheng. He was just avenging his friend, battling a little bit. Even so, he felt a urge within, and all he wanted was to quickly get back to the training camp. Only challenges had meaning to him. Space battles made up half the battlefield, and he could never let himself lack in that area.

Right at that moment, Aina and Lin Huiyin joyfully ran over with smiles on their faces. Wang Zheng knew that they were happy not because of how exciting the match was, but because he had won.

With Huiyin around, Wang Zheng and Aina couldn't go overboard. Girls were easily embarrassed.

Even if Student Wang were thick-skinned, he still couldn't bring himself to act so boldly. The thing was, that lass Lin Huiyin very much lacked awareness. She had not given the two of them any personal space, not even till the very end.

Aina and Huiyin left first. They would return to Aslan once Huiyin finished her concert tour and would then make arrangements for Wang Zheng to come to Aslan as an exchange student.

Wang Zheng felt warm at that very thought.

The ship landed. Su Yan looked at a powerful Wang Zheng and smiled. "Let's go. The rest have been waiting for a long time."

The General had given this lad preferential treatment, but as a soldier, he was only concerned with following orders and couldn't be bothered with other matters.

Drachmach had received thanks from the other party.

"Thanks a lot for this, General Drachmach."

"Heh. It's not an issue, not an issue."

"Oh, no, I owe you a debt. I'll repay you in due time."

The Skylink ended. Drachmach was bewildered. How very interesting! How had Wang Zheng attracted the attention of the Aslan military?

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