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The mech hung mid-space. Atos was getting ready to deliver the fatal blow. He looked mockingly at Zhang Shan, as if he was in a game of catch. He was not going to get away this time around.

The mech boomed. The Avalanche mech cut through space like a ray of light, charging at Zhang Shan, launching a full blow to take Zhang Shan out in a single attack.

Zhang Shan's energy shield was ready. High speed attacks could not destroy his energy shield. This was the one thing that Zhang Shan was able to do.

In a match like this, using the energy shield would cause half the energy of the mech to deplete.

The high-speed Avalanche suddenly pulled up a few meters in front of Zhang Shan, laser cannons aimed at him.

Everyone in the arena held their breaths. They all thought that Atos would use his beam saber to cut Zhang Shan to death; they didn't expect Atos to remain so calm at this juncture.

Laser cannon. The Avalanche mech was not so good at long range firing. The cannons were powerful but had slow firing speeds. Nobody had expected Atos to turn his greatest weakness into his greatest strength. The abrupt stop caught everyone by surprise, but while charging at Zhang Shan, the laser cannons had accumulated energy. The beam sabers were just a decoy.

"Go to hell, dumbass!"

Energy shields were of no use in such close range firing. It was a much wiser option than the beam saber.

With energy shields on, and with so little reaction time given, Zhang Shan's mech couldn't do a thing before the laser fired.

But... Zhang Shan's mech had disappeared.

Just as the laser cannon fired into the vacuum.

Zhang Shan appeared behind Atos. "You're too stupid for this!"

Beam saber attack!


The Avalanche mech imploded.

Roar... Zhang Shan roared wildly. This was his first meaningful victory!

He was drenched in sweat from excitement. He had finally experienced the feeling Wang Zheng so often described. The more crucial things became, the more excited he felt, and the calmer the mind got. The curious mix of excitement and calmness had reached a level beyond the soul's comprehension.

His mind could suddenly work, and in that most crucial moment, even his abilities improved and allowed him to displace for a second time.

A key breakthrough.

He had finally gotten a taste of this feeling of victory.

Winning by 0.1 seconds!

If he was any slower, Zhang Shan would most certainly have been blown to bits, but that was just the essence of it!

Only the Barton mech remained in the air.

"Winner: Zhang Shan."

Su Yan gave a look of surprise. Two displacements in a short span of time. Zhang Shan had again shown improvement. Even though it was just one time more than before, it was definitely a huge leap.

In terms of potential, they'd gone one level up. Given the issue with Wang Zheng, he thought that the Earthlings would lose their will to fight, but instead, their potential was unleashed.

Regardless of selection results, Zhang Shan was bound to enter the list of key candidates the army was to nurture.

Zhang Shan stepped out of the mech hanger into a round of rapturous applause and cheers!

He was brought into the selection by Wang Zheng and was doubted by many. It had been extremely stressful, but after this match, there shouldn't be anyone who'd doubt him anymore.

Yuan Ye gave Zhang Shan two hard punches on his shoulder. "wWow, dude! You're the second Wang Zheng, eh! Ares College is really coming through this time, eh!"

"Great fight, Zhang Shan!" Meng Tian and Zhang Runan were truly happy for him. It was a calm and swift fight, luring the enemy in and taking him out in a single blow. Classic.

"Haha, I remembered Wang Zheng's secret technique at the very last minute. Tsk tsk, real useful. It was enough to beat up trash like Atos."

Atos charged out at him like a mad dog from the other simulation pod. "That didn't count! Again!"

But Masasi and friends held him back.

If he continued to behave like that, he would embarrass everybody.

Atos was capable, but he had gotten ahead of himself. Milo took a quick glance at Achilles and saw the disappointment in his eyes.

She knew that he had given up on Atos. A person like that did not deserve to remain by his side.

Zhang Shan had put up an exciting fight, showing everyone that even without Wang Zheng, Earth was not to be trifled with.

Wang Zheng, on the other hand, was getting ready to face his final opponent: Mechanic.

Why the name "Mechanic"?

That was because, on Manalasuo, the best pilot was known as Mechanic, and so that person would use that as his ID. Using the ID without any capabilities would only invite sneering and mockery, but having real capabilities meant suppressing the opponent.

Invitation to the final match.

Mechanic was to initiate and pick the battle map... New York Defense Battle.

A classic city battle scene.

What was that? This terrain was undoubtedly most suited for the Wind God.

This Mechanic's arrogance was way off the charts.

Titus smiled, relaxed, waiting for his opponent to arrive.

What surprised him most was how a common match like that had managed to attract more than 30 million viewers. What a joke.

Having 10 million viewers was insane. To think so many people would tune in to this.

And so, he was excited!

From the fact that he dared to use the ID "Mechanic", it was clear that he was a confident and showy person. He could only dwell on how to beat his opponent into a pulp.

The Wind God, a bunny-like thing, jumping all over the place.

He would use the Blade Demon to teach his opponent a good lesson!

The staff of OMG was also waiting for the live broadcast to come through.

They knew very well that Skeleton's performance would give them something special.

Ye Zisu, together with everyone else, held her hands tightly, bursting with pride. The Wind God had already proven that CT's popularity at this stage was unimportant, but as her "first-born" design, Ye Zisu naturally hoped that the Wind God could continue to bask in glory.

The Blade Demon was no doubt a classic mech. It was considered quite a piece of work in the entire Milky Way's mech design industry, a masterpiece created by the top mech designing team from Scissors Co. in Manalasuo, and a breakthrough in mech movement. Nonetheless, Ye Zisu was confident in her Wind God.

The Wind God was harder to control than the Blade Demon. It was difficult to grasp the timing that the magnetic sources should be deployed. That part really required a lot more practice to master, and it was also the reason why the Wind God was considered a high-end mech.

"Mechanic, block his displacement. Don't give this guy any chance to jump all over the place. A mech like the Wind God will lose its fighting capabilities once its movement is blocked."

"Don't worry. Given the Blade Demon's displacement speed, the Wind God doesn't stand a single chance. Just look at what he's dealing with!"

The two mech warriors showed up at the same time in New York City, under tens of thousands of watchful eyes.

Mentuo and his gang were considered masters, but they were still a notch below Mechanic. The Kings had ranks within, and when Mechanic used the Blade Demon, he was truly invincible.

"The key to this match lies with displacement!" Old Deer said, providing a rather professional viewpoint. "Skeleton should maintain a good distance right from the start. The Blade Demon is able to use its displacement more often, but the Wind God is definitely better in terms of agility. You've got to show it!"

Old Deer sounded confident, though he felt nervous inside. This was the first time he placed bets on Skeleton, and it would be depressing if he lost.

"Old Deer, no fear! You should have believed that Skeleton was the eternal victor long ago, hah!" Yao Ailun was rather chirpy. He had received a detailed analysis of the Blade Demon mech. Chen Xiu had sent him a copy.

Now that he was a freelance commentator, Yao Ailun's popularity at school sky-rocketed, and he could be considered a famous person.

"Don't be superstitious!"

"Hahah.. you were right, this is a battle of distance. The one who controls the distance will be the one to control how this battle goes."

Wang Zheng rode the Wind God towards the Blade Demon. Neither party seemed to have any intentions of going around.

The Blade Demon was clearly confident in his own judgement and techniques, or he wouldn't have picked a battle scene that would suit the Wind God.

Watching the Wind God come towards him, Titus' smile grew wide.


The Blade Demon attacked. The Blade Demon mech was one size bigger than the Wind God, but it was faster in both attack and activating its displacement.

Faced with the Blade Demon's charge, the Wind God picked up speed too.


The Hundred Refinement Blades were drawn.

Ratatat ratatat ratatat...

The two mecha were now just tens of meters apart, and the Wind God still did not show signs of changing his direction of attack using the magnetic sources.

Twenty meters. They were dangerously close now. The Wind God had to move quickly.

But Skeleton's Wind God continued to advance steadily, seemingly without a plan. Was he going to battle head on?

No way!

Old Deer's jaw dropped further and further down. He felt disconcerted. It seemed like the Skeleton still had a problem with him. The Wind God was a scout mech that needed to move around to find loopholes to attack; was Skeleton crazy enough to take on a fighter-type mech head on?

Titus grinned coolly. You enjoy shows, don't you? I'll show you this time!

Ten meters!

It was time to move. In fact, the Wind God's last chance to move. However, Skeleton seemed to be accumulating strength for a melee battle.

That would kill him!

The Blade Demon attacked. Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

The Blade Demon mech made an awesome triple Arc Slide, swiftly attacking three times a row.

Bang... Bang...

Two strikes missed as the Wind God blocked them with its claws. But parrying the blade like that was just a decoy launched by Titus. By its third slide, the Blade Demon had arrived behind the Wind God, holding the Hundred Refined Blade with two hands, violently slashing down!

That was Titus' favorite killer move -- a public execution!

The crowd gaped. Old Deer was embarrassed. Facing the Blade Demon head on was a damned suicide mission!

The Blade Demon had to be quick. He had easily suppressed the Wind God, but even fools knew to shy from weakness and display strength.

There was no use in wanting to deploy a magnetic source now. From a distance like that, deploying and catching up with the source would take time. It didn't matter how fast he was, the opponent was even faster.

Skeleton was bound to be crushed.

Old Deer stared hard. Damn it! Not using things at the right time! Would Skeleton finally be defeated this time?

In an instant.


The Wind God did not even look back. It launched an instant back kick. Using the force to thrust himself forward, he pulled their distance apart immediately.

Titus was glad to be struck. Hah! Trying to play punk at this juncture? Do you think I'm a newbie here?

The Blade Demon kept control and glided over in a flash. The Hundred Refined Blade struck once more, this time with even greater force.

However, the Wind God did not run. It turned back right at the same time.


Leaning Landslide!

Every flaw was a threat. The Wind God had a lower center of gravity, and with an instant displacement at this distance, the Hundred Refined Blade had only just landed.

A vigorous quake resounded. The Blade Demon took a few steps backwards. Just then, a ray of light shot past... the magnetic source.

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