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The three of them evidently had great chemistry, striking out at the same time.

Three beam sabers lashed across, while Wang Zheng threw out two Magnetic sources.

During the short timeframe of that overlapping exchange, a Magnetic source flew right out with just one click. The Wind God flew from the left walls to the right in an instant, and following that descended from above.

Face to face with the Wind God, the Shadow mech immediately countered the swift movement of the Wind God with a beam saber attack into where he thought he would arrive at. He thrusted forward, only to find the Wind God... gone!

The magnetic sources shot out in overlapping tracks.

An illusionary image of the Wind God appeared. It was all just a diversion. The Wind God dashed right towards the Bestial Dragon mech.

The Bestial Dragon was a typical heavy mech. But the Wind God did not bother with it.


It was sent flying?

No, it had knocked the opponent back using the mech's momentum!

Then at this point, the Wind God showed its ultimate killer move, the Wind God dashed toward the Godly Gaze mech...Boom...

An explosion was heard.

The Godly Gaze mech was unable to react. It did not even think that after flying all over the place, the Wind God's target was actually him.

All masters had a bad habit. They never opened fire until the final key moment. If the attack was well done, it would be the work of the heavens. If the attack was not...

The Bestial Dragon and the Shadow were enraged. The two mecha burst out madly, but as the Wind God's magnetic sources shot out, the mech disappeared behind the building, they immediately chased after it. In just an instant, the Wind God had descended from above yet again!

This was the greatest part of the magnetic sources. No matter how quick a mech was, it would never be a match to the almost instantenous displacement of the magnetic source.

The Shadow reacted very quickly, and the exchange took place in a flash. He activated his energy shield, only to suffer a round of crazy, violent attacks. He gaped and watched as the Energy shield was destroyed.

Just what sort of monster is he?

The Bestial Dragon charged forward, and the Wind God disappeared amongst the rooftops once more. The two mech warriors wanted to give chase by instinct, but the Wind God did not go around the building. It moved swiftly and came charging from the front again.

The two of them saw him. But seeing with their eyes and physically following up with actions were two different things. Moreover, what they were in the process of turning around, expecting the Wind God to come from behind...

In the blink of an eye, another round of violent attacks was launched. After finishing a set of attacks, the Shadow's Energy shield was already destroyed previously but this time, the Bestial Dragon took the brunt of the attacks and had managed to cling on to his poor life.

The Wind God took off again.

He had come and gone like the wind. A true Wind God!

Mentuo and Jie Fulin were furious. They didn't even get to catch their opponent's shadows and were already beaten into such a state.

The Wind God returned, and the Bestial Dragon charged at it without a care.

Grab him!

The Bestial Dragon's sudden move, coupled with its thunderous vibration attack, managed to slow the Wind God down as the Shadow arrived.

With beam sabers were held high above their heads, they suddenly felt something in their chests. They watched as a humongous figure crashed into Shadow...


Hammer and friends couldn't help but shake their fists. They were courting for death.

In a flash, it was just Bestial Dragon left on the battlefield. The Wind God had "flew" off once more.

A heavy mech, faced with a light Scout type mech, in the middle of a city. How would it play out?

It was a game of a cat chasing a rat.

"Come on out! Come out! Take me on, one-on-one, if you dare!" Mentuo yelled madly.

All of a sudden, he could sense that something was off. A figure had descended, landing right ontop of him, titanium claws cruelly attacking at his head in a flash.

This was followed by a backflip with the Wind God landing on the floor.

The two mech were back to back.

Boom... the Bestial Dragon exploded, sparks flew all over the place.

The Wind God strolled out from the fire consumed battlefield.

A Wind God was born!

The blue team was extinguished!

Who cared if they were Kings? Everything is transient.

The hall of staff cheered. Manalasuo had been abusing them so much so that they haven't been able to bring themselves to smile. The atmosphere has been too stressful for too long, and in that moment, it was all released.

It was simply a work of art! Incredible controls! And of course, the most exciting

part was the diversion tactic, tricking the opponents silly.

This was a tactic available only on Earth.

Taking everyone out in less than twenty minutes.

"Boss, there are 20million people online," a staff said coolly.

Solon nodded calmly.

The Earth district's CT forum bustled as though as it was some kind of festival.

All sorts of yelling and cheering, and once they take down that arrogant

mechanic, the Manalasuo people could scram back home.

Wang Zheng removed the equipment. Huiyin sized Wang Zheng up and said, "I couldn't tell you have such capabilities."

"That's nothing. These are not actually masters. The real masters probably wouldn't take part in this, but it did allow me to collect more data on some mech."

Wang Zheng chuckled. Aina's cup of tea. When the two of them were dating,

Wang Zheng truly didn't sense Aina's princess-like temperament. On the other hand, although Huiyin was well-tempered, certain details still showed their difference in status.

It was only at the debut that Wang Zheng first felt Aina was like someone from another world, high and mighty, and even a mountain of gold could not buy her smile.

"Hey, hey! What's this? You two are treating me like I don't exist again! Can eyes even speak? Let me see."

Wang Zheng and Aina stared lovingly and longingly at each other. It was clear they were both reminiscing the fun times they shared when Huiyin's tiny head popped up between them again.

"Huiyin has pretty eyes. Such long lashes!" exclaimed Wang Zheng. Children had to be coaxed.

"Tsk. Lies. Sister's eyes are clearly the prettiest. They are the most unique pair of eyes in the whole of Milky Way!" Huiyin said, secretly feeling pleased at the compliment.

There was no doubt children loved compliments.

When it came to fighting standards, Huiyin and Aina were not professionals.

Regardless, they understood that Wang Zheng has won.

The two girls were there more to experience the atmosphere.

The Prince was engrossed in watching the match. He had made a mistake in trying to make use of the Wind God's strong suit in movement, but it could only be said that given the huge disparity between their capabilities, the Wind God was a Scout Mech which abilities could only be displayed in a complicated terrain.

In other words, this was a hunt which required patience.

As long as he could disorient his opponents, just one strike would be fatal.

He had to go as far as beating down his opponent's confidence. Once they've lost confidence, their will to fight would plummet.

He had focused too much on using displacement techniques in his attacks in the past, and that was an easy target for his opponents.

Once he could move as he wished, the world became boundless.

"Wow, that's awesome, Prince! If coupled with my Gold Guardian, we can definitely turn the world upside down!"

"Yeah. Our tactics were way too simple in the past, but I am going to learn more about mecha!"

The Prince's passion had been ignited. Everybody had their own gift, and if it couldn't be mastered in ten tries, then a hundred. If not a hundred, then a thousand tries, ten thousand tries. So long as it was deemed suitable, he would be able to truly master it some day!

Over at Wang Zheng's, the mood was relaxed, unlike at Manalasuo. A number of King players had been taken out easily, and it was embarrassing, given that they were broadcasting the battle live, too.

The broadcast was titled "Teaching Earth's Newbies the Way", but in the end, they were the ones who were being shown "the Way".

Especially during the final Nimble Dodge, where the two Manalasuo candidates were completely taken down.

It was okay to be defeated, but being crushed humiliatingly was quite a pathetic sight.

This Wind God's controls and judgement was way quicker than those who came before.

Even if they could judge accurately, they were unable to react in time. This was the true essence of the Wind God's displacement tactics.

The Wind God's displacements could definitely be traced, and so there had to be more variations in its routines, and it had to react quicker.

That was also the nature of the Scout Mech.

Old Deer and Yao Ailun were also turning frenzied in the broadcasting studios.

Even Old Deer couldn't help but compliment his long-time rival.

Having a great understanding of mech and their user's mentalities, Old Deer remained neutral in his views. He analysed the match from both sides' point of view, while Yao Ailun tended to take sides from time to time. This could also been seen division of work between commentators.

But this match was truly unpleasant. Commentators were humans, too. As they kept watching these people lose, they found themselves at a loss for words.

From another point of view, Manalasuo's challenge was also an opportunity of a kind. Victory aside, Earth district was able to show off their capabilities and win the respect of others.

The first step was always the hardest.

A grand battle was about to kick off in thirty minutes. Solon had already given instructions for the staff to make tight preparation.

Nobody could blame Wang Zheng and Aina for being unwilling to part ways. It was not easy for Aina to come and visit, but Wang Zheng had his own things to take care of. While three days were considerably short, he had to go on with his training. Neither knew when would be the next time they would see each other again.

They did not even want to think about this at first, but now that they had to be separated once more, they were extremely reluctant to part ways. If not for the fact that Huiyin was around, the two of them wouldn't even be here.

"Actually, I've got an idea. Wang Zheng, put up a good performance this time round, and Sister, you could encourage the Royal Academy to host some sort of exchange program for a month or two. That'd solve your problem," Huiyin said.

Aina was stunned. "That's right!" From a big picture point of view, the relationship between Aslan and the Solar System Federation was growing, and this matter could be arranged with a little bit of her ingenuity.

Aina looked expectantly at Wang Zheng, and of course, Wang Zheng agreed. He wanted to visit Aslan, too.

The renowned Royal Academy was one of the top ten colleges in the Milky Way. It was the cradle of elites and geniuses.

"You're such a clever girl, Huiyin," Aina said, smiling. She was genuinely pleased. Sometimes, being involved made it hard to have a clear view of things. She used to worry about many things, and often, things were not as worrisome as she imagined.

Hosting an inter-college exchange was a perfectly normal thing to do.

"So, Student Wang Zheng, you've got to do well," Huiyin patted Wang Zheng with her tiny hand, like a child pretending to be an adult.

Wang Zheng's opponent was getting impatient. The fighter has seen the whole

battle, and finally, a hardy rabbit that enjoyed bouncing around for his match.

Blade Demon mechs were experts at beating up this type of agile mechs.

Moreover, it was already shown that Blade Demon mech could take down all types of Scout Mechs. Beating an experimental mech like the Wind God would definitely deter any other plausible opponent.

"Now, our pre-battle interview. Excuse me, Mechanic. Having seen the one-to-five battle, what do you expect from player Skeleton?" Old Deer asked.

Rather professionally.

"I hope he can continue to hang in there, or I would be disappointed in Earth."

"Oh, does that mean you're confident in winning?" Old Deer went on.

The Mechanic scoffed. "Is that even a question? Do I even need confidence when dealing with people of your kind? Let me tell you this: I am the unbeatable god in the Earth district!"

The camera zoomed in for a feature of the Mechanic's face. Such domineering air!

"Heh. Having confidence is good. Player Mechanic, we from the Earth district have a habit of placing bets before a battle. I wonder if you are interested in that?" Old Deer asked eruptly.

"Hmph. Nothing to bet on for a match with no suspense. Not interested."

"Heh, it's just for a little bit of luck and fun. I'm sure you've got milk cartons on your side. If you win, I'll eat two of them. But if you lose... well, considering that you're a guest, you can just eat one."

Old Deer said magnanimously, with an enthusiastic look on his face. The crowd knew very well that the Deer God was setting up some sort of trap.

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