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"People of Earth, confirm quickly. Are you going to fight? The end result will still be the same. You all can choose the method of your doom, haha."

"Are there any decent players? I might as well go 1 v 5."

"That would not work out. We need to draw lots to make a decision. Beating weaker players is something that should be enjoyed by everyone."

People of the Black Dragon faction were already pissed off before the beginning of the battle. "Centaur, what are you doing?" shouted Black Dragon, the captain.

"Captain, the people of the Skeleton Corps asked me to quit and someone will replace me," said Centaur.

"Tell them to get lost, they can battle the next round themselves. We have never worked together before!", said Black Dragon angrily. The rude kids opposite him had been playing for many rounds without defeat. That big zero left a burning feeling on the faces of many players from Earth."

"No, Boss, it's Skeleton..."

"Oh, my God! Are you sure it's Skeleton… What? Who?"

"People from the Skeleton Corps mentioned that it was Skeleton who was coming online and that he wanted to warm up before the main battle," explained Centaur.

"Why are you still jabbering? Get out of here right now and leave your spot open! You should've told me earlier!" shouted a delighted Black Dragon.

"You didn't even let me finish and you even blamed me…" whispered Centaur to himself quietly.

At this time, an ID logged in, and after confirming quickly, it entered the battle.

Five versus five on the Battle of Madagascar map (City warfare map).

Black Dragon and his people had a burning feeling even before the battle began. They could not wait to beat the bastards in front of them.

There were no restrictions on which mech could be selected, and as such, people directly selected the ones they were most proficient at.

Wang Zheng directly confirmed his selection of the Wind God.

"Sister, this mech was designed by Ye Zisu and even the Aslan Mech Research Center gave it good reviews. You need to be careful."

Huiyin quietly reminded that even though she liked Ye Zisu, she still needed to be on the side of her own people.

Aina smiled and stroked her head gently.

"Don't keep touching me, I can't grow up if you keep on coddling me."

Her cousin was full of confidence and showed no signs of nervousness.

Both parties entered the battle arena. People from the Black Dragon faction were brimming with confidence and there was a difference in the feeling about them. In a battle, having a strong captain was extremely important. Skeleton was not only competent individually, he was also able to cooperate well with others. This practically made him overpowered. The match where he coached Prince was described as God's work in the coaching world.

"Skeleton, the captaincy will be transferred to you. How to battle will be decided by you. The Black Dragon faction is made up of solid fellows who will get the job done," said Black Dragon. In his circle, there were not many strong enough to gain his admiration, but Skeleton was one of them.

"The few fellows from Manalasuo are on the list of Kings. Their skills and teamwork are of a high level. We will not hold back, even if we have to give our lives for that!" said a player with the ID "Small Dragon".

"I have a humble request. Let me handle this battle solo," said Wang Zheng.

The four people of the Black Dragon faction were stunned. The opponents were masters from Manalasuo, and Wang Zheng wanted to take five of them on alone.

Black Dragon only reacted after a short moment and said, "No problem. We will be your cheerleaders."

If it was anyone else who said that, he would most likely be met with a ridiculed response. However, it was Skeleton, and he should be trusted.

"Are the opponents insane? Four of them are rooted to their spots with only a Wind God charging towards us."

Lapt felt strange and said, "That's arrogant. Who's that?"

"Wind God again. The people on Earth really like the Wind God a lot. It's of no interest to me; whoever wants to attack can go ahead," said Scissorhands.

The three others were very arrogant. If not for the promotion by the regional president, they would've been too lazy to come. There was some interest at the start, but it was easy to lose interest with such boring activities like this battle.

"Since you are my seniors, I will settle it with him."

Lapt turned his engine on. His mech was the Gold Wheel, which was produced by Manalasuo's main officials. This mech was not inferior to Arbiter's Slayer, though it was more accurate to say that both were unique in their own ways.

The Gold Wheel's setup did not incorporate the Alloy Knife, but the widely known weapon Crazy Gearwheels. Its deadly spinning movements could be used to slice apart the opponents easily with its rotational force and weight when thrown outwards. It has to be said that in the category of mech research and development, these countries were far ahead.

The Gold Wheel was a mech that was focused on offense. When it went all out, its energy shields were only used to protect it from fatal blows, as everything else on the mech was dedicated to attacking the opponent instead!

Lapt had already secured more than ten kills, which was rather shocking. The opponents in front of him had already been sliced through before even getting close enough to hurt him.

Up until then, no one was able to find a way to counter him.

Explosions resounded in the city. A loud bang indicated the beginning of a battle. Wang Zheng's Wind God saw a uniquely designed mech from afar. Coincidentally, this mech was heavily recommended by Chen Xiu in the past.

It had terrifying damage potential and its weapon could be released and controlled freely. As long as it was properly handled, its damage potential would multiply. The most important part to take note of was how to recall the Gearwheels once they had been thrown out. This attacking pattern was unpredictable and hard to defend against.

Two mecha appeared in each other's field of vision and started to speed up towards each other. Lapt's Gold Wheel stretched its arms out and two gold wheels with a diameter of two meters appeared started spinning.

"Die, little kids!"

In a short moment, both its arms folded together and lashed out in a throwing motion while charging at the Wind God. A whistling sound was heard.

Wang Zheng continued to take large strides forward as the two golden wheels flew towards his head. It was only through a sudden halt that the golden wheels barely missed his chest. Immediately, the Wind God continued to take huge strides forward.

Lapt began to sneer and felt that Wang Zheng was naïve and childish. He moved his arms and the golden wheels ferociously flew in the shape of a strange arc and continued to charge towards Wang Zheng.

It was as if the Wind God did not comprehend what was occurring in front of it as it continued to move forward. With only five meters between them, the Gold Wheel continued to move at the Wind God quickly. At this time, a magnetic source was thrown out, with the Wind God following the source tightly. With a smooth movement, the Wind God was right in front of Lapt in the blink of an eye with the two golden wheels spinning behind it. Then the Wind God's retractable claw lashed out with a killing blow.


The Wind God performed a quick backflip, and upon landing, he did not even look back while taking huge strides away.


Two golden wheels that had lost their gravitational control ended up stuck on the walls, buzzing loudly.

The people from Manalasuo were startled and could not even react in time. How could Lapt simply be finished in a face-off? Was this a joke?

"Seems like a master has come knocking. Lapt was too careless! I'll do it instead!" Scissorhands jumped down from the roof and his mech landed abruptly. It then started charging towards the Wind God.

He was using Arbiter's Overlord. Arbiter and Manalasuo had similar cultures, and although these countries did not share a good relationship, they were both allies on the international stage.

Facing the charging Wind God, Scissorhands was sneering while making a judgement on how much energy to spend. It was frankly quite shocking to him that the Wind God would openly display his outdated and childish displacement techniques, since this was a sign of overconfidence to him.

The Overlord moved towards the Wind God like a cannonball. When the Overlord was operated with high skill, it was a vicious short-ranged attacker.

It even possessed the Sky Rocket Cannon to create a burst of movement.

The distance between the two parties slowly reduced and the giant shield of the Overlord was thrown at the Wind God!

Everyone exclaimed loudly and wondered why a defensive tool had been tossed away.

It was as if Scissorhands could feel that the audience was surprised at his move. Throwing the shield away was nothing to him since a true master was able to understand the essence of the mech and would easily convert defense into offense and utilize offense as a form of defense. Everything required adaptation to different environments and situations, and this was the key to victory.

The moment the shield was tossed away, the Wind God fired out a magnetic source.

Would this hit?

The magnetic energy accurately hit the shield and the Wind God rushed over majestically. It was a precise movement. The Wind God flew towards the shield, stepping on it before using the shield as a platform to launch itself forward. Its movement was as elegant as a dragonfly grazing water and he was headed towards the Overlord.

Scissorhands was also shocked. What kind of movement was this?

In that short moment, a spear from the Overlord lashed out. No matter how subtle and light his movements were, charging over like that only made him a live target.

A battle between masters did not last too long, and activating the energy shield now would be too late since the process took a significant amount of time..


The spear hit the Wind God. However, at that moment, the temporary energy shield had activated and, fortunately, the blow hit the energy shield. It was sufficient to limit the extent of damage done to the Wind God.

The Wind God landed on the ground bravely and brushed past quickly. The Overlord was not nearly as agile and lively as the Wind God and Scissorhands no longer had his "teeth".

Scissorhands had quick reflexes and quickly attempted to ram into the Wind God. He utilized the advantage of his mech to overwhelm his opponent.

However, he had no idea who he was facing.

A magnetic source had already shot out and the Wind God was following the source closely. The Overlord failed to reach his target and Scissorhands could only watch as the Wind God ended up beside him and used his claw to hook onto his head. He reacted subconsciously by turning on the energy shield, but the Wind God had already sprung into the air.

The Overlord looked as if it was a pillar pointing upwards to support the sky.


The Wind God continued to move forward as though he would not miss what he was leaving behind. This was absolute confidence that his attacks would be able to penetrate his opponent's defense.

The Wind God was moving about with a godlike rhythm.

Prince rolled his eyes as he was confident that there was not much of a difference between him and Skeleton when it came to the basic operations of the mech. It was important to comprehend why there were so many outcomes.

It was important to make a proper judgement before launching an attack with the Wind God, because it's direction could be predetermined by the magnetic source. This would however, take some time. This would result in a thrashing if up he was up against a master. However, the outcome could be completely different if he moved quicker and more confidently.

In a battle between masters, it was either suppress or be suppressed.

Perhaps the outcome would seem one-sided, but the difference was blurred down to a thin line in reality.

Most of the time, it came down to one's rhythm and not the operational control of the mech.

The party who was able to control the rhythm dictated the whole battle.

Prince tightly held his hands together. Skeleton told him about his future training direction since his practice was nowhere near enough. He could only be considered comfortable with the usage of the mech at best and he was not at a level where he was completely in control.

The number of people slowly crept to over 10 million, and it was still increasing crazily.

Slow motion cameras replayed quickly. The scene where the magnetic energy attacked the shield was too exciting. A parabolic line was tossed out and not a straight line. The skills at play were extremely high-level.

It was essential to make contact right in the middle, as a slight error would lead to the center of gravity being miscalculated as the shield was rotating!

The Overlord had become a welcoming mat for Skeleton!

The three others had just come to the realization that they were up against a master. A mental underestimation would lead to a disastrous outcome.

Three mechs simultaneously dropped from the roof and surrounded the Wind God.

They did not give much thought to this bunch of people. Before the contest, they only briefly researched the professional players from Earth. Since their rankings were too low, they lost interest.

However, the person in front of them was not in any of the lists of Kings!

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