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There was a limit to one's ability to stay reserved, and the two of them started to talk about it excitedly.

"Cough, this mech model was not built with any metal alloys... As I had said, stop touching it. Everyone, listen up. I'm only going to say it once. Space mecha and the mecha used on the ground have major differences. This is not only about their appearance. The first difference relates to the engine. The engine of land-based mecha are of a semi-open concept, while the engine of a space mecha is completely sealed. Therefore, please take note of the following points when starting the engine..." The in-charge was shaking his head in his heart. What was wrong with this batch of IG? How could two foolish guys manage to sneak in?

Wang Zheng smiled. He was listening attentively to all the different aspects to take note of. The difference between space mecha and land-based mecha was just like the difference between a small van and a cargo truck. Although both could be considered to be cars, the way one operated them was be completely different. Even the licenses to operate them were different.

Quickly, the one in charge of the garage completed his explanation. However, he realized that other than Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan, there weren't many people who were listening attentively. All of a sudden, he lost interest in explaining the facts to this group. He condensed his explanations and said, "There are many differences with respect to the weapons too. Accurate guided missiles and lasers are more threatening in space battle... In essence, that would be the case. Other things to take note of are the simulation system embedded in them…"

The model of the mecha was similar to the common mecha used in the military. There were all kinds of different models, but when it came to weapons, there was an embedded electronic simulation system which simulated the effects of beam sabers, laser guns, and sniper rifles. Although these might seem just like the normal weapons, they used electronic and signal waves for simulation and would not cause actual damage when mecha were hit. However, if one were to be hit, the embedded simulation system on the target's mech would respond just as it would in a real scenario to achieve the same effect as an actual hit.

Zhang Shan curiously joined the crowd. As he squinted his eyes at the version number on the setup, his eyes widened immediately and he said, "Oh, damn, the latest version. The newest version was just released online in Aslan and yet it was immediately in use on the Moon!"

The whole set of systems was developed by Aslan and yet it went online on the Moon at the same time! Although it might;ve been brutal, the costs behind it must have been really huge. For places like Earth and Space City, they were still using the outdated paintball simulation system. Although it worked, the feeling it gave wasn't anything like a real battle. It felt more like a game. However, this system that was in use on the Moon would be able to provide the most realistic battle experience for the mech pilots.

At this moment, Su Yan walked in from outside and said, "10 minutes to get used to it. After which, everyone is to be in position."


A loud rumbling sound emanated from the ground of the garage. The artificial gravity system was switched off and the gravity loss effect occurred instantly, so everyone started to float.

With the training in zero-gravity in the previous stage, everyone was able to acclimatize quickly, find their assigned training mech, and enter the cockpit. The layout of a space mech was similar to a land-based mech. The only differences were in the details, and one would have to get used to the unique space battle system.

10 minutes flew past quickly. Over 10 different mecha started their engines at the same time and flew towards the exit of the garage one by one. After they passed through the escape tunnel, the mecha had entered space.

This area had been cleared previously. The first step of the training would be simply just getting used to outer space.

In just a short while, the difference in standards became apparent. With respect to the zero gravity in space, people from the space station had an apparent advantage. They had been in such zero gravity environments since they were young. Under their operation, the movement of the mecha was natural and easy.

In contrast...

The performance of Wang Zheng and Zhang Shang was a little... below expectations.

Getting used to zero gravity was completely different from operating the mech while getting used to zero gravity.

In Wang Zheng's case, it was still alright other than the fact that he could not stop his mech in time. There were a few times when he almost crashed into the mech in front of them. When he was supposed to stop, he could not stop. When it wasn't the time for him to stop, he stopped. It looked simply hilarious.

As for student Zhang Shan...

When he exited the tunnel, his mech ended up somersaulting in space. Although he constantly tried to make adjustments to the force exerted by the engine, he wasn't able to control it. It was just like a firework display that had lost control as he was spinning and somersaulting randomly.

The guy in charge at the garage twitched his lips. As expected, he had no idea how the two of them had managed to sneak in and then looked towards the rest of the people.

The people from Mars were average as space battles were not their strength. However, it could not be considered to be their weakness, as they had gone through systematic training. Compared to being in boundless space, they preferred a down-to-earth way of battle.

However, against all expectations, it wasn't the people from the space city that had the best performance. It was the Eight Stars from the Moon that performed the best!

Crackling sounds could be heard..

The mecha of the Eight Stars from the Moon executed tactical somersault movements in space one after another. While performing such high-speed strategic movements, they were even able to accurately determine their position and direction, demonstrating a high level of space combat awareness. In the military, only the elite aces would be able to perform such tactical movements.

This was the Moon, their home ground. It was time to showcase their real abilities.

Achilles' movements were even more outrageous. His consecutive large and small somersault movements connected seamlessly. Achilles' mech did not look like it was in zero gravity, and he had perfect and accurate control over it. It was a little scary.

The performance of Lie Xin and Lear were still great with their own strengths, demonstrating strong abilities.

In comparison, the feeling that Wang Zheng gave others was that there were huge discrepancies. There was no solution to it as Wang Zheng had never experienced operating a space mech. Without gravity, it was completely different, and even a god would require some time to acclimatize to it.

However, Wang Zheng's bad performance was a huge sigh of relief for everyone. It looked as though he was not an expert in everything. The majority of the people there had such thoughts and were quite happy.

Short term adaptive training began. Su Yan made use of the communication system within the mecha to conduct a universal long range command.

The most advanced simulation system in the Milky Way Galaxy, the newest product of Aslan! The entire space station and the surrounding space had been equipped with the most advanced photoelectric sensor systems. In an instant, outer space changed drastically in front of everyone. A space shooting range appeared in front of everyone. From the target to the facilities, it was a complete electro-optical simulation.

"Let's start with basic training."

The Eight Stars from the Moon did not stand on ceremony. This was their home ground. Atos was the first to rush into the range. The first segment was flight shooting. The space mech had to shoot towards a designated target while flying towards a designated location.

Atos did not hold back and instantly used his Ability X, Extreme Speed!

The space mech turned into a shadow as it moved through the void like a meteor rushing towards a designated place. He did not miss.

When Atos arrived at the final destination, he was left with the last target that was not hit. In the instant his Extreme Speed ability stopped, the space mech turned back suddenly and fired. Boom...

10 rings hit, all bullseye!

"Atos was quite strong, just a little unlucky."

"From his performance a while ago, to rate him as the weakest among the Eight Stars isn't set in stone."

From the communication devices, soft conversations could be heard. Their views of Atos had changed. There was already difficulty in shooting while moving. To hit the all the targets with every hit hitting the bullseye, coupled with the fact that Atos did it while activating his Extreme Speed ability, he must've had a very deep level of understanding and control of the space mech and himself.

The Eight Stars from the Moon went one after another. Although they weren't as flashy as Atos' demonstration, the accuracy rate was still 100% with each shot to the left or right of the bullseye. It was Achilles' turn. He did not even burst out of the starting line. Such targets to him weren't even a challenge. As the space mech flew outwards, it looked ordinary with no unique points. However, when the laser hit the targets, everyone was surprised.

For every target, there were three consecutive hits. Moreover, the positions of the three shots formed a triangle with the bullseye as the center. It was the same for each target!

It was so accurate that it made one feel scared. If it was just one or two hits, it wouldn't be such a big matter. To be able to do this to 10 consecutive targets while moving at high speeds… it demonstrated immense control and accuracy, Achilles' marksmanship had reached an entirely different mystical level.

Lie Xin's eyes flickered. She was able to do the same… However, to do so on 10 consecutive targets with the position of the hits being exactly the same, she would only be able to do so while she was in her peak form.

Lear smiled. As his mech floated out, the speed wasn't fast. A single shot fired one after another without any special techniques. It was just that each shot hit the bullseye, nothing outrageous nor weak.


Carl smiled mockingly when he saw Lear's performance. Achilles had such an extreme performance and yet Lear was still trying to keep a low profile, not intending to divulge his true strength. Was there meaning to it? Earthlings were known to love to play dirty. If he continued to mess around, he might end up ruining himself.

The people from Mars had started to take their turns. If they were competing in terms of the elegance of their tactical movements, they would not be better than the people from the Moon. However, firing while on a designated flight was fundamental. The people from Mars would dare to claim that when it came to basic training, there wouldn't be a place within the Solar System, no, the entire Milky Way Galaxy, that would be fiercer than Mars.

Everyone was able to hit at least eight targets, and the speed that they were moving at wasn't slow either.

It was Zhang Shan's turn. "Let me... prepare myself a little longer. Runan, you can go first..."

Zhang Shan's voice was a little weird.

It was time for Zhang Runan to showcase her strength. Although there were some twists and turns in the process, she was able to complete the mission successfully. It was just that she had taken quite a few shots to hit the third and fourth targets and had almost missed the first target entirely. After all, her strengths were in close combat and she had little training in shooting. Coupled with the fact that this was a completely different space mech that she had never used before, her reactions and judgement differed greatly.

On the other hand, Meng Tian performed much better. Clearly, she had some experience operating space mecha in the past. Although she was not able to execute high difficulty tactical space drifting movements, her ability to fire while executing fundamental movements was still very solid. It was just slightly below that of the Eight Stars from the Moon and could be considered very stable.

It was Wang Zheng's turn to make an appearance. Everyone was holding their breaths while watching him attentively.

Although Wang Zheng's previous performance made him look like a rookie, Wang Zheng had achieved too many miracles. To be the first to advance and various unbelievable explosive performances were norms to many others. At this moment, everyone was waiting for Wang Zheng's performance. What kind of level would he be at?


The space mech flew out. The speed was fast, really fast, and was even faster than Atos' Extreme Speed ability!

The expression in the people's eyes, who felt relieved moments ago, had changed. It was so frustrating. We should have known that he was of a different breed. Why did he even bother acting like a rookie before!?

However, in an instant, the space mech operated by Wang Zheng flew away from the designated location. After which...

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