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However, Wang Zheng did not attempt to dodge nor avoid and went to face it head on.

Lie Guang and Lie Xin looked at each other. Wang Zheng was being too arrogant. The penetrative force of this blow could even destroy an energy shield in a single strike. He could never block it.


A thunderous explosion erupted as the yellow sand around them was sent flying to the air. Everyone was dumbfounded.

Raston's seemingly heavy blow was easily deflected by Wang Zheng's blade. However the excess force had knocked him flying a slight distance away.

How could this be possible???

A technique to disarm a weapon???

How could anyone be able to disarm a hit with such force?

However Wang Zheng did not hold back this time nor waste the opportunity. He followed up immediately and swung his titanium blade consecutively towards Raston as he quickly closed the distance between them. He had reminded Raston multiple times and yet Raston wasn't willing to use his full strength. It seemed that Wang Zheng would have to put in more effort this time.

Clang, clang, clang, clang...


In an instant, the blade and its afterimage were intertwined. Raston was defending with almost all his strength and yet he was barely able to defend against Wang Zheng's attacks. However, the real killer move was coming. This move would be going directly after his vital points and the battle could end immediately if the attack connected.


The energy shield was switched on at the last instant and was able to defend against that attack as the Bata was sent flying backwards.

Raston broke out in cold sweat. He realised that Wang Zheng was intentionally showing him mercy. If the previous blow had been a little quicker, he would not even have had the chance to switch on his shield.

A weird grin appeared on Zhang Jingqi's face. This brat was indeed like a seedling as the general had said. To be more accurate, he was more of a strange and talented person. Facing such an important battle, it was unbelievable that he still intentionally held back.

Could it be that he was really confident with himself? He was facing the ace of the Republic of Caragal.


Raston lifted his mech and said, "Wang Zheng, no matter the result of this match, you would be a great teammate!"

"The same could be said of you. I can no longer hold back my desire to witness your strength!"

What did Raston's strength-type ability look like?

Raston's eyes were glowing red. He revved his Bata and in a flash…


Like the explosion of a mine, the efficiency of the Bata seemed to have increased by over 100% and it appeared in front of Wang Zheng in an instant. As the titanium blade swung down, the attacked seemed to have an overwhelming imposing momentum.


As the titanium blades clashed, sparks flew and the mecha clashed.


Boom boom boom boom boom...

Raston had transformed into a beast. Under his control, the Bata Type V seemed to have gone berserk. Every single spectator was dumbfounded.

Was this a regular mech? Taking into account this type of movement and speed, no matter who it was, he would be defeated thoroughly.

Whenever it was activated, yellow sand would be sent flying as it enveloped the sky. The explosive power and the rapid speed made Raston seem to have become a real beast after activating his Ability X.

Moreover, he was able to integrate his ability with the mech rather than simply transform himself.

Raston's Bata Type V transformed into a Desert T-Rex and was able to dominate Wang Zheng, not allowing him a chance to counter.

Zhang Shan's jaw dropped. Was this guy human? Raston was not only fast but explosive, fierce, and had a muscle recovery rate that was faster than an ordinary person's. This allowed him to deliver consecutive attacks while not giving the opponent any time to catch his breath.

Zhang Runan was also a strength-type. However, her strength type was relatively gentler in nature. She would have to rely on some routine moves in order to demonstrate the advantage of her power. However, Raston was different and could simply dominate with pure power.

One could be crippled in such a battle.

How long could Wang Zheng's energy shield last?

Energy shield…?

Wang Zheng had not even switched on his energy shield!

Raston's attacks came like a series of stormy waves. Although it looked like he could crush Wang Zheng with each move, he wasn't able to crush Wang Zheng.

On the other hand, Wang Zheng was starting to acclimatize to Raston's strength. Raston's move was truly fast and furious and technically could be considered as fast and accurate. However, the issue was that... a human wasn't just an animal nor a wooden stake.

This was especially so when one met a master.

Raston rushed forward to make his attack once again. However, the Bata in front of him suddenly shifted to the side.

Not good, it was just a feint!

Raston was feeling slightly disconcerted after he wasn't able to connect his previous attack.

At this point, Wang Zheng retaliated with a backhanded attack when Raston's guard slipped. Was he finally going to start his counterattack?

However, it wasn't the case. Raston still had his Ability X. His eyes shone with a red light and he lashed out.

This attack would truly be deadly!

However, Wang Zheng's Bata Type V moved away from him. He had never intended to finish off his opponent in a single move. A delicate change in footwork allowed Wang Zheng to avoid Raston's fierce attack seamlessly. He was as cool as ice.

Raston was a really tough guy. He was out of breath as he had to make sharp maneuvers without a chance to catch his breath. He did not even dare to breathe too deeply when Wang Zheng dodged his attack. He constricted his muscles once again and once again lashed out with another kick as the two approached each other.

This was a life-saving move.

However, he had exposed a weakness in the process.

Wang Zheng's movements were like a ghost's, and he was able to avoid the deadly move by just a hair.

As he swung down his titanium blade, Wang Zheng could clearly feel that Raston had expended all his strength and would require at least a second before he could recover some strength. However, Raston did not have the luxury of time.

Therefore, the titanium knife stopped as it rested on the shoulder of Raston's mech. There wasn't any point in continuing. With Wang Zheng's attack speed, he would definitely be able to kill Raston before the energy shield could be switched on.

Zhang Shan was already howling as he jumped in ecstasy while waving his arms.

The other prticipants were clearly impressed with Wang Zheng's calmness and solid foundations. They had never expected a strong foundation to be so useful. Wang Zheng was able to completely dominate Raston without any magnificent moves.

This was the ace from the Republic of Caragal, and he had defeated him!

Achilles, Lear, and Lie Xin were aware of how surprised each other was with the result. Wang Zheng was able to achieve a victory without even using his Ability X!

The physical condition of his body seemed to be too good. How could he withstand such a level of force?

Zhang Jingqi smiled and said, "Wang Zheng will receive the vote from Earth. Are there any more objections?"

"No!" screamed the crowd. Achilles and the rest did not make a move. No one was stopping them, and that was the reason Raston had decided to make a move. Although he had lost, at least he had the courage to do so.

"Wang Zheng, you can nominate another person to advance directly to the next stage. However, you must be cautious with your choice," said Zhang Jingqi.

This was not just about authority, it was a test for the vision of a captain as well as a form of responsibility.

"Zhang Shan," said Wang Zheng without any hesitation.

Meng Tian and Zhang Runan had higher chances. If Zhang Shan was to advance, he would require this slot.

"Zhang Shan will be the second to advance," announced Zhang Jingqi. Everyone was showing envious looks in their eyes. This dude really had a great life.

Earth Space Station. It could be said that Wang Zheng had earned the vote in the most convincing way and had been officially noticed by everyone. No one would have expected to have a dark horse outperforming the others. As for whether he could continue to perform, he would still have a lot to cover.

The second station, Moon Space station. This was the home ground for Achilles. If he was to choke in this round, he would truly have no more chances.

The crowd boarded the warship and entered the space station of the Moon directly.

Compared to the steel-cold Earth Space Station, the military base of the Moon was heavenly. They were surrounded by a scene of spotless silver. In the corridor, it was covered with thick carpets from Persia. You could find everything you needed within the rooms in the dormitory, equivalent to a five star hotel.

The first impression for everyone was that they were here for enjoyment instead of special training! In such a comfortable environment, only the people from the Moon had the level of discipline to be able to train and become elite soldiers that could and were willing to battle.

The truth was that... To put it bluntly, it was the difference between the poor and the rich. The economy of the Moon was much better than that of Earth and Mars.

After a brief arrangement and rest, Su Yan appeared in the hall. Beside him was General Drachmach.

"Stand still, salute!"

Drachmach was very serious at the this moment. Similar to the orderly people on the Moon, he saluted back and said, "Everyone who here has proved that they are the elites in the Solar System Federation. You will be the future of the Solar System Federation. However, this is only the beginning. For the following assessment, it will only be harder than your previous experiences by at least 10 times, maybe a hundred times. I have to be responsible and be frank in telling you all that there might even be a danger to your life. If anyone wishes to withdraw now, you can still do it."

Everyone was looking at each other. No one expected General Drachmach to say these words from the start. However, it also proved the difficulty of the following training and the presence of extreme danger.

However, who would quit now? How could it be possible?

"No one? Seems that you are all really smart. If anyone was to quit, I would have conscripted him immediately and sent him to the most remote mining star to mine for minerals. It would be a waste of the military's time if one did not even have this level of confidence," said Drachmach with a smile. Apparently, he wasn't that old-fashioned as he tried to ease the atmosphere.

While the crowd was laughing, Drachmach announced again, "There's no time for rest. Aslan, Arbiter, and the Gemini Union have submitted their final name lists. We cannot afford to be much slower. Everyone, the future of the Solar System is in your hands. Similarly, the fate of Earth will be dependent on your actions. We can show the whole Milky Way Galaxy with our actions that either 'Humans have expanded outwards from the Solar System and we are the pride and origin of mankind!'or 'We are in a state of decline!' depending on our performance. If anyone were to look down on you, would you all be fine with it?"


All members raised their arms and shouted, "Fight!"

Even Achilles had let down his guard and started to demonstrate the excited side hidden deep within him. The Moon was his territory! As he looked deeply at Wang Zheng, he would also want to leave a deep impression in everyone on this station.

The Moon was responsible for the space battle training.

The current military base was specifically used for the training of space battles.

When they went to the garage for mecha, they saw that it was filled with space mecha that were used for the training in space.

"Space mecha are the real deal! These mecha look extremely cool!"

This was the first time Zhang Shan and Wang Zhen had seen space mecha, and they couldn't help but start to touch them excitedly.

"Cough, please do not touch the mecha. You will have enough time to do so later."

The chief of the garage coughed twice as he stopped the two of them from doing anything else.

Meng Tian and Zhang Runan were too embarrassed to even look at them. They could not understand the behavior of these men.

"Touching it wouldn't kill you…"

Said Zhang Shan as he did not hesitate to poke the armor of the space mech with his fingers and knock it slightly as well. He then turned to Wang Zheng and said, "It's really made out of ceramic!"

Wang Zheng was excited too. However, he was able to control his desires better. He was curious if there were alloys of metals in the composite crystal ceramics used in the construction mecha.

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