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After consuming a meal ferociously, Wang Zheng could feel that his body was recovering quickly. Although he still felt some soreness and pain after some physical activity, he could totally ignore it.

As the group went on the road with Yuan Ye's group, there were more things to talk about. After all, they had taken an unusually long break.

Along the way, Yuan Ye kept bragging about the abilities of Song Li and his group. With Song Li around, they would not have to worry about any accidents happening.

"Are you alright, Wang Zheng? If you are still not feeling well, I can accompany you and take a break," said Meng Tian worriedly. 

"Meng Tian, what has Wang Zheng been doing this whole summer? He was considered a black horse in the first stage and many people are waiting for the chance to teach him a lesson in the second stage. His current condition will not make it. Look at me, I'm much stronger now. We have been training hard for the entire summer."

Yuan Ye's true intention was not to talk to Meng Tian but to show off his muscles to Zhang Runan. He could show that such marches were nothing for the people from Europa. The physical condition of the people from Europa was really good, one of the best in the Solar System.

Zhang Shan shook his head helplessly. This dude should look at who he was boasting to. Wang Zheng's ability was something that would be considered frightening. At the crucial moment, he could defeat anyone in an instant. However, he was not allowed to talk about it, and this was a headache for him.

"I'm fine and am recovering gradually. It seems that your preparations were rather thorough."

"Yeah, we travelled to the Norton Star to undergo special training. Europa and Raphael Academy have some connections. Five times the gravity was definitely insane; this type of situation is considered trivial in comparison."

Yuan Ye said that at Europa, if a guy wanted to go after a girl, he would have to show off his abilities.

Zhang Shan did have much to talk about with Yuan Ye. At this moment, Meng Tian and Wang Zheng had started their own private channel.

"Are you actually okay?"

"It was nothing. I'm not that fragile. Don't think about it too much. I'm sure you would have done so too if you were in my position," laughed Wang Zheng.

""Thank you, I owe you a life."

"We're teammates. It was hard to say if I would need you to save me some day, so let's not think about it." Wang Zheng waved his hand and smiled. His honest attitude made Meng Tian feel much at ease.

"Your ability is very strange. It's really strong, but it seems that you don't have full control over it?" asked Meng Tian.

"At the moment, it seems to be so. However, I have been working hard to control it."

"This is the first time I witnessed an Ability X that has a C Grade strength right when it awakened."

"What is C Grade strength?"

"There are many different attributes and types of abilities. If we want to classify it specifically, there could be over a hundred different types. However, the deciding factor in a battle is not just the type but also the strength. For example, Zhang Shan's ability is definitely considered to be high-grade in terms of the classification of abilities. However, this is not enough; one also has to look at its strength. He should be at the low D Grade as his displacement is limited. If his ability's strength was C Grade, he could have brought all of us out of that situation."

Meng Tian said that this was common knowledge in Academy X. However, such knowledge was considered to be uncommon in the outside world. "In most cases, awakened abilities are usually at the D Grade and below and one will have to learn to control it and develop it. Very rarely do we have cases like yours where the ability is at C Grade or higher from the moment it awakens. One can only try to gauge the strength through intuition."

"There are higher grades?" Wang Zheng was curious regarding this topic. It seemed that there were many others classifications.

"A, B, C, D, four different grades. For each grade, there are three levels. A Grade is the strongest and most people are at D Grade at the moment. Runan and I are approximately at the middle level of D Grade. For your situation, it's likely that you have exceeded D grade. As for the exact position, even I cannot tell."

"Zhang Shan and Song Li all have low D Grade abilities?"

"Yes, among the people from our batch, Achilles, Lear, and Lie Xin are the strongest three people. Rumors have it that they have surpassed the D Grade in terms of strength. However, you are similar. Their advantage lies in their ability strength."

"Is everyone's ability fixed? What I mean is, can we learn abilities from one another?" asked Wang Zheng.

Meng Tian was taken aback for a moment and laughed. "Are you seeing this as choosing what lessons you want to take? Ability X is defined at birth. Occasionally, it might evolve and bring about new powers. And there might be people who are born with multiple abilities, but I have never heard about learning a new ability."

Anyone with some knowledge about Ability X would not have asked such a childish question, but Wang Zheng felt the need to ask about it.

It was apparent that his understanding of Ability X was different from the rest and was definitely unique.

It seemed that he would need to learn how to control it, and he would have to stay low for some time.

Meng Tian was very happy. She felt that the fact that Wang Zheng's ability being similar to hers was a sign of chemistry and fate. Although she couldn't put it into words, she felt warmth in her heart.

"Oh, right, what are the differences between us and the people from Atlantis?"

Wang Zheng felt that people from Academy X paid more attention to Atlantis. With the curiosity of human beings, someone must have conducted ample research.

"Yes, there are some differences. However, I am not privy to that knowledge. They are genetically superior but are unlike us. Furthermore, they have to rely on their own specialized tools."

Meng Tian knew little in this aspect. Humans had their own unique attributes. The people from Atlantis were strong, but they did have their own problems.

After giving it much thought, it would make much sense. If Atlantis was really invincible, why would they still follow the laws of the Milky Way Alliance? They would be ruling it if that were true.

"Wang Zheng, Meng Tian, did you two just start a private conversation without us? That's too heartless," said Yuan Ye.

The atmosphere around the two of them was destroyed. Yuan Ye did not know how to read the atmosphere.

It was no wonder Zhang Runan could not stand him. Although Zhang Runan seemed rowdy on the outside, she was a girl who was interested in the arts, and there was no way she could stand such a crude guy.

"I feel like my body has recovered. Guys, we can pick up our speed and try to cover more distance," said Wang Zheng.

"Don't act tough, Wang Zheng, we still have a few days more."

"Don't worry about it!"

Eight mech warriors took advantage of night time and marched forward. It was clear that the resting time for tonight would be compressed to make up for the time lost in the day.

On the other side, the Eight Stars from the Moon had arrived at the oasis along their planned route.

Everyone had a bright smile and Dong Xiaosa was already screaming and rushing towards it.

Initially, everyone thought that the oasis would very possibly be a huge, lush field. However, it was, in fact, a village. The scale of the village was substantial and a few hundred could people to live in it. Disregarding all the rest, at least they could get a good rest and replenish their supplies.

Although it was night time, there was sufficient light around and many people were singing and dancing. The appearance of mech warriors had not caused any confusion. On the other hand, the passionate residents also invited the guests to dance with them.

Due to living in close proximity to a military base, they were used to seeing military mech warriors. Also, as one of the largest oases in the desert, they mainly depended on replenishing others' supplies and tourism to earn a living. In current times, they were many people who sought the torture and excitement from experiencing indigenous lives.

After experiencing a long journey, Milo and her group were exhilarated when they suddenly saw such a scene. Especially... when there was alcohol to be had!

Dong Xiaosa and Pi Xiaoxiu were close to drooling. There were huge pieces of meat, and their aroma aroused the group's interest to the point of insanity.

However, Achilles' words dampened the excitement. "Rest, replenish our supplies, and we will move out in two hours' time.

Milo desired a bath the most and was close to going crazy. However, at this moment, she was successful in suppressing her desire.

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