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The two of them chatted for a while. Wang Zheng told her about his status in IG. Huiyin was obviously asking about this for Aina. After Aina's coming of age ceremony, she was almost always busy with the affairs of the empire every day. On top of that, she still had her studies, so she was not as free as Huiyin. Wang Zheng knew that Aina was also a determined person. She would be a good princess, a good queen.

"Wang Zheng, a girl? Who? It's too bad she's not loud, we can't hear clearly." Yuan Ye winked and laughed.

"Haha, a friend."

"Girlfriend or a female friend? Tsk, tsk, why is it that no one cares for me?" Yuan Ye said to Zhang Runan.

"Nah, you don't have to worry about Wang Zheng. This guy is like some beauty killer," Zhang Shan said.

"Shut up and drive properly!"

This guy was the sort that would die if he stopped gossiping.

Meng Tian was expressionless. Hearing from Wang Zheng's tone, she knew that it was not Ye Zisu. Perhaps it was that other girl, Xiao Shi?

If she really liked him, why was she not by Wang Zheng's side? Was Aslan that great?

On the other side, Huiyin was in high spirits. Angela shrugged helplessly. The response for Huiyin's new single was actually average and not as good as her previous works. Huiyin was actually feeling a little down, but after the call, she returned to normal.

"Wang Zheng is participating in IG. As long as he passes, he will have the chance to come to Aslan and meet Big Sister."

Angela smiled bitterly. "Your Highness, you really do not need to involve yourself in their relationship. There's no chance it will work out."

No one who cared about their relationship right now, hence there were no problems. Once the royal family found out, they would definitely put a stop to this. They would not even need to let the Princess know if they disposed of Wang Zheng. It was just that she really did not want to taint Huiyin's ears by telling her these truths.

"Angela, I really feel that Brother Wang Zheng is very courageous and he is also very brilliant. He is very suitable for Sister!"

Angela knew that the Princess was definitely thinking of the time Wang Zheng saved her on Mars. Actually, in Aslan, there were people who would be willing to sacrifice their lives for the Princess everywhere. It was nothing. Even if it was herself, in times of need, she could sacrifice everything for Huiyin. This was her life. To her, Wang Zheng's heroic acts were nothing. Besides, it was not as though he really had sacrificed his life. He only took a blow.

There was one point where Angela had guessed wrongly. While Wang Zheng's heroic act of saving her did influence Huiyin, the impact was not as great as she imagined. Lin Huiyin's good impression of Wang Zheng was not because of this. It was the first time she made a mistake and no one criticised her for it. She even felt like they had connected. In Lin Huiyin's life, this was the first time someone was willing to do "bad things" together with her. There was a sense of camaraderie.

Hence, she wanted to do something for her friend and was determined to help Wang Zheng in this relationship.

There were a few routes to go from Jessen to Gil Town. The fastest was a two days, one night travel.

The old model of desert jeeps only had radios that played the programs from local music stations. At first there was a weak signal, but as they moved deeper into the desert, the signal became full of static and they had to turn the radios off. The signal for their Skylinks gradually weakened too.

In the quiet desert, there were only the roaring sounds of two desert jeep engines.

The pavement had disappeared and there was nothing but sand everywhere. Identical sand dunes filled their eyes. They had already activated the desert travel equipment on the jeeps. The giant wheels on the sand allowed them to travel as though they were on the road.

After driving over a sand dune, another identical sand dune appeared. This process repeated constantly. Psychologically, it felt as though they had lost their way and were driving in circles around the same place. Only the GPS persuaded everyone to believe that they were moving towards their goal.

At noon, the hottest time, the desert jeep stopped behind a sand dune. When they opened the covers of the desert jeeps, on top of giving some shade, the solar panels on top could absorb the sunlight and convert it into streams of cool wind, allowing them to hide a bit from the hot sun.

When they opened the food bags, everyone started to drink a lot of water to replenish their fluids. In places such as the desert, the first hour was filled with curiosity, but people would get tired of it very quickly.

"Earth's desert is a little terrifying. There is a small star near my hometown. It is also a desert, but not like this, all filled with sand."

Yuan Ye shook his head. A never-ending sand sea, temperatures hot enough to cook eggs, a heat that irritated people, and everywhere they looked was sand that looked identical. Their brains were turning into paste.

"Yuan Ye, do you have any beauties there to introduce me to? Don't keep boasting about how popular you are. You need to share some good stuff. That's brotherhood!"

When Zhang Shan was really bored, his mind easily wandered in that direction. Using his words, women were men's motivation. No matter what difficulties he encountered, as long as he thought of beauties, he could find the solution.

"Of course. Where we're from, the beauties are not shy like you Earthlings. As long as both parties share a connection, heh heh...You understand what I'm saying." Yuan Ye looked at Zhang Runan immediately. There was a sense of reservation that was unlike Europa's style in his coarse words.

"Do you have photos? If you have the chance, you must introduce some to me..."

Zhang Shan's eyes were shining. He wanted to see for himself what those beauties were like.

"Introducing is fine, but whether you like them or not, or whether you can handle them or not, that depends on your own charisma. I'm not boasting; at Europa, I'm considered a hot guy in school." Yuan Ye was very generous. "Come, I'll let you take a look at our school beauty!"

Yuan Ye was very enthusiastic. "I sent you a photo package, it has all the beauties in our model school. Let me know who you like and I'll introduce you to them when there's signal for Skylink. They are all curious about Earth. It's also considered quite fashionable to have an alien boyfriend. Wang Zheng, do you want in?"

Wang Zheng smiled. "No thanks."

Zhang Shan received the photo package and immediately understood why Yuan Ye kept pursuing Runan. God, the whole country's sense of beauty was seriously warped. How were these beauties from a model school? Every single one of them looked so fierce. They were like Runan, but in comparison, even Runan actually had a sense of softness and delicateness.

"Ha, haha, I was just making conversation, don't take it seriously. Please don't take it seriously."

Zhang Shan was sweating. He desperately tried to dispel Yuan Ye's enthusiasm to match-make for him. This was definitely a school for dinosaurs. With his size, once he entered, he would never be able to get out.

Yuan Ye also did not mind. He shrugged his shoulders and found a new topic to chat about.

The other trio, Song Li, Zhao Wanxin, and Qu Qiuzhi, were all very interested in Zhang Shan's ability X. "Brother Shan, what is your ability? Is it very cool?"

Zhang Shan was relieved to the point that he felt grateful to God. Yes, someone had finally asked. Acting cool was like this: you could never take the initiative to talk about it. The most satisfying part was having someone else ask. However, no one had given him the satisfaction so far, and it made him feel like dying as he was trying to hold it in.

"Heh heh, my ability has no explanation, it definitely will surprise everyone. Just wait and see. I'm the main fighter for Ares College for the second phase. Definitely a trump card."

"Sh*t, is it that great? Just what is it?" Yuan Ye asked curiously.

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