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"Sh*t, I already told you guys to wait till we surround him before attacking. What are you guys rushing in for?!"

Old Deer was furious. They had only just formed the formation and yet they saw that there was only one person left on Team One. Sh*t, even if they were standing still and got hit, they couldn't possibly have died so quickly.

"Card Sleeve" was the last person from Xi Xiaoruan's team. From the start to the end, he could only see a silver light flashing back and forth in front of him. Then he heard a series of explosions. Unable to resist anymore, he pulled out his own Shotgun Laser Cannon and started shooting in all directions. "Come out, come out, come out!!!!"

Suddenly, his leg seemed to be hit by something and he lost his balance. The Wind God had already landed behind him. Card Sleeve felt as though his head was grabbed by something, and immediately after that, he was thrown outwards violently.


The body flew out, its head missing.


The magnetic source flew towards a distant roof. The moment the magnetic source flew out, the Wind God mech took a forceful jump into the air. The magnetic source struck deep into the wall and instantly formed a gravity field. Wind God landed on the roof with a streak of silver light and disappeared.

At this moment, the rest of Old Deer's team arrived, but the Wind God was gone.

This was the Wind God in action??? The worst design in history???

This was more than just amazing, this was a super mech!!!

This terrifying movement ability was comparable to that of Atlantis mecha. Even Atlantis mecha could not make such high speed movements continuously.

The more than 30 million people who were watching it live all opened their mouths in shock. They were all speechless.

Was this the Wind God?

What they saw was the Wind God flying around the city at high speeds, and it had managed to circle behind Deer's encirclement team in a very small amount of time.

"What is this situation? Is that guy flying? How could he be so fast!?"

"Stop your nonsense, turn around, go and surround him. Maintain a good formation!" Old Deer shouted.

LOVELY was last in line. This was safer. Suddenly, someone patted him on the shoulder.

Sh*t, at this tense moment, just who could it be?!

Silver light streaked in front of his eyes. Boom!

"No good, Skeleton is here, activate your shields!"

The Silver Death God was jumping around. By the time the rest had reacted, three mecha had already been destroyed. The other mecha instantly activated their energy shields and started to fight back.

But the Wind God had already reached the other side of the wall and, with a turn, disappeared behind the building.

"Go, go, go, he's in the north!"

"We will take the front, you guys go from the back. Hurry, hurry, hurry!"

The mecha flocked to the front. From the perspective of the audience, the Wind God had already left like the wind. This type of movement was simply artistic.

When the magnetic source was shot out, Wang Zheng strongly controlled the mech and the gravity field was activated. The optimal time to move was within the first two seconds. The timing must be calculated precisely or the gravitational force would be weakened and the speed of each movement would be slowed.

Wang Zheng's eyes twinkled with golden light. He had already circled behind the pursuers' back.

"Not good, he's behind us!"


In just a few quick movements, he had circled from the back of the building to its front. He sped towards them, ready to kill.

Their lasers roared, but the Wind God's movements were much better than the Wargod No. 1's. The Arc Slide Step combined with the magnetic source created a silver reaper!

In less than 10 minutes, another small team was defeated entirely, and they had not even touched Skeleton's shadow.

The problem was, the others did not even know what had happened.

Old Deer was shocked awake. "Everyone, gather. Sh*t, gather immediately and keep your laser guns. Don't hit your own people. Turn on your energy shields and stay together."

The remaining 80 mecha started to gather in Old Deer's direction.

But it was not that easy to gather anymore.

The Wind God appeared again.

"Leader Deer, come to us, quickly, we need support!"

Finally, this time all of them saw Skeleton's Wind God. He was slaughtering one small team by himself.

Fox-chan lurked quietly. As the only sniper, he was waiting for a chance. No matter the time, a sniper was always needed at a crucial moment.

When he saw that silver bolt of lightning shooting around the field, Fox became excited. This was his chance; his opponent had not activated his shield!

Be calm, be patient, and wait for the best opportunity!

This was definitely Skeleton's miscalculation. This was also a special arrangement made by Old Deer to pick him off.

Wang Zheng's focus was highly concentrated on pursuing his opponents. Then warning signs appeared. In front of his eyes, there was an enemy escaping. At this moment, should he dodge?


The magnetic source was shot out and then the Wind God shot out like a burst of lightning. Fox-chan had already aimed in the direction of his teammate. He knew that Skeleton could not avoid the temptation of attacking the enemy. Yet at the moment Skeleton attacked him, he would meet his end too.

The hearts of Chen Xiu and his friends were nervous. The most frightening part of team battles was one's lack of attention to their surroundings due to the hectic pace of battle. Missing one small detail could lead to death.


The sniper rifle fired. At this moment, the Wind God had already rushed out. A problem with the magnetic source was that once it was out, it was impossible to change its trajectory and hence, its movement path could be predicted.

Also, because the magnetic source consumed energy from the mech itself, the energy shield of the Wind God was very thin and weak. If it consumed too much energy, then there would not be enough to recharge the magnetic source.

This was also the reason why Skeleton could not activate his energy shield. It was not only because he was afraid of it affecting his movements.

There was no doubt about the ability of a Diamond 1 level sniper. The instant he was kicked, the sniper laser hit.


The laser hit the Wind God.


The instant the Wind God kicked his opponent's mech, there was no collision sound as expected. On the other hand, it was as though it was stuck to its opponent. But a thin energy shield had formed on the surface of Wind God.

Bo... (Sounds of waves)

The laser was blocked. "Field Battle Kid" was shocked that he did not die even though he was kicked.

That streak of silver light rocketed towards the sky.

Fox felt that he was about to be hit. That streak of silver light was coming towards him. Sh*t.

One, two, and three magnetic sources were shot onto Fox's mech.


Was this the same mech?

The slow motion camera immediately played back. At the instant Fox's lasers roared, Skeleton's Wind God obviously turned. He was baiting the sniper. He had been on alert the whole time.

Instead, he had merely kicked Field Battle Kid!

The magnetic source's energy was not entirely consumed. After shooting it out several times and recharging it a few times, the energy accumulated formed a temporary energy shield.

Ye Zisu was shocked too. This was indeed part of her design, but she never expected for such an effect.

The principle behind the magnetic source recharging and the energy supply station recharging a mech was similar - except it was vastly weaker. At the moment where the source was fully charged, a little bit would overflow, creating a shield. As it was just a bit of energy that overflowed, the shielding effect would be weak.

But to high level players, this energy would not be wasted.


After killing Fox, Wind God descended from the sky and, in a flash, defeated all his shocked opponents. Then he disappeared again.

Many people from Deer Island watched this scene in shock. They were here to kill him, but they did not know why they had all stopped suddenly.

My God, what was this monster!?

Using a mech with such super displacement abilities, with Skeleton's operating skills, how could they even put up a fight!?

"Don't be scared, we have a lot of people. Each of us just has to hit him once and he will die. Gather, gather, gather!" Old Deer barked. They had lost 27 players already in this short period of time. It would not even be this fast if they were killing pigs instead!

He finally understood why Skeleton chose the city map. In this city, the Wind God was invincible - instantaneous displacement, high speed movement. His movements were mysterious.


A magnetic source landed amongst another group of mecha. A streak of silver light descended from the sky. Sharp claws came out and harvested their prey immediately.

Wang Zheng had to avoid directly hitting the energy shields. This would consume too much energy and require too many movements. He killed with one move and travelled a thousand miles.

Before the first blow landed, the second energy source had already been thrown out. The instant it got rid of the opponent, it left. The mech pilots who were nearby did not even have time to react.

Everyone felt chills down their backs. If this was in real life, his enemies would've been scared witless.

Who still dared to say that the Wind God was rubbish? This was the most advanced mech, this was the mech that could be comparable to Atlantis's super mecha!

The children's eyes widened!

Everyone was fascinated by the silver light that passed through the city. This was a miracle!

Everyone had thought that this was a situation where a hundred people would kill one person, but in the 20 minutes after the battle started, they realized that this was a rhythm where one mech warrior would kill one hundred other mecha.

"Assemble, get into formation, get into formation. Maintain the formation. Snipers in position? Sh*t, what are you scared of? Pair one sniper with one scout for protection!"

Hong Hong Hong...

"Sh*t, Leader Lu, one is not enough, we cannot block him at all!"

"What, are you asking me to go protect you? Don't be scared of him. Skeleton is just one person. He should be tired by now with very little energy left. As long as we hold on, he will be finished. It's either him or us!"

Old Deer screamed. Morale, morale was the most important thing. They must not be discouraged. Skeleton was definitely tired. Even if he was a robot, after making so many movements, he should still be tired!

Unfortunately, Wang Zheng's situation was getting better and better. To put it more accurately, after almost half an hour of practice, he had reached an optimal state.

This was the the genetic superiority of an Ability X user. Under the same type of situations, the concentration of the average warrior could not compare.

Not to mention that it was Wang Zheng in the cockpit.

More than 40 mecha warriors gathered at one block and formed a circle. They stared carefully at the surrounding roofs. Sh*t. A streak of silver light could come out from any corner to reap them.

1 second...2 seconds....3 seconds....

This was so suffocating, sh*t, why had he not appeared yet? This situation was too unbearable.

"Top left, he's here!"

One person suddenly shouted, then every snipers' lasers aimed at the top left corner.

Sh*t, it was the sunlight. It shone momentarily into their eyes and blurred their vision.

At this moment, footstep sounds travelled from the opposite end of the street. A silver mech appeared from behind a corner.

Old Deer rubbed his eyes to make sure that it was not an illusion.

"Hahaha, Skeleton, you've finally dared to face us directly. If you have the ability, come and fight me one on one. Your big brother is here waiting for you!"

Old Deer roared directly into the public communication channel.

Dominant, mighty, arrogant!

The best in the universe had arrived - Deer God!

As soon as he finished talking, Old Deer asked all his warriors to prepare for battle. Based on his understanding of Skeleton, this guy was going to rush in for the win.

As expected, the Wind God started to accelerate. The sniper had already taken aim.


The Wind God, who was running at the highest speed it could, tossed out two magnetic sources at the same time.

Left, right??

Some snipers immediately changed directions but realized that the Wind God was rushing directly towards them. He did not force his way through.


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