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"Boss, VIP pre-orders are at 28 million, with VVIP making up more than 19 million." The staff constantly provided latest updates while Solon stood motionless.

In actual fact, he'd broken into cold sweat, his back dripping wet with perspiration. Skeleton loved playing such extreme games, but Solon was getting old, and this was a tad too much for him to handle.

This situation was well within his expectations. This battle would definitely attract countless gamers from the Solar System.

And even close to a million from outside the Solar System.

"Just what mech will Skeleton be using this time?"

"Jungle Scamper probably!"

"I think the Overlord would be pretty good too. Escape using the Rocket Cannon at the right time!"

"Tsk. Escape where? There'd be people all over the place."

"The map must be humongous for there to be space to move about."

"For a hundred mech battle, even the largest map would have limited space for him to run. But even with so many people, there'd definitely be enough space to maneuver."

"I received insider's info that the Deer Isle is tactically prepared. They're splitting into ten smaller teams and will maintain a lined formation to make sure Skeleton can't hide!!"

"Damn! That's harsh!"

Ten teams, nine around the perimeters, and one at the core. Each team given their own commands, to avoid fighting on their own.

The key to a team battle was order and discipline.

The players were of high standard. Coupled with the significance of this match, it would surely bring something different to the table. Moreover, they weren't taking part just to lose the match; they were all here to vye for fame.

More accurately, this was a manhunt.

Wang Zheng and friends had booked a place long ago. The four of them could have swapped for a better venue, but they were used to this. Brothers Net Cafe put them in a better battle mood.

...Brothers Net Cafe was getting cocky. They renamed themselves to Brothers Club. The Boss bought the next door over and expanded his business. Seemed like business had been brisk lately.

The spectator hall was packed full of people. Wang Zheng and friends quietly crept into their own battle rooms.

Right before they began, Yan Xiaosu got nervous. "Boss, please don't rush into things. There are so many of them, just take your time."

Wang Zheng smiled. It was indeed a problem in the past. But it wasn't an issue now.

In bitter fights like this, a huge problem was players getting too tired and becoming unable to ensure proper physical control and mental condition towards the latter half of the fight. But now, Wang Zheng was on fire.

Now that Old Deer was taking part in the match and was being commented on, a temporary commentator took over.

Chen Xiu!

Super Xiu was extremely well known in the CT circle.

Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu commenting was another way in which the Skeleton Corps and Black Deer Team took shots at each other.

Student Xiu donned an adorable outfit, instantly inviting screams from girls all over the place.

What a pretty little cutie!

Skeleton came online. Both parties entered the battlefield.

It had begun!

The first step was to pick out a map.

It was bound to be chosen by Wang Zheng's side, no doubt. But Wang Zheng's choice made the spectators' hearts drop.

Wrong choice!

Shaky hands?

City Battle Map???

God damn! The Jungle Scamper would be beaten up like a stray animal!

Solon wore a grave expression. He now understood the situation. It seemed like he was the only one who knew what Skeleton was going to do.

The number of VIP spectators broke the 30 million mark, breaking all records held by professional and amatuer games in the entire Solar System Federation. They also broke many other records, but all of these were unimportant.

City Battle Map, one taking on a hundred. What sort of game was this?

But it seemed like it wasn't a mistake.

Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun were commenting on all sorts of possibilities with high spirits, but the moment they saw the choice made, they turned silent.

They couldn't comment further. No mech could work in this type of situation, only a jungle-type map with terrain that allowed for hiding would be useful. This…

While buildings could provide shelter, he could be spotted in a glance.

Entering the second step - Mech Selection!

In that instant, those with weak hearts felt like they were going into cardiac arrest.

A mech appeared on Skeleton's interface.

A mech shrouded by public rumors. A mech described as the trashiest mech of all time: OMG's Wind God.

The problem was... damn, it was the silver version of the Wind God.

So bright and shiny, was he afraid that people wouldn't know his location?

This was sheer provocation!

That's the response to Old Deer's cry for war?

But that's too crazy!

City Battle Map plus the Wind God mech...

The 30 million live viewers were all at a loss of words.

A farewell match?

On the other side, all sorts of high-end mech entered. "My brothers! Warriors! Fighters! Our era has dawned! Let us teach our little Skeleton friend here a lesson! Fight!"


The mechs roared to life. The battle had began.

On the blue-colored Deer Isle side, Old Deer led 99 bodyguards into the arena. That was his way of one-on-one!

A hundred different, shining mecha was still quite the sight. For live broadcasts, this team battle was the most unique type of team battle.

Opposite, on the red-colored side, Skeleton's silver Wind God took the stage.


The shiny, brilliant rays were exceptionally glaring under the sun. It was as if he was worried his opponents couldn't locate him.

Wang Zheng put the mech into movement. He still didn't have the opportunity to try things out since his Ability X awakening. Faced with so many opponents, it would take up a fair amount of energy on his part just to destroy the opponent's energy shields. This would be a good test for him to show his might.

He had to figure out his limits anyway.

"Attention all teams. Fan out and advance. Scouts and supports, commence full search. Do not rush when you spot Little Skeleton. Surround him first, then act! Capture the fish in the bowl!"

Old Deer's voice was loud and clear. In that very moment, the Deer Isle was energised.

Skeleton pulled out his laser gun. Before the match began, a hundred mecha may have been merely a numerical concept to everyone. But upon seeing the actual scene, they now understood how grand and imposing a hundred mech warriors in a tiny city area was.

Especially when these mech warriors formed up to conduct a search, it gave them a feeling of hopelessness.

No mech could ever resist such a force.

Just then, bam bam bam! The Wind God fired the laser gun into the sky.

Deer Isle Team, in the middle of their search, was stunned. Old Deer chuckled.

"Little Skeleton has challenged us! Since he can't wait, let's not stand on courtesy. Charge!"

In that instant, a hundred mech warriors moved towards the laser rays at high speed. A hundred mech warriors activating in the city made them all feel good.

The spectators were all impassioned before it even started. The target was just up front!

When he was done shooting, Wang Zheng tossed the laser gun aside.

This... What was going on???

There were no comments in the live broadcast. Even Solon, who was aware of the situation, was now at a loss.

Yan Xiaosu's jaw dropped. ... What was Boss doing???

He didn't want to go bankrupt. He wanted to be a wealthy man!

Ye Zisu clenched her tiny fists. She knew what Wang Zheng was up to. But training was one thing, actually fighting was another. Many moves could change under external influences.

"Team One is near target! Other teams, surround! Don't let him get away!" Old Deer commanded.

"Team One is within firing range. I am Team Leader Xi Xiaoruan. All team members activate energy shields!"

The leader of Team One roared... there was nothing strange about it. Xi Xiaoruan was indeed a masculine woman. She was bold, but she had a pretty face. She was rather well-known in the CT world too. A Diamond-ranked master and a famous host.... Men would need a lot of courage to name themselves "Xiaoruan".

The girl carefully activated her energy shields, not giving Skeleton any chance to attack any time soon.

The instant they got around the building, Team One would be face to face with Skeleton. At the same time, the other teams were closing in, completely surrounding the area.

"Ready, fire!" Xi Xiaoruan commanded. Ten mech warriors charged out of the building, intensely firing at the target.

... where had he gone?

He was just right on this street...

They all looked up, only to find a mech warrior hanging on the top of the building right in front of them. The Wind God was using magnetic force to hang off the building. He fell from the sky in an instant, and, in mid-air, opened his arms, activating daggers.

The energy shields had a limitat. That was, they could only fight off what was in front. The top of the head of a mech was the most vulnerable part, but under normal circumstances, it was also the toughest part to attack.


The Wind God landed in the crowd. A Scout mech exploded right away.

The lasers roared and fired in the direction of the Wind God.

"Do not open fire! Use swords!"

Lasers could not be put to full use in such a close range, and it was easy to misfire.

Xi Xiaoruan's sentence had just ended when a cold ray fell in front of her.

What was that...

BAM! A burst of magnetic force.

Xi Xiaoruan jumped. Was that a toy?

In that instant, the Wind God charged towards her at lightspeed. Xi Xiaoruan instinctively struck with her sword.

Zoom.... The Wind God did a backflip and landed with a kill!

At the same time, he avoided all the attacks from the back. In the next instant, the magnetic force was deployed. Before the second wave of attacks was launched, the Wind God flew off like a gust of wind and jumped right onto the walls of the building.

He barely paused after landing, launching from the walls.


The Wind God descended at a high speed like an agile beast in desolation. The mech warriors in the team did not even have time to turn around.

Boom.. Boom.. Boom…

Three mech warriors were taken down in that moment. The Wind God did not even look at the energy shields, making his quick moves even more agile than before.

Boom.. Boom.. Boom...

A sudden claw attack! Energy shields destroyed! Killed!

Xi Xiaoruan wanted to scream in rage, but she realised that nobody could hear her anymore. She had been taken down in the first round.

The players from Team One closed in on Skeleton. Using energy shields in close combat was getting in their way.

A tank mech shut off its energy shields and immediately found something stuck in its chest.

And a silver ray struck.

What the hell was that...

Boom boom boom...

A kick and a strike. Instantly taken out. Just as they thought he was going to make a run for it, the Wind God flipped right back in and struck them.

This was no mech warrior, this was a phantom killer!

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