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When Mu Fengchun got into the ship sent by the Milky Way Alliance, it was finally quiet. He let out a long sigh as the ship slowly began to move. They left the Moon's space station and were gradually guided out and away from the Moon's gravitational field.

Eyes closed, quietly resting... or at least that was what it seemed. A ray of light invisible to the naked eye emitted from Mu Fengchun's Skylink and scanned the entire lounge.

Moments later, the Skylink vibrated.

Mu Fengchun opened his eyes and swiped the Skylink screen, opening up the contact.

"Mr. J."

Voice confirmation.

The screen split open and the voice was confirmed, opening the hidden contact "Mr. J".


Bustling noises came through the Skylink.

A pitch black screen opened up.

Mu Fengchun perked up instantly. He was rather aloof when dealing with the Chairperson and other officials. But now, his expression showed admiration.

"Teacher... Yes... I'm coming back. It's been done... Don't worry, the follow-up plans..."

In the history of mankind, whether in times of peace or war, there would always be groups with small numbers but with extraordinary power and influence.

It was finally time for the second stage of IG. The original members and new members added up to a total of 72 people.

This second phase was mainly focused on mech control. 12 people would be chosen to form a team to represent the Solar System and compete for the title of Best Mech Warrior in the Milky Way.

And of course, based on the results from phases one and two, candidates would be chosen to run for the position of team captain, from which military representatives and team members would vote and choose their captain.

This person would then, for a long time to come, represent the highest standards of the Solar System Federal Military College.

Endless glory!

Wang Zheng and friends received a notice. As Zhuo Mu looked at the notice, tears welled up in his eyes. He wanted to say some words of encouragement, but in the end, he didn't say a thing.

This group of youngsters were doing great. They'd be greeted by success wherever they went.

On the other hand, Luomu remained calm. "Believe in yourselves. Realize what you're capable of. You're all victors!"

That marked the end of training in college. The next three days were meant for them to rest and get ready.

Luomu and Zhuo Mu were going to get a drink. They'd done everything within their limits.

"Old pal, cheers! To the kids' victory!" Zhuo Mu said, with an air of arrogance.

"Even though our conditions aren't great, these four children have put in their best. As long as they show what they are capable of, it'll be enough. Safety first."

Luomu smiled. He was not a military man, so his way of thinking differed from Zhuo Mu's.

Zhuo Mu burst out laughing. "A hero alive and a hero dead! They have to do this with the spirit of fighting till death and show IG something different!"

Throughout all these years, IG had been manipulated by the same few forces. The network of talents and the resources to nurture them were all supported by big financial groups.

The reason for Ares College's gradual demise was their lack of backing in this area. Gu Te was not willing to let politics and financial benefits take control of the college, which, in turn, made Ares College suffer in competitiveness.

This phenomena was becoming common. Had the common people completely lost their powers?

Ye Zisu and Yan Xiaosu were already waiting for Wang Zheng. There was a huge battle that night.

"Where's An Mei?" Ye Zisu smiled.

"Shopping," Yan Xiaosu replied.

It was evident that Yan Xiaosu held a tight lip about Wang Zheng's other identity. Even towards An Mei, many a times Yan Xiaosu prioritised his brother over her.

"I heard that OMG was unable to have a say on internal matters. Zisu, I think it's time your family increases your stakes in the company, especially in financial terms. This thing will have a great impact in the later stages of the company's development."

Yan Xiaosu explained. A person grows and changes very quickly. Over the past year or so, Yan Xiaosu did not merely fool around in school. He had learned a great deal, and his company's growth had opened his eyes to a world beyond. He was talented in this area, and he had his own views on certain matters.

"Easier said than done," said Ye Zisu.

"Heh. Oh, I've been meaning to tell you. I started a daughter company that has been buying your company's stocks on the free market. Of which, there are two major stockholder options, and they add up to roughly 20 percent of the total stock units. Coupled with the 39 percent your family owns, you'd have the largest share if the deal goes well. I'll transfer the stock ownership to you," Yan Xiaosu said, gleaming.

As OMG Company was faced with a series of problems, especially getting off on the wrong foot of the Chronos family, a number of stockholders considered pulling out, and Yan Xiaosu took hold of these opportunities. Of course, the stock options itself involved some degree of financial risk.

Seeing Ye Zisu bewildered, Yan Xiaosu shrugged. "Alright, Boss asked me to do it. You can pretend to know nothing about this. It's actually a good thing for my company, you know. We recently ran out of places to spend our money. Now we're also considered OMG shareholders, and that improves my status, haha."

Ye Zisu was at a loss of what to say. The two people who were most neglected at school were now in such powerful positions.

And Ye Zisu was no fool. This type of purchase and gamble was quite a hefty investment, and the risks were rather high. As for benefits, there would be close to none in the short term. If the OMG R&D project were to fail, the investments would never be recovered.

"Thank you."

"Please don't stand on courtesy with me. Our lives depend on Boss' performance tonight. If he screws up, I may have to sell my body."

Yan Xiaosu chuckled. Of course, he was just exaggerating, but the risks did exist.

Yan Xiaosu's hands were tied when it came to his two best friends. Wang Zheng's gym card was not from him - his reputation couldn't make it - it was signed by Ye Zisu, but she never let him tell Wang Zheng.

In fact, purchasing OMG stocks wasn't so simple. It was Wang Zheng. Yan Xiaosu was not a prophet, so he couldn't possibly have known about OMG's internal affairs. Even though he had a way of doing business and was great at cutting deals, he could not predict or make big picture judgements like that.

Given Wang Zheng's intelligence, he would succeed in whatever he did.

After understanding from Ye Zisu the circumstances of OMG, the key seemed to be prospects and stock value. At the same time, Little Fortune Star was faced with growth limitations since the tissue paper business would always remain as it is.

Hence, this seemed to be a solution that would kill two birds with one stone.

In terms of actual execution, this was Yan Xiaosu's area of study.

As for Old Yan, since the success of the space project, he had put absolute faith in Student Xiaosu. After all, Old Yan was not a professional at high level business administration. He used to only sell nothing but tissue paper.

But no matter how he tried to cover it up, all Wang Zheng wanted was to help Ye Zisu get past this tough time, and yet he didn't want to let her know.

The two of them, really.

Life and love. Who other than the heavens understood it?

"You're both early. Let's go. Let's kick some ass tonight,"

Wang Zheng chuckled.

"Boss, you better not let your guard down. Whether I become a wealthy man or a male prostitute, it all depends on this sale."

Yan Xiaosu acted like a poor creature. Options were a harsh mechanism. It would only work if OMG's stocks managed to rise immensely, and that was not easily attainable even if they got the best of news.

With all these calculations in mind, Yan Xiaosu felt that he had a 70-80 percent chance of success.

Believing in the Demon King Skeleton made a poor man rich!

While he loved money, Yan Xiaosu saw it only as a tool to make himself happy. He was not the currency's slave.

Even though there was still some time before it began, several broadcasting companies' competition channels had already taken their positions in all of CT's designated spectator spots, broadcasting the event live.

And from here on, a commentator was going to become a player.

Old Deer himself had the abilities of a Diamond-ranked player. Abilities and being team captain were not directly related, but as the leader of the Black Deers, he would not back down from becoming captain.

This battle was amply promoted. At the same time, CT officials had put out one million Federation Dollars and a custom laser sword as reward for anyone who took down Skeleton. This was enough to make countless people fight with their lives.

The chosen players took their positions very early. Other than Old Deer, there were 21 Diamond-ranked players, 39 Platinum-ranks, and 39 Silver-ranks.

The 99 players entered the ad hoc Deer Isle Discussion Forum. Old Deer was already full of vigor, gallantly giving instructions about his strategy.

No kidding. He had been waiting for this day his entire life. There was no room for carelessness. He had to assign the troop with tactics and formation.

"My dear brothers! Skeleton will most likely be using the Jungle Scamper. But it does not matter. Who cares what he chooses to use. It is most important that we are well organised! You'll be split into ten smaller teams. I've picked out the leader for each. Remember! Follow your commanding officers and do not let Skeleton have a single chance. Now's your time to fight for fame and glory!"

Old Deer made his pre-battle speech in high fighting spirits. At that moment, he felt like a military general.

"Old Deer is right! Skeleton will definitely think of breaking the formation up. As long as we remain firmly in position, we will be fishing in a bowl!"

"Yes! Don't fight, don't rush. Our friend Skeleton is good at making use of the terrain, and he may even play mind games. This is his only chance, but if we stand firm, he won't even have that chance! As for who deals the final strike, leave that up to fate! Deer God has made it clear, whoever it is, we will all celebrate his victory!"

"That's right. I, Old Deer, am betting my life. One hundred cartons of milk can drown a pig. So, other than the killer, those who take part in the final kill will all get to have a show recorded specially by me. We will be brothers from then!"


"Yes, fight! We have to persist in getting rid of his acts of heroism! The Ares Pact is a pact of teamwork and camaraderie! We will not back off! We will sink the boat!"

"Kill, kill, kill~~~~~~~~~"

It may have been a team put together hastily, but the atmosphere and energy couldn't be better. Old Deer had already used a number of tricks to rile everyone up. Little Skeleton, it's time we put an end to things.

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