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Sounds of explosions within the base continued to spread from one end to the other. After the landing, the mech staggered slightly. A perfect simulation wouldn't be as rewarding as a real battle.

Boom, a mech fell as it suffered a headshot.

What was surprising was that, compared to the time in training... it felt much easier.

Luo Fei's body started to shake more intensely.

However, it wasn't because of fear but excitement.

Mecha were appearing from all directions and they started to surround Luo Fei. When the bullets rained down, the world in Luo Fei's eyes changed instantly. Also, something deep in his heart had awakened. As he licked his lips, Luo Fei pounced out.


Endless explosions spread throughout the base.

Outside the base, the airship had turned invisible once again and was currently floating around the airspace above the base. Lear was watching the battle from the camera installed on Luo Fei's mech.

The old butler appeared behind him silently. "Master, wouldn't we be alarming the enemies by doing this?"

The Houston Organization was one of the few remaining competitors of the Chronos family on Earth.

"After preparing for such a long time, it was time to lure them out."

Lear said calmly. Before devoting all his energy into IG, he would have to clear out some of these competitors.

From the camera on the mech, the AI Bodyguards were falling one after another under Luo Fei's attacks.

The third level had been crushed. The last mech was nailed to the wall by Luo Fei using a titanium knife.


Mission accomplished. The beauty is mine...

Luo Fei growled angrily. Both of his hands were shaking. He had exceeded his limits. He had executed highly intensive attacks in a short period of time and even had to use his Ability X. He was truly putting his life on the line. This mech was really easy to use in a one-on-one match. Even if the opponents weren't that strong, with enough numbers, they could still overwhelm him. He would have to keep a low profile from here onwards.

Suddenly, the floor of the third level opened up. A huge flight of stairs could be seen. Below that, there was still a fourth level!

Rumble….. Multiple mech warriors were rushing out. The fatty was dumbfounded. What the hell!? He was seeking death to run into them! There was only one option ---- Run!

On the airship, the old butler's face changed immediately. "Mistakes in intel..."

Lear jumped into a mech and rushed out immediately.

"Boss, run! I will take the back. They outnumber us." Before he could complete his sentence, Lear had already rushed past him and towards the enemies.

The fatty stared blankly at the commotion... Ten minutes later...

The fatty's face was white as sheet and he was stuttering. That ability... Lear, are you really a human?

The area was filled with wreckage and debris. This was the might of a lofty king. This might was the real strength of Lear!

As the summer vacation was coming to an end, the winner would be revealed soon.

A week later.

A certain movie celebrity was standing in front of Luo Fei. The fatty was drooling in excitement. The lady winked at Luo Fei flirtatiously. He thought to himself, "You have to service this fatty well."

"Miss Masuo, can I have your autograph?" said Luo Fei as he opened up his wallpaper.


After completing her sentence, she quickly signed the wallpaper for Luo Fei. As she bent down, she revealed her fair skin and cleavage that could cause one to have a nosebleed.

The fatty took a glance and couldn't help but tremble. He had really benefited a lot from this training!

"Thank you. I was really so lucky." Following which, the fatty ran away with his wallpaper in his arms.

Masuo was left dumbfounded. What... was going on? Was he a country bumpkin?

So this was what Luo Fei meant when he meant that he could do whatever he desired??

On Mars, Raston had finally completed the alliance discussions with Lie Guang and Lie Xin. Now that things were done, he was no longer in a rush.

Lie Xin was really adept in winning over the hearts of others. Using the charm of a girl, the three of them were acting like close friends soon after. At the invitation of Lie Xin, the three of them arrived at the Fallen Paradise for a tour. One couldn't say they had truly visited Mars if they had not visited the Fallen Paradise.

The violent and barbaric battles of life and death would be considered illegal in other places of the Solar System because of the how openly violent it was. However, on Mars, it was just as popular as basketball.

The Fallen Paradise of Mars wasn't just a single place. They were differentiated by the size, scale, and level of competitiveness.

The place that Lie Xin and the other two came to was the largest Fallen Paradise on Mars. The level of standards and intensity of the cage fights were of the highest level on Mars.

The live match commentator was screaming excitedly. " Fei~~~~~~~Zi... The defending champion with a 28 match winning streak! He is our new king! Worship him! He is the one who conquered the Goddess of Victory!"

Boooom, a hole appeared on the ground of the secured caged formed by laser beams. A gear-type mechanism with a strong retro atmosphere revealed a deep, dungeon stairway.

A heroic and brave man stepped out of it. Half of his body was covered in armor. However, this armor was directly embedded in his body. It would be more appropriate to classify this armor as something that was growing out directly from his body.

Reinforced cyborg!

This was medical technology intended for the treatment of disabled individuals. However, it could also be used to reinforce the strength of one's body by grafting his skeletal structure with metal, improving one's ability to take hits, strengthening muscles, and increasing strength... Obviously, this would come at a huge price. For example, one would suffer from a shortened lifespan. There were also other considerations. Such treatments were banned in many countries, but it seemed that it wasn't a problem on Mars.

The final form would be just like the warrior standing in the laser cage. The armor on the body was directly embedded into the skeletal structure of the person. The armor could be considered as part of his body and skeleton structure now. The edge of the armor was sharpened to be as sharp as a knife.


Fei Zi ----- Fei Zi ----- Fei Zi------

The scene seethed with excitement instantly. Numerous people's eyes had turned red as though they were sharks that had detected blood. The words "Fei Zi" were synonymous with the smell of blood. 28 consecutive victories with every match filled with blood and flesh.

"The old rules, an appetizer and warm up for the Demon Lord Fei Zi.----"

Boo Boo…. A warm-up match? No, no, no! What they wanted to see was blood being spilled! Not just a performance!

The passionate crowd was a symbol of the fiery nature of the Martians. Fiery like a burning flame, fiery like an explosion, fiery and direct!

The host wave his hands and roared, "Do you think that I would let any trash enter the sacred battlefield? No! No! No! His opponent is a mutated bear from Giverly... An extremely fierce and brutal beast! It has the instincts of a demon from hell and is a horrifying killer. It will rip apart any moving thing in front of it. A kind reminder from the forests of Giverly: If you have a gun and encounter a mutated bear, never run away. You should just blow your brains out, or you will be torn into pieces..."


Another hole opened up on the other side of the cage. A four-meter-tall giant bear rushed out of it. The floor was shaking tremendously. The giant fangs and teeth brought fear under the light of the sun. The eyes of the giant bear revealed hunger, and this made it even more dangerous!

Booom... The surroundings were overwhelmed by the sound of the roar. Rumors of the mutated bear had been lingering around. It was a fearsome beast that could go head to head with a fast-moving truck.

No matter how strong Fei Zi Was, he was still a human.

Was this really just an appetizer for his warm up?

The mutated bear pounced towards Fei Zi, swinging his razor-sharp paws.

Four meters against two meters, an absolute advantage in terms of build... The strength of the mutated bear could even crush a truck in just half a minute!

However, Fei Zi did not move. With a dull face, he raised his hand and was ready for a head-on confrontation!


Fei Zi had both his arms piercing the chest of the giant bear. At the same time, the metal paws of the giant bear landed on the shoulders of Fei Zi.

Was this... a double knockout?

No! Kacha….. Blood was gushing out from the front of the bear like a fountain and its intestines and stomach were ripped out. As for the Fei Zi, his body sank slightly, The heavy blow from the giant bear was entirely withstood by him!


The crowd instantly went crazy over the fresh blood.

Unexpectedly, the strength of Fei Zi was way above that of the giant bear! With a series of punches, he was able to smash the giant bear onto the floor. The bear was capable of sending even a truck flying, and yet now it lied down sluggishly on the floor.

Fei Zi raise both of his arms and asked the audience...

Live? Or die!!!

"Die! Die! Die!"

Raston was feeling a little surprised that there was even an Ability X user here. Such things would never occur in the Republic of Caragal. Indeed, the space city really lacked such confident and domineering individuals.

At this moment, there was a knocking sound coming from the door of the cabin. A middle-aged man walked in with a smile.

"Nice to meet you, Miss Lie Xin. Young Master Lie, it has been a long time since you came over to play. Fei Zi is a cyborg that can use Ability X. Young Master Lie, would you be interested in having some fun?"

The middle-aged man blinked as he invited Lie Guang for a battle. This wasn't simply because Lie Guang was from the Lie family, but because Lie Guang was pretty famous in the Fallen Paradise. Obviously, if the opponent was not strong, he wouldn't have been interested!

However, a cyborg with Ability X was enough to arouse his interest.

If Lie Guang agreed to the fight, it would be absolutely explosive. Lie Guang from the Lie family, the legendary hundred-victory king, against the invincible rookie. The gambling market would definitely soar to a crazy astronomical figure tonight.

Lie Guang smiled. "Kester, are you thinking of using me for opening a gambling market again? Alright, I will bet a hundred thousand on myself to win."

"Keke, it looks interesting. Let me go and have a try," said Raston with a smile.

Kester felt a little surprised and smiled. "I have forgotten to introduce myself. I'm Kester, the one in charge of this place. Keke, looking at how you dress, I believe you aren't a Martian. You might not be too familiar with the Fallen Paradises on Mars. They are slightly different from the other places. If you were to get injured, I wouldn't be able the bear the responsibilities."

Although he was courteous, the underlying message behind his faint smile was that of: "Even if you are a guest of the Lie family, there won't be anyone who would give you an advantage out there. It would be best if you did not cause trouble for us."

Raston's smile deepened, "Boss, if he can injure and cause me to bleed, you can just consider it my loss. Let's just wage a million dollars!"

Kester was delighted and said, "You are a precious guest of the Lie family. If I were to win your money, I would probably be killed by Young Master Lie. Let's just wager on a hundred thousand. An impromptu challenger can surrender and seek protection. If you cannot hold on, please do not be stubborn and surrender."

Kester had seen many "guests" with such confidence that had come to Mars for a tour. They might've looked ferocious and vicious on the outside, but their strength was mediocre and they were mainly all bark and no bite. When they entered the cage and realised there was no way out, most became desperate. Nine out of ten of them were unable to exhibit even thirty percent of what they said they were capable of.

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