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Wang Zheng also knew that the some of Atlantis' high-end mecha were able to warp through space. This was an ability derived from their runic language and their spiritual abilities. No one could figure out how to replicate their abilities, and as a result, the desire to attain such mechanical abilities had formed the basis of future mech development for these countries.

The Slayer was also developed based upon such an idea. Regardless, whoever was able to develop a mech with warp capabilities would definitely improve the potential of their own mecha pilots.

"However, it is extremely hard. This problem has not been solved yet. I heard that Aslan and Atlantis are currently working together. Arbiter has also done their own research and are advancing rapidly. What thoughts do you have regarding this technology?"

Zisu's eyes widened as she stared at Wang Zheng, they were like twin moons, bright and vivid. "This is your elder sister's very own original creation. Those fuel tanks at the side of the mech can fill up every five seconds, allowing the mech to produce a strong magnetic field in a specific direction, instantly displacing the mech. Coupled with strong control, it will be able to create a pseudo warp effect. Although it cannot compete with Atlantis' version, it is still a lot quicker than the Slayer in terms of burst movement."

Wang Zheng was stunned. At this point, he was reminded of the Hammerstone Gravitational system. There was a difference between the concepts of these two. Zisu's direction of development was more accurate. It was without a doubt that the actual implementation was a lot more complicated than that.

Wang Zheng gave a thumbs up. "Student Zisu, you have broadened my horizons. I can't wait for the day where I can try it!"

At this point, Ye Zisu was not arrogant. "The concept is there. The main issues are about to be resolved. However… OMG's inner circle is not convinced. Even my Dad does not plan on fully supporting this project either."

"This idea is really good. If you were able to implement it, it would definitely bring about a new wave of designs mimicking yours." Wang Zheng was confident in his conjecture.

"It is too difficult to operate. Most of the piloting tests have ended up in failure. Determining the position the pilot wants move to requires the use of this telescopic claw. The arm also possesses a function that allows it to shoot out and retract back to the mech, so it's not suitable to be equipped with a beam saber. However, the steel claw can possess some form of combat capability. It's also equipped with a conventional laser gun. However, none of this is important. What is important is that although using the positioning device brings about some gravitational force that can be resisted, being able to grasp onto the gravitational orbit produced by the mech's shot out claw is too difficult. Once the opportunity has been missed, one is unable to instantaneously move. Furthermore, when the claw has been shot out, it also acts as a target for the opponent," Ye Zisu said.

The latter part was why the company had opposed the design. It felt as though the design had sacrificed everything for the express purpose of being able to move instantaneously. It was an easy target as well.

Ye Zisu only wanted to complain to someone, to chat a bit. She had been under a severe amount of stress and even her confidence had been shaken.

Wang Zheng smiled. "Zisu, you don't have to care about what others think. After hearing what you've said, I feel that this idea is very plausible. No new mecha are without faults. However, we can continue to improve upon them, and I believe this direction is the way to go. Success belongs to the ones who persevere!"

Actually, this was why she had chosen to bring Wang Zheng into the area. She believed that his train of thought was along the same path.

"What you said is right. I've been too worried about failure. Once I've completed the mech, I want to test it out. Even if it is not approved, it will still be an experience for me!" Ye Zisu clenched her small fist, her doubts completely vanished.

"Haha. This is the confident Zisu that I know. At that point in time, don't make me pilot an unfinished mech. Wind God. This name is very cool!"

"Of course, you are our school's IG trump card. The company has sourced some military pilots to test our designs, but their brains are too rigid. The problems we are facing cannot be solved by imitating others. If they could, we would be bound by convention."

"Actually, I have a naïve idea. Once the prototype is complete and the patent has been filed, can you place this mech into CT for testing? The large world of Earth possesses numerous individuals with infinite ideas. They would be able to find the largest amount of weaknesses in the smallest amount of time. It might even reap possible benefits. Some mecha can only be used to their full potential in the hands of specific individuals," Wang Zheng said.

Ye Zisu's eyes lit up again. "Yes! Why did I not think of that? I can provide all the technical parameters!"

The point of this test was to test if the mech was usable. With regards to the technical parameters, it had already been more or less finalized. The mech's key purpose was for war. There were too many mecha nowadays. They could do all sorts of things from running to jumping. However, what was most important was a mech's ability to battle. If it could not fight, it was worth no more than a dog's fart!

Yet in a moment, she once again helplessly sighed. "It's not possible. CT has never allowed for prototype mecha. Our company spent a lot of money and effort in order to place the Hercules into the game. I don't even think the board would approve of this either."

Wang Zheng thought about it and, looking at Ye Zisu's helplessness, silently came to a decision. Everything he had seen and heard of today were OMG's most closely guarded secrets. Ye Zisu was definitely under a lot of pressure. If not, she would not have let out such an expression.

"I can do something about that," Wang Zheng said.

Zisu was stunned for a moment, then she suddenly nodded her head. "You don't have to look for Aina." This was Zisu's bottom line.

Wang Zheng couldn't help but laugh. "Looking at the way you said it, it makes me seem like a gigolo. I can do something about this. Do you believe me?"

Ye Zisu looked at Wang Zheng before releasing a wide smile and nodded her head.

So long as the parameters were similar, CT would be able to provide an accurate simulation. The previous business with Norton was just an unexpected windfall for them.

Furthermore, this was mainly for them to test the mech. It would also allow for Zisu to iron out some of her concerns with the mech. Additionally, the mech's design was still up for development as it was quite idealistic.

It was a pity that the prototype was still in development. Otherwise, she would have let Wang Zheng test it himself.

Although the company possessed a deep history of producing mecha, agricultural mecha and combat mecha were still quite different in nature. It was due to numerous years of conducting maintenance on combat mecha that OMG had gotten the confidence to dabble in it. Of course, when it came to human talent, they had been developing their own for some time as well. Hence the board was very concerned with their first foray into the combat mecha market. Although Ye Zisu was the future successor, a company was still a company. There were numerous competing interests and everyone was watching each other closely.

When he left OMG, Wang Zheng felt extremely happy. He felt that Ye Zisu's idea was extremely well thought out, and he really wanted to try out such a mech. In a generation where ideas were freely expressed, it was still a unique proposition. Additionally, OMG was not seeking to mass produce it but to showcase their excellent technical prowess and ideas.

It was too secretive. Even if the mech had no issues, if it could not attract the attention of people and had no special points, why would anyone want to buy OMG's mecha?

From another perspective, Zisu had no issues. What was important was to see the team's strength in engineering.

Wang Zheng passed the message to Yan Xiaosu, who immediately patted his chest. Solon would definitely be extremely obedient to his demands.

"When are you coming back? Are you planning to stay at An Mei's place till the holiday is over?"

"Ah. The holiday is about to end. The good times are over. I will be back in two days, and I will bring you a present. Ah, I have to say that Chen Xiu's three sisters are extremely pretty. It's unbelievable."

… Wang Zheng felt helpless. This brat would never not think about women.

After the two chatted for a bit more, Xiaosu went to look for Solon. Solon was now an impressive individual.

In just a single day's time, the Slayer had brought about a profit of over 10 million federation dollars in the Solar System. Combined with what the viewers had paid to watch the stream, he had earned a tidy sum. Even the main company had sent congratulations. They were extremely pleased with the new chairman's actions and hoped he would continue to be successful. In short, his position was finally safe.

"Promote a new mech?" Solon was shocked. "OMG? Don't they only produce agricultural mecha?"

Actually, the fact that OMG wanted to go into military manufacturing was not news. However, this was a different field for OMG and it was just an experiment, hence CT did not pay much attention to it. Furthermore, they only wanted to test the mech on CT. There was no precedence for this. However, one had to consider the other party's background. In the past, only Atlantis and Aslan were given preference… OMG could not stand up to such influences.

Although OMG was inconsequential, he had to consider who he was dealing with. Skeleton was not someone he could afford to offend.

"Is that mech ready?" Solon asked. To be honest, with his current position, such a decision was no issue. However, no problems could be had. If any problems arose, he would have to handle the consequences, which would be unsightly. There were many enemies, so he had to understand what he was getting into.

"There are no problems. I just need to know if you will do it." Yan Xiaosu was not interested in idle talk. He was only interested in passing the message. Although it seemed unwise, this was how business was done. The more one talked, the more questions would arise, and the other party would consider even more carefully. Xiaosu had already considered the situation. This situation could be handled by Solon and it did bear some risk. However, if he could not do this, then they would no longer be friends!

"I will do it!" Solon said decisively.

"Thank you, friend. I will remember this favor." Following which, Xiaosu disappeared. He had to act the part of being an equal.

Solon did not feel that that was a problem. He immediately gave a call to the business unit. "Prepare a contract and nondisclosure agreement and contact OMG. Tell them that we are willing to accept their mecha and help them with their tests."

If they wanted to do this, they would have to show some initiative. Whatever OMG thought would not concern him. What was important was that he was acting on behalf of Skeleton.

At that point in time, Ye Zisu was having a business meeting. After receiving Wang Zheng's encouragement, she was determined to strive to the end. It was unfortunate that the atmosphere of the meeting was slightly embarrassing.

Ye Bingwen presided over the meeting. Although he was the chairman and the largest shareholder, OMG had also introduced a large amount of foreign capital during their development. Hence he did not control the company completely. Although he possessed the right to operate the company, it was only a few matters. He would also have to consider the ideas of the other shareholders as it was not only his word that mattered.

Ye Zisu had explained her reasoning. Yet in the end, the other shareholders were still indifferent. There were very cold to the idea of a little girl sticking her hands in the midst of company affairs. They had hoped that after Ye Bingwen had retired, they would change the chairman and CEO of the company. Hopefully, they would be able to end the idea that OMG was a family-run company.

"Zisu, ah. We uncles have watched you grow up. Your idea is good, but it's just too idealistic. OMG has to develop and compete in a stable environment. Fine. Even if you have faith in your own designs, CT may not be likely to allow you to do so. Furthermore, why would they help us market it?"

"A company cannot be too idealistic. I feel that the first step should be a simple and straightforward one. We will implement the B program and launch a version of a mech similar to the Bata and attract customers with favorable pricing."

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