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It has to be said that at this point, the audience had their doubts. They seemed to be going too far. In a 2v2, the biggest taboo would be to disperse like this.

Prince could only make a detour and try to remain within sight of Skeleton's Gold Guardian as much as possible. Furthermore, Skeleton's intention was to not fight. However, with this current situation of him being chased by the Overlord, although he held a bit of advantage in terms of speed, he would still be forced into a dead end sooner or later.

The Slayer had been constantly defending against the Gold Guardian, keeping a safe distance. So long as the War Emperor was forced into a dead end, regardless of whether it was both of them fighting together or killing one of them first, they would have an 80% chance of winning.

Prince has already tried his best to hide, but the opponents' level was too high. He had never heard of the enemy being so agile as to find him, and what's more, the enemy was not a scout.

Just at the moment where it seemed like Prince was going to be forced into a dead end, Wang Zheng's Gold Guardian suddenly charged towards the Slayer! Zha Rang let out a sneer of laughter. What kind of person was Solo Wind? Even though the Slayer did not possess absolute power, it was nimble and flexible, hence, before the opponent could even approach it frontally, it would maneuver and crush the opponent.

Seeing that the opponent was charging over, the Slayer burst forward, its feet lightly pattering against the ground and at the same time pointing the rapid-fire burst gun in his hand towards the Gold Guardian.

In an instant, the chubby Gold Guardian performed an Arc Slide and attempted to flank the Slayer from the side. However, the Slayer was more agile, quickly turning along with the Gold Guardian, immediately preparing to attack.

And at this moment, the gravitational device of the Gold Guardian was switched on. It was not very easy to hit a target with this type of gravitational beam, but for those who had seen how accurate Skeleton was with the Jungle Scamper, they were not surprised.

The gravitational beam hit the Slayer in attempt to hold him back. However, the current gravitational field was unable to hold for even two seconds. What's more, the mech that he was pulling was the Slayer. Solo Wind's engine roared and he retreated speedily… the Gold Guardian was actually unable to pull him back…

On the other side, the Overlord had already forced Prince into a dead end.


Skeleton suddenly let out a shriek.

War Emperor threw out its Electric Halberd. Crap… he missed?

But actually, Prince did not even intend to hit it, with his One-Two Combo, Prince shot out. Prince had saved himself from being encircled. However, the Overlord was already chasing him once again, and the distance was still too small.

Just at this moment, a miraculous scene was seen.

Gold Guardian's gravitational beam managed to grab onto the War Emperor. Prince immediately pushed the mech to its limits as the mech flew towards the Gold Guardian, and almost at the same time, the Gold Guardian's engine roared as it accelerated and rushed towards the Slayer...

At this time, Solo Wind had already turned the engine of the Slayer to the maximum. This was to prevent it from being pulled towards the Gold Guardian, but who knew that in an instant, it would turn into two mech warriors flying towards him!

Solo Wind only heard a buzzing sound in his head. Before he could react, the Electrical Halberd of Prince's War Emperor was already flying towards him.

Even if the Slayer was going to die, he could not die like this. Activating the energy shield took a second, but usually, as close combat was not so quick, this one second of time was negligible. However, in this situation, it would be deadly!

What was worse was that it took him a second to react and another second for the shield to activate.

The War Emperor's Electrical Halberd lashed out towards the Slayer.

"Zha Rang, go up!"

Actually, there was no need for Solo Wind to shout, as the Overlord mech had already rocketed towards the sky just like a canon. This was the Sky Rocket Cannon ability. It allowed it to rush into a high altitude, using its energy shield and titanium shield as a weapon to ram into into its opponent. Such a severe impact was enough to smash ordinary mecha into pieces, but the only problem was that it was slightly slow.

However, if Skeleton and Prince were to eliminate the Slayer at this moment, they would be able to do it in time!

The strength of Solo Wind was indeed astonishing; he had actually fired a shot at the critical moment, and that shot hit Prince squarely on his energy shield. The main point was that it was disruptive, buying a marginal bit of time.

But the Gold Guardian was also suppressing him, preventing him from taking another shot. Prince threw all regard to the wind and risked his life by attacking with his halberd.

He had been waiting for this moment his whole life.


The head of the Slayer was directly slashed off and sparks flew everywhere. And at this moment, the Overlord mech in the sky was already advancing downwards, preparing to crash towards both of them. The most ruthless part of this move was that if used properly, it could also break the energy shields and directly kill the opponent.

Prince clenched his teeth and prepared to brace for the blow, only to realise that Skeleton's Gold Guardian had already moved in front of him..

He truly was seeking death. "The energy shield can't stop him…"

Prince shrieked. Was Skeleton doing this to sacrifice himself?

At this moment, Zha Rang had a sinister look on his face. "Go and die!"

Boom boom boom…

There were violent tremors and debris flew everywhere…

Everyone was extremely anxious at that point

Right at this moment, a gravitational beam landed on the War Emperor. Prince subconsciously went along with the pull and the Gold Guardian rushed outwards as Wang Zheng pushed the engine to its limit simultaneously. Prince's expression immediately brightened up. He charged forward, his halberd in hand, smoothly preparing to deal the final strike.

At this moment, the smog dispersed. The flustered and exasperated Overlord stood up, immediately saw the flash of the War Emperor's halberd, and subconsciously blocked it.


Zha Rang was knocked backwards and had not even stabilized himself. He took several steps backwards as his mech was already damaged as well. Although he had dealt a devastating blow by crashing on to the opponents, why was he damaged as well?

It would now be a brutal brawl between Prince and the Overlord. The audience erupted into cheers. Even if Prince would lose, it was still worth it. The War Emperor chased after the Overlord and continuously landed blow after blow. Even so, Zha Rang still held on for five minutes, until he was eventually bludgeoned to death by Prince.

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah~~

Somewhere in Locke, there was hysterical growling followed by the sound of things smashing. How could this happen? How could this have happened?

Absurd! Absurd! Absurd!!! 

"...The Gold Guardian has been upgraded?"

"Are you sure that was the Gold Guardian? How could this thing withstand the impact of the Overlord's ram?"

"Damn it, how the f**k is this a support? This is practically a bug!"

At this time, the screen replayed the scene in slow motion. It did not require much analysis. This time around, everyone would be able to understand what had happened.

If it was a face-to-face standoff, the War Emperor and Gold Guardian would be finished and would not stand any chance. Only when it was 2v1 would there be a chance to win. It would be useless for both of them to attack the Overlord at the same time, because its defense was too strong. Thus, the only choice would be to target the Slayer first. Hence that was also why the Slayer was extra careful and was not anxious to attack. Yet this time around, he had been fooled.

Trying to capture the Slayer was definitely the first move. Once subjected to the gravitational field, anyone using the Slayer would desperately try to pull back. But at the same time, Skeleton actually pulled Prince, who was in a desperate situation, and both of them flew towards the Slayer. 

In the slow motion, people could somehow see the shock and desperation of Solo Wind, and it was also this psychological change that resulted in his slow reaction.

Even if it wasn't him, anyone who faced the same situation probably wouldn't have been able to respond either. The opponent was in a dire situation only moments ago, just like a turtle trapped in a jar, but all of a sudden, he himself became the turtle that was trapped in a jar.

It has to be said that Zha Rang and Solo Wind's reactions were pretty good. Solo Wind knew that the energy shield activation was slow, so he risked it and took a shot to delay the attack, creating a chance for Zha Rang to catch up. Zha Rang also did not hesitate at all, straightaway firing the Sky Rocket Cannon, and he made the right choice to attack them.

However, why did Skeleton not die?

One ought to know that when facing against the Sky Rocket Cannon of the Overlord, one either avoids it, or if they are hit, they will definitely be severely wounded if not killed.

It possessed a strong offensive power as well as an immense shockwave. 

Only the ferocious and cruel Arbiter Republic would be able to invent such a move. It was said that during a crucial moment, it could end both the opponent and itself in a scene of mutual destruction.

Everyone was staring at the big screen. The Overlord descended from the sky with great force; it was unstoppable.

At this moment, the Gold Guardian was crouched down and it activated its Hammer system's repulsive force!

However, this bit of repulsive force was not sufficient at all to stop the move. At the moment of impact, the Gold Guardian took a half step back and, almost on the brink of crisis, tilted the mech slightly as he fully activated the repulsion field.

It was equivalent to using the mech as a slope to redirect the force! Even though it suffered a certain amount of impulse, by making use of the inertia from the slight change in angle, the Overlord was slammed abnormally violently on to the ground instead.

No matter how sturdy he was or how much he tried to defend, Zha Rang was also half dazed after the impact. It was normal for him to be totally destroyed by Prince afterwards, as if it was someone else, it would have been GAME OVER for the person after the slam.

"What the heck? Even a support can be played like this? Everything I played in the past was all in vain."

"That was a damn godly support, invincible!"

"Was that real or fake? That little bit of repulsive force was able to strip away the impact of the Overlord, that was totally absurd!"

"So the people of Locke are actually best at committing suicide!"

"Awesome, the greatest suicidal move!"

Zha Rang was red with anger. If he was not able to hit the target, the Overlord mech had an auxiliary system that assisted him with targeting, but...

There was no one who would dare to challenge the Overlord's Sky Rocket Cannon face on, but the opponent certainly did!

It was never seen before in all of history!

"This was definitely the two most godly-level moves utilized by support players. This will provide more ideas for players in the future," Old Deer said as he described the situation point by point. As a CT fanatic, he had seen many exquisite attacks, but this was the first time seeing a support being able to take control of the whole situation.

On the side, Yao Ailun looked at Old Deer, beaming, "Deer God, so this means that you have admitted it?"

"Ah, admit to what?"

"That Skeleton was an excellent support. Don't tell me you would say that the Gold Guardian, who did not open fire or make any kills for the entire round, served as the main attacker?"

Student Ailun laughed sinisterly. Old Deer felt a sudden chill down his spine and quivered. D*mn, he had been tricked!

Old Deer had tried to be really, really careful, but he was still unable to endure Yao Ailun's provocation. If it was Bubbly Foam, he would not have done such a thing.

Student Ailun had become famous after just one battle. Old Deer had the urge to slip away, but "Cui Hua" had already blocked the door, a smile beaming on his face. It implied that Old Deer ought to not even think of escaping from this situation.

As the slow motion replay came to an end, everyone's emotions also reached the climax. Both parties were in chaos.

The Jungle Scamper's grand suppression of the world and the Gold Guardian's ease and capability in diverting the opponent's attack made everyone go wild.

"Boss, it's 23 million now."

It has to be said that at this moment, to get even a teeny bit of increase in viewers would be really tough. In every game there were only a certain number of players after all. They had more or less reached the maximum number of viewers willing to pay for VIP.

Solon also could not help but feel regretful. He felt that he was going crazy.

"Hehe, Xiao Zhao, how do you feel?"

The technician by the name of Xiao Zhao stared blankly and suddenly smiled. "Really happy!"

"Haha, well said, kid!"

Work was work, it was a means of living. But sometimes, work could also bring about happiness, and if we were able to feel this, we were considered to be lucky people.

"What is Locke's side going to say? The situation now is a tie of 2 to 2. Are they going to continue on, or will they surrender?

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