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Chapter 223: Alan Tucker's Plan

Aina smiled lightly and accepted the document . She then quickly browsed through it once . "Well done, you've worked hard . "

"It's my honor . "

Aiken bowed and exited . Looking at how much the Princess had to do, Aiken wished that he could be of more help to her . However, he needed to observe the rules of etiquette . This was what every aide or assistant had to abide to .

There were too many competitors, and who knows? It was a possibility that someone in the aides' team could become the Queen's husband . Ignoring the issue of identity, it was a man's lifelong happiness just to have a girl like her .

Finally, Aina was the only one left in the room, and she relaxed completely . Being busy prevented her from missing Wang Zheng . She really envied Huiyin . That girl could do what she wanted; she led a comfortable life . It looked like she had to get her to share the responsibilities soon .

She needed to do more so that people around her would realise that she existed and they need not have any plans for her marriage .

She could sacrifice her life for Aslan, but never her love .

Members of the royal family often went to extremes . They would either enjoy life and not care about love, or they would fall so deeply in love to the point where they were irrational . Such a situation was not rare in Aslan's history . There were two kings who gave up their throne for love .

At the Mara Nine Countries Summit, the nine strongest countries of the Milky Way formed an association to peacefully discuss and consult on matters regarding the Milky Way's economy .

This time around, she would be representing Aslan and attending the summit . She not only had to prepare Aslan's views, but also needed to better understand the other eight strongest countries as well as their attending representatives . Additionally, she had to leave a deep impression on them .

The representative of Atlantis was Prince Hao Lin . In the past two years, the matters regarding Atlantis and humans were being handled by Hao Lin . While he looked to be just a child, Atlanteans could not simply be described using common sense .

The representative of the Arbiter Republic was Hughes Arbiter, the heir to the power of the Arbiter Republic .

The representative of the Gemini Galaxy Republic was the young parliament member, Wall . He was the youngest politician in the Gemini Galaxy Republic . He was also the eldest son of the Chairman of the First Party of the Gemini Galaxy Republic .

The representative of the Fairy Republic was Alexander from the Norton Star . He was only 28 years old and already a legendary figure of the Federal Secretary of State .

One week later .

Huge spaceship fleets guarded every corner of the Mara Galaxy . The nearby area, within a range of 10 light years, became star domains under the control of the Interstellar Federation . Any spaceships that were unmarked would be intercepted or even destroyed directly .

The Wenfei Star was the venue of the summit . The area surrounding the star was in high security alert, while on the star itself, the atmosphere there was relaxed and free . The daily lives of the residents were not affected at all . Furthermore, this was originally a location for the rich . There were strict requirements to be a resident on this star . The requirements to be met were not only about assets but also on the residents' identities and background .

The summit was not an event that took only a day or two . It would take half a month to conduct in-depth consultations . These decisions would involve multiple aspects of the nine countries . One small clause from the macro perspective could affect the economical interests of a country costing billions, and these would be dispersed over multiple aspects, determining the fate of numerous medium-small enterprises .

Of course, these details would be discussed by the accompanying aides and professionals until there was a satisfactory proposal which would then be signed by the various countries' representatives .

What Aina would face on a daily basis, other than

than browsing through the process of negotiation and determining the direction and the limits of negotiation, was to attend one banquet after another . They would be hosted respectively by the nine strongest countries .

Basically, the itinerary of the various representatives was about the same . One could not underestimate these banquets . A certain consensus could be reached at these seemingly private banquets for any problems that could not be resolved at the negotiations .

It was without saying that some consensuses reached would never be written into the negotiation record .

It was another dinner banquet . This time, it was initiated by Atlantis . Aina attended this banquet dressed in formal Aslan attire .

"Welcome, Princess Aina . "

Hao Lin was dressed in human formal clothes with a small blue bow tie . He looked cute, like a tiny adult, tempting other people to pat him .

Aina smiled . "It's my honor, Prince Hao Lin . "

These two were more casual because of the good relationship between Aslan and Atlantis .

"I'm in favor of Your Highness's New Energy Cooperation proposal . Atlantis is willing to participate in this project and can invest and provide technical assistance . "

The little prince blinked his cute big eyes and said . His usage of Aina's formal address emphasized that what he said was of official business .

"Oh, the new form of superconducting technology is not yet mature, are you that confident?"

Aina was a little surprised . Everyone else was simply observing, even Atlantis was at most showing interest . She did not expect Hao Lin to invest so much in this project .

Hao Lin smiled and said, "Actually, we are also just riding the wave . This new form of superconducting technology will

technology will definitely become the main source of energy in the next 100 years . We urgently need to invest in development of this technology . Let me introduce to you the person in charge of the FCL Group, Zarberg Li . He will be the coordinator for the New Energy Project this time . They have already developed a more reliable technology .

"It is an honor to meet you, Princess . " Zarberg smiled as he bowed .

He was a middle-aged man who looked over 50 . His eyes were calm and confident .

Aina, of course, knew about FCL . It was a technological research and investment group which had risen over the last decade . They were mysterious and powerful . Rumors said that they possessed a very large accumulation of technology and that they were involved in various major fields, especially in the space and materials aspect .

"Mr . Zarberg, nice to meet you . Looks like you will be bringing yet another surprise to the world of new energy . "

"Your Highness, this is our honor . The company's board of directors has already reached a consensus and we are very willing to work with Atlantis and Aslan . "

Aina looked at Zarberg and pondered about the hidden meaning behind his words . "I heard that, including the Arbiter Republic, there are a few other countries who are very interested in this . Why choose us?"

Zarberg smiled slightly . "Even though I'm now living in the Mara Galaxy, my ancestral homeland is Earth . I heard that your highness is very fond of Earth . I think that being fond of similar things is helpful for business . "

At the dinner banquet, Zarberg socialized with the representatives of the nine countries . He drew relations with everyone and reached some consensus . Of course, reaching a consensus was simply the first sign of intention . Deeper discussions and understanding had to be met for more concrete actions .

"Sorry, please excuse me . "

Zarberg's Skylink vibrated . He smiled and left the banquet hall . He then entered a secluded room . His Skylink came on and a blue light glowed outwards, scanning the whole room . After making sure that there were no tapping devices or monitoring devices, the Skylink screen opened . screen opened . A blurred dark figure appeared on the screen . The only thing that could be seen clearly was the glass of red wine in his hands . . .

"How's the situation?"

"There should be no problem with Aslan and Atlantis . Their new technology and our technology can be perfectly compatible… . Arbiter has better conditions and may be able to bring bigger profits . "

"Proceed with the analysis according to plan . "

A big game of chess was unfolding .

After the communication ended, at the edge of the distant Solar system .

One person put down the information in his hands and slowly sighed a sigh of relief . His mouth curved into a slight smile .

It was finally starting . After preparing for so many years, Alan Tucker was also a little excited . The research of the Rubik's Cube involved many major fields of study, and these 20 years of research were not a waste of time . On the contrary, they were on the forefront of this generation for many of these aspects . Once he stopped being stubborn, these technologies could be transformed for residential use . It would be ground-breaking .

Of course, all of this was not without purpose .

The door opened to show a youth dressed in a white robe . This type of clothing was rare in the Milky Way, it was a bit retro . "Sir, the Elders have invited you to go over . "

Alan Tucker nodded . Expectations and faith filled his eyes .

Wang Zheng, that little guy, could really create trouble . He was no doubt his disciple . He hoped that he would create more trouble, the bigger the better . It was only when things were stirred up that this era could advance .

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