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"Ahem, are you all usually so generous ?" Wang Zheng said. He truly seemed quite lucky.

"Ai Rui is short sighted. Please do not stare at her."

Wang Zheng was speechless. He did not want to look in the first place.

Meng Tian's bedroom was no doubt very clean and neat. While she was not mysophobic, girls who were icy were usually very organized.

"Take off your clothes," Meng Tian said lightly.

Wang Zheng was stunned. He looked at Meng Tian, puzzled, and crossed his arms in front of his chest. He said in an exaggerated manner, "You… what are you thinking of doing to me?"

Meng Tian grounded her teeth. What was this? She had hoped that he would know better.

"Are you stupid? To achieve synchronization, we have to do all we can to reduce the distance between us. The fewer barriers between us, the better it will be. Just take off your shirt. That will do."

Meng Tian had no other way but to explain it herself.

Academy X had an unorthodox rumor that the way to achieve maximum synchronization was to do it at a moment of extreme excitement. This could help to achieve a breakthrough of limits.

However, it was obvious that there was no way to know if it were true or false. This kind of synchronization could only be initiated by people who possessed very strong Ability Xs. Meng Tian's ability was not strong enough, but to Wang Zheng, he had no better alternative.

Meng Tian took off her jacket, showing off her fair skin. "Focus. The initial period of synchronization is the most effective. Once the feeling becomes muscle memory, you will lose the chance."

She said in a formal manner. The two of them were not indecisive people. Wang Zheng's facial expression became serious. If he was going to be shy now, he would be no different from a girl.

After crossing their legs, they sat down with their arms raised. Wang Zheng's palms pressed onto Meng Tian's palms. Her hands were cold as usual, colder than the normal human body's temperature.

"Let's start!" Meng Tian said. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.


Meng Tian started to glow a light blue color. This was purely a display of the Ability X. It was an indication of an initiation of synchronization of the greatest effect.

Instantly, Wang Zheng felt his body temperature drop. He did not close his eyes and was shocked by what he saw.

It was as though he could see the flow of Ability X and could feel how the energy source of the Ability X triggered from her head before quickly circulating to the rest of his body.

The head was the trigger point. The next trigger point was not the heart but near the abdomen region - the Dantian.

This kind of theory had come from his dad. When he was younger, he constantly wondered what in the world was the Dantian? What crappy acupuncture point? All of this sounded like nonsense, but at this moment, Wang Zheng could feel the energy coursing through that region directly.

These two points formed an axis, releasing that magical power.

In Wang Zheng's world, he knew three concepts that were related to it.

The first concept was the Duping Technique that was passed down in his family for generations. It was a method of breathing that he had used from a young age. It also mentioned acupuncture points that were origins of energy. Wang Zheng never believed those energy acupuncture points we real before, including those descriptions of attuning one's body to nature. Wang Zheng felt that these things were just to dupe rich old men who wanted to gain immortality.

The second concept was the Five Elements - Earth, Sea, Fire, Wind, and Space - that originated from the Rubik's Cube. Wang Zheng had been able to feel the elements vividly.

The third one was Ability X, also the main form of power in today's world.

But to conclude, Wang Zheng suddenly felt that his dad's Duping Technique was the real deal. True strength was achieved when the body was perfectly attuned to the universe.

Theoretically, Wang Zheng felt that all of this was very simple. He could feel and achieve it.

However, why was he unable to use it?

On the other hand, Meng Tian was in a totally different situation. She had managed to achieve synchronization!

However, the situation was beyond her imagination. As the initiator, her Ability X was obviously much stronger than Wang Zheng's. But the moment they synchronized, her Ability X was contained by an ocean of power.

It felt warm, as though she had become a newly born baby.

"How could it be a daughter? How can girls become good soldiers?"

"Let's have a son. Our Meng family has been serving in the army for generations."

"No, my daughter will definitely be the most excellent soldier!"

"Xiao Tian, let's go out and play."

"Xiao Tian, are you a girl or not? Let's go shopping for beautiful clothes, okay?"

From a young age, Meng Tian had been working very hard and trying her best to do everything expected of her. Perhaps it was really the power within the Meng family bloodline that she awakened. She could remember clearly how her father smiled so happily on that day. Finally, he could start feeling proud of his daughter.

Meng Tian had hoped so much that her father's smile was not due to the Ability X, but because of the birthday present that she had made herself.

Wang Zheng opened his eyes. He did not want to see these images, but he still felt it. Everyone said that each family had its own troubles, even Meng Tian, who was the most famous icy beauty in school. She always looked like she did not care about anything, but who would have thought that her inner self was so delicate?

Without knowing, Meng Tian's face was covered in tears. Her childhood memories surfaced as though time was going backwards.

When she opened her eyes, she saw a pair of concerned eyes.

She was stunned for a moment before regaining consciousness. She could feel the tears on her face.

Wang Zheng quickly waved his hands. "I did not do anything."

Sh*t, if someone walked in and saw this situation, it would be hard for him to explain himself.

Meng Tian stretched out her hand, and suddenly there were rays of blue light. The room temperature dropped immediately. Wang Zheng could not hold back a sneeze.

"This... How can this be?" Meng Tian said. She was shocked.

"Why? Are you alright?" Wang Zheng was shocked. There should not have been any side effects. The spiritual world was very mysterious. Sometimes, an unintentional movement could have very dire effects.

"My ability has strengthened by a lot. I think… I leveled up. How about you? How do you feel?"

At Academy X, the ranking of Ability Xs was very clear and precise.

"Congratulations, congratulations. Looks like I'm destined to do work for the benefit of others." Wang Zheng shrugged his shoulders helplessly.

He had gained nothing again.

"That's not right. It couldn't be. I did feel a very strong power from you. Have you already awakened and it is just that you do not know what your ability is?"

Meng Tian asked.

"No way! Really? Don't tell me that my ability is to help others level up their abilities."

Wang Zheng was a little speechless.

He suddenly recalled the time they had to lure the Brain Bugs. Europa's group of three could withstand the bugs because of his contact.

This was too depressing. Wang Zheng wanted the ability to fight.

Meng Tian thought quietly for a while, then she shook her head lightly. "No, the ability to strengthen others is not like that. It is more like your ability is so strong to the point that it leaks outwards. Not only that, your ability should be of a higher quality than mine. Upon contact with you, my ability seems to be nourished."

Meng Tian looked at Wang Zheng like she was looking at an invigorating tonic.

Wang Zheng did not know whether to laugh or cry. "If you put it that way, I'm even sadder now. It is like I have become a supply station; whoever who is hungry can come over and have two bites of me."

Hearing Wang Zheng's interesting description, Meng Tian could not hold back her laughter. Her tears still hung on her face. Looking at her, Wang Zheng's mind went blank for a moment before he praised her sincerely for her beauty.

Meng Tian's face turned red. "I was supposed to help you, but now I'm the one receiving help. Your situation is really special, I will think of ways to ask around."

"Ahem, it's okay. I'm an optimistic person. At least I'm not without potential, no need to shake off the expectations of my family."

Wang Zheng said without thinking.

"You saw what I was thinking!" Meng Tian said. She was stunned. How much did he see, what did he see, was it everything?

Wang Zheng quickly waved his hands. "I really didn't see a lot."

"You didn't see a lot? That means you saw something! Wang Zheng!"

"Ahem, wow, such a nice weather. Er. Ah! There's a superman flying outside!" Wang Zheng pointed to the scenery outside the window and said loudly.

Meng Tian turned back to look and Wang Zheng ran away quickly. Of the thirty six stratagems of war, fleeing was the best option.

Actually, he did get something out of the experience. They all could feel his strong power. That meant that his ability existed, and it was just that he had yet to find the right way to use it.

That should be the way. He had such invincible talent, and he was also the team's trump card. How could he not have any potential?

Wang Zheng's face broke into a smile. He had finally made some progress in solving the problem that was troubling him lately.

Looking down from the window, Meng Tian gave a heartfelt smile as she watched Wang Zheng jumping away energetically. It looked like she had to ask an expert about this problem.

....Was she trying to seduce him just now?

Du Qingqing always told her that in this generation, girls had to be proactive to achieve a breakthrough in the relationship between men and women. Or else, with time, they would really become simply friends. Like An Mei, she took action so quickly. So if she wanted a lead in this competition with Ye Zisu, she had to act not only quickly but effectively.

But to get ahead… Meng Tian really did not know how. She looked at herself in the mirror. Was this not attractive enough?

Sometimes that guy was really slow. Actually, Wang Zheng was no different from that guy who went to the girls' dorm to repair the light bulbs. Both of them did not see the point of their actions.

Wang Zheng, who was back at his dorm, did not too think much. After he calmed down, he realized that he actually had achieved a breakthrough.

Ability X was actually the ability of the brain. While he did not know whether it was because of the Rubik's Cube or if it pre-existed naturally, he was much stronger than normal in this aspect.

This made Wang Zheng miss his parents even more. Even though he always felt that his dad was a big scammer, in some aspects, his dad was very serious. For example, the supervision of his breathing style and that constant muttering of the body channels. Did he do all that on purpose?

Going back to the topic, both of his parents, left him after meeting Old Merchant. He also had no idea how the situation of their travels around space was.

Everyone had their own life. Wang Zheng was already very grateful that his parents had given birth to him and brought him up. He hoped that his parents could pursue the life that they wanted, and he would most definitely not let them down.

At least... if his dad came back, he need not trick anyone anymore.

Primordial Regression Technique.

All along, Wang Zheng's training was regular like the operation of a machine, but today he had a unique experience.

Maybe it was Meng Tian's memory that stirred up his feelings. Wang Zheng also missed his childhood. He recalled so many things that happened when he was young. As he reminisced, he could not hold back a heartfelt smile.

The effects of the Primordial Regression Technique emanating from his bones was similar to his breathing technique, but he felt that his dad's Duping Breathing Technique was more suitable for the human body.

The presence of Qi.

If he combined Spirit and Qi, what would the situation be?

Wang Zheng instinctively let his spirit sink deeper. The Primordial Regression Technique operated not only on the body but also on the fusion with nature.

Weng... (Buzzing sound)

There seemed to be an explosion of white light.

At this moment, Meng Tian was still pleasantly surprised with her own breakthrough and Wang Zheng's silly look when he ran away. Suddenly, she felt an energy surging within her.

This…was her Ability X?

God, how was this possible?

The range of Ability X was very small, but how did this energy surge like a hurricane?

Zhang Runan was drawing an art piece nearby. When she drew, she was entirely focused, as though she projected all her spirit into the activity. This was no doubt a way of training for Zhang Runan to reach a state of zen. The more focused she was, the quicker she could get into the mood.

Suddenly, there was a strong wave of energy which caused her to draw one spot wrongly. She exited from her state of focus and stood up suddenly, scaring the other students who were learning to draw. When the club leader was drawing, she was so focused to the point where even thunderstorms would not disturb her. What made her lose her cool?

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