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Chapter 217: One Should Be Reckless During Their Youth!

 Not far from them, a person was being beaten to a pulp, spraying the air with flesh and blood . His opponent showed no signs of letting up . He aimed a flying kick at his face . A tooth fell to the floor . His entire skull was a mess of flesh and blood .

 Huiyin clutched Wang Zheng's shirt in terror . Her earlier enthusiasm had vanished in an instant .

 She found the notion of going wild an interesting one, but gore was something else .

 "That person has already surrendered . Why would he still continue beating him? He might have died!" Lin Huiyin said .

 Wang Zheng was unsure of how to handle her naivety . This was a cage match, which followed the rules of the underground . All who entered the arena signed a contract of life and death .

 Either kill or be killed . Wanton release, wild abandonment, the place was intensely charged with emotions . It showed the primitive side of mankind . Perhaps in the day, some of these people walked the streets in suits and leather shoes, but for this moment, they were no more than primal beasts .

 Wang Zheng was a little excited . He had always been sensitive to the emotions in the environment . He was tempted to drop his composure, but he checked his emotions .

 "Huiyin, let's go . " Wang Zheng turned around, only to realise that Huiyin had already moved toward the cage matches and even entered the arena .

 The cage door was not locked, because no one in their right mind would open it . Unless it was a clueless girl .

 "Stop hitting him, he'll die . He's already surrendered . "

 Lin Huiyin said .

 The gladiator towered at over two meters in height . He let out a cold, thin smile . "Wench, this isn't your playground!"

 He swatted towards her carelessly . Lin Huiyin had some foundations in dance and was able to respond quickly . However, he still managed to brush her, and the wig fell to the floor, revealing her lustrous golden hair as she fell to the floor .

 Wang Zheng caught Huiyin . "This girl sure could attract trouble," he thought to himself . He was about to leave when he realized that the door had been shut by the onlookers outside .

 "A new round will now begin . Let's see how Fang deals with these two tender young prey . "

 "One per punch, probably . I can't wait to see it . "

 The onlookers had worked themselves into a twisted frenzy .

 Entering the cage meant battle . No one checked or cared who you were .

 Fang stared at Lin Huiyin with his huge eyes . His gaze was filled with desire, as though he wanted to crush her .

 Lin Huiyin raised her fists gamely . She tried her best to meet his gaze and appear unintimidated . She was a princess of Aslan, and there was nothing to be afraid of .

 However, her small frame was quivering, and Wang Zheng knew she could not handle herself . He gently pulled her behind himself .

 "Everything's fine . Close your eyes and don't look . "

 Raucous laughter rang out from around him . Wang Zheng was not even 20 years of age, and his stature was dwarfed by his opponent's .

 Also, those who had earned a nickname from fighting in the cage were by no means rookies .

 "Runt, you and her are both mine . I'll crush you first, then enjoy her!"

 The number of onlookers swelled, curious as to who had been foolish enough to enter the cage . After watching macho-types go at it for so long, this new spectacle was something to behold .

 In close-quarters combat, this bunch of fighters could probably outclass many specially trained elite warriors .

 Wang Zheng knew that he had to finish this quickly and decisively .

 Fang's huge fists darted towards Wang Zheng . At this moment, he sensed danger, so he instinctively ducked, but Wang Zheng had already slipped through his guard .


 With a deafening sound like an avalanche, Fang flew out and crashed directly into the cage with a clatter .

 The entire arena was stunned, then they broke out into even more frenzied hoots . Who knew that this runt was actually trained in martial arts?

 Wang Zheng's blow packed considerable strength, but his opponent merely spat out a mouthful of blood and stood back up .

 Fang wiped his mouth, and his face contorted even further . "Little brat, you aren't totally helpless – I'll give you that . Rest easy, I won't let you die painlessly!"

 As he taunted, he beat his chest savagely .

 This person was almost definitely on steroids . Almost all cage fighters used them . When faced with the prospect of death every day, these were small matters . The kick should have crippled a normal opponent's ability to fight .

 Fang rushed towards Wang Zheng like a berserker, lashing out with a foot . Wang Zheng had no way to dodge it, because Huiyin was standing directly behind him .

 … and there was no need to dodge anyway .


 Everyone was open-mouthed with astonishment . Fang's kick had actually been blocked!!!

 This kid who looked like he would be destroyed in an instant had actually blocked the kick, and with ease . He had not moved back so much as an inch, although the recoil alone would probably have been enough to crush the cute loli behind him to death .

 Lin Huiyin was still clutching Wang Zheng's shirt with one hand . This little wench… she was still peeking through the gaps of her fingers .

 Fang became even more malevolent . Damn bastard, what strength! His many years of cage fighting experience told him that this brat was no easy opponent .

 Suddenly, his hand brushed his back and he darted in, knife stabbing towards Wang Zheng .

 He had another dagger sheathed against his thigh . This was a violation of the rules . Either both sides used weapons or went without, but who cared at this point?

 Survival was king .

 Wang Zheng's only option was to dodge, but he could not do it . Bloodthirsty eagerness exuded from the crowd around him . If he did not sidestep the blow, he would be beheaded . If he did, the beautiful girl behind him would be cut to death . It was such a waste, but what a beautiful feeling!

 Wang Zheng blocked the knife with his right arm without hesitation . Ping…

 Fang wanted to behead his opponent – to think he would be foiled! However, his knife had bitten deep into the bone .

 Wang Zheng's face was expressionless, as though the one being cut was someone else . He took advantage of his opponent's surprise to cut through his guard . With a low grunt, he landed a solid punch on his opponent .

 This time he did not hold back .

 Although there was no sound, Fang's eyes bulged . Wang Zheng took a step back and walked to the edge of the cage . He could not count on these people to open the cage . Furthermore, he was out of time . It was possible that Huiyin could be recognized at any moment .

 "What's wrong, Fang? Did you play around too much yesterday?"

 "What is this fellow doing?"


 The metal cage had been torn apart to create a hole . The onlookers fell into a hush, shocked by the scene in front of their eyes .

 At this point, Wang Zheng seemed especially formidable . He flung the lock aside and kicked the door down . Pulling Lin Huiyin after him, he walked towards the outside .

 Nobody dared to stop him . They had noticed Fang's chest, which was completely caved in .

 In the moment where he had kicked open the door, Fang had collapsed onto the floor .

 It seemed as though there were people running towards them from a distance . No matter who it was, it could not be a good thing . Wang Zheng hugged Huiyin with his left hand and ran for the exit .

 This time, Huiyin made no objection and obeyed without a sound .

 Indeed, people were clustering around . Wang Zheng was a typical troublemaker case who had violated the rules . To the management of the Fallen Paradise, this type of person had to be investigated .

 Wang Zheng did not care, but Huiyin could not be exposed . Furthermore, she was Aina's younger sister .

 Anyone who got in the way was flung to the side unceremoniously by Wang Zeng, unhindered by the wound on his right arm .

 As they rushed out, things were in a complete mess . Wang Zheng read the tempo perfectly, surveying the situation unfolding around them . When they were close to the entrance, the pursuers began to slow down, clearly intending to give up .

 Once they had left the Fallen Paradise and returned to the outside world, they had to follow the rules of the outside .

 Clearly, troublemaking in the Fallen Paradise was no unusual thing . No one took any notice of Wang Zheng or Lin Huiyin . Wang Zheng only let Huiyin go when they had left the place far behind .

 He shrugged out of his shirt and used it to bandage his arm . Lin Huiyin stared at his bloody arm and could not repress a shudder .

 "S… sorry…" Huiyin did not know how to say it . She had only wanted to experience a different world . She had no idea that the world outside her sheltered existence was so completely different .

 Wang Zheng eyed Lin Huiyin and laughed . "For what?"

 Lin Huiyin was surprised . "You're not going to get mad at me?"

 "Why would I get mad at you? Just because you caused some inconvenience?" Wang Zheng smiled .

 Huiyin nodded abashedly .

 "It's nothing . I wanted to look around the Fallen Paradise myself too . All in all, it was pretty exciting, haha . "

 Others normally did not understand Wang Zheng's attitude . Every once in a while, his bloodthirst would accumulate, but he always managed it carefully . Bonehead's training was calibrated for warriors on the battlefield, and in this peaceful period, he did not want to become a killer demon . However, an occasional release like this was cathartic .

 Lin Huiyin stared blankly at Wang Zheng . When they were on the run, she had been regretting her decision every step of the way . She was dreading the scolding from Wang Zheng, which she thought was inevitably coming . Throughout her life, her rebellious acts had always been chastised for hours on end .

 "Why are you looking at me like that? If I were you, I'd bring bodyguards the next time I wanted to do something like that . Risky fun is good and all, but safety comes first . " As he said it, he patted her head affectionately . She must have been scared out of her wits .

 Lin Huiyin nodded . She looked at his arm and blurted out, "It's bleeding again . Let's get you to the hospital . "

 Wang Zheng waved it off . "Small matter . I've had worse injuries during IG training . I'll take care of it myself once I get back to the hotel . "

 Lin Huiyin bit her lip, hesitating . "Thanks . "

 Wang Zheng responded with a smile . "Off with you then . Thanks to you, I feel younger again . "

 Lin Huiyin couldn't resist responding . "You're not much older than me to begin with . "

 He took Lin Huiyin back . From the looks of it, she wouldn't be running off by herself any time soon . The more you forbade children from doing something, the more they wanted to do it . What they needed was an experience that trumped any amount of lecturing .

 Mars was still a pretty formidable place . That punk's fighting ability was something fierce .

 Back in his room, he opened the first aid box and used antiseptic to clean his wound with a practiced hand . This was a matter of course to Wang Zheng . Wounds were nothing but pain, and in the matter of enduring pain, Wang Zheng was exceptional .

 It was at these times that one needed to rest most . Wang Zheng quickly fell into a deep sleep, speeding up his body's recovery .

 This trip to Mars had been full of surprises .

 Lin Huiyin crept back to her room, where Angela was already waiting at the door . When she saw Huiyin come back safely, she heaved a sigh of relief . She was so sure the princess would not be able to sneak out, but she had slipped out even under her watchful eye .

 Lin Huiyin closed the door on Angela without a word . With her back to the door, the little princess let out a smile . She was beginning to understand why her cousin liked this guy so much . He was special . Maybe she should help them out a little .

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