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Chapter 216: Rebellious

 Raston nodded . "What do you say we combine our strength with Wang Zheng? The Ares College students are actually forces to be reckoned with . "

 "Forget it for the moment .  He doesn't even have Ability X, which is crucial . Neither does he have much status . Zhang Runan can be considered though, we need power-types like her . "

 "A woman? Leave it up to me . "

 Lie Guang smirked . A name like Runan definitely belonged to a girl .

 Raston looked blank for a second, then let out a laugh . "You can't handle a woman like her . More accurately, she's your nemesis . "

 "Damn, a woman I can't handle? Raston, how dare you look down on a god of love like myself . "

 Lie Xin also laughed . "Little Lie Guang, if you can handle her, I'll start calling you elder brother!"

 The situation was beginning to dawn on Lie Guang, and he wilted a little . "What kind of monster is this? Alright, I'm suitably terrified . "

 Wang Zheng had been dragged by Huiyin into the recess room, while Angela stood guard at the door .

 Wang Zheng shrugged himself free of Lin Huiyin . "Your Highness, your status is different now . You have to carry yourself more carefully . "

 "Pshh, you fussy thing . You can't chase my cousin if you can't even assume responsibility for this much . "

 Wang Zheng secretly thought that these were completely separate matters . She clearly knew that she was in the public eye but still invited suspicion from Lie Guang and the others . She really was nothing but trouble .

 Of course, perhaps Lin Huiyin wanted to help raise his status in the eyes of others . But Wang Zheng knew exactly what kind of person he was . His friends respected him not because of his connections, but simply for who he was .

 "Is Aina well?" This was what Wang Zheng was concerned about .

 "Of course she's fine . But you two really are something special, huh? I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder, and this distance is really something . I hear you arranged to meet during the IG main competition at Aslan?"

 Huiyin asked curiously .

 Wang Zheng nodded . "The main competition of IG will be held in Aslan this time around . "

 "Can you do it?" Lin Huiyin eyed Wang Zheng . She had heard

from Angela before, regarding the difference in standards between the Solar System and Earth .

 Wang Zheng sat silently for a beat, then smiled . "I will definitely go to Aslan . Did Aina say anything else?"

 "Am I really that boring to talk to? Cousin said to take care of her little sister, who is the cutest thing on Earth . "

 Lin Huiyin pouted .

 Wang Zheng shrugged with irritation . He wanted to counter that it was his first time on Mars as well . Furthermore, how could Huiyin have no one else by her side? But he swallowed his annoyance . Quarreling with a kid did nothing but lower his own IQ .

 "Don't give me that reluctant look, I have a plan!" Lin Huiyin announced enigmatically . She beckoned him closer with a crook of her finger while watching the door .

 "I heard Jippu has a 'Fallen Paradise' . I want to go and see! I heard it's home to the most colorful individuals of Mars . "

 Wang Zheng was taken aback . He had heard of the place before . The larger planets varied in the strictness of their regulations . Mars had a bit more latitude, and this Fallen Paradise was shady . It had all kinds of unsavory characters . The most famous of these attractions was the cage match, where the sole objective was to defeat the opponent – no boundaries, no limits . It was crazy, and it attracted challengers from all walks of life .

 This type of activity was virtually non-existent on Earth and the Moon, but it was a huge attraction on Mars .

 The place perked Wang Zheng's interest too . But it was definitely not a place for the likes of Lin Huiyin .

 Wang Zheng shook his head firmly . "You cannot go . "

 "Oh, don't be so stodgy! I confided such an important matter to you as an indication of my trust . I'm definitely going, even if you are not . You're not allowed to tell anyone, or else… Fufu, my potential to wreak havoc is nothing to sneeze at . "

 Lin Huiyin threatened Wang Zheng with the menace of a tiger cub .

 Wang Zheng said exasperatedly, "That's not the point here . That place isn't safe . Be prudent and don't go, or if you must, bring enough bodyguards . "

 "That's none of your business!"

 Lin Huiyin pouted . This fellow just did not get it . One had to be adventurous when one was young . How could a military school elite be afraid of this and that?

 Wang Zheng understood Lin Huiyin's disdain, but he merely smiled . If he had been alone, things would have been fine, but Lin Huiyin tagging along was an entirely different matter . Furthermore, he was unfamiliar with the Fallen Paradise and was mentally unprepared . If he dared to guarantee her safety under such circumstances, he would not be Wang Zheng . Putting it plainly, it was moronic and foolhardy .

 "Thanks for today . My friends really enjoyed themselves . "

 "At night at ten . I'll wait for you at the backdoor of the hotel . If you don't come, I'll go alone," Lin Huiyin shot in parting as she left .

 Wang Zheng called out grudgingly . "Hey, where are you going?"

 "To change! Do you want to come?" Her huffiness was still clear in her voice .

 Wang Zheng shook his head with frustration . This was why Aina was much better, she didn't have that princess-like temperament .

 Upon returning to his own room, he saw that Xiao Fei had left a message . Because it was a vacation period, Wang Zheng could choose to stay for two more days before returning, on the conditional promise to stay safe .

 This type of teacher was the best . Xiao Fei did not restrict him like a child .

 Because training was ongoing, Wang Zheng had intended to depart on the day after the concert, but Huiyin's words made him pause .

 To be honest, he was not too familiar with Lin Huiyin's personality, besides some limited interaction in his time with Aina . Aina always did things with a measure of composure . While Huiyin looked cute and compliant on the outside, it was mostly an act . Would she really sneak off to the Fallen Paradise by herself?

 In her room, Huiyin had already finished her preparations . Her bundle had everything she needed; it was prepared in advance before she came to Mars . Her cuteness and compliance were merely a pretense that allowed her to seek even greater freedom .

 At heart, Lin Huiyin was filled with an adventurous spirit, and she was at an age where her rebelliousness was peaking .

 Angela would definitely have to be left behind . While she was not opposed to turning a blind eye at times, such matters were definitely out of the question .  If she was reported, her carefree days were over .

 Fallen Paradise . The name itself carried the promise of exhilarating risk . How 'fallen' and depraved was it, exactly?

 "Your Highness, your orders?"

 "It's alright now . I'm tired and I want to sleep . You should rest early tonight as well . We are leaving early tomorrow back for Aslan . "

 "Yes, Your Highness," Angela said .

 Half an hour later, when Lin Huiyin felt certain that Angela had left, she briskly completed changing her attire . She changed to comfortable clothes and even put on a blue wig .

 She had long wanted to try out this disguise, but she would have been readily denounced on Aslan . A life of nothing but elegance was so sickening!

 After stealthily opening the door, she slipped out quiet as a mouse .

 Wang Zheng intended not to heed her, but… What if that wench really went to show off and something happened to her? He would not be able to rest with a clear conscience .

 Maybe he could contact Angela, but he did not have a way to contact her . Maybe he could…

 Heaving a deep sigh, Wang Zheng dressed appropriately .

 At 10 PM, a little shadow pounced on Wang Zheng the instant he appeared .

 "I knew you would come . You did well . In exchange, I'll help you out with my cousin!" Lin Huiyin's voice was filled with joy and anticipation .

 Wang Zheng eyed Huiyin's disguise . She looked like a female gangster, and what kind of hairstyle was that?

 "Cool, isn't it? I've been dying to try this out . " She was spitting with excitement .

 These things would never go well, let alone spraying spittle in public .

 Wang Zheng said, "Alright, we can go, but we can't go crazy . We'll just take a quick look and come back . "

 "Yeah, yeah . You nag like an old man . Quit yammering, let's go!"

 Lin Huiyin dragged Wang Zheng off . Well, since he had already committed, might as well enjoy the ride . Besides, Wang Zheng really wanted to see a cage match as well .

 The Fallen Paradise was not actually in the suburbs, but rather located in the seedier district in Jippu . It was apparent that little Huiyin had done her research properly . The income disparity between the affluent and the poor was larger on Mars compared to the rest of the Solar System Federation .

 The architecture here was more dilapidated . A rotten stench and crowd noise filled the air, and the walls were covered in lewd graffiti . Lin Huiyin took it all in with interest . Such things were non-existent on Aslan, and every place only sought to show its best side off .

 "Looks fun, doesn't it, Wang Zheng? Why do you think they vandalise the walls instead of putting their art on a canvas?"

 Huiyin asked curiously .

 Wang Zheng was taken aback at her innocent question . "Er, these aren't exactly paintings, more like… a form of release . "

 "Mm, it must be . They're full of dissatisfaction and pent up emotions . "

 At the corner of the street between two large skyscrapers, the crowd swelled . The décor had also become more 'hip' .

 The Fallen Paradise opened once every hour after 8 PM .

 In the crowd, Lin Huiyin was still clearly excited . Her disguise would let her through, although Wang Zheng had no idea where she found that wig .

 But he was not here to play, he had to ensure Huiyin's safety .

 "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Fallen Paradise! Here you can enjoy thrills and wonders never seen before!"

 The large metal doors opened with a rumble . The youngsters waiting outside crowded through in a frenzy . Wang Zheng and Lin Huiyin were carried in by the crowd as well .

 Wang Zheng tried his best to block the surrounding people from getting too close . Lin Huiyin remained eager . If it was not for Wang Zheng in the way, she might have been the one jostling forward .

 The throughway was purposely dimmed for effect . After about 10 minutes, light began to appear ahead .

 In front of the crowd's eyes was a place that was dressed up like a cave .

 … It looked like a place for primitive cavemen .

 The place was filled with laughter and fire . Sexy women strutted around the place .

 The wild activities of the Martians was known to Wang Zheng and the rest . They had spoken of it in their dormitories, calling it "a man's heaven" . They had thought it was exaggeration, but it seemed as though the reality lived up to its legends .

 This… It seemed like a bad place for Huiyin to be .

 It seemed like a primitive-themed carnival . Quite a few men and women were dressed in animal skins, in sync with the décor . The place really expressed wildness .

 The Fallen Paradise was also a huge trade center . The trade revenue here made up a tenth of Jippu's total, and it was bustling . People came here to enjoy themselves to the fullest, and under such an atmosphere, impulsive purchases were common .

 Of course, the goods sold here were not found in common markets .

 Cheers and hoots could be heard everywhere . Cage matches were everywhere, not just in one place . Each cage was surrounded by people . Some sported weapons, while others chose to go without .

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