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 Wang Zheng and the rest had left the Sage Sect. The trip had been special to both Wang Zheng and Raston, even though Raston had not met the Sage leader.

 The change in Lie Xin's and Lie Guang's attitudes towards Wang Zheng was apparent. To have earned a meeting with the sect leader marked Wang Zheng as tied to their destiny. And since an entwined fate with the Sage Sect meant a close relation to Mars, so their conversation had become even more relaxed than before.

"Wang Zheng, looks like you did right to treat us to a concert; it feels like we've had the short end of the stick so far," Lie Guang said. "That Lin Huiyin is definitely going to be a beauty when she grows up."

 "Keke, Lie Guang, I won't allow any perverted notions towards my goddess!" Raston declared.

 "Tch. What's the appeal of a little carrot-top like her? I prefer the sexy alluring types." Lie Guang disdained.

 At the hotel, everyone separated. In the end, Xiao Fei did not tell Wang Zheng off. Truth be told, Xiao Fei felt a little bad as well. Wang Zheng himself had a clear goal, and for him to agree to help in this task was already nice of him. There was no real need for him to force himself to enter these meaningless activities. Discussion was often fruitless, and it was but a formality - although these formalities were sometimes a necessity.

 Xiao Fei also did not take it too seriously. Attending Huiyin's concert was a given, and she couldn't take the reservation for granted.

 Everyone was meeting for the first time. Although it was Lie Xin, Lie Guang, and Raston's first time meeting Xiao Fei, her reputation had preceded her. Furthermore, faced with such a pretty and sophisticated lady, Lie Guang's gaze burned brightly and he kept up a constant stream of flattery.

 Xie Yating was understandably curious about the Sage Sect and chattered non-stop, asking questions.

 When they arrived, the concert hall entrance was already packed with a huge crowd. Many fans had turned up to the venue despite not securing tickets, in the hope that someone would rescind their seat.

 The entire place was plastered with banners of Lin Huiyin, and the plaza was filled with all sorts of souvenir shops. This level of popularity was indeed unprecedented.

 "'Visiting monks give better sermons, eh? Is she really that popular?" Lie Xin was also astonished.

 "Huiyin's voice is indeed wonderful. Furthermore, Aslan is currently influencing the mainstream trends, so her popularity is to be expected."

 The international mainstream trends had always been influenced by the powerful countries. Currently it was the interstellar that enjoyed popularity - people had always harbored great ambition in their hearts, and the greats had always been equated with the excellent.

 "Damn, damn, damn. No way!" Raston gasped, looking at the theater box. He sized Wang Zheng up with wonder. "You're always full of pleasant surprises. It's unbelievable."

 "Raston, were you dropped on your head as a kid? What are you getting all flustered for?"

 "Stupid, this is Huiyin's personal box. Do you think just anybody could use it? Didn't I tell you that Lie Guang, however unreliable, is still quite good at duping people at times? No way meant no way… could it be… you were communicating directly with Lin Huiyin…?" Raston gaped.

 Wang Zheng nodded grudgingly.

 Raston leapt forward and seized Wang Zheng's hand. "Brother, look at the destiny that binds us! I brought you to see the Sage Sect, now you have to help me get acquainted with Huiyin!"

 Lie Xin and Lie Guang exchanged glances. Where could this kid be from? Could he really be someone special?

 "Don't make things difficult for Wang Zheng now. The last time Lin Huiyin came to Earth, we secured a student from the Ares College as tour guide, and Wang Zheng came to know her then."

 Lie Xin and the rest found this reasonable - it would otherwise be impossible for these two people to meet, considering their widely different paths in life. Looking at it another way, Huiyin must have valued her relationships a lot to have let her own private box out.

 Raston and Xie Yating started to feel that Huiyin not only had a cute appearance, but her personality was equally charming.

 Held to the highest standard in the galaxy, Lin Huiyin's voice brought the concert to a crescendo. The emotionally-charged developments filled everyone's hearts as they gazed upon the cute princess' earnest performance.

 The fans burst into an unstoppable torrent of cheers. For such a tender voice to have touched people's hearts only made the response stronger than ever.

 Inside the box, Raston and the rest had also been intoxicated by her voice, made all the more evocative by the atmosphere which drew them in.

 This would forever be the unrivaled power of live concerts.

 Although Wang Zheng liked it, he was not a die-hard fan, so he simply sat back to relax and enjoy the experience.

 When the concert ended, the fans were not yet satiated. Their cheers and catcalls lingered incessantly.

 In this regard, Lie Xin was the same as Wang Zheng. Although she liked the music, she was not crazy about it. Except the two, however, the rest were in a fervor.

 "Amazing! I can't wait to see what happens when she grows up!" Lie Guang declared. Raston clapped Lie Guang on the shoulder and bared his teeth. "You bastard! Dishonor to my goddess will not be tolerated!"

 Lie Guang could not resist needling him. "Raston, your IQ is diminishing."

 Although the Lie family members were formidable in their own right, courting a princess of Aslan was improbable, if not impossible. Lie Guang was simply accustomed to running his mouth.

 Xiao Fei and Xie Yating had hit it off well. Even the Professor had let her mature and reserved bearing fall, and they chattered excitedly.

 This concert would be broadcasted on various major television networks in the Solar System. The publicity could not be helped. Even though Lin Huiyin did not flaunt her status as Princess, once it became common knowledge, she had transcended the identity of a mere singer. It was rumored that her rapid climb to such a high level had made some of her rivals give up their careers.

 To treat this as a career and go up against a princess who saw it as a mere interest - that would be ignorance of one's strengths.

 Although Lin Huiyin circulated in the entertainment circles, besides a few lyricists and composers, she did not actually know many people. She could not be bothered with them. She had never been to award presentations and would never go to one either. She did not care about all those things. She simply liked music and to share it. Besides, she did not know how much time she had left to play around, and this time was precious.

 Raston and Xie Yating were the happiest. This trip to Mars had been bountiful and rewarding.

 Just as they were about to disperse, the doors opened and a hush fell over the entire box theater. It was Lin Huiyin, who had just descended the stage - she had not even had time to change her clothes.

 Xiao Fei was the first to rush forward. "Huiyin, you were so, so wonderful. You must come to Earth again!"

 Lin Huiyin smiled. "I want to go too, Teacher Xiao Fei. But likewise - ever since you returned to Earth, you haven't visited Aslan either!"

 Raston was wracked with nerves and rummaged his person fervently, looking for something. Xie Yating stepped forward.

 "Your Highness Huiyin, I am your most, most loyal fan. Please give me an autograph!" Xie Yating burst out excitedly.

 Raston could not find something suitable, but a brainwave struck him. "Your Highness Huiyin, please sign my shirt!"

 Lin Huiyin was naturally pleased.

 This was definitely an unexpected surprise. No one in their wildest dreams would think that Lin Huiyin would come here.

 Lie Guang was about to step forward at this point, but he was blocked by Raston. "Your Highness Huiyin, this rascal is a pervert. Please keep your distance from him."

 Lie Guang did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Your Highness Huiyin, I'm Lie Guang. Welcome to Mars. If there is time, please allow me to extend you hospitality as a host. Mars has beautiful sights and many places worth a visit."

 Lie Xin was of an indifferent nature, but faced with such a charming girl, she was hard pressed to not like her. However, she would not be as unreserved as these others… From the side, Wang Zheng stood unperturbed.

 This fellow really knew how to fake it!

 "Wang Zheng, you shouldn't pass up such a good opportunity," Lie Xin said. His acting was really top class.

 Lin Huiyin smiled in reply. "Thank you, Mr Lie. Mars is a beautiful place, and I will not pass up on it. However, I have already found a tour guide."

 "Ah, that's a pity." Lie Guang felt a pang of regret.

 "Wang Zheng, come here. I have business with you." Lin Huiyin's voice lost its geniality with Wang Zheng.

 Wang Zheng started. This wench, was she not going to at least try and conceal it? She did not have the bearing of a star at all.

 Faced with Wang Zheng's hesitation, Lin Huiyin dragged Wang Zheng by the collar towards the exit without further explanation. "It's been a pleasure to meet everyone. Goodbye."

 The entire box theater was quiet. They watched blankly as Wang Zheng was dragged out.

 Lie Guang rubbed his face. "This makes no sense. I'm a few tiers of handsome above him."

 "You're all braun and no brains!" Xie Yating could not resist snapping.

 "Keke, Teacher Xiao Fei, do you have time? I wonder if I may have the honor of bringing you to admire the night view of Jippu."

 Lie Guang clearly had built up a thick skin through experience. He turned towards Xiao Fei with a charming smile.

 Xiao Fei unleashed a dazzling smile. "Little boy, older sister here prefers the mature type. Yating, do drop by and visit Ares College when you're free!"

 And left Lie Guang behind with his mouth gaping.

 Little… boy… How was he little!?

 He was big everywhere!

 "Raston, what kind of connections does this Wang Zheng have?"

 "I'm not too sure either. I only met him at the IG as well. I thought we would get along pretty well. Yating, aren't you very close with him?"

 "He's Xiao Fei's student. He's the brightest physicist in the Milky Way Alliance. He's really smart!"

 Xie Yating really wanted to praise Wang Zheng a little.

 Lie Guang and the rest exchanged glances…. What use was this?

 To have the Aslan princess hanging on your arm… It was useless to be the best in the universe, let alone a physicist with a bright future.

 "That little kid really is something else," Lie Xin said.

 This kid had been a never-ending source of surprises. Almost as though it was on purpose, they could not figure him out.

 "Forget it. It won't do to pry too deeply into the private matters of others, especially since we rode his coattails of fortune. Lie Guang, you better prepare well, this IG may not be as easy as you think," Raston said.

 "Tch, isn't it just you five Heavenly Kings? Lowly me is quaking in his boots, please spare my life," Lie Guang teased.

 Lie Xin was still brimming with confidence. "Raston, if we join forces, we would have a chance of victory even against Achilles himself. Not to mention that Li Er, who's idling at the side… Who claims the victory remains undecided!"

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