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Xie Yuxin and the others like him who were born into high social standings had a strong sense of confidence and desire. His first awakening was when he took an exam, but when he did not get first place, he was devastated. Under such strong emotional stimulations, his Ability X was awakened.

Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu were the same. They were envious, but they did not have such strong demands for themselves.

Especially at the Aslan Empire's Ability X Research Institute, Xie Yuxin had inquired about the topic in many ways and discovered that everyone's situation was roughly the same.

Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu should not have been feeling envious about him, but rather they had subconsciously approved of it and hence were not emotionally stimulated.

Upon reading this, Wang Zheng could feel his heart surging. Xie Yuxin had said the words in his heart.

Although he was very strong, Wang Zheng felt that his foundation skills were not good enough. As a result, he was still far from achieving his Ability X. But after hearing what Xie Yuxin had to say, it felt as if a knot in his heart had unraveled.

Could it be that the more difficult it was to awaken the Ability X, the stronger it would be after it had awakened?

From another perspective, this would coincide with the theory of natural selection through bioengineering.

The greater the potential power, the greater the price to pay in order to awaken it. This was the law of nature, and no species had been able to avoid it.

Wang Zheng's life force was so strong that Xie Yuxin admitted that it was the most vibrant one that he had ever felt. Wang Zheng had enormous potential. Such a person should be considered fortunate, but at the same time it was considered to be the most tragic. He would have to face more challenges and obstacles.

The deciding factor was how strong his will was.

Xie Yuxin wrote a lot, but Wang Zheng could feel that every word was written with resolve. It contained Xie Yuxin's personal experiences while attempting to cater to Wang Zheng's understanding.

This was a bond between battle-brothers that could even rival a marriage.

Wang Zheng turned off the screen and laid down on his chair with his hands behind his neck. He gently closed his eyes and remembered what Xie Yuxin said about him.

If Ability X was classified according to its nature, there would be a variety of different categories. But Xie Yuxin divided it in to three categories: one which was derived from their own power, one which borrowed the power of nature, and the third was a combination of the first two.

Zhang Runan obviously would be of the type that derived from her own power. Meng Tian most likely belonged to the third category. A portion was derived from her own power while another portion was borrowed from nature.

Through Xie Yuxin's understanding, together with Wang Zheng's personal sentiment, the situation became a lot clearer.

He had been training hard to awaken his ability. But it seemed like it was not a case of how strong you were, but rather if the correct stimulation was applied.

It was largely based on emotions.

It had become more difficult now. If it were merely training, Wang Zheng would have grinded it until his ability awoke. But if it required stimulation…..

Student Wang had never been easily agitated.

It was all Bonehead's fault! After going through such training, it was easy to keep a calm mind but difficult to have impulsive emotions.

After thinking for a while, Wang Zheng laughed. He had taken himself too seriously. The pursuit of strength was a goal, not a burden.

Suddenly, Yan Xiaosu made a weird sound.

"I am invincible! Henceforth, you shall address me as valiant warrior tall-rich-handsome!

Student Yan had won again. This was unprecedented. Yan Xiaosu was ecstatic, and Wang Zheng could feel Yan Xiaosu's life force increasing. Could he be on the verge of awakening?

Life was simple to Yan Xiaosu; his goal was to continue living a nouveau riche life. To him, the simpler life was, the easier it was to awaken.

"Boss! Look! My win rate is unbelievable! Five wins in five battles! I even met two of my primary school mates!"

Every time Yan Xiaosu used the Jungle Scamper, he would play with laser-like focus while employing a hit and run tactic. The opponents hated his sort of playstyle. But every time Yan Xiaosu retreated, he would inspire stronger morale amongst his team. He ran faster than anyone else. And when the opponents' firepower was focused on him, his teammates could launch a counterattack.

And during critical moments, Yan Xiaosu's precise Lightning Javelin shots would turn the tide of the battle.

Wang Zheng was also curious about this, so he looked at Yan Xiaosu's accuracy stats with the Lightning Javelin. Yan Xiaosu actually had a hit-rate of more than 60%.

"So accurate?"

Wang Zheng knew what the problem was. Yan Xiaosu was completely different from him. He had never trained and their skills with weapons were worlds apart.

"I had an epiphany! Every time I am about to fire the weapon, I visualize the target as an absolute babe. Then there would be no way that I would miss it!"

Yan Xiaosu gloated. "This is my secret, please don't tell anyone else."

Wang Zheng was dumbfounded...This...would it even work if others tried it? But this was indeed a pretty wretched move.

Wang Zhen shared Xie Yuxin's understanding with Yan Xiaosu. Yan Xiaosu pondered for a while and said, "I am not very concerned about that. The battlefield is not my place anyway. If one day the human race is on the verge of extinction and I have the chance to awaken, I would like to have have an overview of what is happening…"

"Boss….why are you looking at me like that. I know I am ambitious…."


There was a bump on Yan Xiaosu's forehead. Student Wang could stand him no longer.

"You might as well hope to be reincarnated into a woman in your next life, that way you could appreciate yourself all day."

"Hoho….Boss, you are being too mean. You do not understand the main allure of women. Tsk, you would not understand it even if I explained it to you. Why are you going to claim princess Aina as your own? Only then will you really understand that in this world, fame is but fleeting clouds and only a steady stream of babes is true love."

Yan Xiaosu had an epiphany.

The mystery surrounding babes could never be solved. Xie Yuxin's understanding had unraveled a knot in Wang Zheng's heart. He would continue to train as per normal and bide his time.

Wang Zheng had a fulfilling time during the summer, but his plan to train peacefully was interrupted.

There was a special summon for Wang Zheng and Xiao Fei from the Solar System Federation's Federal Academy.

Although he was still a student, Wang Zheng's reputation had spread far and wide, but of course, only within his relevant field.

Xiao Fei could not regard Wang Zheng as just another student. He had made great contributions to the whole project, especially in the areas of critical importance. Thus she had emphasized this when she submitted her report.

In the past, the academy would have thought that Xiao Fei was merely trying to promote the student. But after the Roland Garros incident, news of Wang Zheng's entry into Genesis Coffee had spread.

It must be said that Xiao Fei had just joined as well, and the club had a huge reputation. Given her qualifications and contributions, she would only qualify as a new member. She had no authority to bring another student in; even a few founders did not have this authority.

But Wang Zheng was able to join, and from this incident, the legend of Wang Zheng grew.

The Solar System Federation's academy was slow to react to the news. The Aslan Empire as well as other factions had already sent invitations to Wang Zheng.

It was rare for such talented individuals to appear in the solar system, and yet the other factions were shamelessly trying to poach him. This was an unbearable insult.

Regarding this matter, Wang Zheng had no strong objections. His Ability X could not be awakened through training. He might as well head out and see the world. He might even find some inspiration.

He had gained a lot since the last trip to Roland Garros.

Reading a travel guide was nothing like walking the thousand miles himself. Wang Zheng began to gradually understand this saying.

Externally, most people evaluated Wang Zheng as a good student who had gained prominence through Xiao Fei. No matter what achievement he made himself, it would always be credited to Xiao Fei.

Wang Zheng had always been calm about these types of comments. He felt no need to contest it or to get into arguments over it. It would be better if everyone believed it. However, when it came to theoretical discussions, if Wang Zheng did not possess the capabilities he was said to have, individuals like Mu Fengchun could easily tell and expose him.

There was no need for further explanation. People at this level ignored the common man's thinking. What was important was the subject of discussion itself.

This was why Mu Fengchun, Gail, and the others placed emphasis on their discussions.


Had it been someone else, that person may had already been impatient with his mentor out of fear that he was not being given due credit for his achievements.

This sort of person would end up like Dong Xuewu once he reached the pinnacle.

Although Wang Zheng was not the same sort of person as Mu Fengchun, neither could he be considered ordinary.

The club was a place where both ability and moral character were given equal importance.

Mars was the venue for the Symposium on Science and Technology development and application event. It was jointly organized by the Solar System Federation's Federal Academy of Sciences, as well as a dozen other large technology companies of the Solar System.

It was the first time that Wang Zheng and Xiao Fei had come to Mars. Upon disembarking the spaceship, they could see that the entire space port was filled with a sea of young students.

Wang Zheng took a deep breath. "The air quality of Mars is pretty good. Heh heh….I heard that they place emphasis on martial prowess over intellectual ability. I think everyone is enthusiastic about this seminar, there are so many fans."

"Although you are the youngest scientist to attend the seminar, don't be arrogant," Xiao Fei rebuked.

Xiao Fei's status as the youngest scientist was revoked due to Wang Zheng's presence.

In the history of human development, there had been numerous talented young people. But most of them had disappeared in the long river of history. It seemed like one could not merely rely on talent.

Xiao Fei was considered to be different. She had achieved fame at a young age before settling down. Her current position had demanded a lot of effort and sacrifice from her.

To Xiao Fei, science was her greatest love. But Wang Zheng was curious, why was a beautiful babe like Xiao Fei not attached? Were there really no suitors during her academic years? It was impossible, that place was the Aslan Empire!

This was a personal question. Xiao Fei could tease Wang Zheng on this topic, but he could not tease his teacher. With Xiao Fei's authority, she could absolutely "abuse" him.

A lot of people had come to welcome them, they had to be polite after all. Wang Zheng waved to acknowledge them.

Immediately, there was screaming. Student Wang was surprised. This was the power of science; who knew that researchers could achieve this level of fame.

But very quickly, the screams faded and they were left with sounds of disappointment. Wang Zheng was directly ignored. Xiao Fei, who was at the side, started to laugh.

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